Joe Biden Plans Student Loan Forgiveness Executive Order

It is shaping up to be a good day.

After getting nothing of value for four years from Donald Trump, we might get something out of the Biden administration that isn’t more of the same old worthless tweets.

Now that the dust has settled and Blumpf’s fake populism has been rejected by voters, we might be getting student loan debt cancelled which would be a big help to the millions of White Millennials who voted for Joe Biden. If it weren’t for voter fraud, Trump might have won California.

In the 2020 election, Donald Trump offered to spend $500 BILLION DOLLARS in his Platinum Plan exclusively on blacks to get them to vote for him. They turned him down!

By voting for Joe Biden, White Millennials will get their student loan debt cancelled instead and Trump’s non-existent based civnat blacks won’t get anything. LMAO.

Why didn’t Donald Trump sign an executive order offering a “Platinum Plan” for college educated White Millennials drowning in student loan debt? Maybe they would have voted for him?

Note: Seriously though, the True Cons on the Supreme Court who are so rightwing and based would probably strike this down. It might move the politics of the issue though. Also, the Left is pressuring Joe Biden to do this. He hasn’t committed to the idea. It would be cool if he did though.


  1. Meh – a slap in the face to many that worked their way through college or worked 2 or 3 jobs after college to pay off student debt. I am sure that the percentage of nibbas with student debt is greater proportionally that the percentage of Whites.

    • ” I am sure that the percentage of nibbas with student debt is greater proportionally that the percentage of Whites.” As is the percentage of nibbas with college “Studies” degrees that are as worthless as tits on a porcupine.

      • Blacks don’t tend to come out of university as indebted as whites. Both on a per capita and net basis.

    • “Ending child labor was a slap in the face to those who had to work in coal mines as children. Increasing minimum wage is a slap in the face to those who has to work for lower wages. Never do anything to increase the well-being of the populace because it isn’t fair to those who had it worse”- Conservatives

      Gee, I wonder why true conservatism is so unpopular.

  2. Forgiving student loans is Communism, as is giving out Covid-19 checks.

    Now bailing out Wall Street, giving bankers unlimited “credit” at the Fed, letting Wall Street dump their bad bets on the public, and turning over public pensions to hedge funds – that’s not Communism, that’s Capitalism.

    If you don’t support Capitalism, you are a Communist, and a bad person. It is a moral failing to not support Capitalism by bailing out failing banks.

    Besides we can’t afford to give Americans free college, because we’re already paying to give Israelis free college. You don’t want to be an anti-semite do you?

    • Does Shapiro have shares in a debt consolidation operation headquartered in the Negev? Man, how he howled.

      • @Captain John,

        Ashkenazis don’t leave university will debt because all their expenses are taken care by “scholarships” that only they can qualify. Just like the united negro college fund, or any of the other racial specific or affirmative action financial aid. Whites are the only group excluded from the post-secondary largesse.

  3. I do not wish to subsidize education facilities until the Judeo-Bolshevik faculties have been cleaned out.

    But, as Biden is not going to be president, there is no point to getting all uptight.

    • Ivan,

      Perhaps you have given your reasons before on why you think Trump will win but I only nowadays read a fraction of the comments. So why do you believe that Trump wins and Biden loses?

      In my mind Biden is a sure thing.

      • It’s realistic that the next four weeks will see Trump back en route to his 2nd term. It’s not just the legal evidence of vote fraud is truly massive, showing a scale to reverse the swing state elections.

        The Supreme Court HATES Biden and is likely to steer the win to Trump – see why below – and the judges there are backed by a faction of the Deep State etc, which is against Biden-Harris-globalists, thinking it is not yet time for all the open borders etc horror

        Not just that 6 of the 9 Justices were appointed by Repubs, 3 by Trump

        It’s also that the Dem Bolshevik plan to pack the court with 3 or 6 more Justices, will reduce them to powerless rubber stamps, the judges all hate this and want to avoid it.

