Market Skeptic Republicans

In previous articles, I have explained how there was this group of White Independent voters in the Center who were social conservatives and economic populists who for thirty years were labeled the “Embittered” or “Disaffected” swath of the electorate by the Pew Research Center. These people were never traditional conservative Republican voters. They were the Obama-Trump voters.

In 2016, the Disaffecteds who became the Hard-Pressed Skeptics were lured into the Republican Party by Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda which unlike Zombie Reaganism was more populist and was right up their alley. These people were the cornerstone of the Trump coalition and became the Market Skeptic Republicans in the latest Pew typology. They took a leap of faith on Donald Trump in 2016:

This is the same group of voters:

If you have been paying attention to the Trump presidency for the last four years and Trump’s disastrous 2020 campaign, you can probably imagine what went wrong for him with this group.

As soon as the dust settled from the 2016 election, it all began to go south. Steve Bannon admitted in his 60 Minutes interview in 2017 that Donald Trump sold out to the Republican establishment within 48 hours of winning the 2016 election. He never “Drained the Swamp.”

It was over in November 2016:

‘In the 48 hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made,’ Bannon said to Charlie Rose in a ’60 Minutes’ interview. ‘You might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment. I mean, we totally embraced the establishment.’ Bannon said many of the people that had staffed the backbone of the campaign – including himself – comprised an ‘island of misfit toys.’ ‘So he looks around and I’m wearin’ my combat jacket, I haven’t shaved, I got – you know, my hair’s down to here, and he says – he’s – he’s thinkin,’ ‘Hey, I’ve gotta put together a government. I’ve gotta really staff up somethin’. I need to embrace the establishment.’ Bannon told Rose that the task of ‘draining the swamp’ was a bigger accomplishment than any one administration could pull off, predicting it would 15-20 years of ‘relentlessly going after it.’ 

I watched the Trump transition like a hawk.

In those two or three months between the election and the inauguration, the first order of business was dumping the Alt-Right baggage that had won the 2016 election by clobbering the Left online in order to appease the donor class and the GOP. The Mooch showed up on the Trump transition team. Gary Cohn, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, was hired as Trump’s top economic adviser. The Trump agenda was also set … it would be delivering the Paul Ryan Better Way agenda on health care and tax cuts. After winning the 2016 election as an interesting nationalist and populist who was going to shake up the system, Donald Trump executed a pivot in 2017 to embracing the most unpopular GOP policies.

Trump’s image changed in that first year in office:

What was he thinking?

Who knows? Did he assume that he was the reason he won the presidency and it was all about him and not what he had said in 2016? He seems to have assumed we played no part in it.

For the last four years, Donald Trump walked away from the people who won him the 2016 election. He shifted away from the Center and to the Right on everything from race to economics to foreign policy. By the time of the 2020 campaign, the message was BLEXIT and based blacks, the most pro-Israel president of all time, the gayest president of all time, the biggest tax cuts and DOW 30,000 and Dems R Real Racists and Socialism Sucks. Charlie Kirk and QAnon became the public face of Trumpism. The shift from the Alt-Right to Charlie Kirk and QAnon reflects the bait-and-switch that was the Trump era.

As always, we found ourselves getting screwed:

The Trump era was the GOP at the trough.

The “Business Conservatives” or “Core Conservatives” had their way.

When you look at the Pew typology, you can see that the GOP in the Trump era was divided into four groups that strongly differed on a number of issues.

Market Skeptical Republicans are pro-science. They believe economic system is rigged and favors powerful interest groups. The overwhelming majority say economic inequality is a big problem. They want to raise taxes on the wealthy and large corporations. They want a strong leader who is going to enforce strong borders who is going to be less involved in the world and more focused on this country. They also think immigrants are a burden on society. They are more in favor of a social safety net. These people are younger, more populist and moderate and far less financially secure than the Boomers.

So what does the GOP under Donald Trump do to build on bringing them into the Republican Party? To ask the question is to answer it. The tax cuts? Moving the embassy to Jerusalem? Criminal justice reform? The Platinum Plan? Allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter to burn down the country?


  1. Other than immigration, President Trump’s handling of the economy is my biggest criticism of him, for he has done nothing for the economy of Smalltown Southerners, we who hoisted him on our backs to victory.

    Smalltown Dixie is just as dead now, economically-speaking, as it was by the end of Bush in 2009.

