Grift Right Rallies In Harrisburg


To their credit, Patriot Front is pointedly NOT going in the same conservative direction as Pawgtrick and Baked Alaska.


Ali was in Atlanta today with the other grifters.

I recognize Michael Coudrey. He is the Jew who showed up at our New Orleans rally in May 2017 with Baked Alaska and spent the whole afternoon on the other side of the fence calling us racists and cucking out to Black Lives Matter. They’re all connected in some way behind the scenes.

The Grift Right held another one of its failure theater rallies in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania yesterday. To the surprise of all who watched it, Scott Greer unexpectedly revived Kekistan.

The plan seems to be to visit every state that Daddy Trump lost because White men didn’t vote for him – Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and now Pennsylvania – and throw a big tantrum about voter fraud. It is the GOP’s fault that Donald Trump lost White Independent moderate voters in the suburbs!

Blumpf was crushed in the Atlanta suburbs, the Phoenix suburbs, the Detroit suburbs, the Milwaukee suburbs and the Philadelphia suburbs which is the reason why he lost Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. As anyone who looks at the results can see, it happened nationwide in the suburbs in other states in places like Nashville (Tennessee), Fort Worth (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Kansas City (Kansas), Minneapolis (Minnesota), Indianapolis (Indiana), Columbus (Ohio), Charlotte (North Carolina). For some reason, Groypers aren’t crying about voter fraud though in these other states.



In Pennsylvania, Blumpf plummeted 17 points with White male college graduates and 10 points with Indies between 2016 and 2020, which caused the big swing in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Philadelphia swung toward Trump.

This was the swing in Pennsylvania by race, education, income and ideology:

Pennsylvania 2020

Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump

Moderates – 56% Biden, 42% Trump

Trump went from losing moderates by 10 to losing moderates by 14. He went from winning Indies by 7 to losing Indies by 8.

Pennsylvania 2016

Independents – 48% Trump, 41% Hillary

Moderates – 53% Hillary, 43% Trump

Pennsylvania 2020

Less Than $30,000 (15% of electorate) – 60% Biden, 37% Trump (+23 Biden margin)

$30,000 to $50,000 (23% of electorate) – 53% Biden, 46% Trump (+7 Biden margin_

$50,000 to $99,999 (33% of electorate) – 51% Trump, 47% Biden (+4 Trump margin)

$100,000 to $199,000 (23% of electorate) – 51% Biden, 48% Trump (+3 Biden margin)

$200,000 or more (7% of electorate) – N/A

In Pennsylvania, the upper middle class shifted 8 points toward Joe Biden, but the more decisive blow was that the $50,000 to $99,999 income bracket shifted 10 points toward Joe Biden.

Trump lost Pennsylvania with 57% of Whites, 62% of White men, 87% of conservatives, 41% of Moderates, 44% of Independents and 91% of Republicans.

Pennsylvania 2016

Less Than $30,000 (16% of electorate) – 56% Hillary, 39% Trump (+17 Hillary margin)

$30,000 to $50,000 (22% of electorate) – 53% Hillary, 44% Trump (+9 Hillary margin)

$50,000 to $99,999 (33% of electorate) – 55% Trump, 41% Hillary (+14 Trump margin)

$100,000 to $199,000 (23% of electorate) – 51% Trump, 46% Hillary (+5 Trump margin)

$200,000 or more (10% of electorate) – N/A

Trump won Pennsylvania with 56% of Whites, 64% of White men, 85% of conservatives, 43% of Moderates, 48% of Independents and 89% of Republicans.

Why did these White Independent and moderate voters turn on Blumpf? What was the number one reason? It was because of “the coronavirus pandemic.”

How many voters in Pennsylvania were Republicans and conservatives anyway?

41% of Pennsylvania voters were Republicans. 34% were conservatives. In the 2020 election, Trump won more conservatives and Republicans. It was Indies who turned on him.

The problem is that 41% of Pennsylvania voters are moderates and 20% of Pennsylvania voters are Independents. Grown ups understand that no amount of foot stomping and crying about the GOP and Conservatism, Inc. is going to change the fact that BOTH ARE A MINORITY OF VOTERS (!!!)