        And all Supreme Court judges, regardless of party, detest the way that their longest-serving Justice, black intellectual Clarence Thomas, was abused by Biden in 1991 hearings, when Biden ran the first big media circus sexual harassment show, with dodgy accusations by a woman following Thomas from job to job despite the alleged ‘misconduct’

        Supreme Court putting the swing states with the fake ballots in contention, tosses the election to the US House in Jan., which votes by state in blocs, most states are majority Repub

        Even from the Soros-globalist view, reversing the fake Biden win, can be taken as more USA de-stabilisation, one of their goals, so the oligarchs can yield here, and have Trump back … even Netanyahu expresses doubts now, and he gets info on the hotline

        Trump’s lawyer Ms Sidney Powell –

        “I’m going to release the kraken … We have staggering statistical evidence; we have staggering personal testimony… we’re beginning to collect evidence on the financial interest of the governors and secretaries of state who bought into the Dominion [vote tabulation] systems

        “President Trump won this election in a landslide, it is irrefutable… we are gonna go after it, and I am going to expose every one of them. … We’re fixing to overturn the results of this election in multiple states…

        “President Trump won not by hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose…. We have so much evidence I feel it’s coming in like a firehose.”

        • brabantian,

          I thank you for your detailed and informative reply. We are definitely going to find out how it ends up very soon.

          • @Christina…

            “Ivan, Perhaps you have given your reasons before on why you think Trump will win but I only nowadays read a fraction of the comments. So why do you believe that Trump wins and Biden loses?

            In my mind Biden is a sure thing.


            Brabantian tended to this matter sell, which you read, But, My Dear, if have not seen this, one of only many videos talking about what has occurred, please see this from Miss Sydney Powell – she one of Trump’s chief lawyers…

          • @Cristina…

            In a few days Georgia Rinos will certify a fake election result, after which it will be quickly torn apart.

            Listen to Ace Atlanta attorney Lin Wood, (another Trump counselour) detail it to John Fredericks – you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot about where Georgia is and what Georgia representatives are about to do…

        • @Brabantian…

          Yes, you are right – the Globalist coup-Biden installation shall not stand, but, will come apart in court and state legislatures, much as it has in front of the eyes of The American People, over the next month.

      • One reason why Donald may win, is that he and his buddies do not want end up dead or imprisoned.

        The second good sign is mass hysteria. Communists do not celebrate but scream and behave like they have lured into well prepared trap. I am still in the Q camp… 😀

        Third thing is that the rest of the planet has also inhabitants and those people do not want nuclear armed Antifa, so probably lot of people and Governments working for Trump abroad. Trump may be dumb but Putin with his nuclear war scared intelligence specialists are not.

        Fourth thing is moderate politicians may understand that when lunatics grab the power, they may not get power back anymore. Kamala and Squad know communism well and definitely they take good care to make their power permanent. With the same methods Lenin and later Stalin used to get rid from everything who may be future opposition.

        Commies by themselves sounded alarm years ago. This guy for example

        I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me

        You know, forgiving student loan is good thing but getting tenure professor or other well paid lifetime job is better and because of that, massive Marxist purges are very attractive for young radicals and very scary for current job holders. So those current job holders may jump the ship on the very last moment.

        Soon we have Great Reset but here is again problem, who exactly are reseted ?. Lot of high net worth people will be not happy when they discover that they will be left behind the door with proles.

        Last thing. Enemy human quality is very low. Few gravely old holy half dead in charge like 97 yo Kissinger or 90 yo Soros and under them is just dumb corrupt filth. You can not do huge things with low quality stupid lumpen.

        And so on. War is won, when it is won. Temporary good or shitty situations are completely irrelevant.

        • Once the kids figure out that they can just cough on a middle aged person and ckear the room I expect a bloodbath.

        • juri,

          Okay, You definitely provide a fresh analysis of the situation. I believe you are overestimating the Supreme Court and the current situation but then how would I know for sure?

        • “..the rest of the planet has also inhabitants and those people do not want nuclear-armed Antifa…”

          Oh, yes. Very scary, especially considering their allegiance also to BLM and post-Cold War record of military aggression…

        • @Juri,

          Fagtifa is already receiving protection from a nuclear armed nation. The terrorist zionist occupiers of Palestine have perhaps 100 nukes in their arsenal.

          • Yes they have. And they have also openly declared Samson option.

            “”….We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under…..””


            Now there is a problem that world does not want to go down . But world also does not want to live under this threat. Because of that, you shall uproot Jew softly and gently even when some radicals calling you Zion Don or throw all those accusation what we hear every day about Putin or Eastern European nationalist leaders…you know, Jew sellout and etc.

            Explosive ordinance disposal team must work very slowly and carefully and very systematically and shall not push themselves by incompetent bystanders, Hitler already tried ax method and we know how he ended up.

