Trump Was Fired For Being a Fake Populist

Who is responsible for canceling the Trump presidency?

It wasn’t the whopping 7% of Americans who said in the exit polls that “racism” was the most important issue in the country. It wasn’t the “Coalition of the Ascendant” which moved toward him. It was the White men who put him in power in the first place. They fired him!

Look at the numbers.

The movement is among moderates and Independents and White men.

Wisconsin 2020

Independents – 55% Biden, 41% Trump

Moderates – 60% Biden, 37% Trump

Wisconsin 2016

Independents – 50% Trump, 40% Hillary

Moderates – 52% Hillary, 42% Trump

Michigan 2020

Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump

Moderates – 60% Biden, 37% Trump

Michigan 2016

Independents – 52% Trump, 36% Hillary

Moderates – 52% Hillary, 42% Trump

Pennsylvania 2020

Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump

Moderates – 56% Biden, 42% Trump

Pennsylvania 2016

Independents – 48% Trump, 41% Hillary

Moderates – 53% Hillary, 43% Trump

Why did they fire him?

It is because of the shift that happened between 2016 and 2018:

Blumpf shifted on economics during his presidency.

He was elected at +15 on economics. He moved to +30 on economics.

After signing off on Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda on health care and tax cuts, his public image changed in a negative way. He wandered into Ronald Reagan territory and lost the populist voters – the moderates and Independents – who elected him in 2016. That’s why he lost the Rust Belt.


  1. You literally are cheering a stolen election. They will prove it was stolen, as a former elections official in my district I can tell you there was fraud on a massive scale. You just sat back as Soros ran a colour revolution and refused to back his opponent because he wasn’t perfect. Then you bitch about COVID and demand lockdowns and masks, when we know its a overblown sham put in to push the elite agenda, Trudeau said it in PLAIN ENGLISH. Then you write one sentence or paragraph articles, and spurg off on how the Rockefeller funded harpies of the prohibition era were great people because they had morals. This site is a joke. You attack Anglin except he never said anything mean to you, except calling you fat once after you dedicated a 4 part series on how he was an evil fed. You talk about events and always push the mainstream narrative, even though in many cases we can prove that narrative a lie and have scholarly alternate narratives, like 9-11, Bush/Cheney, the Mossad, and Jewish Neo-Cons, instead you talk box cutters and Osama Bin Laden, a CIA asset who died in american hospital in December 2001. No longer going to bother with this FAKE populist website. It’s spiteful, disorganized, the writing is worse than mine and I take 2 minutes to pump this out, and you go off into fantasy land and talk about America in the 1800s or 20s, its of no importance today, you stood down to a Soros/Oligarch colour revolution, you stayed quiet during the largest voter fraud in American history, and you promoted a globalist health hoax that means to transform our world because you were scared of something with the same case mortality than a bad mutation of the flu.

      • Sure, there was fraud and hacking, but probably not needed to change the outcome of this “election.” The greatest fraud is that true ethno-socialists are not even allowed to run or appear on the ballots in U.S. “elections.”

        Note that VERY few international observers covered our entire “election” process. We usually send many more observers than that to much smaller countries to delegitimize their elections that are not going our way.

        • They did just enough fraud to tip the balance in this particular election. If they had needed to commit fraud on a larger scale because of a hypothetically larger Trump margin of victory in key states then they would have done that too. Wake the fuck up.

          • It would cost at least a billion dollars in legal fees and take years to sue all those states and prove it. Even Trump can’t afford that alone. As I said, where are the international observers that we always send to de-legitimize election results we don’t like in other countries when we need them here?

            I hope that at least some of the massive fraud is proven conclusively. The world MUST see what we are, even if the American Sheeple, who keep giving their consent by going to the polls, refuse to see.

            But was there a conspiracy? I doubt it. It’s just the way the system normally works, especially in urban areas, the big city Democrat machines, and even in smaller Democrat cities like Scranton-Wilkesbarre, known for generations for its big-city-like political machinations.

