Avoid The Dissident Right

I finally understand these people.

Allow me to explain why I disagree with them.

If you look at the political science on who is actually pro-White in America, it is negatively correlated with income and financial stability. There are pro-White Democrats, Independents and Republicans because the “White positive sphere” is closer to the Center of the electorate. In contrast, the GOP is wealthier and represents the respectable White middle class and upper middle class. The “White positive sphere” is more downscale, more cynical and disengaged and more Independent than Republican.

The bulk of them are not on the Right. The stratum of the electorate that is White and ethnocentric, nationalist and populist, against political correctness, mass immigration, globalism and endless wars is concentrated in the Center of the electorate. The Pew Research Center has tracked them for over thirty years as the “Embittered” or “Disaffected” or “Hard-Pressed Skeptics” or “Market Skeptic Republicans” swath of the electorate. The people who believe in global free trade, corporate tax cuts, endless wars, mass immigration, MIGA, obsequious groveling to non-Whites and most recently open celebration of homosexuality, however, are on the Right. Those groups are the “Core Conservatives” and the “New Era Enterprisers.” They are social liberals who believe in free market economics.

I’m a populist voter in the middle of the electorate:

What is the Dissident Right?

It is paleocons who desperately want to be accepted by the mainstream Right and the GOP. They are “dissidents” in the sense that other Republicans look down on them as racists, take them for granted and do nothing for them. They aren’t even let in the building these days at CPAC.

I constantly hear from the Dissident Right that we got to “win over the normies.” But who are the “normies” that they are trying to win over though? The Boomers out there racing their Trump boats? The College Republicans climbing the career ladder at Turning Point USA? Presumably, they mean conservatives and Republicans, which means the “New Era Enterprisers” and “Country First Conservatives” and “Core Conservatives” who are respectively 11%, 6% and 13% of the adult population. The Market Skeptic Republicans who agree with our core values are 12% of the adult population but 10% of the politically engaged. “Core Conservatives” are 13% of the population but 20% of the politically engaged and this imbalance of punching above their weight is the root of the problem.

The only group on the Right which is somewhat in sync with our values and beliefs are the “Country First Conservatives.” They are 6% of the adult population. There are twice as many of us as them. The Republican Party is dominated by the “Core Conservatives” who are 13% of the population. They are the group who continue to set the message and agenda which repeatedly loses elections. Empowering them accomplishes nothing because THEY DON’T believe in being White positive, restricting immigration, ending globalization, social conservatism, focusing on domestic problems, etc. They certainly DON’T believe in doing anything of substance for the struggling working class.

15% of White Americans are what Jason would describe as White positive. 12% of Americans are Market Skeptic Republicans. These two groups are respectively an even larger share of the right-leaning electorate. Therefore, the solution ISN’T so much a problem of “redpilling” normies as it is a matter of organization. We need to start building our own institutions which are explicitly pro-White and moderate and populist on economics in the Center of the electorate. We tried and failed to pull the Right toward the Center with Trump. They reverted to mainstream conservatism and lost the 2020 election as a result by pandering to legions of imaginary based blacks with cringe programs like the Platinum Plan.

We don’t need paleocons standing outside CPAC or Turning Point USA doing livestreams in the parking lot. We don’t need paleocons trying to sell mainstream conservatism to our community. We need to start organizing White positive people in the Center of the electorate who make less than $100,000 a year who agree with our values, beliefs and interests and who aren’t represented by the GOP.

There are millions of White non-voters under 65-years-old. There are plenty of White working class people who don’t like what the GOP is selling them and have tuned out of mainstream politics. “The White positive sphere” is also significantly overrepresented in this group.

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  1. Are White people congenitally incapable of cooperating with each other at this point? And I’m directing this more at the Greg Johnson/Zman/Fuentes wing of dissidents. They have driven people like us out of their movement like the paleocons were driven out of conservatism 40 years ago. Could we take a lesson from the Jews and at some point realize that while we have differences, we are still in the same capsizing boat?

    • Whities seem to have a genetic inclination to party and ideological factionalism. Getting people to focus on what is good for the race without spinning off into factionalism is very difficult.

      • @Canadianer…

        ‘Factionalism’ is a side effect of feeling that you are in the Racial Majority.

        I say this because, when one observes those who are behaving less ‘factionalist’, one observes that they are racial minorities.

