Et Tu, Bibi?





  1. I want to thank Hunter on de-escalating the retardation of holding onto Trumpism when it has already been defeated. Clearly defeated.

    Anyone who wants to die on a hill for Trump should do some research on the voter fraud allegations circulating on the internet, a number of them can easily be debunked. No one is claiming no fraud occurred at all, but clearly not on a scale to give an overall win to Biden.

    Trump lost because he spent the last 4 years appealing to the diamond and silk demographic and consistent inaction.

  2. Trump spent his entire Presidency groveling to Jews and giving Israel whatever they wanted. Predictably, they have now backstabbed him. With Jews, you lose!

    • “Trump spent his entire Presidency groveling to Jews and giving Israel whatever they wanted . . . “

      Yes, but what has he done for them lately?

      • Good question. I understand he has been pressuring Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel and planning to impose even more sanctions on Iran.

        “But what have you done for us today?” is the motto of the Jews. If you don’t have something for them today, then they have no use for you.

  3. Bibi didn’t appreciate Trump declaring himself to be the King of Israel. Trump’s role as a goy is to dutifully deliver resources to his jewish masters and then to expire after he is no longer capable of fulfilling that role. He must learn his place.

  4. The entire world now knows Joe Biden is a drooling moron. Like 95% of the people around him, (including his wife and family), Bibi is just getting ready for the chance to pull the rug from out from under Sleepy Joe.

    (Has Bibi told Kamala yet how much he likes shvartzers?)

  5. Nothing to see here. Netanyahu got as much as he could from Trump– money and more money. He also had Trump approve war crimes and other violations of international law and UN resolutions (Golan, Jerusalem) and commit the murder of a foreign leader, Sardar Qassim Soleimani. Now Netanyahu will cozy up to Biden to see how much he can get from him. What do you expect from these people?

    • I’m fixing this… “What can these people expect from us today?” Isn’t that what you mean?

  6. Well, Trump definitely should have seen this coming as well. This is kind of funny though. Bibi played Trump for a fool.

  7. Did Trump really unfollow Netanyahu on Twitter?

    Because if he did that’s hilarious.

    Really now is the time to reach out to the Trump voters and let them know what the Jews did to them. Some of those “QAnon-adjacent” types were already half way there – some of them got banned from social media for accidentally noticing the wrong Jew.

    Plenty of old timers remember what the Republican Jewish Committee did to Ron Paul, calling him a “racist” and an “anti-semite” because he was against any more wars for Israel.

    More and more Americans are realizing what the Zionist Jews have done to this country – and what they plan on doing next.

    I say it’s a White Pill.

    • I always saw Trump as taking over Ron Paul’s movement,

      Trump followed many of his anti war talking points,

      If people recall we were all called various names by the
      Jewish media for supporting Ron Paul.

      The Jewish MSM even accused Ron Paul of supporting terrorists
      for being against the wars when their wars they promoted created
      angry muslims and terrorists.

  8. “The Jews, I find are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as D[isplaced] P[ersons] as long as the Jews get special treatment.”

    “If Jesus Christ couldn’t satisfy them [Jews] while on earth, how the hell am I supposed to?”

    – President Harry S. Truman

    • @Marcus,

      The same Harry S. Truman that desegregated the US armed forces, signed in 1947 the National Security Act thus creating the CIA, NSA, et al, and recognized the terrorist state of Israel. Sounds like a solid WASP of founding stock.

        • Bibi’s realization that a Harris-Biden administration will mean new American wars of aggression for Israel has gotten his juices flowing.

      • @November…

        ‘The terrorist state of Israel’.

        Yep, that’s what The American Indians us, ‘a terrorist nation of The United States of America’.

        Come to think of it, it’s what everybody calls the neighbour who beat them in a contest for a plot of land – ‘a terrorist.’

        Seems like being a ‘terrorist’ is intrinsic to being a human.

        • False analogy, you foul, rotten Kike vermin.

          The White men defeated the Injuns in the fields of battle, conquered this continent fairly and treated the various Injun tribes better than they treated each other.
          By contrast the Kikes, who were perennial losers in all conflicts, have never defeated anyone in a fair contest.
          They laid claim to Palestine by the treacherous Balfour Declaration, and by means of corruption, bribery and cowardly terrorism occupied the land.

          There is no comparison whatsoever between the European colonisation of the savage wilderness that was America and the Kike infestation of the historical land of Palestine.

