Trump Administration Formally Begins Transition Process


There was never any plan. It was always a grift.

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    • @John he will have to by December 5th but expect him, his family and the grift gang to drag it out till the last minute. Every minute means another donation or D Live ninjalamborghini thing

  1. So many people on Tic Tok have said God will not allow Biden to beat Trump and God supports Trump. I wonder how they will feel when Biden is inaugurated?

    • Look at it from another POV. Biden has a very shakey coalition. A minority of freaky whites allied with Jews, blacks and assorted browns. Widespread suspicion of rigging and clear evidence of underhanded electioneering by Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter. In addition the ADL and SPLC. Even the left knows it and discusses it. How long can it last?

  2. Does this mean that Donald Trump is now a traitor like Tucker Carlson? Have they both been compromised by the black hats in the deep state and turned against Q anon?

    • @Dart, Cucker Carlson eats at Ping Pong Pizza aka the Podestra’s pizzeria. That’s not a conspiracy theory.. It’s been documented.

  3. No more MAGA boomers and their TRUMP FUCK YEAH 2020 memes, where their cult hero rides a red, white and blue pterodactyl with fireworks exploding all over the place. That was all just a little too cerebral for me.

  4. Declare martial law while he still controls the “big guns”. Round up all the Red Commies and save the Yankee Empire. Last chance to reboot and end this Red Terror and make the Yankee Empire great again. These killers waiting to gain control will bring in enough 3rd-worlders to statistically seal the deal and gain complete control to allow them to wipe us off the face of the earth. All Marxists, antifa, Communists, BLMers, Socialists, anti-White haters, etc must go. Save the history, heritage, memory of your ancestors and all future generations from this coming slaughter and genocide of the founding white stock of this country. The black flag with no mercy until the enemy no longer exists. Make Commie JB number 46-46 or else submit and die.

    • Trump doesn’t have the credibility to do something like that, even among people who voted for him he’s not widely respected except for his cult. His policies weren’t bad and he did a better job than Obama but the man has psychological issues that were apparent during the first debate, not to mention the last 5 years. To anyone not listening to the transcript, how Biden refused to answer the court packing question, or understand the implications of the wealthy’s “green agenda” to make it prohibitively expensive to gas up your car. Far from looking “senile” old Joe looked calm and presidential, Trump sent those warnings that you get that this person is not someone you should be buying that used car from. He definitely has some sort of personality disorder, probably narcissism and homo sapiens are wary of anointing such people as their leaders.

      • For me Biden, and I mean this going back into the deep history of his appearances, is a dangerous hoax merchant. From WMD, Clarence Thomas and Russiagate. Biden is bad actor on the national stage. It is clear that Harris is just as appalling after the Kavanaugh hearings. I have premonition about their rule. Crimea War 2.0, domestic rebellion bloodily quashed. Biden is turd.

    • Excellent advice that would have worked in June. The riots should have resulted in him declaring martial law. Under the pretext of public health concerns.

    • “Round up all the Red Commies and save the Yankee Empire”:

      Such confusion! At least you seem to know that it’s an empire. It’s THE Empire.

      Don’t blame the true left for capitalism’s evils. Blaming and attacking the true left is just what “they” want you to do. Divide and rule.

  5. relentlessly attack catboy republicans until there are none left. conservatives are the MAIN ENEMY of White interests in America. fuck trying to win over these midwits, ATTACK!

  6. ‘IT IS OVER’

    Tell that to The Pennsylvania Legislature, which, at this very moment is crafting legislation to remove their governor and secretary of state from the court-stalled certification process in order to appoint their own electors to nominate President Trump on December 14.

    Speak of the devil, so, too, are the Arizona and Michigan legislatures.

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