NY Times: ‘The Far Left Is the Republicans’ Finest Asset’

I agree.

Just watch Tucker Carlson’s show.

The GOP has nothing going for them except the Far Left. As a disaffected moderate Trump voter, the possibility of voting for Joe Biden or a Democratic Senate candidate never once crossed my mind. A lost vote for Donald Trump isn’t necessarily a vote that flips to Joe Biden.

New York Times:

“The Democratic Party is struggling with internal contradictions, as its mixed performance on Election Day makes clear.

Analysts and insiders are already talking ­— sometimes in apocalyptic terms — about how hard it will be for Joe Biden to hold together the coalition that elected him as the 46th president. But it’s important to remember that conflicts are inherent in a party that seeks to represent constituencies running the gamut from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 14th district in New York (50 percent Hispanic, 22 percent non-Hispanic white, 18 percent Asian, 8 percent Black) to 7th generation Utahan Ben McAdams’s 4th District in Utah (74 percent white, 1 percent Black, 3 percent Asian, 17 percent Hispanic.)

Jonathan Rodden, a political scientist at Stanford who has explored the structural difficulties facing Democrats in his book “Why Cities Lose,” wrote in an email that the concentration of liberals in urban communities creates a built-in conflict for the party:

“The ‘presidential wing’ of the party,” he said, referring to the wing most concerned with winning the national election for the White House, “faces no incentives to worry about the geography of Congressional or state legislative districts at all.” …”

Imagine my dilemma in 2020.

The Left has pigeonholed me as a “white supremacist” because I am an ethnocentric White male. I refuse to go along with their “systemic racism” conspiracy theory and hate myself for being White, but that is all that matters to those people. My views on every other issue like free-market economics don’t matter. I’m oppressing Oprah Winfey or Jussie Smollett by sitting in my house and rolling my eyes at their bullshit. A few generations ago, I would have been a moderate Southern Democrat.

The Far Left is burning down America and causing endless chaos. Donald Trump won’t enforce the law and send in the National Guard because he has cynically calculated that it would help him with Independent voters. I’m disappointed with Donald Trump, but there is no alternative except to blackpill. How many people in the Center of the electorate chose not to vote like I did in the 2020 election? How many people chose not to vote for Trump but voted for a Republican Congress to maximize gridlock? How can moderate voters support stupid shit like “Defund the Police,” socialism or open borders?

Joe Biden has won the election, but what is he going to do now? The Democrats have a slimmer House majority. The Senate is slipping away. Assuming the Democrats win the Senate races in Georgia, Joe Manchin isn’t going along with the Far Left agenda. The Republicans have a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court. The Orange Lightning Rod won’t be there to hold the Democrats together for much longer. Sleepy Joe can’t do much except issue executive orders which will get tied up in the courts.

In retrospect, Trump was the ideal villain for the Left. He wasn’t interested in doing anything except stirring the pot, soaking up the spotlight and being the center of attention. He never used power to do much of anything except a bunch of typical GOP priorities. He was a liability to us and centrist Democrats and an asset to the Far Left. They were allowed to run wild in places like CHAZ in Seattle. So now the result of this split decision is that we are done with Donald Trump, but anything getting done in Congress is less realistic than ever. Were it not for the Far Left, Trump would have lost in a landslide.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the Jewish Antifas and the BLM thugs start beating each other up in the streets. It has already started to happen.
    As for Trump maybe he’ll buy a radio network and hire Milo and Diamond & Silk to host their own shows to spread our message.

  2. Lady MAGA played a prominent role in this election. She needs a cabinet position in the Trump 2024 administration.

  3. Millions are already packing their bags for the Biden-Harris open borders fiesta

    If Biden-Harris do manage to get in despite the vote fraud –

    The system will quickly overload, Biden-Harris will start to restrict the borders, as even 3/8s of Hispanics don’t support open borders disaster

    But then the fireworks begin with the ‘left’, between restricting borders again, and not moving swifly enough for BLM on ‘reparations’

    They will print and print and print money to cover for everything … pointing to a danger point down the road

    The ‘dollar collapse’ theories circulating for years are over-blown … as Japan has shown, you can print an extreme amount and more, when there is a large amount of debt being floated … and given the dollar’s usage in int’l trade, the ‘Weimar collapse’ point, was always much further off than most guessed

    However there is a point when the collapse does come … it still is likely a couple of years away … but on ‘the day the dollar die’ (Peter Tosh reggae song) … that’s when it all really and truly blows up

    • “Millions are already packing their bags for the Biden-Harris open borders fiesta”:

      Opening the borders is not enough. The U.S. must continue subverting or overthrowing any real democracy that appears in Latin America, and continue installing corporate-friendly colonial regimes, to continue the flow of very cheap labor.