        • Juri,

          What you wrote on the Samson option is disturbing. I had read they had nuclear weapons but I did not know about their suicidal mentality. I wonder what christians who are pro-Israeli would think if they knew about this?

          • Those “Christians” are as crazy as “Muslim” suicide terrorists. They have nothing against suicide. Our lunatics are as bad as every other race lunatics.

            So ironically, commies are right. We are all the same. There is no difference between Israeli supporting Islamic State ” Muslim ” and Western Israeli supporting ” Christian ”

            Jews know this and exploit. We here in Eastern Europe know too. Remove our own local lunatics and Jews will be generals without army. Soros almost succeeding against Trump but is powerless against his arch enemy Viktor Orban in relatively small and poor Hungary. No white lunatics on the ground, no power.

        • @Juri…

          “So ironically, commies are right. We are all the same. There is no difference between Israeli supporting Islamic State ” Muslim ” and Western Israeli supporting ” Christian… ”


          Yes and no, dear Juri, though, by citing one truth to deny another you are falling into the gravest of all analytical sins : reductionism.

          What is the unreducted truth about Mankind?

          That we are all the same and yet, all very different.

          Both truths coexist simultaneously, something which neither Ultra-Racists or Commies can comprehend.

          If you doubt this truth, leave The Ukraine and go to Mexico for a few months, and you will see this complexity duality at work.

  4. This could be trolling of those accusing HW of being a Depends Joe shill/Blompf saboteur.

    Student loan forgiveness could easily be used as a springboard to cancel out other forms of debt. Corporate interests wouldn’t like that because costs can’t be passed onto the peasants (except through reduction of corporate tax payments that are already low), but having a national debt cancellation every few years would be extremely popular. Minimizing the effects of usury that crush so many people? That’s a political winner.

    • @Boomer X,

      Debt slavery has become the fourth leg of Americanism after baseball, apple pie, and mom. The fifth leg is of course wars for jewish agendas.

      • Where the hell am I supposed to get a five-legged stool?!

        Without usury and the power to print money at will, the elites would shortly be brought to their knees. Which is why anyone pulling out of the central banking system gets the Ghaddafi treatment. The Davos crowd is cool with the slave markets now in Libya. They view us in much the same way as slave traders see their human cattle. Just don’t ever mess with the stash, dude.

    • @ boomer x anybody who will accept their”mark”, will have their debt cancelled, pay your debt people , their aint no easy way out.

      • Terry, look up “jubilees” in the Old Testament. That was a total debt forgiveness, once every seven years. Jesus wasn’t fond of greed, either, what with it being easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter heaven. I think Christ was killed by the jooish establishment not only because He threatened their power; He was a danger to the establishment’s wealth, which is what always gets rebels killed. The early church was communitarian, sharing everything with each other. They did so because they had been taught by John and others close to Him about Christ’s ways. Early Christians also longed for martyrdom, to be more like their Savior. We’ve come a long way, baby.

  5. I guess white nationalism has been reduced to having the edgiest Twitter troll game.

    Its so important to have the edgiest take, that we’re now celebrating that millions upon millions of sheboons and race traitors, that took on debt because they didn’t want to do real work for a living are going to get a 50k handout.

    • We should offer $500 BILLION DOLLARS to based blacks, right? Because that’s White Nationalism and “populism” or something.

    • Blacks don’t carry school debt. Certainly not to the degree that whites do. Blacks get a free ride at university.

      • Blacks might start go to college, but very few graduate. They usually drop out by the end of their freshman year.

    • “sheboons and race traitors”

      This is the direct equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s gimmick.

      Clinton was having to defend herself from the Bernie-bros. So she immediately steered the topic away from powerful bankers to talk about “racists.”

      Hillary Clinton said, oh Bernie’s going to reform the banks? Well that won’t end racism, that won’t end sexism, that won’t end xenophobia.

      So, here the right-wing version. Oh, reforming the banks via student loan debts? That won’t fix the Sheboon problem, that won’t bring back Hitler.

      Shut up about Wall Street goy! Shut up about the student loans and the monetary system! White trash, stay in your lane – you can complain about poor niggers on welfare but leave the financial thinking to us, goyims.

      It’s a great gimmick isn’t it? Works every time.

  6. Trump can at least end his presidency on a very high note by:

    Ordering a complete military and secret police withdrawal from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and the various African countries they have quietly entered. Announce this on national television so the populace knows about it. That’s important.

