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What now?

Where do we go from here?

I keep hearing that question asked in the comments.

In order to answer that question, I will say we need to look back on the last ten years. It explains what happened over the course of the Trump presidency and culminated in the 2020 election.

This is where we were a decade ago:

We weren’t conservative Republicans on the Right.

We were disaffected, financially stressed, ethnocentric White Independent voters in the Center of the electorate who were opposed to mass immigration and political correctness.

What are our beliefs?

We are populists and nationalists. We have a strong sense of White identity. We are immigration hawks, free trade skeptics, isolationists, etc. We are stridently opposed to political correctness and big business. We are deeply skeptical of the Republican Party. We are in the Center, not the Right. A decade ago, 2/3rds of Disaffected voters were Independent voters.

In 2014, the Pew Research Center came out with another typology that tracked the same group. The Disaffected were now relabeled the Hard-Pressed Skeptics, but it was the same swath of the electorate. They are White Independent voters who were immigration hawks in the Center of the electorate. Most leaned toward the Democrats but were getting fed up with the Obama administration.

The overwhelming majority of Hard-Pressed Skeptics thought that the economic system was rigged to favor business interests, immigrants were a burden on the country and that the U.S. should focus on domestic problems. They were still in the Center and cynical about mainstream politics.

The Hard-Pressed Skeptics lived in the middle suburbs, rural areas, small towns and small metro areas. They are downscale, ethnocentric, White Independent voters.

The overwhelming majority of these people are Whites who are either poor, working class or lower middle class. They are financially stressed. They are far more ethnocentric and authoritarian than conservatives. They are social conservatives and populists and moderates on economics. They are in the Center of the electorate. These are people who dislike the Democrats, but can’t afford to be Republicans.

This was in 2011:

I could go on, and on, and on like this.

The point being this: until Donald Trump came along, we were Independent voters in the Center of the electorate. We were not on the Right. Nothing has changed since that time in terms of our values, beliefs, financial circumstances or relative position in the American electorate.

In 2016, we pushed Donald Trump through the Republican primaries and elected him president and we had to fight conservatives every inch of the way to do it. We literally put this guy in the White House and he forgot all about us. He is such a narcissist that he assumed that he got there all by himself and could be reelected by Based Blacks. We gave him a chance. It didn’t work out so we fired him.

What is the path forward? The vast majority of us are in the middle of the electorate. We’re getting screwed by both the Left and Right. AmNats want to “infiltrate” and “takeover” the Right and were satisfied with Donald Trump and believe that we should all become College Republicans and that for the good of the White race we should expect nothing in the way of representation from mainstream conservatism. Evidently, most people blackpilled on Trump and sat out the 2020 election, which was reflected in the total absence of energy among right-leaning Independents in 2020.

If the GOP wants to return to the White House in 2024, it is going to have to change its policy agenda and move to the Center. The Blumpf personality cult and “owning the libs” isn’t good enough. The GOP is going to have to dump neoliberalism and offer us REAL populism and nationalism. We don’t want to hear “Dems R Real Racists” anymore or any of this hideous race cucking. We’re not a bunch of dopes who are content to be taken for granted. That was the message that we sent in this election.

No more of this cute shit where “we’re building the wall” but really it is refurbishing the fence or we are replacing NAFTA with USMCA or we are America First in rhetoric but Israel First in practice. No more BOOM we have legalized homosexuality in Botswana. No one voted for that crap.


  1. For me, America can only become great again if it is divided up into different confederacies or, as was – sovereign states.

    So, in the deepest sense, I never bought into the MAGA agenda.

    On the other hand, I do think the Trump MAGA Agenda is vastly superior to the one practiced by the several presidents previous – Make America a Weak Globalist Vassal.

    So, yes, if I must live in this country as is, then, by all means, MAGA and KAGA are better agendae.

    That said, I really have to wonder if Trump’s MAGA Agenda is dead for tens of millions of his enthusiastic supporters.

    Whether you like it or not, there are many who would go to war for him, because he represents what kind of nation they want for their children.

    • “Make America a Weak Globalist Vassal”??? Bruh, America already WAS a vassal (of Israel/Jews) for a LOOOOONG time.
      MAGA was an op, a con, and many people fell for it. Hell, I even fell for it (until the first Syria bombing & appointment of Bolton). MAGA needs to die for something real to rise. Trump/MAGA cost millions of Whites (not just in America either) their jobs, family relationships, marriages and careers and all for NOTHING – unless we harness the bitterness and lessons learned and use them to build something that actually serves Whites and saves us from being wiped off the face of the Earth by the Chosen tribe.

      • @Peter,

        Speaking of neoconservative chicken hawk (redundant) John Bolton, Blompf tweeted late last night that Bolton was the “dumbest person ” he met in the political realm ot words to that end. But who the fuck hired Bolton as their national security adviser?

        Between kushner, abrams, bolton, pompeo, wray, barr, and his other swamp and deep state hires, trump might be the second dumbest POTUS after GWB ever.

