President-Elect Joe Biden Announces Cabinet Picks

MIGA has lost power.

National Justice:

“The dialectic of Republicans and Democrats is a battle between High Fructose Corn Syrup and Soy.

The right puts corn syrup in all our kids’ food, which causes obesity and shaves IQ points. The left wants soy, which feminizes men and makes them gay.

For both sides, gaslit by devious exploiters, the real systematic problems they suffer in their lives are channeled into this rat race and made a matter of life or death

Every 2020 issue polarizes through this prism. 

On the issue of voter fraud, the right has sullied real concerns with ballot legitimacy in highly mismanaged black cities with Bircherist bufoonery. The last of the MAGA faithful — Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Q-Anon, Mike Cernovich, Dinesh D’Souza, Nick Fuentes, Ali Alexander, One America News, and the Zionist opportunists at Newsmax — have been trying to cancel more sensible right-wing populists like Tucker Carlson, Ryan Gidursky, Pedro Gonzalez and others for expressing skepticism about some of the Trump campaign’s narratives on the election. 

Like him or not, Tucker is a serious political commentator that has tried and failed to provide coherence and principles to Trumpism for the last four years. When Tucker asked Sidney Powell for evidence regarding her claim that Castro, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro and the Chinese Communist Party stole millions of votes from Trump in an international Marxist coup, he was subjected to insults, boycotts and unhinged shrieking in response. “THANK YOU SEAN HANNITY FOR HOLDING THE LINE. THANK YOU TUCKER FOR THROWING US UNDER THE BUS,” wrote Nick Fuentes. …”

The big picture here is that the Jewish donors who control the GOP are being replaced by the Jewish donors who control the Democrats. So, we will have a pro-Israel foreign policy like we had under Obama instead of a MIGA foreign policy like we had under Trump.

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    • Good! White men need visual evidence they have lost control of the country that their ancestors built. European Americans have no political power as a a race. When you try to explain that to someone the first thing they will do is point to all the White male politicians to refute you. This development neuters that argument and makes the reality of the situation clear.

      • @Ricky…

        “White men need visual evidence they have lost control of the country that their ancestors built.”

        Probably you would agree with me that ‘they’ get this visual evidence everyday.

        Wanting to see that evidence for what it is, however, is quite another thing, which you also know.

  1. I was listening to speeches from the early and mid Sixties with Rockwell and as much as I wouldnt use his optics or comedic slurs, what he said in his Lynchburg Virginia speech could have come from today. “The Republicans and Democrats are both useless. Both controlled by the same people and enabling communism, race replacement and degeneracy”.

    Things havent changed in almost 60 years. The same things and the same people. Biden’s handlers will do the same things that Trumps handlers did

  2. It is not exactly progress to replace christian-ziotard Pompeo with leftist, zionist jew Tony Blinken at the DoS. Blinken pushed the Iraq war and support for jihadists in Syria. I guess Syria will heat up again.

    I think it’s now clear that the only way the Mideast wars finally end is if the US gets badly thumped there (or the economy collapses here). We won’t be able to vote an end to these wars. They won’t even allow Trump to get out of Afghanistan after 19 years of occupation and war crimes.

  3. How pathetic is Nick Fuentes and his afterschool kids club. “Thank You Sean Hannity” followed by frog icons all repeating how “based” he is. There is no way Fuentes is not in on the grift, I dont see how it is impossible not to recognize Trump and all these people as useless

    • Is Fuentes and baked alaska gonna keep up the republicuck grifting? Or will they actually have to get real jobs now? I guess Nick can do fortnite streaming and make some quick dough but he’s gonna have to get use to not banning people who slightly disagree with him like on twatter

    • Captain Retard of the Meth Brigade recognizes how useless Nick, the guy with 20k live viewers every night, who along with Alex Jones is basically singlehandedly turning out mass anti-democratic protests and giving speeches to thousands of cheering boomers critical of capitalism, Israel, conservative gatekeepers, legal immigration, while declaring Jesus as King, because Nick doesn’t wear a Romper Stomper costume on stage while FuCkInG cUrB sToMpInG NiGgErS to appeal to moderate racists.

      • So the kids have snuck downstairs and are trying to garner support at the adult table with their deeply intellectual talk of catbois, anal sex and hanging with Karl Rove’s Somalian lover Ali Akbar. Go away son. Youre not wanted here and your accusations of “you’re a racist” exemplify why no one takes you serious. Fuentes is not a serious guy but if you want to give your allowance to him for a “thanks for the shekels, fellow King” grift shoutout, have at it.

        Just realize you are a dupe, a mark, and a fool all wrapped in one. Especially considering your idea of taking a stand is following a midget Hispanic bisexual grifter. Good luck with that kid

        • Imagine believing you’re the serious one on an irrelevant Orthodox-Dixie Romper Stomper Futurism blog along with the trannies from TWP that haven’t been arrested for beating their wives or blowing up a meth lab.