Nationwide, conservatives were 32% of voters in 2020.

Elections are won and lost in the Center of the electorate, not the Right. All of these Republicans were going to vote for Trump no matter what he did in office. In Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, it was White moderates and Independents who provided Trump his margin of victory in 2016 and who fired him in 2020 when they got fed up with the way he was handling the pandemic.

BTW, literally no one but this faggot ever gave a shit about the optics of a gay Mexican twink in skinny pants or the Afro-Latino America First movement grifting off the dying Trump personality cult.

They spent four years wasting our time, accomplishing nothing of substance or enduring value for White people, fomenting endless discord over optics (hint: all it ever meant was supporting Blumpf) and cheerleading for the vacuous personality cult of an Orange Boomer celebrity who in retrospect did a bunch of things for wealthy people and Israel. Even in defeat, the non-stop dick riding hasn’t stopped. At least George W. Bush never had a cult or a reality television show element to his failed presidency.


Donald Trump lost the 2020 election in the suburbs due to his weakness with White men, college-educated voters, moderates and Independents who make under $100,000 a year. They overwhelmingly said in the exit polls and multiple post-election surveys that they were repulsed primarily by the way he handled COVID-19. Undoubtedly, the “bad optics” that truly repulsed them was this QAnon shit, the Trump personality cult and all of these sycophantic grifters, cranks and retards. It was the crankish, paranoid, do nothing libertarianism and contempt for medicine and science that was promoted on conspiratard and truther websites like The Daily Crackpot which was the albatross around Trump’s neck.

They liked Trumpism 1.0.

They didn’t care for Trumpism 2.0, the Trump administration or the 2020 campaign.

Note: While we can’t claim sole credit for Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, it was our demographic that tossed him out of office by not voting for him in the same numbers as 2016.

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    • Why would the Democrats steal the presidency and not the senate? Why would they allow Trump to win in 2016 if they have the ability to steal elections? What makes you think the Zionist Republican party is any more honest and trustworthy than the Dems?

      Can you honestly look at the clown show that is Trump’s stop the steal campaign and call it anything other than a grift? You’re still stuck in the red vs blue false dichotomy. Republicans are not the good guys.

      • Why didn’t they steal it in 2016?

        Because Trump was the wild card. The entire MSM and both parties ordered the American people not to vote for him.

        Against all expectations, they did, despite his relatively small campaign and the Uniparty chorus against him.

        In short, they were obviously caught flat-footed. This time, they weren’t. They expected Trump to do well (which he did, at 74 million votes) and had the machinery in place to manufacture enough votes to win despite his immense popularity with most non-leftist, non-retarded-wignat White people.

        Are you people profoundly stupid, or does your insane, disproportionate-to-anything-he’s-done personal hatred for Trump and anyone who supports him interrupt basic logic?

        • Exactly. They probably thought Clinton had won with calling Trump’s voters deplorable and getting him to denounce David Duke. This election, nothing, and I mean nothing, was left to chance. Social media was scrubbed and disrupted, ballots were mailed out en masse, algorithm tweaking, a season of riots, military mutiny, penny pinching on Covid19 relief and a bizarre pandemic response on several levels. Not a thing was left to chance like 2016.

        • “personal hatred for Trump”

          Sounds like what Jews say. Any disagreement with them is based on some sort of bad personal motivation – “hate.”

          I don’t “hate” Trump – how could I? I’ve never met him. He’s just another politician, a particularly sleazy one, and a ridiculous and comical liar. The fact he’s a 100% agent of the Likud party – “Israel First” – just makes it worse.

          For the record, I’m 100% certain that the Democrats DID steal the election.

          So – what now, Kekist Monk? Your Jew talking points aren’t working.

          • I disagree that he’s a liar. Trump acted in bad faith with White Nationalists. He didn’t exactly lie, could argue that his wall and Muslim ban was thwarted by the system. He gave it a lazy try and then shifted to a Ryan/McConnell agenda. I find him to be a very unfiltered guy who says whatever pops in his head. A liar doesn’t do that. Is hyperbole a lie? He Is hyperbolic.