    Pardon Julian Assange, General Flynn, Edward Snowden and ALL those targeted by the Rosenstein-Mueller-Weissmann gangsters and the Regime in Washington.

    Order declassified and published ALL documents from the DoS, DoD, DoJ, CIA, FBI, and the special counsel thugs, all emails on government servers and the FISA court applications pertaining to the Russian collusion hoax.

    If Trump does these things I will no longer consider him a failed president.

    Hunter will really be happy with Biden if he gets student loan forgiveness gibs.

    • @Mestigoit,

      The only people trump is going to pardon as he’s led kicking and screaming out of the White House are Israei spy Pollard, mossad asset Maxwell, and perhaps Bernie Madoff.

      There isn’t a any daylight between trump’s loyalty to Israel and the jews.

  7. Jews do love their usury, but who put them in charge of this nation’s financial institutions? Answer that question, and you will expose the traitors.

  8. Debt cancellation in current year is like me giving you a free house in Detroit’s worst neighborhoods. Or winning a free cruise on the already sunken Titanic.

    It’s worthless.

  9. Had trump put as much effort in getting a second covid stimulus check sent to the American taxpayers before the election, as he did in assassinating an Iranian national hero, the NYC conman wouldn’t have to vacate the Oval Office next January.

  10. Republicans once again become the party of austerity after a democrat becomes president. Trump has been running the printing press at full power for his entire term without a peep from the likes of Ben Shapiro or Will Chamberlain. When it comes time to do something that will benefit normal citizens instead of military contractors and Israel, suddenly we can’t afford it.

    • @Dart

      That is what the GOP does. It claims “American is broke” that is why the government cannot do anything beneficial for its citizens. The Right, Reactionaries and Libertarians provide philosophical cover.

      Then when the GOP gets into office, they spend like drunken sailors doling out the Gibs to their constituents: Banks, Wall Street, Finance, FIRE Economy, Pentagon contractors, Silicon Valley, Big Business, etc.

      Then when it all falls apart – like under the Republicans in 2008 – they get thrown out of office and work with the Democrats to make sure whatever benefits to the American citizens are nominal – the Democrats are thankful for the help so they don’t have to deliver anything.

      Then when people get tired of the Democrats they vote for the GOP and the cycle starts over again.

      The problem that everyone struggles with is excepting that the Republicans are worse than the Democrats. You make like the Republican rhetoric more – and Republicans sometimes throw a little bit of Red Racist Meat to Whites – but in practice the Republicans are worse.

      It’s Republicans that pass all the amnesties and the #1 Republican oligarch in America – Koch – is already working with Biden to pass a new amnesty.

      Republicans are the greater of two evils.

  11. Modern University is 95% drinking, fucking, smoking dope and cheering on Niggerballers – about 5% of them come out with some worthwhile degree like engineering or nursing. What use do I have for a someone with a degree in marketing or African Studies or some other jerk-off Degree? I would say “learn a trade” but the Mexicans that have been let in for the last 40 years have destroyed the unions and wages for carpenters, plumbers, etc.

    • @ c d …

      “Modern University is 95% drinking, fucking, smoking dope and cheering on Niggerballers – about 5% of them come out with some worthwhile degree like engineering or nursing.”

      Ole-timey University, as well – long before there were any ‘universities’.

  12. Cancelling student loan debt will enormously help middle class & working class white families. If Biden actually follows through this plan, he will be officially the most pro-white President since Richard Nixon.

    • I don’t think this will happen. Too much money would be spent bailing out those privileged white “mothers.” But I do find it amusing that Hunter was once all-in for Yang because of his promise of Universal Basic Income and is now pleased that Biden might grant student loan forgiveness. Is it now all about the gibs?

  13. So now you are resorting to fake news? Still its nice that you finally revealed what we all suspected: that you voted for the senile, old fart Biden because you are a liberal with a Trump derengement syndrom. Now if you can come out of the closet and everything in your life would be honky-dory. “ But Mr. Biden has never publicly endorsed the idea, and two people involved in his transition-planning discussions said his views had not changed.”

    • At this point, I’m coming here for cheap laughs.

      Griffin is barfing his bizarre Trump fixation all over this site with dozens of frantic, rabid, outlandish posts for almost two weeks now, all the while claiming he’s “done with politics.”

