Explaining Groyperism

As I explained on The Stark Truth, Nick Fuentes and the Groyper movement or the “Dissident Right” or America First movement identify as paleoconservatives. They see themselves as bitterly at odds with Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro, Conservatism, Inc. and wignats.

Who are these people?

The Right is divided into four groups.

Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro represent Core Conservatives. The Alt-Lite represent New Era Enterprisers. The Wignats represent Market Skeptic Republicans. The Groypers represent Country First Conservatives. The bitter AmNat vs. Wignat divide reflects different stratums of the electorate.

Country First Conservatives are far more supportive of Donald Trump, far more supportive of free-market capitalism, more focused on immigration and trade and dramatically more focused on social conservatism. Groypers are more traditional paleoconservatives and Republican voters.

These people are dramatically more invested in Donald Trump’s personality cult who was already far more unpopular with Market Skeptic Republicans in 2017. The term “wignat” was created in late 2017 to disparage Alt-Right voters who were souring on Trump’s shift to the Right.

Groypers have a far more negative view of scientists:

Country First Conservatives are 6% of the adult population.

Core Conservatives and Country First Conservatives are the two core Republican constituencies. The moderates are the Market Skeptic Republicans and the New Era Enterprisers. The former are populists and nationalists. The latter are cultural libertarians like MILO and Lady MAGA.

The “Dissident Right” are paleocons.

As paleocons, they are conservatives and a core Republican constituency. They are “dissidents” in the sense that other Republicans like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro look down on them and police them. They are the smallest faction of the “Alt-Right coalition” which broke down in 2017.

Note: Donald Trump’s coalition shrank between 2016 and 2020. The “Dissident Right,” losing the Rust Belt and Trump’s consolidation of the Right and greater appeal to conservatives and Republicans and his diminished appeal to Independent and Moderate voters reflects this shift.

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  1. I was thinking about this at length and am pretty certain of this conclusion. Fuentes, Akbar, Cernovich, and even Alex Jones are allowed to organize and meet publicly without the law cracking down on them or a really large scale organized Antifa presence whereas even Gavin was getting assaulted and his followers locked up a few years back. AMREN is denied permits and has to hold meetings in secret. David Duke said that he could never get a permit to gather and would never announce anywhere he is going to be publicly. This is magnified for any semblance of identitarian movement, despite the fact that on average you will not find a larger group of people from all walks of life who want to avoid violence at all costs and do not want to oppress or hurt anyone of any group.

    Does this mean Fuentes is an Op? I am tired of calling everyone you dont get along with an Op so lets just be generous and say that the grifters, manlets and college republican kids club are not viewed as a serious threat by those in power

  2. groypers are a trump and fuentes personality cult. mostly loyal to fuentes. they are not dissidents, or nationalists. they are republicans and therefore capitalists and globalists. they also support military imperialism.

    they are incompatible with third position nationalist philosophy. they must be relentlessly attacked as long as they exist as republicans are the gatekeepers and apologists of the jewish donor class that runs the GOP. they prevent White interests from having accurate representation, by conflating White interests with the GOP. they are more of an enemy than antifa.

      • I dunno bout that I think the groyper movement got sort of high jacked by Fuentes and his followers. Originally groypers were just cozy posting about tea they were centrists mostly rarely political tho most supported Trump in 2016-17 because of his shitposting but alot of them became wise to orange shabbos man

        Alot of the groypers have been purged by twatter

  3. Was an interesting deeper-think post on 4chan on these cultural issues, not so negative about the white ‘defeat’ and suggesting a route of positivity in it

    Also relevant because of how some prominent ‘white society’ voices now have Latino names or heritage like Nick Fuentes

    Makes me think too how the French in Québec accepted being a ‘defeated’ people and yet built a positive society out of it

    The 4chan post riffs off an Ocasio-Cortez quote which I put at the bottom … here is the post:

    Latinos are Ameri-natives not whites

    AOC is right – but it’s ok to be white, and
    accepting that the USA belongs to Latinos
    is the key to white American liberation

    Just think – as whites in Latino-land you can:
    – Demand equal rights as a minority
    – Demand understanding of your situation
    – Have full rights to fight anti-white racism
    – Have many Latino allies for core values

    Sexy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a splash
    in 2019 saying no Latino is illegal, because
    an ethnicity descended from native Americans
    are indigenous people of the continent

    She has a point … Latinos have indigenous genes

    So why do whites ‘claim’ the USA?
    Whites were not the first peoples in it

    Right of conquest? Might makes right?