      • They didn’t steal the Senate because they know most of the GOP is on their side and will enact (or at least fail to obstruct) their agenda. GOP was in on the steal from the git-go. We’re already a de facto one-party state.

  1. America is overshadowed by a digital wasteland. The different virtual cult leaders occupy the streets intermittently for their respective livestream audiences. The only real goal is the grift. Clicks and followers = value, and that equals the moral authority in 2020.

    Actual reality is crusty Capitol Supremacists aligning with jewish interests far from the influence of the public. They grow safer as the delusions the people suffer grow stronger.

    These marches (on the left and right) are like children’s wars at recess: based entirely on fantasy worlds. They will eventually get tired, go home, and pay their taxes in April. They will have no influence, nor do they truly want to.

  2. Love your work but there are more enemy grifters than just Fuentes . Ethan Ralph, Mike the Kike Peinovich, “On the run” azzmador all deserve to hang

  3. These exit polls are indexed on the results. Trump greatly increased his vote total over last election. So whatever he did gained him a lot more votes. Democrats cheat every election, this time with 10 million more votes than the nigger in 2008. Because white “moderate” cucks in the suburbs voted for Biden because of Coronavirus?

    Denying the Democratic Party cheats, cheats massively, and has very little institutionally standing in the way (if there is nothing standing in the way of BLM / Antifa riots, then what is standing in the way of Democratic voter fraud). They cheer their voter fraud felons on stage at “voting rights” rallies. Anyone who denies the potential magnitude of Democratic voter fraud is more like a RINO than a “far-right middle of the road racist.”

      • It’s incredible that we have to sit back and pretend it’s a fantasy that the Democrats are able to steal elections because of their institutional power, the same institutional power that allows them to set Antifa and BLM to run amok. The enormous number of mail-in ballots let them get away with anything they wanted.

        • @ jps, agreed , the dems fight to win, they want power and control, thats their pride at work, the repubs are about profit and greed, like the scriptures say ” thee eye is never satisfied” the more they see, the more they want, gluttons, dishonest to thee core, would and will sell out, doublecross anybody, no loyality.and no honor, hiding behind the cross and the flag. I loathe their criminal syndicate.

    • The stupid thing is trump won on conventionally horrible optics in 2016, then lost with relatively better optics in 2020. 2016 was racist statements every week, saying he’ll throw his opponent in jail, shadowy NWO cabal speeches, and slob Bannon with untucked shirt and blue jeans running things. Trump himself refutes the optics argument. People care more about substance.

      • Except he got 10 million more votes.

        I do think Trump destroyed his credibility over the last 4 years.

        I think the Jews unleashed the niggers on purpose to increase Trump’s totals, because it was always agreed ahead of time that Trump would not be allowed to win. Trump’s pandering to Jews has been so over-the-top, his subservience to Netanyahu so extreme, so undeniable, that Jews realized it’s much easier just to drop him.

        • Where did he get 10 million more votes? Trimming the margin by which he loses in NYC and California doesn’t make a bit of difference.

  4. Did based little nicky fly in his own private aborigines just for this rally. For a wee tiny little guy, he is really putting out a big grift

    • Where is the money behind these grifters? Who is paying their bills to travel around, organize their spectacles and make speeches? A serious question, I don’t know the answer or I would provide it with links to good sources here on Hunter’s excellent blog.

  5. If there are some non-whites among them, but so what?
    Half of the wignats I see on twitter are of dubious ethnicity and there are many non-white Nazbols.
    90% of the gropyers are still white and looking at the pictures, they look much better than the fat nerds of the old Heimbach group. I see Aryans who go to the gym and are fucking cool.
    The white man gets up, keep crying nerds.

    • These “Stop the Steal” rallies are hosted by Ali Alexander who is mixed-race homosexual and GOP operative who has ties to the Mercer family.

      “Good optics” = being a chump for Trump. “Bad optics” = being pro-White, Independent and opposing Trump.