      I hope Trump triumphs over the fraud because as a result Wallace will be in a conniption like those women in screaming tantrums on TikTok, beating on their steering wheels and throwing their heads back and forth while shrieking piercingly. 🙂

      Odd how his “Orange Man Bad” derangement flushed him out into the open as a liberal leftist, a Biden voter, and bugman credentialist snob who passionately and vindictively hates ordinary working-class White Americans, isn’t it?

        • Sorry, you must have confused me with Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin and all the other incel faggots who voted for Donald Trump. Did they hang out with MILO and Lady MAGA at the Trump gay pride parade in DC?

      • Donald Trump spent four years doing squat for working class White Americans. What planet are you living on?

        He used his political capital to pass a massive tax cut for his billionaire friends. He spent nearly every day in the 2020 campaign as a breathless stock market cheerleader. Finally, he ran for reelection on giving $500 BILLION DOLLARS to based blacks and doing nothing for Whites. Good riddance

        • He also severely restricted inmigration both legal and illegal as promised and banned critical race theory from fed institutions, banned “transgender” troops and many other accomplishments too numerous to count and did all that despite violent opposition from freaks like you. He was late but most likely would have taken on the juden untermensh at Big Tech on his second term. But even if he hasn’t done a single thing I would still vote for him just for the pleasure of seeing the colored-juden leftist untermensh going crazy. Every Trump victory over those servants of the devil, real and even imagined boosts the confidence of the White Men, tells them that one day they will once again rule the world. That’s why I have such a contempt for disgusting race traitors like you!!!

          • @Erik Kolvenson

            “He also severely restricted inmigration both legal and illegal as promised and banned critical race theory from fed institutions, ”

            He did NONE of those thing – fake news. What do you think this is,

            “most likely would have taken on the juden untermensh at Big Tech on his second term”

            I’m sure he’s monitoring the situation and will Tweet on Twitter about it soon!

            “Every Trump victory over those servants of the devil”

            Like his attacks on Iran, and getting the Golan neighborhood named after him, getting crowned the “King of Israel” and his new embassy in Jerusalem?

            Those victories over the devil?

          • Bullshit.

            1.) He said in his State of the Union address in 2019 that we wanted immigrants to come in the highest levels ever to work in his sizzling economy. The Jared Kushner immigration plan was to change the composition of legal immigration for business lobbyists. He endorsed doing a DACA amnesty. There was also an enormous flood of illegal immigration through most of his presidency. It was COVID and the economic crash that cut immigration in his last year in office.

            2.) “Transgender” troops went nowhere. More importantly, he also kept troops in the Middle East. In fact, he sent more troops over there when he was president to defend Israel.

            3.) Muh critical race theory … a transparent election year stunt that was never implemented.

            4.) Big Tech … you mean the fortune he made them? He cut their taxes and pumped their stock and gave them H-1Bs and invited them to the White House and celebrated them as the Trillion Dollar Club earlier this year.

            5.) Owning the libs. No thanks. Chumps are satisfied with meaningless tweets.

            6.) Donald Trump only showed loyalty to Jews and Israel when he was president. He made a point to do nothing for Whites. He ran in 2020 on giving $500 BILLION DOLLARS to blacks who didn’t vote him twice. No wonder he lost.

        • @ he did squat, along with sparing us four years of satanic hillaryism, i am certain given the chance, president harris will more than make up for it, i have no regrets voting for him then or now, all i wanted , was our people to be spared of hillaryism or harrisism.

          • I agree. Trump liberated us from Hillary, but the Trump years also revealed to us just how hypocritical, disgusting, dishonest, corrupt, and evil the Rulers and so-called elites of this country really are. I had no idea just how bad it is before Trump.

  14. Not for White people. That loan forgiveness only applies to nonwhites as always. We have enough “white” privilege.

  15. LOL, student loans won’t ever be forgiven. Nor should they be.

    1. Student loan forgiveness would objectively help whites who have tens of thousands in debt to banks, credit unions, the government, and other financial institutions. If you are an Economic Leftist who believes there is a “War on Whites,” then this reason alone is enough for Biden not to do it and for Congress not to consider it.

    2. Student loan forgiveness does not benefit anyone in power, or any corporation, or anyone who pulls the levers of power. Therefore, it won’t happen.

    3. Joe Biden himself promised his donors that “nothing would change” when he becomes President. He remains a neoliberal corporate Democrat. Apparently, he’s bringing back not just members of the Obama team, but also the Dubya team. Like Trump hiring Gary Cohn, this is a sure sign that Biden does not intend to bail out his voters like this. The most we can expect is a February 2009 style stimulus bill, which is not student loan forgiveness.