    And the ramifications of these policies, pursued by both parties, is that most children in smalltowns flee to the big cities, because there is virtually no opportunity in small towns.

    The devastation is most visible in the churches, where the average congregation has shrunken from 500-1,000 congregants, 40 years ago, to now only 10-100, almost all septagenarians and octagenarians.

    To add insult to injury, when Trump did succeed in bringing home jobs, he gave them away for Foreign Workers.

    In doing these things he lost my support, though, in my prayer life I heard God command me to vote for him.

    To be clear, an even-handed analysis will reveal that President Trump has done quite a few good things, but, these economic and immigration treacheries were almost too much to bear, particuarly in the wake of all those committed by the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama, and the fecklessly corrupt congresses that ran concurrently with them.

    • 1. All numbers and statistics are moot right now till the true vote is revealed. Watch for news about Sydney Powell and arrests being made.

      2. Trump’s great in some ways and sucks in some ways … but WE suck for continuing to DO nothing except “vote then bitch … vote then bitch … vote then bitch.” WE are a bunch of bitches! WE need to raise the south. We need to create an all white super 2nd Confederacy, which starts with a conversation … but not even the folks you think would start it utter so much as a peep about it AND, when someone else does they ( and trolls, ) ridicule them!!!

      3. Trump won in a landslide and will serve 4 more years. WHAT will WE “DO” n those 4 years for Dixie????

      Start at 19 minute mark –

      • Gray Ghost, you are my favorite commenter on this blog. Others may not agree, but I believe your sincere message is concise, consistent, and most of all, I think, correct: we NEED people across the broader Rural America Axis to start talking openly and publically about a secession movement toward the establishment of an independent confederation and military/economic alliance of sovereign states. It is the only way forward and the process has to begin soon.

        Deo Vindice!

      • You’re the type of person that is always going on about WE need to do this and WE need to do that. Why don’t you stop complaining and do it? As for the election, it’s over. You’re coping hard here. You need to come to terms with the fact that Trump lost. You’re the type of guy that doesn’t believe his marriage is over even though your ex-wife is remarried, living three states over and hasn’t talked to you in five years.

      • @WalterWhite, Gray Ghost’s core thesis is correct. What’s going to actually happen for anyone who “does something”?

        Get denounced and ***assumed, de facto, automatically*** by many of his comrades as an “agent” at worst or as “an idiot who ‘harmed’ the ‘movement’/cause.”

        I know there are a lot of Aryan men in Aryan racialism who have honorable intentions/feelings & who possess superior minds who do genuinely want to do something to do their small but meaningful part to stop the tide of this relentless evil coming for each & every one of us. Men of honorable intentions who actually understand that these monsters openly coming after our children must be fought.

        I have zero doubt that a lot of men genuinely want to “do something,” BUT only a very few men are so brave & far-sighted as to be able to Act wherein they give up their life, when they know the only sort of “recognition” they will get from (the majority of) their own damn comrades is to be “disavowed,” get denounced & mocked & smeared…automatically, without any supporting evidence of such smears having any truth to them (a lot of racialists seem to love publicly saying – in effect – “ALL Aryan men are pacifist cowardly cuckolds y’all! There are no brave Aryan men anymore!! Plz plz plz we r very good goy’s who are ready to b slaughtered!”).

        Who wants to join a “movement” that always suffers devastating blow after devastating blow by it’s extremely obnoxious enemies (who they could crush, if they but decided to) but never deliver blows? And denounces a rare (so far) exception to that rule, who, whatever his faults gave up his damn life for the very “cause/movement” that his “comrades” claim to represent. Yeah, not many men including myself are quite so courageous as to literally give up their lives to be assumed to be a “mossad agent” by the very people who are his supposed “comrades.”

        Do you think the one political group to ever actually defeat the Jews openly in a cultural & political fight denounced S.A. men when “incidents” happened so long as the S.A. man/men in question were to their best knowledge loyal to the cause & at least trying their best? And MANY “incidents” happened (the Germans wanted to survive).

        There were a lot of broken eggs. There were screw ups that didn’t work out, and which “drew heat” upon the entire movement. They got deplatformed. Banned. Arrested. Smeared & denounced with piles of humiliating lies told about them publicly.

        That one group to actually beat the Jews was persecuted every which way, same as are racialists today. Set ups. Dirty tricks. Violence.

