2020 Autopsy: CNN Exit Polls

Instead of comparing CNN exit polls (2016) and New York Times exit polls (2020), this is a comparison of CNN exit polls from 2016 and 2020. Trump was fired by the 5%.

Wisconsin 2020

Electorate – 86% White

Seniors – 53% Trump, 47% Biden

Independents – 55% Biden, 41% Trump

Moderates – 60% Biden, 37% Trump

Conservatives – 87% Trump, 11% Biden

Blacks – 92% Biden, 7% Trump

Whites – 52% Trump, 46% Biden

White Women – 52% Biden, 47% Trump

White Men – 57% Trump, 41% Biden

White College Educated Voters – 56% Biden, 43% Trump

White Working Class Voters – 57% Trump, 41% Biden

Wisconsin 2016

Electorate – 86% White

Seniors – 53% Trump, 42% Hillary

Independents – 50% Trump, 40% Hillary

Moderates – 52% Hillary, 42% Trump

Conservatives – 85% Trump, 11% Hillary

Blacks – 92% Hillary, Trump 6%

Whites – 53% Trump, 42% Hillary

White Women – 49% Hillary, 47% Trump

White Men – 59% Trump, 39% Hillary

White College Educated Voters – 53% Hillary, 41% Trump

White Working Class Voters – 62% Trump, 34% Hillary

Michigan 2020

Electorate – 80% White

Seniors – 54% Biden, 46% Trump

Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump

Moderates – 60% Biden, 37% Trump

Conservatives – 88% Trump, 11% Biden

Blacks – 89% Biden, 9% Trump

Whites – 55% Trump, 43% Biden

White Women – 50% Trump, 48% Biden

White Men – 60% Trump, 38% Biden

White College Educated Voters – 52% Biden, 46% Trump

White Working Class Voters – 59% Trump, 39% Biden

Michigan 2016

Electorate – 75% White

Seniors – 51% Trump, 47% Biden

Independents – 52% Trump, 36% Hillary

Moderates – 52% Hillary, 42% Trump

Conservatives – 79% Trump, 17% Hillary

Blacks – 92% Hillary, Trump 6%

Whites – 57% Trump, 36% Hillary

White Women – 51% Trump, 43% Hillary

White Men – 64% Trump, 29% Hillary

White College Educated Voters – 51% Trump, 43% Hillary

White Working Class Voters – 62% Trump, 31% Hillary

Pennsylvania 2020

Electorate – 86% White

Seniors – 51% Biden, 48% Trump

Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump

Moderates – 56% Biden, 42% Trump

Conservatives – 87% Trump, 12% Biden

Blacks – 92% Biden, 6% Trump

Whites – 55% Trump, 43% Biden

White Women – 51% Trump, 48% Biden

White Men – 60% Trump, 38% Biden

White College Educated Voters – 52% Biden, 47% Trump

White Working Class Voters – 63% Trump, 36% Biden

Pennsylvania 2016

Electorate – 81% White

Seniors – 54% Trump, 44% Hillary

Independents – 48% Trump, 41% Hillary

Moderates – 53% Hillary, 43% Trump

Conservatives – 85% Trump, 12% Hillary

Blacks – 92% Hillary, 7% Trump

Whites – 56% Trump, 40% Hillary

White Women – 50% Trump, 47% Biden

White Men – 64% Trump, 32% Hillary

White College Educated Voters – 48% Trump, 48% Hillary

White Working Class Voters – 64% Trump, 32% Hillary


    • What does BAME mean? Was it coined yesterday or earlier this morning? The least you can do is spell it out the first time you use this brand-new acronym.

      This blase “using a new term/acronym as if it’s been around forever” fashion is too popular in these parts. The terms we already have are robust and good enough. “Cuck” is the exception. That is the one new term that is good and has staying power.

