MIGA: Donald Trump Sought Options For Attacking Iran Last Week

I figured this was coming.

I discussed it at length on a podcast with Richard Spencer before the election. Donald Trump and Jared Kushner had been lining up all their Sunni allies with Israel in the Middle East in preparation for an attack on Iran in his second term which was foiled by losing the election.


“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump asked for options on attacking Iran’s main nuclear site last week but ultimately decided against taking the dramatic step, a U.S. official said on Monday.

Trump made the request during a meeting on Thursday with his top national security aides, including Vice President Mike Pence, his new Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, and General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the official said.

The official confirmed the account of the meeting in The New York Times, which reported that the advisers persuaded Trump not to go ahead with a strike because of the risk of a broader conflict.

“He asked for options. They gave him the scenarios and he ultimately decided not to go forward,” the official said. …”

The plan was always to deal with Iran in his second term, but he had to get through the election first by pretending that he wasn’t just another neocon.


  1. The worst he will dare to do is repeat Bush’s little poison pill by sending peacekeepers into somalia. I don’t think he’s got the madness to invade Iran.

    He’s just going to try to give Biden a headache. Not much more.

  2. Anyone could see that Trump was assembling a war coalition with all of these Arab-Israeli alliance deals. It’s still possible Biden could go through with an attack. If he doesn’t, then we will have dodged a major bullet.

  3. I am not for attacking anyone, but, if President Trump is to attack someone, let him attack the Chinese Government, for they sure as hell are involved in attacking us, in, oh, so many many ways, and it is more than 20 years now that they have been doing so.

    Ridiculous that folks keep howling about The Russians this, The Russians that, when The Chinese have bought up most of our Oligarch, Political, and Media class and shipped out the bulk of our manufacturing.

    It was not so long ago that the kind of collusion we see by our Ruling Elite was tatamount to a hanging.

    The amount of treachery in this country is staggering, as is the near complete lack of empathy so many ‘American’ politicians have for their own countrymen.

    Joe Biden is the paradigm for this treachery, as are the 150 oligarchs behind him.

    Biden is so bad that he makes Trump look like Saint Michael.

    That the anti-corporate Progressive wing of The Democrat party would support Biden tells you what sort of people they are and what kind of judgement they have, for Biden will steal from them just as quickly as he will from any, IF he were president, and, praise The Good Lord, just the lawsuits in Georgia alone will make sure that never ever happens.

    • LMAO. Blompf can’t even win a trade war with China. I don’t think he wants to fight a real war with them.

      • Yep. Those Nimitz Class aircraft carriers are sitting ducks for both Russian and Chinese hypersonic anti-ship missiles. 5000+ casualties in killed or injured per ship.

        • I like the chimcoms more then I like Russia but I hate neither of them they both have pros and cons. Israel is the one buying our politicians not so much china, sure they fill their pockets on occasion. It isn’t chinas fault that they a1re more committed to being the dominant force in manufacturing.

          Its the globalist elite scum sucking traitors who refuse to invest in American made products and selling off every job available

          Going to war with china would be very foolish. Its a unwinable war for starters

          • Chinese society is terrible, completely against the Anglo Saxon traditional freedom and independent way of life. The founding fathers would be appalled by their surveillance state and social credit system.

          • You can study the science of racial differences at a Chinese university, let me know when an American university lets you do that. Pretty sure a Chinese guy can also say the word “nigger” and keep his job. Who is more free?

        • @November…

          “Yep. Those Nimitz Class aircraft carriers are sitting ducks for both Russian and Chinese hypersonic anti-ship missiles. 5000+ casualties in killed or injured per ship.”

          The hypersonick missiles have no better chance against ships (fully loaded with electronic defence and counter missiles) than do subsonick missiles.

          Very hard, nearly impossible for missiles to make it through all those nets – not at all like hitting a civilian target.

          • @Ivan,
            The US Navy can’t even get the bugs out of the Electromagnetic Air Craft Launch System of the new Ford Class aircraft carriers, and the American fleet hasn’t been tested against hypersonic anti-ship missiles either. So I have little faith in US Navy’s electronic countermeasures, or the officers and crew made up of millennials and zoomers to be up to the task of defending their ships when the US Navy has been having a dickens of a time not having their boats crash into one another. Plus, the Russians appear to have the technology to shutdown the software on American warships as demonstrated in the Black Sea two years ago when planes from the Russian Air Force flew over an American frigate, and turned off her helm, radar, and other digital means of command and control.

          • @ ivan turgenev ivan , being they are my hero’s, i have tried to read everything i could get my hands on, about ” r.e. lee and thomas jackson, i cannot recall, for the life of me, those two men ever using thee so called ” n word”, my friend have you ever heard of usage of that word, attributed to them?

  4. Starting a war with Iran has been on the drawing board for many years. To do so is absolute insanity.. So far saner heads have prevailed against it.

  5. My thought was that Trump would make a deal with the military to attack Iran if the military would crush Antifa and BLM after Trump won the election. That deal might still stand if he is able to pull it off. But at best it buys as tie. The United States it terminal!

    Resolved; that these red states of America should and of right ought to be a free and independent nation…

    • 1) CA.OR and WA west of the Sierras and Cascades to be their own country: “Woketopia”.
      2) New York and New England to form their own country, “Goldbergland”.
      3) Chicago to be a Special Administrative Zone policed by Russian peacekeepers.
      4) Remaining contiguous Heartland + Alaska to be “New Texas”.
      5) Hawaii to be sold to China in exchange for debt cancellation.
      6) Population transfers of wokesters & BLM from cities like Atlanta and Detroit for patriots trapped in Manhattan, L.A. etc.
      7) Hunter Wallace appointed the First Court Chronicler of New Texas, also tasked with devising a history curriculum for New Texan schoolchildren.

      • Parts of Canada would like to join too, the Western provinces in particular. The Trudeau Government is about as bad as it gets without going full police state.

      • Why sell Hawaii to those demons? I doubt the largely Japanese, Polynesian, and Filipino descended mixed Hapa inhabitants would want anything to do with Xi or China. Hawaii is not Chinese, getting rid of these islands on our Western periphery would be an open retreat from controlling out back yard. This is the kind of stuff Putin is trying to stop on his borders, Hawaii isn’t the middle east, it is next door. The question is who is going to run the democrats behind closed doors? Bloomberg and Slick Willy? Or AOC and Bernie. The former will manage to keep things still working, the latter spells collapse.

  6. Sad that you believe these ‘sources’ from the lugenpresse. Haven’t you learned anything by now????

  7. This is fake news. If you can prove it, I will change my mind on some things. I’ve always said, if Trump tries to attack Iran I will actively promote his impeachment. However, I believe this is fake because Trump had the opportunity to start this war in early January. Had he done that the deep state probably would of rigged the votes his way, and CNN would of lauded his brave leadership example. I don’t believe he walked away from war like a diplomat in January only to be plotting it for later, makes no sense, he had the perfect pretext. Besides Likud faction is the one who wants war, and Netanyahu stabbed Trump in the back. Trump is actively ordering troops to evacuate Iraq and Afghanistan, both nations border Iran. If he was planning on doing this he would keep the soldiers their, as infrastructure for the attack, and as casualties in an Iranian rocket attack to get Merican’s mad at the Iranians and justify the war. This makes no sense, Reuters is owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

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