        As Linder very wisely points out, Hitler tried doing what racialists today are obsessed about, to have a polite “war of ideas.” A nice gentlemanly debate. Write eloquent essays. But at his second speech ever, to just a handful of drunkards in a bar as a literal nobody, the Jews already heard about him and recognized him as a threat. Hitler found at that second ever political speech that the antifa goons (Red Front) were determined to stop him by force. Unlike modern racialists, Hitler didn’t cower in the face of terror.

        He called in some military bro’s, and the Red Front goons (who loved throwing heavy beer mugs at him all at once as a volley…people died from that 1 tactic as i recall during his struggle) were thrown down the set of stairs. Afterwards, his speech resumed. German police often let the Red Front attack the National Socialists violently, and when the S.A. heroes defended themselves, suddenly the police cared & often arrested the S.A. men, sound familiar?

        Hitler said that he realized the enemy, the Jews & their golem, will not allow a “war of ideas.” This is just a plain war. And white nationalism utterly screws itself by running for the hills and embracing pacifism, feeding pacifist memes. Tell me please, where precisely does one draw the line to distinguish between “foolishness” & “courage”? When exactly does “recklessness/stupidity” end and become “courage/bravery”?

        The Jews are willing to do anything so long as it’s effective. They don’t have any rules. They don’t care one zilch about breaking “laws” if it means they get what they want (destroy Aryans in ways so that we & our children suffer to the absolute maximum possible possibility before they finish us & our children off, if we don’t decide to stop them it’ll be our children first, they’ll cackle like hyenas as we plead for mercy). Do you think Jews even recognize in their own minds the idea of “laws”?

        And i do understand that this sad state of affairs hasn’t emerged in a vacuum. I do encourage you to be vigilant. To tune into & to trust your gut. At this stage, this stage from which racialists must rise above, it’s probably unwise to “go check out some rocket launchers at a warehouse” with people you just met from online. That is probably unwise. There are practical concerns, and that fed entrapment definitely is real…but there are far more racialists in America alone than there are feds.

        You don’t have to chime in and actively endorse revolution as a meme, but you damn well have a duty to not feed pacifism memes. Stay silent if you are afraid of “heat.” Don’t mock/denounce Aryan men braver than us who give up their lives (& then complain that “y are we taking this Hell!? Why won’t ppl do something”!?) unless you can prove that there is good reason to believe a “false flag” is true…the widespread tendency to viciously smear all Aryan men (& to often smear them using the damn Jews own Newspeak smear words) who have given up their freedom/lives for us is probably one of the few things where optics really matters a good bit. By breaking silence to counter the very concept of revolution, you’re just ensuring it will never happen.

        You think the Jews “worst nightmare” is being able to operate with total operational freedom, to be left alone so they can without any sort of cost imposed upon them with complete freedom actively attack us? Ever read what the Jew Marcus Eli Ravage said about how Jews privately see Aryan “anti-Semites” (newspeak smear term)? I’ll paraphrase, “…so long as they don’t resort to violence, we cackle at your anti-Semites & all your endless complaining of Jewish conspiracies…”

        They literally think behind closed doors among their Jew selves that anti-Jewish Aryan racialism is a massive joke. That anti-Jewish Aryan racialists who want to gtfo away from Jews and the Hell they create for us are all a joke. They do not take us seriously. Same as shabbos goy collaborators, who act with impunity. And are they wrong? C’mon, you can be strong, you can take a hard look at things. Know thyself. Know thy enemy.

        A warrior culture/mentality must be embraced, or our children will rightly curse our lives same as many curse the foolish bastards who stormed the beaches of Normandy, to save Jewish Bolshevism (fuck those guys, go ahead & call me the “traitor” though, bitch) so that no Aryans can be free of this endless nightmare hellscape of insane “parents” chopping off their sons’ manhood now literally & pumping him full of estrogens and soon legitimate pedophilia of 4 year olds will be mainstreamed. When Cucker (or some other enemy pretending to be not as bad) runs for office, the Qcuck type will be marching with the pedophiles. I dare you to try making a logical argument proving that logic wrong.

        At very least, the cucks who counter signal a genuine warrior mentality/culture need to be shut down. Imagine if the normal response among Aryan racialists to me doing all my typing anonymously online as war rages around all of us daily (as it is right now) were “faggot, you better post pics of you with enemy scalps & you better prove you took those pics today…or you will be banned, stop talking coward.” Would you still be worried for your or your children? Would you still be worried about your entire people going extinct, if that were the culture &/or a rule before posting essays online? Do you think that if that were the norm among white nationalists that we would have pedophilia go mainstream?