      There are artificial fads for certain terms. For example, I read “rentseeker” for the first time in 2010. It was used all the time then, for a few weeks. Now, it’s never used. No one here or anywhere uses “rentseeker.” I hope “pilpul,” or however it’s spelled, which I hated the first time I saw it just a few days ago, but now see a lot, will have the same fate.

      • Well said. But there is something called The Urban Dictionary online, that helps “define” some strange new “words” or expressions.

        Re: “I hope ‘pilpul,’ or however it’s spelled, which I hated the first time I saw it just a few days ago, but now see a lot, will have the same fate”:

        I don’t know how or where you saw “pilpul” used, but this is its proper meaning: “The Hebrew term pilpul (Hebrew: ????? ?, from “pepper,” loosely meaning “sharp analysis”) refers to a method of studying the Talmud through intense textual analysis in attempts to either explain conceptual differences between various halakhic rulings or to reconcile any apparent contradictions presented from various readings of different texts.” I don’t like it either but it’s not going away.

  1. Cross tab Michigan. I want to see:

    White seniors black seniors

    Also white female seniors and male whote seniors

    It was the boomers punishing GenX afterall.

  2. Hunter, Trump lost these states because of election fraud. It is perfect material to convince Trump voters that the system is hopelessly corrupt and non-reformable. What to do? Secede and create a new system.

    • It is a potential narrative. These elections are not an ethical or moral defeat. They are just recording the demographic seige that whites are buried under in every state. I’ve no objection to a few years of a social democrat ruling and then a Conservative ruling, but we’ve just got the dead weight of this population of third worlders in the US, Canada, France, Holland, Belgium, UK that distort outcomes in random hazardous ways.

      • “I’ve no objection to a few years of social democratic ruling and then a Conservative ruling,”

        That paradigm no longer applies. Nothing less than the National Socialist call for an annihilating, total triumph over the Jews and our racial enemies shall suffice to secure our survival. It is what Hitler called “Final Victory.” It cannot be achieved all at once, it is a long and hard road. But what I have suggested is an intelligent start.

        • There’s no way out of these frustrating but predictable outcomes apart from crashing the system. You can’t just tinker with demographics.

        • In Michigan you have 76% whites and 15% blacks.

          Even if you attract 55% of the whites the 92% of the blacks will beat you once added to the 45% of whites voting for your opponent.

          This isn’t a reasonable situation. You can’t expect 60% of white people to agree with you politically either as a rightist or leftist politician.

          That’s the rigging of the vote. It’s just demographic warfare. There’s no fixing it.

          • Something very similar to Hunter’s analysis:

            “As the WSWS has analyzed,it is socio-economic factors, not race, that determined the outcome of the election. An estimated 6.4 million more white people, composed largely of workers, voted for Biden in 2020 than for Hillary Clinton in 2016, a figure which accounts for almost the entire popular vote margin”:


            More: “The corporate media and Democrat Party are fast at work to create a false narrative of the significance of the election that has nothing to do with reality. The first component of the post-election narrative is that what the American people want ‘unity’ between the Democrats and the Republican collaborators with Trump (…) The second element of the narrative is that racial identification determined voting patterns. The corporate media is advancing a racialist narrative, blaming ‘white people’ in general and ‘white workers’ in particular for the fact that the election was closer than expected. The outcome is being interpreted in racial terms, accompanied with the inevitable declarations of the ‘historic’ nature of the fact that Kamala Harris is to be the first African American and Indian American woman to serve as vice president. In fact, the election results show a substantial increase in anti-Trump sentiment among the standard media punching bags: ‘white people,’ ‘white men’ and ‘white people without college degrees’ (…) The third part of the narrative is that the association of the Democrat Party with socialism cost its candidates millions of votes. Former Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich, who endorsed Biden, spoke at the Democratic National Convention and is on the shortlist for a cabinet position, said on CNN yesterday: ‘Now is the time for Democrats, and I believe Joe Biden will do this, to begin to listen to what the other half of the country have to say. There is no socialism in Joe Biden. The far left can push him as hard as they want, and frankly the Democrats have to make clear to the far left that they almost cost him the election.’ Kasich favorably cited the comments of Democrat Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger, who said Thursday that Democrats “must never use the word socialist or socialism again.” Ibid.

