Young Race Conscious Whites Are Moderates

UPDATE: A follower chimes in with an important point … this is skewed by age. In the 18-34 year old age bracket, moderates are more race conscious than conservatives.

H/T Robert Stark

The Dissident Right is outnumbered by the Alternative Center:

As I have been explained for the past two weeks, race conscious Whites are concentrated in the Center among Moderate and Independent voters.

Cucks to the Left of me!

Cucks to the Right of me!

As the Trump campaign got more cucked on race and populism in trying to appeal to wealthy conservative Republicans on the Right, they lost the Center.

Are you in the Center or the Right?

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  1. Keep tabs on Biden’s cabinet picks. The leftist Twitteratti are not liking what they see.

      • David Sirota, he used to write Howard Dean speeches is absolutely having a blast. To mind it appears Trump refusing to concede act is giving Joe cover to appoint absolute monsters.

    • @Captainb John…

      Biden’s cabinet picks are like the hall-of-fame Edward Scissorhands of Corrupt Globalist Corporate moguls.

      George Soros and Mike Bloomfeld must be doing a giddy Klezmer dance in their respective loos.

  2. “As the Trump campaign got more cucked on race and populism in trying to appeal to wealthy conservative Republicans on the Right, they lost the Center.”

    I guess he should have just kept saying he was going to build a wall and Mexico was going to pay for it.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      No doubt what you recommend would have helped, as welching on some of these biggies from his platform near ’bout threw me off the wagon, permanently!

      That said, none of his policy promises, either kept or canceled, were so vital as securing the ballot throughout this year, this as elements of The United States’ Government, allied state governments and private entities lay the foundation to skew the vote tally.

      President Trump is really great firing off the cuff, but, I think he has attention deficit disorder, when it comes to keeping his eye on important things.

  3. So what is the point of all this? Republicans should give lip service to enacting policies that this 15% of racially conscious Whites would like and then once elected never actually enact those policies? I think we all know that is the very best that will come of this line of thinking. And why? Because the Jews run shit, that’s why, and they are the ones handing out the bribes.

  4. These are all meaningless terms because the individual is the one who defines them. I would call myself a moderate as nothing i believe in is overly extreme and very normal. Yet have been called far Right by countless people

  5. Almost all of Biden’s cabinet are recycled jews from past administrations. Too bad the left will not see it for what it is. They will call them whites. Very few blacks in Biden’s cabinet so far.

    • That was Biden’s entire sales pitch. “Return to normal.” Many people will be surprised to find that “normal” no longer exists, however, and that hegemonic america is gone.

  6. On that Politiscales test, I got:

    Fatherland Work Liberty

    -83% Essentialism, 7% Constructivism

    -71% Punitive Justice, 19% Rehabilitative Justice

    -48% Progressive, 36% Conservative, 16% Moderate

    -64% Nationalism, 26% Internationalism

    -76% Capitalism, 12% Communism

    -36% Regulation, 28% Moderate, 36% Laissez Faire

    -83% Production, 17% Ecology

    -36% Reform, 31% In Between, 33% Revolution


    I’m surprised your Punitive Justice score was so low, and that your Nationalist score was somehow lower than mine. If you really are a Moderate at heart, then what use do you have for White Nationalism or Pro-White beliefs of any sort? Wouldn’t life be easier if you stopped caring about the White Race and dedicated your life to fun hobbies like reading and reviewing cool history books? I genuinely don’t understand what use a political moderate has for Pro-White activism or Pro-White beliefs, which are objectively Right Wing, and which, if we are using the literal definition of the word as opposed to the political definition, are Progressive in nature.

  7. I’m to “the left” of Bernie on economics, and to “the right” of the entire american political spectrum on everything else. That puts me in the dead center if you take the average.

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