      People don’t naturally leave their ancestral lands to relocate thousands of miles away unless they are made extremely greedy/selfish by capitalist propaganda, or driven out of their homes or livelihoods by imperialism.

  4. It’s funny, but, not unexpected that a Polish Catholic woman Marcy Kaptur would be a squad member and pal of Puerto Rican Catholic AOC. Marcy has had favorable re-districting because she was considered a harmless nut. Now we will see where this goes since she is in AOC’s orbit.

    • “Now we will see where this goes since she is in AOC’s orbit”:

      It will go nowhere. The squad’s “orbit” is around the exactly same center as the rest of the government. Their so-called “socialism” is just a different capitalist political style, merely a different flavor of political bait to attract different fish.

      As for Antifa and BLM, they are mostly controlled opposition that can be turned on or off when needed, very few if any genuine socialists among them. I don’t expect them to act up much after Harris and Biden are sworn in.

      Genuine anti-war opposition will continue to be missing in the U.S. The U.S. population generally loves war, and what especially they get or think they get from it. The last viable anti-war opposition in the U.S. happened more than forty years ago. The “anti-war movement” that appeared very briefly in the early 2000’s was mostly a Democrat strategy to unseat Bush.

  5. Biden has already betrayed the far left and the betrayal is going to get far far worse. Now does antifa and BLM eat it or do they stir things up?

    • @Robert Browning

      Considering one of the big deals in Antifa is the son of a Democratic Senator from Virginia – I’m guessing they don’t even “eat it” – they just don’t care.

      They are only “radical” when someone they didn’t vote for is President.

      • “one of the big deals in Antifa is the son of a Democratic Senator (…) They are only ‘radical’ when someone they didn’t vote for is President”:

        BannedHipster, you are accurate. The Plutocracy is not one bit frightened by Antifa and BLM, nor by MAGA, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.

    • It will be interesting to see the Hindu-Dindu as President once they retire Slow Joe in early 2021 call her critics on the Left rayciss because they dare to criticize Her Majesty. This situation will become acute if President Hindu-Dindu supports Israel in a war against Iran, especially if the military forces her to call for conscription i.e. “National Service”. The Left will explode with rage and take it to the streets if she calls for conscription and they won’t be concerned about keeping that six foot separation or mask wearing, either.

  6. I’d say don the black hoodies and walk around with a Palestinian flag with a black power fist embroidered on the panel. Yids in the Antifa demos will go fucking nuts. A bit of discord on the left is long overdue.

    • Exactly. One of the biggest fault lines on the Left is support for Israel. BLM and Antifa are ultimately against Israel and for Palestine, likewise AOC and her crew. The contradiction is that the biggest financial support for the Left is from supporters of Israel i.e. dual citizens.

      If war against Iran starts under either Pres. Trump or The Hindu-Dindu the Left will shatter. The Left will come down on the side of Palestine and against U.S. support for a war for Israel and against Iran. It’s the ultimate logic of the Left: “He Who says ‘A’ must say ‘B'”.

      The Usual Suspects who are financing the Left will of course demand that the U.S. support Israel. AOC and her crew along with BLM and, after some back and forth, Antifa will ultimately oppose U.S. support. Ironically, the AOC Left will find itself on the same side as the anti-war, isolationist Right, former Trump supporters.

  7. Maybe we should start our own, opposite version of Anti-Fa. Call it “Fa.” We can get into fights with Anti-Fa, get arrested, and then go to jail.

    Hey at least it’s doing something!

    • “Maybe we should start our own, opposite version of Anti-Fa. Call it “Fa.” ”

      Hipster’s buddies call themselves “Anti-Fa”, which is short for anti-facism, but in practice it means

      Anti-First Amendment
      Anti-Freedom of Assembly.

      They bash Whites and shoot them in the head, whenever they try to exercise their First Amendment right to Peacibly Assemble And Petition The Government.