      It is just another conservative astroturf scam and the definitive proof of it is all the conspiratards, homosexuals and non-Whites who are being embraced at these events by optics cucks.

    • @Chechno the Heimbach types are just a bad look. No one can argue with that. Lincoln Rockwell did it intentionally for the meme shock value at the time something we cant relate to. That no longer applies to today I grant you.
      But you totally miss the point HW is making either intentionally or by omission. What are these people fighting for? White rights? Christianity? An end to corrupt foreign interlopers? NO. They are fighting FOR TRUMP and only Trump which is a waste of time and effort not to mention setting people up for physical violence and or legal issues. Not to mention possibly losing their jobs.

      Why does Fuentes, Baked Alaska, Ethan Ralph and Ali Alexander do this? I am sure they like Trump but anyone honest will see this is purely for a grift and personal attention. They get off on this eCeleb nonsense and nothing more. “Give me super chats and Ninjaginis. Call me ” King””. It is embarrassing to anyone in the know. I feel for the hundred or so people who come to worship at these fools feet. They are lost and easily manipulated. This whole thing is an embarrassing grift as well as a total waste of time.

    • @Checheno “I see Aryans that go to the gym and are cool”
      Gay Nick FUENTES who is 5’3″ and has the legs of an anorexic woman

      Patrick Casey who is 5’5″ and skinny fat

      Baked Alaska who is just an all around mess and embarrassment

      Ethan Ralph who is a morbidly obese drunken buffoon
      The guy in a camo jacket and sweatpants whose belly is busting through his jacket

      Ali Alexander who looks like he was just flown in from Ethiopia and has the most severe underbite ever seen. Atleast part of his Stop The Steal grift was asking for free weights and excercies equipment as payment for his effort in keeping Trump in office.

      If you think this is what “cool gym going Aryans” look like my friend, you must be a total mess

      • 1. Nick is 5’8 and is taller than Casey, there are numerous photos that confirm this.
        2. All America First “leaders” need to start facelift, I grant this.
        I didn’t like that pathetic Trump cult either, but why would you object to what they are doing?
        Now there are thousands and thousands of conservatives who believe that these elections were stolen, that is a direct attack on American democracy. Even if you hate groypers and are white supremacists, this benefits you, as there are more opportunities for secession, as well as an increase in the radicalization of the conservative electorate, as we are seeing in numerous MAGA events.
        Much can be said about the people of America First, their association with characters like Baked Alaska or that dysgenic brown of Ali, I don’t like them either, but they serve as intermediaries to reach a certain audience. Baked’s content is crazy but it’s hilarious.
        Activism is not a waste of time, anyone who thinks this does not know the rise of fascist movements in Europe. Nick is reaching the boomers, I grant him that. He’s still young and talented, say what you want but the guy decided to go his own way after the Charlottesville failure, being attacked by much of the alt right and having 100 viewers per broadcast, look where he is now
        I remember perfectly that most of the “wignats” who hate him today, got along with him.
        Times change, all of this may fall apart over the next few years or instead we see the birth of the largest movement this nation has ever had. Only time will tell, the cards are on the table.

        • Ali was in Atlanta with Scott Presler, Brandon Straka, Michael Coudrey and his other stable of grifters. He is the point man for the GOP with the ties to the Mercer family. Nick answers to him.

        • You’re correct, Checheno.

          But Wallace either can’t see that the Trump movement isn’t so much about Trump, except as a convenient symbol for White American resistance to, and disbelief in, the system, because his Trump Derangement Syndrome is too strong to analyze it logically, or else he’s being paid not to see it.

          Given that his narrative of scorn and mockery for the Deplorables, and support for the honesty and democratic probity of US elections, the complete honesty of the (((mainstream media))) narrative, and actual agreement with the Republicans and Democrats (ie Uniparty) about Trump is identical to the System’s own position other than a few personal rhetorical flourishes, I’m inclined to think he’s on the payroll,

          • In four years as president, I can count on one hand the number of times Donald Trump mentioned White people. How many times did he mention the stock market or the lowest black unemployment rate in history?