        Yeah…so what, most of us are hyper social & tribal creatures (rather than “individuals”) that actually need each other. Given how bad things were when we were born, even the best of the best Aryan men left (racialists) might need to help “psyche each other up.” Ever hear of mirror neurons. We can be independent, but we are also more interdependent than we like to acknowledge. What would Jeff Beszos be without his endless supply of cheap “expendable” labor?

        Now, a trick is obviously getting the party started. Decentralization wherein each individual acts alone on whatever mission but united in spirit. Promotion campaigns intended for individuals to take on their own physically (unless they are damn sure they know someone they are sure they can trust irl) speaking and on a voluntary basis probably anonymously wherein they can each expect that he isn’t alone overall. Coordinated for a specific day. Actions that undermine the system. Minimize threats of being infiltrated & co-opted/entrapped.


        That is just not true. Consider if anyone is the “agent” its possibly the people who seriously & sincerely passionately counter signal the concept of collective self defense. To me, i’d say keep it effective if you got a good idea for yourself, but the next best thing is creating a warrior culture. We might have 5 months, 5 years, idk, but these wretches will never stop, Kitos War, Katyn Forest, it can’t be repeated often enough that they are very experienced at ambushing millions of Aryans all at once and slaughtering them. We can’t appease Jews, they unlike our race go all in & in to win decisively. Like we once did. Carthage Must Be Destroyed, Jewry Must Be Destroyed!

        “Normies” follow. We are all fear based animals and we tend to follow whoever we are most afraid of, let’s learn to be more afraid of ourselves than of the Jews.

  2. Hunter has a serious case of Trump derangement syndrome. For weeks all he does is post about Trump.

    He’s worse than a liberal college girl.

      • Some one is asking why you’re posting about Trump? Considering there was an election two weeks ago and it was a contentious elections that needs to be dissected to be understood, it’s amazing someone would wonder for why you’re posting about it. I’m just shaking my head over such an asinine comment.

  3. You “Wigants” should just give up the disinformation campaign now. You know why? Because the General Services Administration will not certify an election this fraudulent.

    It doesn’t matter what you, the media, CEO’s, and Marxists say. Your voices are completely irrelevant in this regard.

    The only two entities that matter right now in regards to this election is the GSA and the supreme court.

    You are powerless.

      • There’s so much cope you don’t know where one cope ends and another begins. We’re literally with people who can’t accept reality. It’s Q level of delusion.

    • “Your voices are completely irrelevant”

      If that is the case, why do you come here desperate to shut people up?

      I mean, aside from the obvious – you are terrified of HW exposing the grift.

      For the record: I suspect election fraud, and perhaps even enough to have stolen it from Trump. I have more reason to believe that than that the election is fair.

      But election fraud is a constant, and Trump is a foreign agent, so why exactly should I spend time shilling for Trump – he sure as hell never spent any time shilling for me.

      If he brings the troops home from Afghanistan I will find the nearest soapbox and sing his praises to anyone who will listen.

      But we know it’s more likely he’s start a war against Iran because his Jew bosses told him to. Trump is a literal traitor, a literal agent of a foreign government. He should be in prison next to Jonathan Pollard.

    • This election was so boring and uninteresting, I hardly knew it was on. Then a (((Trump))) astroturfer from hell (Israel) washed up on Occidental Dissent’s shores. He called poor Whites trash repeatedly, and threw a two week long epic tantrum, because we didn’t vote for his Orange Puppet King of Israel.


    • The guy pushing the “Hammer/Scorecard” theory that the election was stolen – Lt .General Thomas McInerney – is the same guy who said that the reason we couldn’t find Saddam Hussein’s WMDs after we invaded Iraq is because the Russians helped Assad sneak them into Syria …

      … so we should invade Syria and Lebanon next.

      Question: Do you think that General McInerney was telling the truth about Iraq’s “WMD?”

      If not … what makes you think he’s telling the truth now?

  4. “””…..What was he thinking?……”””

    Well, you can not put in charge people without any experience or inside knowledge. At least in the beginning you must convince some Swamp things into collaboration.

    Even when you put outsider in charge, then competent insiders finish him off very fast. This is problem with any reform with any system organization.