    Well, whites are now defeated,
    conquered by a coalition of oligarchs,
    Jews & Latinos … who levered the 1965
    Hart-Celler borders-opening immigration law,
    Hart with Irish heritage & Celler with Jewish

    Whites should have acted back in 1965 maybe?

    But their opponents were more clever … So
    ‘right of conquest’, no?

    Or are whites thinking they will ‘fight’ now that
    most children born in the USA are not white?
    Whites know it is over. Forget ‘secession’ too.
    Whites have 2 good options, back to Europe or

    Embrace the future and your Latino hosts.
    Whites & Latinas are already marrying in
    happy, successful, record numbers.

    Many Latinos are trad. Many want to have the
    USA rich, prosperous, not crazy or criminal.
    Castizo-futurism, some call it.
    It will be OK, just like white people.

    “We are standing on native land!
    Latino people are descendants of
    native people, and we CANNOT be
    criminalised for our identity or status!”
    – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,
    7 February 2019

    • Sorry brabantian, but the Mexicans were very late arrivals, most after 1980. The previous people here were the primitive Indian tribes. Texas was Comanche land, not Mexican. And so on throughout, 300 tribes.

      • Don’t forget the Clovis people who very well could have been from Europe, and they were in North America before the orientals crossed the frozen Bering Straits land bridge.

        • November,

          Did we not discuss/debate all this last year? The bottom line is of course that the land currently belongs to the United States. What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wrote is strange.

          I have never personally known a Mexican or Mexican-American who believes that the southwest in perpetuity belongs to Mexico because for 15 years (1821-1836) Mexico ruled Texas or because California/Arizona/New Mexico was ruled for 27 years (1821-1848).

          I do expect the Southwest to be in substance Mexican before too long regardless of which Party rules the States. Mexicans are overwhelmingly the majority already in some areas of the Southwest. I am not gloating merely stating a fact.

          • In my experience there’s a big difference between Hispanics from CA and those from AZ or TX. The former are “yo-dawg” cholo Californios with one foot in Tijuana. The latter tend to be American patriots who like guns, hunting, etc.

            L’il Klansman: What’s a “cholo”, Uncle Adolf?

            Hitler: The missing link between trailer trash and niggers.

          • @Christina,

            “Reconquesto,” or as the Mexicans in California like to say, “Wake up and smell the refried beans.”

            California has some very beautiful landscapes. Arizona and New Mexico I would gladly cut off and give to the illegal immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala in exchange for leaving the the USA permanently. But they will already take control of all three of those states by having large families. It’s a shame the Spanish didn’t go scorched earth on the Aztecs, Myans, and Incas. There was little need to keep them around, but the Christian missionaries from England, France, and Spain had other ideas.

            AOC is a puerto rican mix of some sort. I’ve seen her phenotype too often for my taste. She is at best a midwit and a creation of the jewsmedia and university (((multicultural))) studies departments.

        • November,

          AOC looks part negro to me.

          Yes, California is beautiful. I have lived there before. I lived in northern California–lots of woods. Do you think white Americans are going to wake up due to the results of this election?

          Your birthday is this month. Happy Birthday!

          • @Christina,

            i do not know, of White Americans will wake up after this election. My guess is that they will not. Too many are stilling living comfortable bourgeois lives to understand or feel the existential crises just over the horizon. Perhaps, they actually believe the multicultural nonsense. Many have taken to virtue signaling their support of the marxist terrorist group blm, which goes against their own interests, so there is not much hope for them, and at this point, they should be considered traitors, since they provide aid and support to the enemies of White well being.

            If you’ve been reading my comments, I am looking forward to them getting ‘culturally enriched’ by section-8 feral negroes and refugees from third world hell holes. Those insulated Whites believe themselves to be better than those of us who are unapologetically pro-White, so what happens to them is not my concern.

            From the working class and poor will come the White warriors, which is unironically the same groups that have been the elite fighters in our recent wars for the ZOG empire.

            My birthday has come and gone, but thank you for remembering.

          • November wrote (above): “It’s a shame the Spanish didn’t go scorched earth on the Aztecs, Myans, and Incas. There was little need to keep them around….”

            Not partial but TOTAL genocide, you mean? A very Papist policy, and Calvinist.