        • I mean, Griffin’s position on this, other than some Confederate/right-wing window dressing, is the same snickering, vicious mockery of Trump supporters, and frenzied denial of election fraud despite glaring evidence thereof, as Vice.

          What does that tell you about him?

          If he honestly thought the whole thing was silly but WASN’T carrying water for the enemy, why talk about it at all? Just let people do their stuff and focus on something about history or culture, which he claims to be mainly interested in.

          The fraud accusations, even if he doesn’t believe them for some reason, are discomfiting and discrediting the very system he purports to oppose among a VAST swath of White Americans.

          Instead, more than a month after the election, he’s devoting most of his bandwidth to repeatedly trying to “DEBOONK” the “Bad Orange Man’s” accusations of fraud by the same lying, cheating, vilely anti-White system he allegedly opposes.

          Do none of you people have even a LITTLE suspicion about this?

          • Trump supporters deserve nothing but scorn and mockery, Kekist Mongoloid. It was Zion Don’s betrayal of white working and middle class males that resulted in his defeat, not some massive DemonKKKrap conspiracy to steal the election. Why don’t you ruminate on that the next time your wife is getting “blacked” by a bunch of based MAGA Negroes?

          • “The fraud accusations, even if he doesn’t believe them for some reason, are discomfiting and discrediting the very system he purports to oppose”:

            I can see that a passion for truth, for accuracy, would take precedence over telling lies, using a different form of fraud, against the system.

          • But I hasten to add that the electoral process in the U.S. should always be investigated, as thoroughly as possible, with full transparency so the world can see the true nature of the so-called “democracy.”

  6. I didn’t know who the colored was with the underbite. I assumed Hunter just threw in the photo for laughs. So this Ali Alexander is a homosexual and he is running this freak show. Doesn’t much surprise me as all of these people are rejects.

    However it is very telling about Anglin and his over the top support for this crew of freaks and sodomites. It looks like he’s up to his games again. Weev is also probably behind much of this as well. Anglin and weev have a history of mocking anything resembling pro – White advocacy and subsequently driving it into the ground.

  7. Michael Coudrey used to be named Mike Tokes. He would be on Baked’s old irl streams pre Charlottesville. Post Charlottesville he appeared on a couple of Baked’s Bloodsports where he confirmed he is jewish. What’s interesting is he was once arrested for committing check fraud, ripping off a synagogue. Kinda crazy how he was able to reinvent himself as some sort of investor. Where’s he getting the money?

  8. I’m laughing at Ali Akbar trying to herd this group of tards into supporting the Republicans for senate. “This will be the last time we let the corporate whore Republicans who sign my paychecks screw us, right guys?!? Final warning!!”

  9. I don’t live in America, and give the perspective of an outsider looking in. Late in the presidential election campaign, I began noticing blacks for Trump, fags for Trump, transgender for Trump, etc marching in US cities because he apparently did things to help their group, perhaps at the expense of normal whites. If anything, they likely helped Bidens odds.
    It’s seems trendy on both sides to help these bloated minority groups, without endeavouring to do a thing that favors whites without appearing ‘waysis’. It’s a Western – wide problem that also afflicts my own nations, political scene.
    We truly are a hated group, even in our own nations that we built.

      • @Terry Smith
        I have no idea what it will take to generate a world wide response that helps us for a change, rather than minority misfits who don’t belong with us. Maybe when we’re a third world dump, where we comprise 3% of the demographics?!
        These wankers in the corridors of power must be purged, and up on treachery charges.

        • @ goose, good sir, if i may, last night i promised my little girl, she is 8 years old, that i would take her christmass shopping , get mom a few more gifts, while we are standing in line, my daughter said to me, ” why does that man have pink hair and talk like a girl”, it was all i could do to keep from laughing myself silly, so i lowered my voice and told her because he wants to be a girl and that we will talk about this later, she has been wrapping gifts since we got home , so we havent talked about it yet, but we will, i tell you this sir, because our children give me hope, at least mine does.the , we have to start somewhere, i think we start with our young , we protect them and teach them right and the lives we personally live, should be a testament and an example of what is right and true. Any threat or danger to what should be most precious to us, must be dealt with, i am certain good sir, that you understand what i am at getting at, thank you for your response, nice to make your aquaintance and greetings and best wishes to all our good folk in the land down under.