  2. Forget the 5% Disaffecteds – no one fits neatly into any of these categories based on vague yes/no questions from sociology surveys.

    You build on something broad. 1. No immigration. 2. No anti-whiteness (“political correctness”.)

    Anything else is just LARPing, playacting, and hair-splitting. If you want to argue over heath care, go ahead. But you have to be against immigration and anti-whiteness or else you’re the enemy.

  3. I recommend we give up on ever reforming the United States and create a serious red state secessionist movement dedicated to the creation of a Greater White Heartland Republic. To the incurable one should not try to be a physician! So my advice is get off the USS Titanic before she drags us to the bottom with her. To Hell with multiple tiny Ethno-States here and there. We want all of red state America and red counties held hostage in blue states also!

  4. After The Donald will be silence. First thing Swamp does is ensure that there will be no more bad surprises.

    Trumpism will be stomped out like Nazism in postwar Germany so there will be no return to normality and no new opportunity.

    Before Trump, they tolerated opposition because they considered opposition powerless and irrelevant. But they do not consider this anymore and this mean many bad things will happen to the many people.

    I is unbelievable how opposition did not figured out that this is not about saving Donald but saving their own ass and their family.

    Donald probably has plan B. But I doubt that most of the Alt Right have foreign passport and house in Russia or in some other friendly country ready.

    • @Juri

      This is why the riots continue in spite of Joe Biden’s pseudo election. The Left are still targeting the White, normal masses, in accordance with their masters’ ongoing and unchanging plans.

      • Yes, James, the photographs of the violence after the so-called Million MAGA March went through my mind as I read Juri’s words. I won’t be surprised if Juri is proved right on all counts.

        My own knowledge of history is too limited, unfortunately, for me to make an assessment even I myself trust; but these clashes between the alt-rightists or Trumpists or whatever they should now be called and the antifa-BLM group seem to me like something with more of a European precedent—and thus something Juri is well-equipped to understand—than an American one.

    • Biden could have made a call and had the Antifa BLM shutdown for a day. The ambush of the stragglers in DC is a bad fucking sign. They were not Nazis, White Nationalists or whatever. Just ordinary center right folks who got attacked.

    • @Juri…

      I respect your points of view, no doubt, but, The United States is not Eastern Europe and this is not 1917.

      You are projecting onto the domestic situation in the U.S. that dark kind of Ukrainian-Russian mentality which, though perfectly understandable for those lands with those histories, has only a limited pertinence to ours.

      But, yes, the country is fragile, as it has been before, in the 1960s, 1920s, 1860s-1870s etc etc, and, yes, there are unpleasantries that are affecting us all.

      At any rate, be well!

  5. I share a lot sentiments with the “disaffecteds” but I also have a passport and a college education. And I do not watch NASCAR, chew tobacco, drive an old Ford F150 or easily fit into any other paranoid, anti government “redneck” stereotype. I am not Dale Gribble!

  6. These people have the feeling that something is terribly wrong and needs fixing, but of not knowing how to go about it, and not knowing how to get others to go along with fixing it, either.

    We know we gotta do something. But we’ve wasted decades of time on vacillating, fecklessness, and procrastination.

  7. If you want to have an effect that matters, get involved at the local level. Build from there. There’s nothing magical about it.

    To further the acceptance of human nature (“I’m White and proud of it”), don’t back down. Don’t apologize, don’t temporize, don’t preach. It’s not necessary to insult or belittle; just make a simple, straightforward statement. That has worked for me, at least, even around the dark ones.

    If either branch of the corporatist uniparty wants disaffected White support they can count on in an evenly-divided electorate, they had better start offering more than platitudes. Policy and money talks, everything else walks…into a ditch where it dies an ignoble death, like all other political bs. Fraud will only get the Dims so far, and the Recucks won’t do it, so they all better start pandering to us.

    • Boomer X,

      The (Mike?) Milken Institute released a statement and article recently declaring that the only way to fix America’s economy after the covid debacle/fiasco is to give citizenship to “11 million undocumented immigrants.” It appears that will be the future swing voters that the scumocrats and Chamber of Commerce will be pandering to in the near term.

      • November,

        It’s more like 30 million instant Americans through (cue the heavenly choir) “Magic Dirt,” compadre, but there’s no need for the left to pander to Hispanics. Jose usually votes for gibs, too. We need a lot more kids of European descent, stat! (I’m willing to do my part.)

  8. Do your best, gentlemen (and ladies) … but Europe – or a good portion of it – will be there for you if things get awfully bad … Eastern European leaders talk about this sometimes, as there is already some flight out of messier areas in Western Europe, eastwards

    But I tend to think Americans will wrangle something out of this, in God knows what form

    The US demographically-driven debacle is highly motivating Europeans to get their own house in order, and the worse the USA gets, the more Continental Europeans will harden … in lands of, or at least nearer to those of, your ancestors

    • I assume you mean Hungary and Poland, brabantian. Are there any other Huwhite nations you think might welcome us?

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