        Apparently, those in The Minority feel that they can best maximize protecting themselves from being voiceless. victimized, and marginalized, by concentrating their votes.

        From a another standpoint, this sort of strategy fits in with the classic German Military concept of ‘The Schwerpunkt’, in other words, maximizing your effect on the enemy, this by concentrating your forces over a small point of his line, hitting him hard, and breaking him up into little bits that, though the sum total of your enemy’s parts still outnumber you, they cannot concentrate themselves to do anything to you or to stop your plans.

  2. Andy Torba the owner of GAB is an interesting case. Torba did everything he could for Trump, and Trump, didn’t even give Handy Andy the time of day. Nor did anyone in the Trump Administration darken GAB’s door.

    GAB has around 8 Million users, and they are not the porn bots, spam bots, or other type of bots you encounter on Twitter.

    I’m guessing that Andy being from north eastern PA is either of Slovak, or Ruthenian origin, some Hungarian admixture, or some other unknown to most Americans, eastern European nationality. Protestants are not unknown in eastern Europe. A prime example would be John Huss. Poor Huss got burnt to death for his trouble by the Catholic Church.

    Torba is one of the people to whom Trump owes an apology.

      • Have you ever checked out all of the GAB groups—there are groups for everything. Anyone who is a pro-member can form a group.

        GAB is also popular in Brazil (when everyone else was de-platforming the Brazilian President GAB let him say whatever), Germany, Great Britain, and since Hunter Biden’s Laptop Hong Kong.

        GAB is growing by leaps and bounds.

      • You wignat trash really need to go outside sometime, and I don’t mean three trailers down to buy meth. Gab is a fucking degenerate cesspool that literally no one besides a hundred feds, and a hundred absolute mutants use.

        I’ve been checking you guys out the past couple weeks again for the spectacle, but it’s incredible how far the alt right has fallen. Thank God I abandoned this dumpster fire years ago.

        If you haven’t already got a swastika tattoo on your forehead, or whatever these fucking schizos like Hunter are shilling, get a grip on yourselves and join real Nationalists actually interested in saving America instead of larping in stalhelms.

        • Yeah, everyone is not a Log Cabin Republican and a conservative from an upper middle class suburb. Who knew? 12% of Americans are Hard Pressed Skeptics compared to 13% who are Core Conservatives. Elections are decided in the Center, not the Right. Independent voters and Moderate voters determine the outcome as they always do. If you people weren’t retards, you would know this.

          What has Nick Fuentes gotten right in four years? Nothing. Not one fucking one single thing he said about any major issue actually come true. The analysis on his show is trash. The guy has consistently been proven wrong over and over and over again.

  3. “Empowering them accomplishes nothing because THEY DON’T believe in being White positive, restricting immigration, ending globalization, social conservatism, focusing on domestic problems, etc. They certainly DON’T believe in doing anything of substance for the struggling working class.”

    I grew up with these people, and you are correct, they are a waste of time. They don’t care about anything that doesn’t affect them. If you could explain a policy in hedonistic terms they would understand.

  4. “who is actually pro-White in America, it is negatively correlated with income and financial stability. ”

    I.e., Americans who are negatively affected by mass immigration and globalism.

    Yeah I could have told you that.

  5. Nice analysis.

    The key element imho is that upper middle class types don’t mind living in Brazil if they get to keep their status and affluent lifestyle. Alas, money is often thicker than blood.

    Your natural constituency are probably a new iteration of what sociologist Donald Warren called ‘M.A.R.s’, ‘Middle American Radicals’, a term Sam Francis popularized later on. I recall these articles I read during the previous election:



      • I asked Trump voters before election day what is the difference between reparations for colored people and Trump’s $500 billion ‘Platinum Plan’? Both are wealth transfers from White, working, productive people to unproductive colored people, apparently mostly Negroes but who knows how the payout would work IRL.

        I was answered with nothing but hostility by the Trump people for asking the question. Being obviously hostile to the Democrat/communist agenda I therefore must be on the Trump Train. Period. The Trump Train Types’ final argument was: “The Other Guy is Worse!”, a judgement I tend to agree with.