          • @Terry Smith
            Same to you my friend. Merry Christmas………I repeat………merry Christmas, and a happy new year. I know your daughter is in good hands and will become an awesome young lady into the future.
            I’m sure we’ll speak again.

  10. If Perdue and Loeffler are corporate hacks, what does that make Trump who is wealthier than both of them combined?

  11. Still believe you are working with a corrupted data set, Hunter, and I believe the election was stolen, but I couldn’t care less who won.

    But seriously, I am having worries about Anglin. Read on his site yesterday where he says he is the same as the prophets of Israel. Says he isn’t a prophet, but they weren’t either.

    So he denied the prophets, saying God never spoke to them, but they were just like him, good at filtering evidence and able to guess what is coming. And he was claiming to be a Christian.

    Now today he tells us the Aussie Abos are not men, they are some kind of Gorilla. Yet they reproduce with white men easy enough. Are man and gorilla able to reproduce?

    Anglin seems to be going insane. Attaching himself to that homosexual Fuentes seems to have angered God, and I am not kidding. God is withdrawing from him.

    And you are still working with a kiked data set. Trump won by a large margin, and I still don’t care, because Trump/Xiden what really is the difference?

    • Just because abos and whites can reproduce does not make them equivalent. Lions and tigers can reproduce. Dogs and wolves can reproduce. Horses and donkeys can reproduce. Would you call any of these the same, or equal?

  12. Ware County GA, using a sequestered dominion/Smartmatic machine from that county, just ran an equal number of Trump and Xiden votes through the machine.

    So it came out 50/50, right? That’s what they put in.

    No, it showed a 26% lead for Xiden.

    The election was stolen. And you are working with a corrupted data set, Hunter.

  13. Election was stolen; Trump won. Yes, he was a huge disappointment; yes he will be a disappointment in his second term. Yes, he is MUCH better than harris.

  14. Wasn’t Patrick Casey the leader of the successor to Identity Europa which he rebranded as the American Identity Movement? (AIM) Whatever happed to that group? I thought that was a weak name for a group. Besides AIM is also the American Indian Movement. Why didn’t he call it the White Identity Movement instead?

  15. Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey and Vincent James are smart and good at speaking, also they transitioned very well from the old alt-right days. So did Baked Alaska, but he’s become more of a funny meme character than serious figure.

    Jaden McNeil is alright, but Scott Greer is annoying and cringe and Jake Lloyd is just a fat retard. Ali is the worst, though.

    Didn’t you like the groypers last year? I know Drumpf has been a failure, but what do you gain from disavowing the America First movement? They’re the closest thing to a pro-white movement being mainstream.

    • Wallace, at this point, is saying the Swamp is honest, truthful, legitimate, and moral, while mocking “nasty sore loser Trump and his ignorant stupid Deplorables without diplomas” for believing their lying eyes when suitcases of votes are wheeled out from under tables and counted illegal after hours.

      He has adopted the official line of the Swamp, the establishment Uniparty, and now defends it as the unassailable truth.

      The entire vote fraud thing is a superb opportunity to enrage and disillusion huge swaths of White Americans with the System. To completely destroy its legitimacy in their eyes. Isn’t this what Wallace always claims he wants? For people to withdraw from support of the system and cause its collapse. Trump and the election fraud scandal are pushing hugely in that direction.

      Why then is he defending the System’s integrity, authority, and legitimacy against the best chance that has presented itself in a generation to massively delegitimize it in the eyes of approximately 50% of the population?

      Why is he taking a position about the fraud that’s indistinguishable from the Swamp’s take? Why is he discarding this superb propaganda weapon which could totally and permanently destroy the System’s credibility with a very large percentage of Americans?

      This is something readers of this site should seriously think about.

      • Probably because I am sick of being associated with idiots, grifters and conspiratards. Especially after four years of Donald Trump’s reality television presidency demonstrated the worthlessness of “rightwing populism.”

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