Donald Trump Considers Afghanistan and Iraq Troop Withdrawals

I was 20 years old when George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan. I’m about to turn 40 years old. I have a 6 year old son. We wouldn’t want to withdraw the troops prematurely from Afghanistan!


“The White House has told the Pentagon to begin planning to bring the troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq down to 2,500 each by Jan. 15, just days before President Donald Trump leaves office, according to a defense official.

The news comes one week after Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper in part for pushing back on Trump’s efforts to accelerate the Afghanistan drawdown against the advice of military commanders, POLITICO reported, setting off a purge of top Pentagon officials last week.

The Pentagon’s new leaders, including acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, who most recently served as the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, are seen as less resistant to the acceleration. Miller on Wednesday brought on retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, an outspoken critic of the war in Afghanistan, as a senior adviser.

News of the Pentagon order was first reported by CNN. …”


“Congressional Republicans on Monday slammed President Donald Trump’s plan for a swift reduction of U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan, warning that it would be a gift to America’s enemies and would undermine progress already made in the region.

“A rapid withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan now would hurt our allies and delight the people who wish us harm,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said bluntly.

The Kentucky Republican’s remarks came as POLITICO reported that the White House has instructed the Pentagon to begin planning for a significant drawdown of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. A defense official told POLITICO that under the proposal, just 2,500 American troops would remain in each country by Jan. 15, just five days before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. Currently, there are between 4,500 and 5,000 troops in Afghanistan and around 3,000 in Iraq.

Other Republicans agreed with McConnell on Monday.

“The concern would be it would turn into a Saigon-type of situation where it would fall very quickly and then our ability to conduct operations against terrorist elements in the region could be compromised,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee …”

Why wasn’t this done before the election?

Doing popular things that resonate in the Center of the electorate like student loan debt cancellation and withdrawing from stupid endless wars are how you build political support.

Why didn’t Trump completely withdraw the troops from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan years ago? He had a mandate to do it in 2016. I guess it doesn’t matter now. He has nothing to lose anymore. As for the GOP, it is shit as always. If it was up to Mitch McConnell, we would be Afghanistan for another 20 years.


  1. On average White southerners have lower IQs than White northerners. Southern nationalism is cracker nationalism.

    • @ cap’n shit for brains, even if we are the stupidest people on this planet, which we arent, we still love and care about each other, i am sorry , that no one loves or cares about you
      And that you are so unhappy, the prison rape didnt help matters much either, perhaps you should leave this land. You would probably be happier in zimbabwe or nigeria , i am sure thee attention you crave awaits you there, well try to have a goid night, in spite of your sorry self.

      • @Terry Smith, the guy who said Southerners (like me,born/from what was once a crown jewel & 3rd largest city in the USA) are low IQ was being an arse & technically what he said is untrue (presuming he was speaking of Aryans), and the culture of the north absolutely sucks. Roots that go to what were mostly dark places (besides a few good things, like genetic heritage), so is the north.

        That said, the spirit of his smear – the implication people of the South are generally not very smart (to me, intelligence is using your potential, feeding/cultivating/sharpening & utilizing one’s mind) rings true, same as it does of northerners overall. Know thyself. Know thy enemy.

        This isn’t about personality (or saying “o wow this man said ‘x,’ so ‘x’ is definitely infallible”), but Rockwell wrote that he secretly felt that he was “working under extraordinarily difficult circumstances…Americans are a good but often stunningly ignorant people who often *behave* in incredibly stupid ways” (paraphrase of his letter to Sevitri Devi). The idea is Americans are not worldly (as in informed, learned), and that is simply the damn truth regardless of our feels. It’s not entirely our fault, we are born into the most dystopian totalitarian socioengineering machine ever devised in history with profound indoctrination wherein we are bombarded across all platforms with mono-media propaganda (political propaganda goes all the way into porn…think about that). And people simply do not know what we do not know.

        It takes real intelligence &/or thoughtfulness to be able to admit to one’s self what he doesn’t know. And courage of a sort (which shouldn’t be overly glamorized either…gotta be careful imo about “wow behold thee, i can admit weakness” but being of the mindset where one refuses to ever take any sort of critical look at one’s self/beliefs/behaviors is arguably even worse than the former). Americans are, on average extremely ignorant.

        What does the average Aryan American male know about the (still ongoing, 2,000 yr old) Roman-Jewish Wars? Heck, what does he know about Rome at all? How many books per year does he read? Do you think he reads half as many books as he obsesses about Sportsball games &/or demockeracy elections?

        It’s a serious problem to refuse to see/accept/admit/discuss very serious problems…and that is a very widespread tendency among pretty much all groups of Aryan American men. We are feminized.

        The “school” system is a machine that is quite literally designed to destroy the ability to think critically and independently. And that system is terrifyingly efficient at manifesting that objective. We live in a land of blind dogmas not all that different from Late Antiquity & the e
        Early Middle Ages.

    • @Captain Chaos…

      “On average, White Southerners have lower IQs than White Northerners. Southern Nationalism is Cracker Nationalism.”

      In that case, how very very fortunate we are to have a great Yankee brain, like yours, to lead us out of the Cracker wilderness.