            Christopher Columbus’ initial impression was that the Indians “will make good slaves.” The Roman Catholic missionaries in California managed to make fairly good slaves out of some of them. Native people in California were mostly genocided, opening up the land for “settlers.”

          • @Cristina…

            “AOC looks part negro to me.”

            Okay, but, to me she looks like the brand of Indians that are common in Cuba, Puerto Rico and La Republica Dominicana.

            I see neither African nor European in Miss Cortez’s face.

        • November,

          There is a reasonably good article on Indians in California under Indegenous people of California -Wikipedia. The Indian population decreased by 90% in the 19th century primarily under American rule not Spanish rule due to disease/wars etc.

          There obviously could not be deliberate mass murder of Indians where the Church would have approved. Some decimation under the Spanish occurred but it was generally unintentional with diseases etc. The Spanish did not have the numbers/settlers etc.

          It was under Protestant rule where most of the Indian decimation happened.

          Anybody can look up the information. Obviously there was no deliberate official Catholic attempt to mass murder Indians. Ignore that Communist freak anonymous. He belongs in China.

          • I agree that it was not the Catholics who decimated the Indians in CALIFORNIA. It was the Protestant “settlers” from the U.S.

            Genocide, as I said, is not only a Papist policy (the Albigensian extermination crusade is just one of many examples) but also a Calvinist (Cohenist?) policy. The elect, who are predestined to inherit the earth are chosen/saved unconditionally, regardless of their actions, according to John Cohen. In fact, the more that the chosen, Divinely-ordained ones subjugate, dominate, defeat and destroy the unchosen who cannot be saved, and the wealthier they become, the more their Divinely-ordained saved eternal destiny becomes manifest.

          • @Christina,

            In hindsight, we can see what disasters societies become when their attempts to fit square pegs into round holes to use an analogy of colorblind civic nationalism incorporating multicultural and multiracial tribes with different values, laws, and religions. Violent hostility is bound to occur.

            My point is that leaving behind defeated and hostile people are ticking time bombs just waiting for the extract revenge on their enemy. Throw in anti-white and anti-colonization propaganda from the eternal jew’s (the premier hostile and vengeful tribe) utilization of their myriad of misinformation outlets,

            We are confronted by all these groups with European gentiles in their collective crosshairs.

            So like you, I am simple. These tribes were/are a threat to my people, and if they vanish, the threat is removed. Problem solved.

          • Anonymous, you are so full of SH** about your fake, made-up perversion of Augustinian thought, you should repent in sackcloth and ashes… that is, if you even were of the Elect!

            Calvin was no Jew. Neither was Luther, and they were in agreement on the Pauline doctrines derived from Scripture about Election and Predestination. But the fallacy that you ‘didn’t have to do anything’ to be saved, is the greatest LIE on the planet.

            You’re worse that Finney, the arch-heretic. Excepting that you are a coward, in that you are ‘Anonymous.’ At least Finney named himself and his heresy.

            ‘When teaching on the doctrines of election and reprobation, the most common objection I hear is “That’s not fair!” Often, the one raising this objection to these doctrines will go on to argue that God would be unfair to command all people to repent and believe if

            He had not chosen them before the foundation of the world. Based on such reasoning, many people have concluded that the doctrines of election and reprobation are not biblical and, therefore, heretical. Unfortunately, those who object to these doctrines are not merely contending with John Calvin; they are contending with the Word of God. Indeed, the doctrines of grace were taught clearly by John Calvin. However, they were also proclaimed boldly by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”- https://www.ligonier.org/learn/articles/born-again/

        • November,

          I think I just accidentally sent you a comment by accident before I was ready to send. I have long fingernails and my sister and I are stuck with a small windows 7 laptop. So I think I hit the wrong button.

          Anyway, I do not read most comments but I always hunt yours down. Yes, you write things that if I would write them would get a massive retaliation. There is a beautiful Mexican song about birthdays. I give this to you.

          • @Christina,

            That was a very melodic song. If you hadn’t told me in was a birthday song, I would have guess it was a lullaby. I thank your kind gesture.

            By the way, when is your next birthday?

        • November,

          My birthday is in October. I am a Scorpio which is fitting since I have been stung by scorpions twice.

          • @Christina,

            Had either one of those scorpions that stung you been exposed to gamma radiation, you might have super powers now. lol

            Happy belated birthday.

      • Thim,

        The Spanish were in Texas long before the Commanches. Under Comanche History-Wikipedia it says that the first mention of Comanches in Texas was in 1743. The Spanish had explored and settled parts of Texas since the 16th century. The first permanent missions were in the 1680’s in El Paso, San Angelo, and Presidio.