        • @Ivan,

          It wasn’t until about 20 years ago, that I first began to see t-shirts and bumper stickers that depicted four injuns with the statement,” Fighting terrorism since 1492.” Prior to some jewish anti-white entrepreneur muddling the water with those items, I had never heard the word terrorism use to describe the Indian Wars, and I’ve known a fair number of injuns in my life.

          Perhaps, White Gentiles that support Palestinians over the Israeli vermin should return the favor with shirts and bumper stickers that show Palestinians with the words, “Fighting Terrorism since 1918.”

    • Ironically it was Eisenhower then JFK whom the Jews grew to distrust and dislike. Eisenhower opposed and stopped the joint UK, France, Israeli attack on the Suez Canal in 1956 and was never forgiven for that.

      JFK clamped down on Israel’s nuclear weapons program, delaying it for several years by denying them access to U.S. nuclear technology. The Israelis were furious but there was nothing they could do.

      LBJ of course reversed JFK’s attempt to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons to Israel and papered over the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty in the 1967 Six Day War in return for Jewish support for his 1968 reelection campaign.

      Amazing how that never works out for the shabbos goys, isn’t it Donald?

      • I have a theory that the USS Liberty was attacked because Israel knew or feared that the Liberty picked up transmissions regarding two nuclear weapons Israel had deployed in the Sinai as an insurance policy if their attack on Egypt failed and Egypt was threatening a counter invasion of Israel. These nuclear weapons were probably crude uranium bombs similar to Hiroshima and too large to deliver by Israeli aircraft. They were made from enriched uranium stolen from a plant in Pennsylvania that made nuclear fuel for the US Navy in the mid-1960s. Note that the Liberty was stationed just offshore where these weapons were deployed in the Sinai.

        The other explanations don’t make sense from the timeline. Israel wouldn’t need to drag the US into the war because they had already defeated Egypt at the time the Liberty was attacked. The execution of Egyptian POWs didn’t happen until the day after the Liberty was attacked.

        If the US covered up the attack to avoid a mideast nuclear arms race which would have resulted if the Arabs knew Israel had nukes. It would also be difficult to explain how Israel had acquired enriched uranium to make these bombs other than the theft from the PA plant which was still under investigation at the time. Later, the CIA was able to determine that the isotopic signature of the missing uranium was detected in the environment of the Dimona complex.

        Soviet intelligence shops in the area might also have picked up this info. But they kept quiet because they didn’t want their Arab client states to be demanding nuclear weapons either.

        Discussing the “false flag” and POW execution theories are acceptable because it directs attention away from the more ominous explanation.

        • Thank you, skeptic16. Best explanation for the Jew-Israeli attack on the USS Liberty I’ve come across online since I first heard about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty about 10 years ago. Your theory is very logical. It makes a lot of sense.

  9. I don’t know if it’s true or not but Blumph unfollowed Satanyahu. I have seen it on multiple tweets by multiple people. What’s funny is, now some are saying they hope Trump wins so he can get back at Bibi. If Trump does happen to pull it out in court, he will go right back to sucking off Bibi and doing Israel’s bidding. Israel has been screwing the US and US politicians for decades and they never learn.

    • CNN is reporting that Jared has advised Trump to concede. The jew worshipping Freepers are trying to cope by saying it’s fake news.

  10. That’s it for Trump. If Bibi has congratulated Biden it’s over. Trump should fire everyone and take Air Force One down to Florida and just finish off his term ignoring the job and playing golf. He shouldn’t even bother showing up for work.

    Biden has already indicated he’s going to roll back Trump’s most valued accomplishments on day one by executive order.

    The fraud is clear but nothing will be done about it. Soon Guilanni will jump ship as well.

    • Zio Don Trump should go play golf and do not show up to be puppet in chief? He should go fly somewhere.

      Hell, I’d forgive the petty spiteful narcissist bastard if (pure fantasy,yep,i know) he’d nuke Israel, New York City, D.C., parts of Florida, New Orleans (still here myself, smart, i know), Chicago, wherever that fag Trudeau resides, Merkel, and definitely Los Angeles. That’s for starters.