        The whole point of Trump, starting with his escalator ride in 2015 was that forgotten, hated Whites would no longer have to settle for “The Other Guy is Worse!” If 2016 Trump voters wanted another “The Other Guy is Worse!” candidate, that’s what all the other Republican candidates were for. I don’t think I ever made an inch of progress with the Trump people.

        Now they are arguing that the election was stolen through Democrat cheating, something entirely plausible. The Republicans waited until after the election to start fighting fraud when momentum shifted to the Democrats who just run out the clock. The two Republicans in GA are at risk of losing from fraudulent mail in ballots in Jan. 2021. All they do is squawk about cheating though, never any action.

        It’s the Republicans’ job to catch the Democrats cheating, prosecute them and end election fraud before the election. It’s not the job of voters who supported Trump in 2016 but gave up in 2020 to end the fraud. If electoral fraud were used against the Democrats they wouldn’t stand for it, they would end it.

        The Republicans are hopeless even when they aren’t running one of their innumerable grifts against the public. Apparently it’s the only thing they are competent at. The Republicans need to just dry up and blow away.

    • “The key element imho is that upper middle class types don’t mind living in Brazil if they get to keep their status and affluent lifestyle. Alas, money is often thicker than blood.”

      A Brazillian I used to know who worked in finance used to say, ‘You do not want to be poor in Brazil.’

      The white managerial class think nothing of moving to other cities to get promotions. Some of them move to other countries. They have no connection to extended family or place, so they don’t care if it turns for the worse. They aren’t in one place long enough to notice.

      • Exactly, that “cosmopolitism” has a lot of unseen costs.

        I am Spanish, but the same dynamics at play here. Google “cayetanos meme” if you want to see what our upper middle class looks like.

    • The M.A.R.’s were the Buchanan Brigade of the 1990s. Still part of the Republican Party, until Bob Dole kicked them all out at the 1996 GOP convention with his “The exits are clearly marked” acceptance speech, a speech that still bugs me to this day.

  6. The Dissident Right are the VDare folks. They are the anti-immigrationists. The Paleoconservatives are the Ron Paul / Rand Paul folks. They are the central banking skeptics. They are not the Dissident Right.

    The Alt Right are Neo-Nazi LARPers who want Nazi-era fascism and yet refuse to see that Chinese now live under fascism having chucked over communism over three decades ago now as they go into their fourth decade of fascism.

    If you accept Pew’s terminology, you must accept their conclusions.

    “Market Skeptic Republicans” allows Pew to propagandize and claim there is a false concept of “market failure.”

    “Core Conservatives” are merely Rockefeller Republicans, aka Red Tories, aka Paternal Conservatives, you know, the people who wrest control of the Republican party during the Goldwarter-LBJ election, the people who surrendered to FDR-liberalism that conservatives (a coalition of Democrats from the South and Republicans from the West) were fighting against since 1933.

    Ignorance about Historical Politics is why many pundits / bloggers get nearly everything oh-so wrong.

    The best that can be said from the Pew work is this:

    The great big middle of voters consists of Market Skeptic Republicans, New Era Enterprisers, Opportunity Democrats and the Devout and Diverse.

    The other groups are solid Dem voters (Solid Liberals, Disaffected Democrats) or solid GOP voters (Core Conservatives). Hence, party registration runs about 30% Dems and 24% GOP from total eligible voting population in any year.

    The voters who swing elections for positions in Congress and for the presidency are in that middle. The edge of course, is to the Dems.

    You seem to be quite confused.

    • What is confusing about it?

      Market Skeptic Republicans are in the Center of the electorate. They are overwhelmingly opposed to free-market economics. They are financially strapped and more ethnocentric than other Republican-leaning groups. They voted twice for Obama and once for Trump

      • You’re not confused, Hunter. He just wanted to come here and rant. He doesn’t even know what a paleocon is. I bet he still thinks Trump can win. Time to move away from cranks like him. They’re beautiful losers.

    • Paleocons are the Pat Buchanan/Sam Francis/Joe Sobran /Eustice Mullins and Willis Carto types. They are America Firsters like Col. Lindbergh, Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling and Fr. Coughlin were. An outstanding group of people but not quite at Commander Rockwell / German-American Bund level of right-wing radicalism.

  7. I’m trying to figure out where I fit. I have a doctorate level education (trying not to be too specific here), make well over $100,000/ year, and can afford to live in a neighborhood that would not look out of place in the 1950’s. I voted for Trump in 2016, and wrote in Tucker in 2020.