        In the Andes there were the Cloud People. They were described by the Spanish as being very white and beautiful. It was written that their women were modest, sweet, and taller than the Spanish men. Unfortunately, Spanish diseases decimated them if I remember correctly.

    • I can’t believe someone took the time to type out something so stupid and contradictory.

      Also, if the Groypers/AmFirst crowd believe that America is just going to be “castizo-futurist-trad ” regardless, why are they flipping out about Blompf losing?
      Why is Blompf a essential factor in something that is supposedly going to happen no matter what?

  4. I’m not interested in groypers or estranged Republicans, I want to see mobs of Nazi toughs roaming the streets with baseball bats and steel toed boots looking for a FIGHT.

    • Which you know isn’t feasible. So when someone tries to rally people together, and it’s a start…you don’t like it. Most of you don’t like anything. You’re really put off by a 21 year old who does what you can’t do. I’m tired of armchair critics.

  5. Fuentes cheered the cruise missile strikes on Syria that kushner ‘green lit.’ Iirc, he said something in the vain of these other nations have to know who’s boss. Those other nations do know that the 2% are boss in America.

  6. Pardon me if this has been noted already, but the data Hunter presents above, even if we take it seriously, was from early to mid 2017, which was prior to major splits in the “Dissident Right” (which can be roughly tracked to Charlottesville in August, with major segmenting beginning the following January). I’m very skeptical Pew researchers were able to accurately slice up the Dissident pie before then (and only slightly less skeptical they could do it accurately afterwards).

  7. Paleoconservatives are not gatekeeping Romper Stompers. You guys can go get moderates on your side with Klan rallies and Codreanu marches through Kentucky all you want. Why aren’t you doing that, actually? White moderates would love to see some real hardcore guys in Stalhelms and Black Metal-Orthodox t-shirts yelling in the street.

    • You’re right.

      It is the smallest and oldest faction on the Right. If they accomplished anything in the 2020 election, it was repulsing ethnocentric White voters who are more moderate on economics and less attached to the GOP.

  8. Fuentes, Casey, and James must love humiliation porn because their God-Emperor Blompf would run them oven in his armored limousine to pickup charlie kirk on his way to playing 18 holes while fagtifa and blm beat the shit out of his most vocal supporters.

    • B, at least the people going to Fuentes rallies have an army of backup. Anti-fa and BLM had to resort to picking off stragglers. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE? When your ass is invited to make a speech will you have the operation capacity to provide security, or would it be one man against roves of raving dystopian lunatics? This is the future of the populist-nationalist movement, Trump is not its end all and be all, and they are organized and pissed, ready for action. You just want to throw the baby out with bathwater because you don’t like a thing or two, well we all don’t like a thing or two about almost any political movement, nothing is going to fit 100%. But they came out and fought, and in such numbers that anti-fa blm had to back the fuck up. What does your plan B, if you even have one, provide?

  9. Ohh yes,American Nations and Market Skeptics are in a bitter war, according to you and you only. This faggotry has to end. You have no leadership, let alone infrastructure and your talking about 3rd party when the elections are RIGGED for two party, this last election we just saw that shrink to one party for the Presidency. And you will lead this new populist revolution 3rd party with your used tweets, troll memes, and one paragraph articles? Are you fucking serious? Your just a mad hatter. It was okay to give our side fire during their incumbency, to lead them further into our path, but literally encouraging a win for the a senile pervert who will literally sign anything he is told to, and plans on destroying speech, right to arm, will push elite Green Death agenda, and for that matter all private mercantile transactions with lockdowns and vaccine ID, one step away from the mark of the beast, that is if they won’t do it this time around in test markets. That is nothing more than betrayal. You save your criticism for when they are in power, like Young Nick and the Gryopers, not be a total faggot and encourage their loss so you can try and rebuild under an even greater tyranny. If this isn’t being an acclerationist I don’t know what the fuck is!

  10. Ivan Turgenev,

    Perhaps you are correct on Alexandria Cortez’ bloodlines. I was operating on the belief that white/black mixture is more common on Puerto Ricans than white/Indian mixture.

    I have gone to school with Puerto Rican and Cuban girls though they were predominately Spanish types. They are very fashion conscious and they dress well outside of school. Everyone in school wears the same dress. All the girls I mean.

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