      I’d be a little sad, but I’d still cry tears of joy if i were to see the fireball before losing sight and life. I am a bit surprised Trump unfollowed Bibi, maybe for once a serious case of malignant NPD could lead to something good. No, not expecting it, srsly. Don’t expect it. Hope maybe, but no expecting it to actually happen. The dissident right wing needs to detox from demockeracy and Qcucking. The stupid pro-Trump protests might be able to be re-directed with hard work and personal risk.

      Remember, not all but a few revolutions started over stuff lower tension than this stupid fake show that only matters because so many sheeple believe it really matters. With determination, it might be possible to get some things going BUT i can’t but help wonder if that might be (((their))) plan. They do use reverse psychology that sadly a lot of ppl fall for ( like how they hyped up Jordan Peterson while also framing him as super controversial, as a real threat to them, and we hate Jews so much we tend to automatically assume anything/one they mock/criticize is de facto always “good” from our anti-Jewish mentality…Jews know this about us,their survival & plundering strategies rest upon being exceedingly cunning) sometimes.

      They also love revolutions and civil wars. Basically, most the time its better to go offense than defense. One of the worst thing about us ill defined Aryan Nationalists is most of us settle for talking (including myself), and its that way for real reasons…myself & y’all can be better than this. Not until we are willing to put all we think we have to lose on the line will even momentum against us slow down much less reverse.

      If every one would on an agreed date individually physically but united in spirit decide to chimp out they would not be able to stop all of us. A big problem is we can’t really (at this stage, not yet) trust each other due to the political police and we will also be treated as the most heinous convicted murderers imaginable for merely speaking up publicly or handing out banners. That last part really says it all…portrayed in the Jewish media as vile murderers for handing out banners or some gay af stuff (at this point).

      Wish that “white nationalists” would have divorced Zio Don in 2017 at latest…all the very bad blood between the best of the best Aryan men left who are part of what was an on the rise thing when i first found sites like this in 2013. Well, “we” can’t have deep alliances with everyone, but it’d be great if “we” could find some meaningful way to work at a distance with others. The only alternative i can imagine is becoming way way way more fanatical. That latter option would definitely be preferable. Those AmNats would defect and follow.

      Remember, men that get involved with “white nationalism” *tend* on average to be more individualistic and more of free-thinkers BUT the average Aryan male is NOT. The average Aryan male is effeminate af, and fear dominated. History is made by the hard & daring minority, not the masses. The masses are pretty much always used as tools, and that is pre Body Snatcher pods everywhere days.

      We are being beaten by an unworthy enemy…and better yet, we are behaving in ways unworthy (i know there are exceptions, & i’m again including myself). We can be so much more clever, cunning, and strong. Metaphorically at least, we are Children of Mars, lords of old style warfare. When was the last time you stopped and looked at pics of the Arch of Titus which still has not yet been demolished in Rome? The Romans may be extinct, but we are much more similar to them than we are different. We each must strive to do what we can to become like we were back then. Or join TeamJew. This is one of the few things that can’t be compromised…black, or white. With, or against. We sacked the Jews temple.

      They arose in open warfare against our ancestors three times in the Roman-Jewish Wars (after they had begged Pompey Magnus The Great to intervene in one of their civil wars…that’s where the tragedy really began, and we have been at war ever since…Emperor Hadrian literally ordered all of his legions to take no prisoners in the hyper violent & apocalyptic 3rd Roman-Jewish War, Bar Khokhba’s Revolt, and he warned his troops that the Jews were a threat to Rome’s most basic survival, capable of totally taking over & destroying Rome!)

      But Jews adapted.

      Still, we can beat the filthy wretches. We just need to be willing to set aside our assumptions and take as logical a hard look at everything as is possible. And adapt accordingly. We all need to be more courageous…when we no longer care about the perceived & real losses we will suffer & when we care more about hurting the enemy in self-defense, happy days will follow thereafter.

      We are suffering consequences of many of our grandfathers &/or great grandfathers. They did very evil stuff to the Germans, heinous things. The sooner Aryan men swallow that bitter medicine, the better. And then the Boomers (you’re an exception if reading). We are not defined by them. My generation as well has been disappointing and weak so far. Change is possible however.

      Very proud of y’all for drawing a line in the sand and at least no longer giving unconditional support to someone that screws you over & over & over & over and that delivered no-thing to your benefit. To on principle never take one’s own side in an argument is literal madness.