          I remember when Hunter declared Christopher Cantwell Hitler’s heir apparent. LMAO

          Fucking retards. ??

      • @CaptainJohn I cannot remember if it was a book, a movie, or just in conversation but I heard this recently and then the question was asked “how do you explain that we lost”. The response “we cant understand the big picture. We might see defeat in our lifetime and maybe even for generations. But if you believe in your cause you know it is never lost and will win in the end. If you put the effort and action behind it, it will pay off. You cannot be inactive you must be proactive if you have faith”

        • The U.S. is now only %60 White and falling, that is the fundamental issue that Trump and the Republicans failed to address. The Hindu-Dindu plans to flood the country with wogs to eliminate any chance of White people returning to real power such as being able to determine the ethnic makeup of the country or when to go to war.

          At the same time the Deep State is planning to confront China and Iran, Iran for Israel’s benefit, of course. This requires a high quality military, not just weapons and equipment but more importantly, people. The military has a very high number of colored people and has policies favoring colored people for promotion and command even though they are unsuitable.

          The Air Force has embarked upon a suicidal plan to recruit more minority fighter (and other) pilots with a quota for commanders to meet. The Navy crashed two destroyers a few years ago because amongst other things, the women operating the ships at that time were angry with each other and not communicating. Gen. Casey, immediately after a Moslem officer shot several people at Fort Hood said publicly that it would be a shame if diversity were to suffer in the Army because of this “incident.”

          Such a military, already stretched thin by global, never ending committments is not suitable for sudden, intense conflict such as with China, Iran or perhaps both. Things will immediately go badly if the U.S. Government starts another big war especially if ground troops are involved. The Government will try to implement conscription to make up for the diversity penalty once their war goes south. This will fall most heavily upon White males because every serious person in the Pentagon knows that is what it takes to be successful.

          White people should refuse to comply with conscription, let the wogs carry the burden since the Government at all levels favors them. White defiance will cause the whole system to cave in and highlight the fundamental weaknesses and contradictions of multiculturalism. There will be no rescue from the Republican Party, they are just another enemy.

          • Imagine unannounced blitzkrieg convoys of government buses converging on college campus coffee shops and watering holes all over the country rounding up bunches of White and Jewish soy boys and packing them off to boot camps.

          • @12AX7…

            Actually, if you count Eurasians, America is 69% White. If you don’t, it is only 50%.

            I don’t count Eurasians as White, so, for me we are at the edge of becoming a minority-majority country.

            As for conscription : there will not be any of that, because, if they returned to the draft policies of my childhood, they would quickly get a kind of out in the street resistance to their policies they had in the 1960s.

            They do not want that, of that I am sure.

            Be well!

          • I don’t know if you’re a real person or a fed. But I don’t think the real issue is a declining white population. The problem is Jewish control and their traitorous gentile collaborators. Personally, I think the race angle is a distraction. I think the real power dynamic is between religions. A more meaningful distinction can be made of what’s going on by differentiating between Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Muslims, and Heathens such as Hindus etc. It’s not Kamala or Biden that’s planning to use weaponized migration to break down the social fabric. They are just collaborators for a larger scheme.

          • “Such a military, already stretched thin by global, never ending committments is not suitable for sudden, intense conflict”:

            Robotic soldiers, electronic self-aiming rifles, long-distance-operated unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), adjustable-yield improved new nuclear weapons, state of the art chemical and biological weapons, and other technological advances more than make up for a possible decline in the quality of mercenary forces. Because the U.S. Dollar system and U.S. propaganda machine rule the world, the U.S. can spend as much on its war machine (officially and covertly) as all the other countries’ military budgets combined. It can afford to buy all the scientists and engineers it needs to stay on top.

            “The Government will try to implement conscription (…) White people should refuse to comply with conscription”:

            There will no repeat of Vietnam War era mass anti-war protest and resistance to conscription. There is no longer any viable anti-war movement in the U.S. and none will be allowed to develop, and the system can deal with any individual refusals to comply.

          • Everything I see is leading me to consider that the demon Yahweh is the true god and is helping his people destroy all who oppose them. Whites abandoned their gods and are getting stomped and erased.

        • I’ll confess, this is from Starship Troopers, when the character Holly Little is made Chaplain of the Mobile Infantry.

          Not tell we why you are familiar with Spaghetti Westerns and Eli Wallach’s monkeyshines?

          • Captain,

            American movies play everywhere and I have been in the USA for several years. I have brothers that like this. Remember American TV shows/movies are global. There is even Leave it To Beaver at times in Mexico.

            I am not familiar with Starship Troopers.

      • @Captain John…

        “A) God Exists
        B) He is on our side
        C) He wants us to win”

        That’s what The Germans thought in WWII, too.