      The good guys, whom Hipster will be shooting in the back while acting concerned, will call themselves “F.A.”, which is short for

      First Amendment
      Freedom of Assembly

      They will protect citizens who want to Peacibly Assemble And Petition The Government, from Hipster’s Anti-FA tranny thugs from Portland.

      “get arrested, and then go to jail.”

      Oh dear! You mean we might encounter resistance? We should follow Hipster’s advice to give up and stay home, like his leftwing buddies did in the 1950s – 1960s, when they got arrested and went to jail for their beliefs. Because everyone knows, giving up when things get hard, is how you win in life and politics!

  8. @Hunter Wallace:

    “How many people in the Center of the electorate chose not to vote like I did in the 2020 election?”

    I have a broad personal base and an interesting array of online folks, I know of no one who chose that option. They all voted for Trump whether they were Trump fanatics or Trump realists. I even know of some 30′-40’s who never voted before but saw the dangers of Biden.

    • @Mark Saint,

      “I even know of some 30s-40s who never voted before but saw the dangers of Biden.”

      So was their motivation; to hold off the dangers of an anti-white scumocratic POTUS for another four years, because in 2020 Florida and Texas could become blue states from there on out.

      It seems to me that those voters in their 30s and 40s that voted for the first time in their lives were thinking of themselves and their bourgeoisie lifestyle and hoping to extend their comfort for another four years, instead of the demographic mudslide of POC and white shitlibs that will control the executive branch permanently.

      Oh well, I am sure they are out of their blanko slumber now.

  9. I saw a discussion on Spencer’s Twitter feed before the election. An academic looked at the history of elections during pandemics, and found the sitting government had always won.

    So Anti-Fa had an effect alright. They demoralized Republican voters. They made them afraid to go out to rallies and speak their minds in public. Also there would be a lot of centrists who voted against Trump, with the hope that law and order would be restored after Trump was removed. Because everyone knows Trump wasn’t going to do it.

  10. On thinking about it, the Republicans and Trump have been castrated since Charlottesville. Now they can’t show their faces in public without getting a beat down by Anti-Fa, all because they rejected the Alt-Right, who would have been their protectors. Why did they reject the only people who could protect them from Anti-Fa? Because they are facist nazi racists. They’d rather lose than accept help from such people.

    This was the Republicans fault. If they had stood by the Alt-Right in Charlottesville, things would been very different. You wouldn’t see this Republican gay diversity cuck show, they have been putting on to try to appease their left wing tormentors. It is embarrassing.

    • @Kel,

      The RETARDicans have been moving in this direction for at least since the George H.W.Bush administration. Jack Kemp who was Bob Dole’s running mate in 1996 would fit in perfectly with today’s GOP.

      • I was remembering when they were having a meltdown at Trump, and Trump caved in to their hysteria, over nothing but fear of political correctness.

        The Republicans proved that day they are a party of yellow belly cowards. Its no wonder the left beats the shit out of them on the street at will, and there are never any consequences.

      • “The RETARDicans have been moving in this direction for at least since the George H.W.Bush administration”

        They have been >pushed< in this direction by the left for decades, like a nerd is pushed into a locker by the bully at highschool. They are a party of pant pissers. Who in their right mind would want to help them get elected?

  11. The New York Times’ so-called “far left” is not genuine socialism, which the capitalist-imperialist propaganda flagship TNYT will never inform about.

    The Democratic Party, Antifa, BLM, DSA, AOC and her “squad,” Bernie et al are NOT socialists. The New York Times’ so-called “far left” is merely a different style or flavor of capitalist, right-wing politics.

    In disparaging a far left strawman, the flagship is signalling that the Democratic Party and U.S. government must continue extreme right-ward movement in support of the super-wealthy elites and Zionism/Talmudism with escalation of war and austerity.

    • “The New York Times’ so-called “far left” is not genuine socialism, which the capitalist-imperialist propaganda flagship TNYT will never inform about. ”

      The New York Times is the organ of Liberal Jewry. The purpose of this article is to signal that Anti-Fa are a threat to their power and are no longer needed, so they are signalling that they will be taken out by the Deep State.

      My thought is can they do it? The Anti-Fa aren’t disorganized WN. They have people on local control points. Lawyers, judges, politicians in local politics. They know how to organize people and get them into the street. They have professors indoctrinating the millenials. Etc.

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