    Empires never fell from outside pressure, Empires can come down only from inside. Soviet Union was not taken down not by dissident but lifetime Swamp Things Gorbachev Yeltsin and many others with life long party career. And Gorbachev got not the power by free election, he was pushed though and supported by another lifetime Swamp Thing, Andrey Gromyko.

    Pure fact that you are outsider means that you have not a smallest idea how system works. If you are competent, you are never dissident but join and work in the system long years to get into position, where you can actually change something.

    Serious reforms can do only by old cucks like our Andrey or your cuck in charge, Mitch. Outsiders like Bannon never gain anything and never will.

    • Because big business IS the right, and the false “left.” Plutocracy has more colors and many more arms than a real octopus.

  5. Market skeptics are generally not skeptical of the pandemic. They tend to be wise, or rational, on both subjects. Speaking of the pandemic, it is notable that the Empire (United States) has the world’s highest rate of Covid deaths per one thousand of total population. Runners-up Belgium and Peru have lost about one per thousand to Covid, but some U.S. states led by New Jersey, New York, Louisiana and Mississippi, have lost almost two per thousand. Taiwan, by contrast, has lost less than one per three MILLION, Vietnam less than one per two million, and China less than one per 300,000. The least sick U.S. states appear to be the very White, mostly mask-wearing states of Maine and Vermont that have lost citizens to Covid at the rate of “only” about one per 10,000, as of November 15, and might have done even better were it not for the influx of New Yorkers and other urban dual-residents.

    • Belgium is full on Congolese migrants. Let’s do a deep dive on the race data. For example the hardest hit group in the US are the Navaho. Fried Bread eating diabetics living off the largess of whitey.

      • I was going to add San Marino, the tiny “republic” inside Italy that is also up there with Belgium and the U.S. in Covid deaths per thousand. San Marino cannot be explained by African immigration because it is almost entirely “White” (depending what you consider Italians to be).

  6. “Belgium is full on Congolese migrants”:

    That is the logical (logic, not “guilt”) outcome of the Belgian Empire’s invasion of the Congo/Zaire and exploitation of Congolese resources such as uranium, using Congolese slave labor to mine it, all “justified” by Roman Catholic missionary work.

      • I’m trying to think of any imperialist power that AVOIDED importing some of its exploited foreign slave subjects. If that always happens, it is in that sense I meant logical.

        Also, just as logical as the result of slavery, imperial territorial expansion also destroys ethno-nationality: As the U.S. expanded its rule beyond the area of the thirteen colonies with the Louisiana Purchase, conquest of northern Mexico, Spanish-American War, etc., it became impossible for it to reverse course to become a homogeneous English/British ethno-state.

      • Anthony Bourdain had a travel/cooking show on CNN where he traveled the world, raved about the filthy food in the Third World (it was “authentic”, ya know) and dumped upon the U.S. because of his moral superiority and sophistication. Living in NYC and having been a heroin addict, working in kitchens with all the Third Worlders apparently gave him all sorts of insights into life, thus he was hired by CNN.

        Poor Anthony, used to the good life in NYC was sent to the Congo for a show, a place that rightly scared the Hell out of him. While doing the Congo episode he constantly brought up evil Belgian colonialism including King Leopold II, regaling his audience with the apocryphal story that the building of the Congo railroad, it was said, caused the death of one Congolese for every railroad tie laid down.

        Anthony’s travels took him to Stanleyville where there was a decrepit railroad depot. All the Congolese who worked there in the past greeted him as a savior, they wanted to know when the Belgians would return to start up the railroad again. The Congolese were dead serious, too. They were begging for help from the White man, they were doing their best to keep a few miles of the railroad working but they wanted the White man to come back and restore things.

        Later, Anthony travelled off the beaten path to a small village. Word of his arrival spread, no Whites had visited for many years so the locals had a celebration, dressed in their finest and greeted him. They also asked when the Belgians were coming back. A village elder, speaking French greeted Anthony’s group, gave them gifts and proudly showed off a medal he was wearing. The medal had the image of King Leopold and was awarded apparently because of loyal service to Belgium. The village elder, waxing nostalgic over colonialism also wanted the Belgians back as did the people of the village.

        To say Anthony Bourdain was surprised would be an understatement but of course, St. Anthony, patron saint of hypocrite heroin addicts stuck to his anti-colonial line, he learned nothing from his travels, apparently.

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