          • Yep, exactly why our more rational ancestors knew better than to let blacks anywhere near the electoral process.

  3. I’m wondering how useful or accurate 2020 exit polls can be when mail-in ballots were such a
    significant part of the total vote (fraudulent or otherwise). Surely the Covid-19 panic that was
    used to promote mail-in voting must have discouraged significant numbers of older white folks
    from voting in person.

    If white seniors didn’t show up at the polls to vote for Trump in person as they normally might have
    they obviously wouldn’t show up in the exit polling.

    And isn’t Trump’s total vote way up this year? He received something like 61 million votes in 2016 versus circa 71 million this year. That being so, how significant is the fact that, out of that much larger total vote, white males formed a smaller percentage? Perhaps there were actually a greater number of white votes in total this year than in 2016.

    Maybe Trump wasn’t fired by white people but by those in charge of cooking the books.

  4. Hunter, if you look at Pennsylvannia Trump wins the whites 55/45 and loses blacks 92/8. THAT’S THE ENTIRE ELECTION THERE.

    Even if you attract 55% of your own folk in America you can’t fucking win. That is an insane situation. No politician can, with the best will in the world, be expected to get 60% of their own ethnic group anywhere in Europe. Its completely fucking unreasonable.

    • That does not mean 55% of whites voted for Trump. That means 55% of the whites who bothered to vote did. Big difference we often overlook. Same with ever other racial group as regards voting stats.

      • Fair enough, but in effect it has the same electoral outcome. I don’t think that the non voting whites are all racially aware wignats.

  5. BECAUSE OF ELECTION FRAUD YOU DERP! It’s EASILY PROVABLE. I’ve worked in elections in several countries from District Supervisor to Registrar to poll chief. I can tell you 100% there was massive fraud in the US in 2020. WHY DON’T YOU WRITE ABOUT THAT HUNTER? Noooo, too busy telling people COVID is going to kill them and writing about 1920s fashion, and how we should stand down and accept a Soros coup.

    • We’ve looked at all the numbers.

      Both the exit polls and the election returns. They all tell the same story.

      • The Democrats simply ran a palatable white man as candidate. After running a gay black and a first lady wife harpy they appointed a used car salesman.

        It provided white guys with a reasonable alibi to vote for a resumption of pointless wars, playing second fiddle to blacks, and to make sure that the white guy they did pick wasn’t an economic populist from the left.

        We do know that all of Biden’s grandchildren are halachic Jews. So his Irish bloodline has been replaced already, just like the Tikitorch lads pointed out. Biden already knows the Jews biologically wiped his seed out and assimilated it.

  6. It’s very funny how the people he helped the most are now abandoning him (BIBI and his jew son in law) Kushner is telling him concede and Bibi has already congratulated Biden. With jews you lose and Trump should have known this.

  7. 2020 Presidential Election Breakdown in Electoral Votes

    White Womem Only

    Biden Trump

    211. 327

    White Men Only

    Biden. Trump

    45. 493

    White People Only

    Biden. Trump

    169. 369

    All Women

    Biden. Trump

    461. 71

    All Men

    Biden. Trump

    158. 350


    Biden. Trump

    532. 0

  8. Hunter, you should know better than to trust Jewmedia polling about anything. We were all disappointed in Trump but he was still far better than anything the GOP had ever produced.

    • I never trusted the polling.

      I did two podcasts with Richard Spencer about the election. The very first thing I said in the last podcast was that I didn’t trust the polling. At the same time, I said that I trusted my gut. I said on the podcast that I am an independent voter, a moderate voter, a populist and nationalist voter and because of this I didn’t think Trump was going to win those groups. He didn’t win those people.

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