    4. Taking out loans you can’t pay back and then expecting your fellow Whites to bail you out is as parasitical as anything the Jews or the Negroes have done. Any White Nationalist or Pro-White individual who supports this policy is as morally bankrupt as a ghettos Negro collecting food stamps and using it to chug 40s and buy cigarillos. No, White Nationalists should not ever – EVER – use the government to provide Gibs for White Bois. To paraphrase Biden, if you support student loan forgiveness, you ain’t even White.

    I hope to the high heavens that Corporate America crushes this in its tracks, and I hope the white shitlibs who took out tens of thousands of student loans are hounded and harassed every day of their useless-eater lives by debt collectors until they either pay it back or are ruined forever by personal bankruptcy. Parasites get what they fucking deserve.

    Hard-working, productive Whites who paid off their bills would get screwed by this. We could have waited this whole time for student loan forgiveness. If you call us “suckers” for playing by the rules, then may you continue to toil and suffer under the Jewish boot of Neoliberal Capitalism for the rest of your life. You WILL pay off your bills like the rest of us, or you will go broke trying. No Gibs for White Bois.

    • “I hope (…) Corporate America crushes this in its tracks”:

      Wishing the corporate elites success? A typically libertarian reaction to the “spectre” of socialism in “student loan forgiveness.” (Not that there is even a trace of real socialism in the Kamala-Biden student loan forgiveness scheme or narrative.)

    • “White Nationalist or Pro-White individual who supports this policy is as morally bankrupt” …

      Who died and made you Pope? You can shove your “morality” up your ass. Why should I subscribe to your “morality?”

      “No, White Nationalists should not ever – EVER – use the government to provide Gibs for White Bois.”

      Yes – I want Gibs for White Bois. If the government isn’t giving out Gibs to White Bois – what use is it? Why have a government?

      What, only Jews and Blacks should get Gibs?

      Gimme my Gibs or fuck off.

  16. Like a dumbass I was a concrete laborer in hot-assed IL summers for 10 hours a day so that I would have no debt when I graduated – I should have waited for Sleepy Joe to bail me out.

    • @ cd you did the right thing, never regret doing the right thing , you can hold your head up with honor and look any man in thee eye, dont taint your own accomplishment , their is no greater honor , than duty completed.

  17. The Kamala-Biden energy policy platform includes spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize dozens of small modular nuclear reactors “that are needed to produce ‘cheap’ electricity” (but really, to produce more plutonium and enriched uranium for the trillion-dollar production of a new generation of “variable yield” nuclear weapons):

    The stocks of the nuclear power, and uranium mining and processing and nuclear weapons corporations are sure to rise. What could be more environmental?

    • I know the Greanville article is strongly in favor of nuclear reactors. I am not. The Harris-Biden energy platform also calls for more wind turbine “farms,” which are also NOT environmentally sound but extremely profitable when subsidized by American taxpayers. Watch “Planet of the Humans”: “A “mountaintop removal” of trees in Vermont’s Green Mountain Forest is described to make way for construction of 21 wind turbines. A single turbine requires 140 tons of steel, plus 36,000 pounds of fiberglass and basalt for each blade. Securing a turbine requires 800 cubic yards of concrete, which I found necessitates at least 60 truckloads to transport. Fossil fuels are necessary to produce and install wind turbines and essential to sustain them when the wind stops blowing. A fossil-fueled power plant must idle 100 percent of the time to provide back-up power for the turbines in lieu of having to use more power to cycle up or down”:

  18. Student loan forgiveness is a carrot that will be dangled until it is absolutely needed, which is probably never. If student debt were “forgiven” under this System, you can be sure there is a catch, and the difference will be paid out of other workers’ hides.

  19. You fuckwits. Harris is married to a Jew and so are all 3 of Biden’s children.

    But hey, Zionism and Jewish nepotism are A-OK as long as I don’t have to pay off a debt that I willingly accrued!

        • Just so we are clear, he bailed out the wealthy and the investor class and goosed the stock market with his tax cuts and did nothing for the White working class.

    • Have you forgotten about Trump’s family being full of Orthodox joos? The favors done for Israel? The persecution of White advocates? Why do we owe our vote to someone who obviously disdains and ignores his base?

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