    I think that the United States that my parents and grandparents grew up in, and that I saw the last remnants of in the 1980’s, is dead and gone. I believe that racially conscious Whites need to organize and advocate for their interests as a group, first on a local level, then on a regional level, with the ultimate goal of a White dominant nation somewhere in the geographic footprint of the current United States.

    I believe that our current economic system is deeply immoral, and hopelessly biased against anyone who depends on a wage or salary to earn a living. The White working class is discriminated against more than any other demographic. I support higher taxes, particularly on capital and wealth, to strengthen the social safety net. In a White dominant nation, I would support a Nordic style system, with the proviso that all able bodied adults would need to be engaged in productive work. Mandatory national/military service for EVERYONE.

    I am a strong social conservative. We need an immigration moratorium, to stop admitting refugees, end globalization, and close our overseas military bases and bring our soldiers home. I know that I don’t fit in the core pro-White demographic, but just want to let you know that people like me do exist in the real world.

    • Q-ship,

      We are like the cream of the crop.

      The vast majority of these people who are ethnocentric Whites are low-income or working class, financially stressed and far more likely to be unemployed. They are not following the news or politics closely. They are more likely to be divorced, less likely to be college graduates, less likely to vote. They mostly live in working class suburbs. They probably aren’t reading any of these sites including this one. These people are a swing vote between the Democrats and Republicans.

      Basically, they agree with us on race and culture, but can’t afford to be Republicans!

      • @Brad That’s a good way to put it: “Basically, they agree with us on race and culture, but can’t afford to be Republicans!”

        I was think about an older friend of mine, now deceased who was the VP of Sales for nationally known corporation. He told me that back in the1930’s in Chicago during the Depression he would march in political marches for $20 dollars. You had $20 dollars he was your man. LOL.

          • The whole campaign was a botch. Not concentrating on his White base was the biggest mistake. The psychology of it could have been that when the Blacks and Hispanics saw Trump’s White base moving, they would have wanted to be part of it. Without having to do anything overt like a Platinum Plan or a Dreamer Plan.

            Reminds me of the old story of a union election where a candidate sent a limo up to the projects to get the Black folks to vote. He got the Blacks to the election, and they voted for the other guy!

      • @HW

        “they agree with us on race and culture, but can’t afford to be Republicans!”

        I second that, or third it. This is exactly the group “we” need to be organizing.

      • I have always disagreed with the intense class divide within the pro-white right wing sphere. Its slightly Marxist, and Hitler proved that the middle class and even upper class can unite under a meaningful and inspiring movement. I think middle class whites are both more intensely connected to status, and also more intensely capable of being useful pro-white right wing power block than any other group. They’re already that, to be honest. You give these people the ability to adopt social and racial stances that are protected and carry sufficient status and boom – you have the 1950s American South, when middle class whites were vehemently pro white and protective of the institutions and morals that they created and continued.

        Similar to Q, I am a middle class professional – income between 150k and 250k and I consider myself to be ideologically a national socialist, with some very similar viewpoints to those that he described. I am also married, have a child, and I am a proud Southerner.

        I am a “wignat” in every sense, from what I can understand.

        There are a lot more of us than anyone realizes.

        • You’re probably college educated and more interested in news and politics.

          From what I can tell, the people who read and comment on our sites, who listen to podcasts and who have a coherent ideology aren’t representative of race conscious Whites. I don’t think we are reaching these people.

  8. These articles are accurate, informative and useful. Thanks.

    Re: “Market Skeptic (…) are overwhelmingly opposed to free-market economics. They are financially strapped…”:

    Class is the fundamental political reality.

    “…and more ethnocentric than other Republican-leaning groups”:

    And largely thanks to the struggle, they may be the most ethnocentric of all the groupings you list.

    • If HW can write anything like “The Soul of Battle,” he is destined for greatness. He can pull underlying trends out of history like VDH, so it’s possible.

    • @WASP- Indeed. Constant self-aggrandizement throught 8 hour streams. Adherents are called “proselytizers”, language choice is strictly controlled, the answer to everyone and everything is found (only) in his “manual” entitled ‘Go Free’. “It’s the only thing that works,” is repeated ad nauseum with Mr. NWG becoming increasingly irate and ranting angrily that all content creators, bloggers, etc. should only be talking about his methodolgy — “going free”. Psychologically manipulates adherents by always referring to it as “our” system when he clearly means his.