      With baited breath, we await the next pearl of your wisdom…

    • @Captainchaos Even IF what you claim is true (and I frankly highly doubt that it is), so what???? Does a group having a lower IQ mean one is undeserving of dignity, autonomy, and basic human rights?? Does a higher IQ mean one is allowed to be evil and help Jews in their genocidal program against the White Race?? Please, do tell us.

    • CC is a retarded troll who was like the forerunner of Daily Stormer style idiocy on the alt-right. Years ago, he disrupted alt-right comment sections with obnoxious trolling and extreme rhetoric that seemed designed to make us look bad.

      The last thing this blog needs is this troll posting here.

  2. File this under ‘could not be possible,’ but has anyone else heard the rumor that Dick Cheney will be advising Biden on foreign policy?

    • Used-Depends Joe the senile-pedophile channeling Darth Cheney. That’s quite a horror-movie script all on its own.

    • No one is that stupid, November. No one would ever let Dick Cheney within a mile of any government job, especially one close to the President, any president. Everyone knows how bad the guy is, how dangerous he is, what a scumbag he is. Who could be that stupid?

      Oh, never mind.

  3. “Trump Planning ‘Flood of New Sanctions’ on Iran before Leaving Office … President Donald Trump’s administration is set to announce “new sanctions every week” against Iran until the end of the president’s term in January, a US media report has claimed.”

    What’s actually going on:

    Trump should do it – there are people in place at the Pentagon now that want to and will back him up.

    • What’s your problem with Iran?

      The kushner administration threatened any country with economic sanctions that provided Iran with medical aid during the peak of the covid crisis in Iran, and untold thousands died due to that heinous policy.

      Same with the 500,000 Iraqis that died due to (((Madeleine Albright))) state department during the Clinton administration.

      Do you take sadistic glee in the deaths of Israel’s enemies?

      • I look forward to Iranian S-400 anti-aircraft batteries blowing American and Israei (redundant) F-35s out of the air.

        • @ i wouldnt, those are american pilots, with.families, who are following orders as.duty requires, your justifiable disdain, too say the least, would be better directed.towards the war pigs , that.sent them there.

          • @Terry Smith,

            Those ameriAmAm volunteered to become fighter or bomber pilots, therefore, an air attack onosovereign nation that hasn’t started a war in over 200 years for the American and Israeli zionist jews is not only a war crime of aggression against peace, but being jannisaries for international jewry.

      • @November

        I meant Trump should withdraw from Aghanistan.

        I have been warning about Trump’s hostility to Iran since he was still Tweeting out those stupid “Obama’s Muslim Birth Certificate” conspiracy theories right wingers loved so much.

  4. So Cocaine Mitch the Kentucky Undertaker doesn’t want the invincible rainbow legions of the Rotten Banana Empire withdrawn from the poppyfields of Trashcanistan, the graveyard of empires. So what’s everyone’s bet on how long Trump takes to cuck on pulling them out this time? A week? Cocaine Mitch is probably owned by the CCP as much as Hunter Biden is. Read somewhere that Trashcanistan not only has poppyfields to keep the Sacklers and big pharma turning out the happy pills, but sits atop minerals with something like 7 trillion. Perhaps some of our more informed readers can elaborate. One thing for sure – neither the Moghuls, British or Russians tried taking over from the goat-humpers for the thrill of showing the flag. Mastah Jew wants something the Taliban has bigly. Murikans get an honorary Darwin Award for going along with this particular pile of bullshit for nearly two decades.

  5. Puppet mouth bitch mcconnel feigns concern for the well being of afghani women under Taliban rule, while not lifting one of his arthritic fingers to do a damned thing about POC crimes against Whites in America.

    To hell with the uniparty’s kosher sandwich.

  6. Vain hope, Hunter.

    Like the official claim (lie) that U.S. forces are withdrawing or have withdrawn or mostly withdrawn from Syria, when there are more deployed in Syria now than ever before! Mainstream media (and much of “alternative” news media) is the imperial war machine’s propaganda machine. The Empire will NEVER let the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or any other nation it has invaded go free. Indochina was the last exception to that rule, and the Empire is still interfering in Indochina as much as it can, trying to get them to join the “hybrid” war against China.

  7. Purdue Pharma need Opiumbux for donations to Harvard and Oxford so the sacker name can live for eveah. No way is the US pulling out of Afghanistan.

  8. Any pullout from countries on Israel’s wreck-occupy-partition list would remove Trump’s support among almost all Republicans in Congress. Who besides Kentucky’s Paul and Massie would support that? That’s why he can’t do it until this gay and fake election is finally decided.

    His own Syria envoy now brags about misleading Trump on the situation and number of US military in that country. I think Syria should be the focus– get all US invader-occupiers out by January. It is thought– with good reason– that Biden will ramp up operations there. A complete pullout might complicate that.

  9. Regardless of what you believe about 9/11 whats a fact is that its “terrorist attack” by jihadi hijackers certified a pretty mucy permanent stay in the middle east for the Joos benefit for the last 20 years

  10. Gee, he had four years to withdraw troops from Afghanistan but waits until he loses the election to withdraw troops. He is throwing crumbs to his loyal followers who stood with him for the last four years while he was implementing Israel first policies. He waited until now because he needs to show his working class followers he did not complete neglect them. Word is Trump plans to run in 2024.

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