        • No there were two rounds of election fraud. The first round was before the voting deadline, Biden still LOST! So at 4am on the 4th they started to cart in more warehoused ballots. They did the fraud twice over, and this is provable. They had to do it because their original fraud was not enough to push Camel and Old Joe to a win. Now Netanyahu has stabbed Trump in the back and Trump unfollowed him, Kushner also stabbed Trump in the back and is urging him to concede. This means that if for some miracle Trump gets in he will have had it with the Kike shenanigans, will be gunning for big tech, probably arrest Soros and son for inciting riots, and so on. At the end of the day he didn’t launch a major war and immigration was cut in half. He would also fire the fiend Wray and Gill Bates buttboy Fauci who said gay anal had nothing to do with AIDS. No instead this loser site orders a stand down during a colour revolution and then celebrates an election theft, which Trump will prove. I am so sick and tired of losers like Hunter, I’ve seen idiots like this back in Europe who whine like little boys that their candidate isn’t perfect. 15 years we had semi-acceptable governance of anti-Soros coalition in my country, but because of people like the above mentioned we have a new president that was a former employee of Open Society and a Prime Minister who requires Koronka Immunity Certificates and did a brutal lockdown (he made millions because he co-owns the testing kit company), also works for Soros, and are pro Gay Anal. They claim they are anti-immigrant because as a party you need that to survive in Slovakia but as Soros minions they are waiting for the right moment to flood the nation and blame it on the EU Commission. Marian Kotleba is facing 4 years in jail, (the Nationalist-Populist who I support) because he gave 3 poor Slovak families checks for 1488 Euro. The President is behind this as well as the Soros PM. When Fico was in power the nationalists (SNS not Kotleba) were in government coalition and Kotleba was Governor of Banska Bistrica. But no, a bunch of Urban faggots bought the line about fake corruption (when the Penta scandal implicated his opposition and the entire media that was against the anti-Soros coalition) and they elected degenerate fiends. Slovak semi-oligarchs (the real oligarchs aren’t Slovak because after 1998 colour revolution the entire nation was privatized to foreigners) who make nickels to allow foreign vulture funds to own all industries and who’s kids study abroad. SLOVNAFT was the reason Soros hit up Slovakia, and LOOK, IT’S THE CENTER of the ENTIRE UKRAINE GAS SCAM that Hochstein, Biden Hunter and Joe, and John Kerry’s kid are running. Soros makes money on this too. They re-sell Russian gas as “Democratic” gas from wherever they claim its from and double the price, then they tax it 75% extra, Biden, Soros, high level democrats and Jewish Oligarchs from Ukraine then pocket the extra price tag and tax into their own accounts. That my friend Hunter is a CONSPIRACY I BELIEVE IN!

      • You can see the Emperor’s new clothes, and anyone who can’t is a “conspiracy theorist.”

        You don’t have to be conspiracy theorist to believe nigger dominated cities steal votes and the Democratic party is organized crime.

        • JPS,

          There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there was massive election fraud both with electronic voting machines and mail-in ballots.

          But Trump’s listened to jared kushner, and disbanded his presidential commission on election fraud in January of 2018, and the Blompf campaign didn’t have anyone watching the votes being tallied in pavement ape infested cities either. Whose fault is that?

        • Did that actually happen or did the votes for Biden come from other parts of these states? How could niggers in Detroit have stolen the election for Biden? He isn’t getting enough voters there

          • Philadelphia has 30,000 fewer Democrats than in 2008 yet Biden got 90,000 more votes there than Obama got. Likely? More than the margin of victory. Just saying.

          • Who knows what’s true here in the “empire of lies” but I have just read that almost 10,000 confirmed dead people returned absentee ballots in Michigan.