      You men are among the best of the best Aryans left. We need each other. I want for white nationalist culture to be taunting me as a pussy for typing online…for it to be normal to taunt talkers & reward warriors acting as warriors…and to not even be allowed to post online unless one can prove he did his daily self/community defense. Learn to hate your enemy if you dont yet. The Cheka loved to cut open the stomachs of fully awake/sober Aryans (no pain/anaesthesia meds obviously), nail a piece of intestine to a tree or wooden pist, and force at gunpoint the victim to run around until s/he was disemboweled. The Jews shrieked like hyenas with laughter the entire time. This is what they will do to our children if every one of us doesn’t do the best we can to be braver individually and help each other be braver.

      After enjoying watching you beg & plead these rats for mercy they do not have, they’ll point a gun at your head and threaten your kids that if they don’t run until they’re disemboweled then it will be their fault you die. Of course it will be your turn next. The Jews will weep tears of joy watching you lose whatever you have left of your mind & your soul. You know they slaughtered tens of millions of our Aryan race/folk last century (& did so for racial reasons first & foremost, for what we are born as). They won’t stop. Kicking them out doesn’t work (sure af helps…till they 100% certainly get back in no matter what you do so long as you won’t counter-exterminate them). Our choice. Wanna live? Think we will be “forgiven” in life or thereafter if we don’t do things differently than a whole lot of other generations and actually protect innocent children we bring into this world (yes,i am a father)? If we but had the will and goal to put race as #1, our core focus, it’d be a turkey shoot overall.

      I’d choose 5 “greenhorn” non-military Aryan men instead of 50 well trained & armed blacks to go up against 150 well trained & armed blacks in a duel to the death. Blacks don’t stand a chance when we chimp out. We must figure out a way to chimp out while minimizing the very real (at this stage) threat posed by the feds. Make sure you tune into and trust your gut before trusting anyone in real life. Think it over again, carefully. If your gut really tells you something is wrong or off about someone/thing (including about me, so long as you’re not looking for any excuse to let yourself off the hook,all of us have duty & it is sacred & worth losing everything for it), trust it and act accordingly.

      Simultaneously, taking no risks ever = cheka reality/future. I don’t want to meet any of you bro’s in a damn gulag under such circumstances. I hope we can figure out ways to trust one another again, and the truth is we must be cautious as well. Know thyself. Bitter and difficult times are ahead regardless. Online organization of decentralized moves/campaigns for most of us (unless you know ppl you are certain you can trust) to take physically individually but united in spirit seems like a great if not original idea. The worst possible thing is stagnation. Feedback loops can be good or bad. Most the time, taking massive and inspired actions is better than not doing so. I highly highly highly recommend you read David Irving’s “Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich” and re-read it if you already have.

      There are tons of invaluable books, but that is one where you can clearly see that Hitler faced basically the same exact persecution & tyranny as we do today. At one point Goebbels had like 8 pending “criminal” cases which threatened everything. They (N.S.)’s didn’t back down, unlike us. From the very beginning, even when he was a literal nobody speaking to depressed & demoralized drunkards in beer halls in 1919, they targeted Hitler with violence. Cops stood down to let the Red Front (an antifa of the day) try to murder the N.S.’s (many were murdered), and if/when the N.S.’s defended themselves, they often got arrested by the police. Sound familiar? It’s very similar to our situation.

      When fellow N.S.’s would say, “but the government will make our group illegal if we do X that you say we truly must do to keep our struggle alive…” Goebbels mocked that guy and insisted they must risk it anyway. However, if/when it truly was “stupid” to use certain tactics, when a certain tactic really was unnecessary & would draw “heat” legally, in those cases they didn’t do it. But when they really knew in their heart of hearts they *had* to act regardless of the consequences, they did so in heroic ways.

      They were not reactionary. They were revolutionaries. And the fact they won power at all was almost a miracle. If you or me were in Goebbels shoes when Hitler sent him to try to take over the Jewish playground called Berlin, we might have understandably thought it “impossible.” We each can learn and be inspired by those heroes.

      Please consider reading that book, you can download a copy for free on David Irving’s website. You really get a good sense of how.. they faced the same evil as do we, and they won!

      Become the next Hitler. Or even half a Hitler. Encourage others to do so. We must be willing to make hard choices. Take care y’all.

      • Goebbels book by David Irving really is the most astonishing affirmation of fighting against the odds and winning. It’s highly underrated and sadly unknown.