        • @Ivan,

          As did every side of every war since the belief in god or gods.

          The Germans were correct, but the forces of darkness prevailed. I suppose NS Germany chose the wrong them, eh?

    • @Shipwrecked…

      “Trump underestimated DC regime whose loyalty is not for this country”

      I totally agree. President Trump thought that he could mollify The United States’ Government if he just charmed them and adopted many of their policies.

      They were not charmed, not amused, and they continued to target him, with everything they had, just short of blowing him away.

      I wonder if he has learned yet.

  4. Do you notice how all the “our democracy” people have all clammed up after the voter fraud stuff? Do you notice? They were promoting democracy because they had the vote rigged.

    • Mentally deranged freak “Robert Browning” pays Irish twinks at truck stops across America to sodomize him and call him “Moshiach” while they do it.

    • Stop noticing. It will affect your social credit score and not in a good way. You have been warned.

      Yours Truly,

      Your Friendly DHS Officer

    • @Robert…

      Absolutely. The Modern Left not only are irony-proof people, you can always assume that the complaints they have in any situation only apply to them.

  5. Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss… Just like I predicted Nothing really changed Biden is literally Blumpf lite in weirmerica. The deck just got reshuffled is all

  6. Bluechecka is salviating at the mouth like a feral dog at the idea of Biden/Harris locking up Trump supporters in de camps or outright genocidal massacres of red republican American states as soon as he gets sworn in as president lol Will this active boomerwaffen or oathkeepers?! Stand back and stand ready proudboys…

    Doublethink, thoughtcrime and wrongthink is gonna go into overdrive Orwell was a wee off by 40 years I think

  7. This is the Kamala-Biden “return to normalcy” and so-called “decency”:

    Kamala-Biden’s Secretary of State:

    Kamala-Biden’s foreign policy team:

    Off topic: Brilliant new article on Moon of Alabama, and the comment thread (nearly all of it) is just as good:

    • The U.S.’s first FEMALE Secretary of “Defense”:

      Trump’s first female CIA chief (chief torturer) will stay on because she’s so “good.”

      This all happens because it pleases the vast majority of the U.S. population, who pay for it with our present taxes and future debt. It’s a good bargain we think. We like the Empire and the imperial war machine because it keeps us on top and “gets things” for us. Look out world!!!

  8. @Brad: Soy is a high protein food—what do politicians think is in all of those expensive “high protein” muscle building food supplements? SOY.

    • Soy refers back to Vegan Lattes. It’s not about Soy Sauce or Protein Bars and body building powder supliments. It evokes Cafe Society. Designer drinks at $4 a pop.

  9. The jew SoS designate Blinken just might be a special problem for Hungary. His father was ambassador to Hungary and his mother is/was Hungarian-born. They created something called the Blinken Open Society Archives in Budapest.

    Biden already insulted Hungary and Poland during the campaign, calling these countries undemocratic and authoritarian. Both countries failed to congratulate Biden and do not have gay marriage (afaik) and do not admit hordes of African and muslim invaders. Hungary closed Soros NGOs and his so-called university. In the last election the US embassy actually paid journalists and news organizations to oppose Viktor Orbán!

    I wish these international gangsters in Washington would stop meddling in other countries internal affairs and dictating to and threatening them. Why is it the business of DC war criminals if homosexuality is illegal in some country in Africa? Why should these scumbags threaten Iceland over circumcision? Why do these vicious stooges of Israel demand that Poland pay “holocaust” reparations? It just never ends.

    Fron RT:

    ‘A US foreign policy run by Antony J. Blinken and Jake Sullivan, the likely next secretary of state and national security adviser, will mean more global interventions and regime-change operations, Clinton and Obama style.”

  10. 4/6 are jews. blinker, mayorkas, haines and kerry. kerry is a crypto, he had a jewish grandfather named kohn that changed his name to kerry.

  11. Anybody see Blinken at the press conference? Spinning a tale of how his daddy survived the “death camp”, then escaped a “death march”, eventually to be discovered and saved by an American tank which had a black commander! Straight out of a Hymiewood movie script. Congrats, America. You reap what you sow.

    • That was, no doubt, inspired by a fake PBS documentary and accompanying book, which I think it was called “The Liberators.” Unfortunately for them it was exposed as a load of crap. No black GIs liberated Dachau. Or were anywhere near.

  12. Amnesty for illegal aliens coming in first 100 days of Biden Regime.

    Will they fast-track citizenship?

    Will they be voting in 2022? In 2024? Even the dead ones like in Michigan?

    Stay tuned. This is the big one which irreversibly changes the country. Texas now goes bright blue.

    So glad we got rid of Blompf…

  13. Schöne Scheisse. The red schlomo government will be replaced by a blue schlomo government. What an improvement. Thats a great victory for democracy. Now everything will be fine.

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