          • 90% turnout which is 5.5x higher than average deviation of the previous highest turnout, people voting born in 1850, 1902 etc. The highest level of 90+ year olds voting by a factor of 6-8x the usual deviation. Then you have the 80 million UNSOLICITED mail in ballots. Niggers in nursing homes strong arming seniors, mail box thief niggers, and niggers in the count room with Biden campaign ads on masks which violates election neutrality laws. I cannot believe your this stupid. I’ve worked elections in various positions for years, and experienced them in multiple nations. None of the nations I’ve ever voted in would trust electronic voting, or EVEN electronic ballot counting for that matter. In the US every State, County, City has its own system, its a fucking mess, you need a federalized system for federal elections not this crap, wherein a bunch of democrat governors decide to conspire to steal the election and send out almost 100 million UNSOLICITED mail in ballots. The moment they sent them out the election was already in doubt, now what we’ve witnessed with the 130K+ ballots return at 4am in which they go 98%+ for Biden is clear proof of fraud. They fucked up, their fraud wasn’t enough because Trumps win was too big, they had to do a second tranche of fraud after the election was over. If you can’t see it you should stop being a pundit. Very frustrated with you, negative nihilist who is too caught up in 1800s or early 20th century history to give a damn what is happening around you. Like I said, your the Michael Shermer of Nationalists, a person who eats up the cognitive dissonance and gas lighting of the media so you can’t be an effective observer of the politics around you. Are you literally arguing for critical race theory, unlimited migration, corona lockdowns, new campaigns of hostility and war, corruption, massive tech censorship, and whatever else Biden and Camel Whore are going to bring because Trump wasn’t perfect??? You behave like a bitter child. Throw everything away because you didn’t get your way 100%. Then you deny the fact that the election was completely stolen. Doesn’t matter who will get in as President, I already predict Biden will win. However as the days and months go by you will see how badly the election was stolen. Trump clearly won, and they stole the election. SO BE FUCKING MAD or something, don’t just sit back and take it when the oligarchy, and Soros do a colour revolution and openly steal the election. What kind of Populist site is this? The “It’s okay when the Oligarchy openly steals the election and engineers blacks to hate the white working class for the problems created by them” site? You should of supported Trump on re-election, instead you stood down to a colour revolution and a naked theft of the election. Your only response is timid, like, “nooooooo that didn’t happen”. Please, we saw the same stupidity with you during Corona. When the media, who was saying your murdering grandma if you go outside was cheering mass BLM riots, and everybody with an IQ over 70 got that Corona was Deep Op, you just doubled down on stupidity.

    • Hunter Wallace is not anonymous.
      Do you understand that ?

      Trump did stupid and destroyed himself.
      There is massive voter fraud of various kinds
      for all to see, what of it, they can still take Trump
      out, Trump did shit, he didn’t know what is coming?

      Hunter Wallace has shown TRUMP LOST WHITE MAN.

      That is his THESIS HE IS PROVING.

      Trump should read his blog and wake up if he survives this.

      I was not a regular reader of this blog, or follower,
      the greatest thing posted here is some of the history,
      hopefully people are encouraged to continue on their
      own, WHAT MAKES THE WEST ?

      Degeneracy is constantly being pushed and they will never stop.
      The latest series shows you how morality and beliefs have been
      shaped by those in power to our own destruction.

      Our enemies will never stop, LEARN AND PROMOTE KEY HISTORY.

  2. The election fraud can be used to discredit the entire system in the minds of Whites thus sparking a regime-changing revolt. What is the point of “working within the system” when the system is hopelessly corrupt? Address that issue directly, Hunter, or you will have lost credibility in the minds of your readers.

    • There is no conspiracy.

      He just lost moderate, populist and independent swing voters. He also lost seniors over COVID-19. I’ve sat here every single day for the last four years explaining why he was losing ground with these people. I didn’t vote for him either.

      • Anyone who chooses to die on a hill for Trump is indicating that they didn’t care that he was the inaction president.

      • The MAGA believers were especially visible when they predominantly voted at the polls. In line at the polls, from their limited perspective, they thought they were part of a landslide.

        From their very limited perspective they also believe that the pandemic doesn’t exist, which is actually fine with the plutocrats.

    • You don’t speak for most of HW’s readers. If he won’t cater to your whims, there are a million other blogs to read. Or start your own.

      Of course the system is corrupt. Vote fraud is nothing new. Neither is campaigning to do one thing, then doing something else after being elected. Blompf was a wizard at that. He campaigned like he was the second coming of Old Hickory, then ruled like Jeb! would’ve. Plus, he went after some of his own supporters. I view that as corruption, along with his taking Adelson’s money and then becoming the most actively pro-israel prez ever.