  11. Capitalist Israel, which is said to be “the only democracy in the Middle East,” is one of the world’s most unequal societies, and that is not even taking into account the conquered Palestinian people, who are extremely poor and actually being genocided.

    There is no real democracy, and no freedom except for elites, without equality.

  12. Remember the recent story that when the Netanyahus visited the White House they brought laundry to be washed for them?

  13. Trump abandoned his White supporters to suck up to the kikes, only to be abandoned by the kikes in the end. Now, where will the poor thing go? Hopefully to prison, as kike lawyers are preparing a long list of state and federal charges against him.

  14. This is too funny.

    Nicholas Maduro Commandante of Venezuela is trolling Trump brutally. He tweeted that swamp creature jew eliot abrams CIA asset Juan Guaidò has congratulated Biden on defeating trump.

    The trump-kushner administration “interim president” of Venezuela has betrayed the king of Israel.

    • November,

      Everyone loves a winner. I believe there is a saying that goes “laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.”

  15. I wonder if Bibi Nuttyahoo backstabbing of Blompf cost Jeffrey Epstein’s and Mossad’s ‘Girl Friday’ Ghisilaine Maxwell a presidential pardon?

    • @November

      Trump HAS to pardon Ghislaine Maxwell because his first wife, Ivana Trump, was riding around in the limo with Ghislaine scouting the sidewalks for little girls to kidnap. All in Maria Farmer’s testimony.

      The whole reason Trump made a big deal about Clinton and Epstein was because Trump was so directly involved, he was trying to distract from himself

      Trump is just another sucker that thought he was a “made man” in the Jew mafia only to find out that he was the mark all along.

      Serves him right. I hope the Democrats send him to prison.

  16. I did hear the Palestinian Authority reached out to Biden. Riddle me this all you heretical Christin Zionists: Do you think there are more Christian Palestinians or Christian Jews?

    • In the wierdest way Trump probably was better for The Arabs in that he was so divisive at home there’s no way he could mount a war against any Arab regime.

    • “Do you think there are more Christian Palestinians or Christian Jews?”

      Christians were a VERY substantial part of historic Palestine, but more of them have emigrated than the Muslims, so it is hard to estimate their number. But it is likely much higher than the total number of “messianic” Jews in the world. Along with the Christian indigenous, the Muslim indigenous people of Palestine are also being religiously, culturally, and physically genocided. Even the history of Palestine is being erased.

      Christian numbers are also dropping in Syria (the birthplace of Christianity), and in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, the Caucasus, and everywhere else that the U.S. Empire carries on its crusades (so-called “war on terror”).

  17. Martial law is still an option. At least he could take out the entire radical Left who attacked his own supporters at his rallies and bring in some justice before he leaves. It is not as if he has to worry about making people mad at him. And this would be blessing to the whole country for years to come.

  18. Looking at CNN’s exit polls for Pennsylvania, Trump didn’t do too poorly with his 2016 voters, winning 91% of their votes. Some defections, but it is partially canceled out by Clinton->Trump defectors.

    Where Trump got wrecked was in new voters, who went for Biden by 19 points.

  19. Perhaps the most hilarious and telling is that anti-white black activist Tariq Nasheed is more loyal to Trump’s claims of election fraud than Bibi Nuttyahoo.

    • I liked the tweets I saw. He was dismayed at the shambling black celebrations. C’mon mang, a street party for Biden?

  20. It’s “et tu,” not “e tu.” I assume you’re cribbing from Caesar’s “Et tu, Brute?”

  21. It’s telling that Netanyahu, who has been so chummy with President Trump, has so quickly acknowledged Biden.

    A fascinating contrast between Netanyahu and Obrador of Mexico, the latter standing by Trump and refusing to acknowledge Biden until all the litigious processes have played out.

    President Obrador is clearly a man of integrity, which is why he was elected, and, as well, has had his sensibilities well enough formed by the stink of massive corruption firsthand to be able to recognize it thousands of miles away.

  22. That’s they are called politicians,rule one is they look after for themselves,rule two,obey.Wonder how Trump feels being betrayed, the snake story he brought home from the cold.

  23. Trump:
    the story is simple: a “tender woman” rescues a “vicious snake,” who repays her generosity by biting her. When the dying woman asks why, the snake explains with a grin, “Oh shut up, silly woman. You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.”

  24. Thanks. Here are two references. One, a NYT article on the bombs and second a book about the theft of the bomb grade uranium in the mid-1960s.

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