  9. Like the term “alt right” before it, the term “dissident right” was originally coined by wignats, populists, radical moderates, and islamo-duginist nazbols but then later appropriated by conservatives. As soon as Michelle Malkin and writers from TAC started calling themselves dissident right, the term had jumped the shark.

  10. Yes and I’ve seen so many people Cuck over and over again looking for acceptance into the Republican Party. Most of these people make something up about what a Republican like Trump believes. However it’s all mental because the Republicans and Trump reject all of us. However because of the whole mental thing…people thinking Republicans and Trump “secretly” think like us..those people keep Voting Republican. I’ve especially noticed that these people compromise on our core White views in doing so because it’s those “New Republicans” who completely ignore my posts because I call them out on it. Deo Vindice !

    • What you are describing Mr. Pace is a typical Republican grift like TP USA and Charlie Kirk. They are in it for the money by appealing to the people you described, “New Republicans”.

  11. We need a Southern Nationalist Party.

    People have been calling into the Rick Roberts Show on WBAP Dallas/Ft. Worth, suggesting that we form a third party. On Rush Limbaugh, too. Interestingly, they’re saying that they’re either centrist independents, or lean Republican. None of them support the Leftist social agenda.

    This may be a trend, like talk of secession among the Left. We might be able get something going with it.

  12. WE need to stop labeling ourselves this and that and start becoming strong white men again. Our skin color is our uniform and our ideology. No other races sells themselves out like whites.

    • I think you’re right, John. Avoiding labels allows one to fit in anywhere and nowhere. The range of policies many of us here might agree on don’t neatly fit into other major party. Being stealth has its advantages.

  13. Actually, the Right means things. There is nothing right wing about conservatism or republicanism or libertarianism. We are actually right wing.

    These concepts mean something.

    Within the context of what right means in 2020 America, sure they’re on the right – which is just the the right edge of the capitalist neoliberal left.

    But being right wing is a real thing, and has real meaning.

    Centrism does not.

  14. Surprisingly, I am almost dead center on the vertical and horizontal cross, but a mm to the left in the bottom left quadrant. Darn it! I never thought of myself as “middle of the road.”

    • I’m the only one raising awareness about this issue.

      I think it is funny. The term “Far Right” is highly misleading. The pro-White vote is concentrated in the Center, not the Right. The GOP could “move to the Center” by being less cucked on race. See Trump in 2016.

  15. Am I missing something here?

    Why is Jason trying to twist people away from ‘wignats’? What is the purpose to generating more infighting or Drama Stirrer-tier crap at a moment that we should be getting organized to take advantage of the massive vacuum left behind?

    Overall, solid analysis of the electorate and where there is the most ground to be made. I just wonder why we are constantly stopping in the middle of the march to punch ourselves in the face like retards.

  16. The problem is upper class whites look at lower class whites like me as being worse than a non-white. How are you ever going to get any fucking solidarity

    • Because you are Michael. I’d side with my nonwhite and Jewish friends before I would with you any day. The white trash character of the alt right and white nationalism will always turn off the majority of white people. Class is indeed real.

  17. Before even reading the article, I want to give full disclosure I cant stand this guy. It stinks because Mark Collette is quite likable outside of his fifteen minutes of Red Ice level hawking his products and places to donate to him, but he pairs up with this nerd who over enunciates his dime store words, incessantly laughing at his own jokes and buzzwords. His takes are usually Styx level icy cold and he holds himself as some type of dissident leader.

    That aside now I will read your article Brad. Whom I dearly love like my own family

  18. I read the article and you hit it out of the park. For years I was the obnoxious Libertarian republican who laughed at my grandparents, aunts and uncles who were all diehard Roosevelt Democrats. As much as I dont care for Roosevelt with hindsight i totally see their point now. They weren’t anti white they were just pro working man.

    You are correct, you find “pro white” in most normal political philosophies and in fact the entire rust belt is Democrats who switched to the Republican party, which does nothing for them, purely for that reason. They will vote Democrat locally as in the case of Lamb in Pennsylvania. It is an easy formula. Normal Christian values, pro white and not being robbed by the corporatists and buerecrate.

    How is that difficult

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