      Why are some supposedly pro-White people angry that someone who betrayed you at every opportunity didn’t get re-elected? The abused wife syndrome is strong with you folks.

      • Do you want to see ZOG overthrown or piddle around in a Jewish sandbox called “democracy?” Your answer to that question will have revealed your character.

        • Trying to make me defensive? Bad ploy. You support Trump, the most pro-israel pol in US history, right? You’re giving ZOG’s puppet backing makes you one of their tools. What does that say about your character? Live up to your handle, and put on your big boy pants.

  3. “You literally are cheering a stolen election.” – Michael Leroy

    MAGA is dead. Stick a fork in it. I voted for Trump too but let’s think about it, if he somehow were to overcome this (which he won’t) what would he do for us? I voted for Trump to ‘hold the line’, I didn’t vote for him because I believed he would do anything for us.

    You need to pause for a second and seriously ask yourself if Trump is worth dying on a hill for.

    Trump doesn’t even believe in MAGA himself. Take a look at MAGA world, does this look like policy and politics too you or does it look like a religion and culture?

    Trump spent the entire year and campaign trying to win over the Diamond and Silk demographic instead of us. Why would I die on a hill for someone like that?

    The establishment / elite have determined Biden the winner and they will not allow anyone to have their way otherwise. If you want to fight a losing battle, be my guest, but like I said I’m not going to die on a hill for Trump. I choose my battles and this battle’s outcome has already been determined.

    • You’re right.

      The exit polls are actually pretty white pilling. Consider the fact that he got over 70 million votes without doing anything for his base. If it wasn’t for COVID, would he have lost seniors and the election? If he had made the slightest effort to reward his base, would he have lost Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by such narrow margins?

      • Anyone who chooses to die on a hill for Trump is indicating that they didn’t care that he was the inaction president.

      • “If it wasn’t for COVID, would he have lost seniors and the election?”

        Exactly. It took a natural disaster (a deadly new virus, and deliberate mishandling of it to protect the profits of the rich) to reduce the support enough to lose the election, which otherwise Trump would have won.

        “The exit polls are actually pretty white pilling. Consider the fact that he got over 70 million votes without doing anything for his base”:

        Good point. Yes, those 70 million votes, AND the election of the equally right-wing Biden in the primaries, are definitely very “white pilling,” definite proof that the Sheeple are still stupidly accepting plutocracy (ASKING for it!) and still know nothing about real socialism (and the plutocrats want to keep it that way). Mainstream media is broadcasting a new narrative that Democrat candidates “lost millions of votes in this election because the party became associated with socialism.” After the election, Democrat Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger said Democrats must “never use the word socialist or socialism again”! Never-Trumper Republican John Kasich, who is expected to be rewarded with a cabinet position, said of Biden: “There is no socialism in Joe Biden. The far left can push him as hard as they want, and frankly the Democrats have to make clear to the far left that they almost cost him the election.” So be white pilled. Those who like fascism are going to have even more of it, and NO real socialism, under the Empire’s newly “elected” figureheads, Kamala Harris and Biden.

  4. Whether the election was stolen or not is not the point. The most important thing is Zion Don is gone because he conned his base and he pandered to every race but the ones who put him in office. He made his bed, let him lie in it.

  5. “If, by the instrument of government power, a people are being led towards its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every such member of such people, it is their duty.”

    – Adolf Hitler

  6. Hunter, you really seem to relish this. I understand why and it makes me laugh. I hate the way trump betrayed us but admittedly I hoped for him to win, just to see the country finally go off the cliff. We will likely see that anyway though.

    • I’ve learned something from H.L. Mencken.

      American politics is a shitshow, a literal zoo, and there is nothing we can do about it. All we can do is make fun of it while trying to keep our own sanity. I’m going to spend the next four years making fun of Joe Biden.

      • Muricans are gonna get what they asked for, damned good and hard, to paraphrase Mencken. Watching Depends Joe will be entertaining, though. I should start a pool on how many gaffes the addled old pedo will make in his inaugural address.

  7. Congressional Republicans to Trump (to use a line from a movie):

    “Hey, you f***ed up– you trusted us.”

