Politico: Blame Game Erupts Over Trump’s Decline In Youth Vote

Nick Fuentes has returned to form. He just ambushed Charlie Kirk in a parking lot. Kirk drove away. BTW, Blumpf sank like a rock with the youth vote in the 2020 election.


“Nobody involved in Donald Trump’s reelection thought the president would win the youth vote in 2020. But they didn’t think it would be this bad.

Now the finger pointing has begun.

When the data came pouring in after Election Day, campaign aides and Trump allies alike were struck by the president’s poor performance with the 18-to-29-year-old crowd — especially in a cycle with surging youth turnout.

In nearly every Midwestern battleground state that mattered to Trump’s reelection, the president performed worse among young voters than in 2016, according to a POLITICO review of state exit polls. Trump ceded ground in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two states he lost. He also regressed in Arizona, another critical state that slipped away.

In several of these states, the erosion was considerable. In Pennsylvania, President-elect Joe Biden won young voters by a 20-point margin, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 9-point advantage in 2016. In Wisconsin, Biden won the state’s youngest voters by a 16-point margin, a dramatic rise from Clinton’s razor-thin edge in 2016 — and a significant swing in a state Trump only lost by 20,000 votes. Michigan saw a four-point shift from 2016 to 2020. …

Others faulted the Trump campaign, accusing the president’s top aides of “outsourcing” his youth outreach program to Turning Point Action, the political action arm of the conservative campus group Turning Point USA.

Led by its 26-year-old founder, Charlie Kirk, the group oversaw myriad door-knocking and grassroots get-out-the-vote efforts this cycle, in addition to working with top White House aides like senior adviser Jared Kushner to plan events that put the president and his surrogates in front of young audiences. People involved with Kirk’s operation claimed his “herculean” efforts to boost Trump’s reelection were done without input or resources from the Trump campaign — much to their chagrin in the months leading up to the Nov. 3 election. …”

What do Millennial voters want?

Hint: It is neither Charlie Kirk or Nick Fuentes and his Groypers.

Millennials are significantly more likely to be college-educated voters.

Millennials are more likely to be living in their parents basement or working for Uber as independent contractors in Donald Trump’s economy.

Millennials are far more likely to say income inequality is a huge problem and that our economic system favors powerful interests.

Millennials don’t trust institutions.

Millennials are much more likely to say government doesn’t go far enough to help the needy.

Millennials don’t own anything.

A majority of Americans now say that health care coverage is a government responsibility.

2/3rds of Millennials say government has a responsibility to provide health care coverage for all.

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  1. “People with postgraduate degrees in the fine arts are not working class. 37% of student loan debt is held by 7% of borrowers, pretty much all of whom have postgraduate degrees. This is also one of the most left-wing demographics in the country.”

    These are the same (((Conservatives))) who demanded we vote for Trump, so he could give a 1/2 trillion dollars to rioting blacks. Blacks consistently vote Democrat at 90%.

    Trillions for jews/Israel. Trillions in bailouts for mega coporations and rich people with shares. Trillions for blacks. But Whites getting anything at all is socialism!

    Conservatives aren’t anti-socialist, they are anti-White.

    • Also, Jews consistently vote Democrat at 80%. Yet Conservatives give these leftists trillions, despite them being the most wealthly demographic. And Conservatives break the 1st Amendment to protect jews from any criticism. But Whites getting anything at all? Thats socialism!

      The mask is off.

    • It’s sad that you have to borrow to get training and credentials to enter vocations and professions.

      Instead smoke weed and break shit. Here’s some money to do that niggah.

  2. Isn’t Kirk like 3 feet taller than Fuentes? He could give Fuentes brain damage with one punch.

    And how does Fuentes cope with the fact that Kirk, the only scalp he’s ever claimed, is still loved by Trump whereas Fuentes can’t even get into Republican conferences?

    These people who make a living out of harassing others need to be harassed mercilessly.

  3. Isn’t Kirk like three feet taller than Fuentes? Couldn’t he knock him out with a slap?

    How does Fuentes wrap his brain around the fact that the one “scalp” he claimed is still best buds with Donald Trump, the guy he runs his entire grift on?

  4. I guess we should go back to the time when intelligent people went to college.

    In the distant past college was where intelligent people went to be trained in law, medicine, science etc. Stupid people thought that college was a magic place where you went and got a piece of magical paper that turned into a lot of money and status, even with a lack of talent and skill.

    If your student loan debt is an insurmountable burden, you didn’t belong in college in the first place because your magical piece of paper didn’t make you talented or skilled enough to make a living.

    Wake me up when they’re going to cut white people 50k checks to refund what they spent on a house.

    • universities have a near monopoly on signaling thanks to grigg v duke and the doctrine of disparate impact it established, so everyone has to go. Get rid of that, and student debt reform might not be necessary. I’d still be in favor of eliminating usury and sticking it to the leftist institutions that used their monopoly powers to jack prices into the stratosphere however.

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