    During the first two years when they held the House it was Paul Ryan’s agenda and not the 2016 Trump agenda, which they kept putting off.

  8. I think it’s true, if the Republican Party doesn’t litigate these election irregularities, they will never win another Presidential election. At the very least, they have to reveal what the niggers have been doing for decades – only this time, they had vast numbers of postal votes to work with.

    • Of course. So many times.

      Just one example– Trump ordered the FBI emails/texts of several agents and the FISA court applications released. Rosenstein went to the White House and talked him out of it.

      Trump could certainly talk the talk but he rarely walked the walk…

  9. I have heard Trump supporters on Tic Toc say its not so bad. At least we have the Senate! That is loser talk. I also heard Trump will run again in 2024! How old will he be then? 85? By then Georgia will be blue and Texas and Florida are well on there way to being blue. And will be because Biden said he would create a path to citizens for DACAS. Allied with New York, California, and other high count blue states the blue wall will be unbeatable.

    Resolved: that these red states of America are and of right out to be a free and independent nation…

  10. Wow. So Trump increasing his black vote 3 or 4% didn’t get it done, huh? Blacks, as usual, screw everything up. Biden still got about 89% of their vote. As I have said many times before. Most blacks are clearly not Christians. They vote for baby killers,homosexual promoters, open borders, more crime, etc. They are hopelessly hopeless. A Kim Klasick or John James are outliers. Al Sharpton is much more like the typical black person. Back to shrugging and ” Who gives a shit?” when Rufus shoots Tyrone. Nogs literally enjoy it or are so complacent.

    Trump got robbed and I hope he reverses it. Get ready for Scum Biden bringing in more of the third world to the tune of about 10 times what it is now in terms of fake refugees. Get ready for all White areas to have housing projects everywhere now. Get ready to cough up even more money for blacks. Give blacks their reparations money so they can make it rain at duh strip club on fat booty Shontelle.

    America is terminal. Retarded White people think they will always be the majority. You won’t. Stupid White liberals actually act like this more than anyone. You voted for the party that hates White people. Sorry, that means something no matter how mad you are at Trump. Now we get at least 4 years of black politics with god like status for most blacks from our disgusting jewsmedia. This country is done. Learn Russian. Learn Hungarian. Learn Polish. Something. Make a plan because multiculturalism is a death cult meant to take out White people on its inevitable march to be like the shithole South Africa.

    Too many years of Jews and blacks equals your neighborhood turning to crap. And by neighborhood I mean the country. Get ready for Whites to vanish more and more. We are headed to be just like the third world..on purpose.

  11. As mentioned in my reply to HW’s previous hammering of this point (Trump ignored white voters) even the massive vote-fraud (you’ll see no denial of it here) is ultimately owned by Donald Trump. In contrast to the fairly logical inaction with regards to BLM and Antifa torching blue cities, allowing the Clinton-Obama machine to carry out massive systematic vote-fraud was not a good move at all. It was more along the lines of his utterly inept response to the deployment of the DeepState-China bio-weapon known as COVID-19. Leave it to Jared – right? The root of the problem is that DJT love to talk the tough guy but does not have either the desire or the ability to fight the DeepState or the Pedocrat machine (same thing at the end of the day). One does not make ‘deals’ with such people. Instead of taking some real action and firing all sorts of bad actors in the DOJ, FBI and every other branch of government, we’ve seen a revolving door of a swamp-creature employment agency. Somehow either Trump or one of his minions actually refused to renew the 1983 consent decree under which Republicans were enjoined to not oppose massive fraud in dindu-dominated districts (because rayciss), but this was obviously too little too late, much like the last-minute EO’s against federally mandated indoctrination with ‘Critical Race Theory’.

    The stealing of the election was made that much easier by Trump’s absurd pandering to blacks and the continual me-too denunciations of “muh white supremacism”, along with the inept handling of the response to the bio-weapon (also part of the ‘color-revolution plan). Should he manage to win the court challenges (at least he hasn’t conceded), it remains very unlikely the man will learn his lesson. When you constantly drink your own kool-aid and refuse to listen to your voter-base, your enemies will use it to their advantage – and so they have.

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