Warnock-Loeffler Debate

This was painful to watch.

Kelly Loeffler is one of the worst candidates that I have ever seen. She is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the GOP and had nothing but stale conservative talking points. Rev. Warnock won that debate by a mile over this corporate stooge. It should help his cause.

Note: I’m glad that I don’t live in Georgia and have to choose between these two!

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  1. I waded through the video and several twitter threads. She’s just being abused for having long straight hair and being white. I can’t say that she is professionally very sympathetic but she’s being attacked as a white woman. Several comments along the lines of “she needs a haircut” or “Karen” or that she’s a cyborg Stepford wife. We know that her opponent is silverback gorilla.

    Makes me sympathetic toward her inspite of the association with the NYSE director.

    • I could never be sympathetic towards a women who gives her body and soul to the Jewish race. She’s renounced her whiteness so I have absolutely no sympathy.

      Apparently her opponent called Israel an apartheid state, that’s good enough for me.

      • But hses being attacked for being white. Which is unfortunately only technically true. She’s a spiritual Jew.

        • That was a good one and probably spot on. Once in office,their alliance change from America 1st to Israel 1st.

      • Stop calling blacks silverback gorillas it makes you look petty and a hollywood caricature of someone who is pro- white.

        Also Aside from the fact that gorillas are very gentle creatures and have high IQ compared to other monkeys. Rickys right Loeffler is a the embodiment of a Israel first republican no sympathy whatsoever! She and her heeb husband have a 165 million networth hasn’t done a single fucking thing for working class whites aside from grifting for her own pockets

        People called her Karen boo hoo I don’t care they might be right actually the worst Karens are the ones who act like the biggest victims yet are rich elite scum also she is Catholic very based lol

        • The problem is that Warnock isn’t attacking her as a Hebrew Lover. He’s doing the Karen attack. It only makes her more sympathetic. I’ll call him Idi Amin or Robert Mugabe if that makes it easiler on you…

      • I feel I owe that colored fella an apology for having called him an uppity nigger on Gab today; I did so without knowing all the facts. Loeffler obviously doesn’t deserve to win, but if the jew elites want her back in the Senate then that’s where she’s going.

        Cap’n John: How many times were you kicked in the head by your mule this week?

        • Hello Spahn,

          Love Sex Fear Death.

          Get back to your pet sanctuary.


          Process Church of the Final Judgement

    • @Captain John she is a loathsome woman who represents all we hate in practice but I cant help but agree with you. The whole time I kept thinking “these are all code words for white privilege”.
      Like HW, I am glad I am not being forced to choose. She is awful, but she is also being attacked as the representation of whiteness

  2. Loeffler mentioned Israel no less than 5 times. Even people who are not politically engaged must find that strange.

  3. She could have at least attacked the dindu ‘Reverend’ for his support of the party of abortion, open-borders, gun control and the other social issues – but oh wait! she’s on the same side as he is on these so all should could do is repeat retarded Con, Inc. talking points over and over. Any sensible person would not cast a vote for senate such an utterly fraudulent system. Typical Rotten Banana Empire senate ‘choice’: Hello goyim, choose from the Pedocrat candidate or the Gay Old Pedophile candidate. (See that that shit? it’s really GOLD!)

    • The Covid insider trading scandal (typical of both GOP and Dem corrupt politicians) should have seen her kicked out of office, pronto. Unbelievable chutzpah that she’s even on that stage.

  4. The Bloomington shiksa sells out Whites for 30 Pieces Of Silver but at least she didn’t get bred by that yid.

  5. It really is over for whites – in this Georgia runoff (Loeffler is, as Hunter points out emblematic of everything wrong with the GOP establishment and everything the left-liberal regime has TOLD US is wrong through constand on-point messaging), in elections period (any respectable-enougu black man who can calmly articulate a point about inequality on stage in front of a camera is undefeatable barring any real personal scandals), in this government (white being synonymous with racist, and racist being synonymous with white, no agenda of a white person or proposal put forward to help whites will succeed), and as a people in this country (when we have no ability to speak freely in public or to organize to affect change in our communities, when there are so many, old and young, that are attached to these worthless “conservative” platitudes that speech is ultimately irrelevant, when we can’t own and use weapons without inviting ruin on our families socially or legally, etc. Etc., what are we even living for?)

    Political organization seems to be impossible – there won’t be a spot at the left-liberal trough for defecters from our kind of politics, and any entryism will be swiftly rooted out. Organization of other kinds (of the more militant type) is the surest way to get oneself killed and/or to ruin things for everyone else. We can’t leave because it’s not any better anywhere else. We can’t stay here because Trump, who so many have invested all their hopes in, won’t do what he could do and should do because the survival of the white race isn’t worth a tumultuous war.

    I am praying for a cataclysmic disaster or Christ’s return, because nothing else is going to stop what is coming next.

  6. Re: “I’m glad that I don’t live in Georgia and have to choose between these two”:

    Support neither one! They BOTH support endless, global, imperialist war that is necessary to sustain capitalism.

    Here is a great video taken in our very strategically-located (smack between Russia, China and Iran) and very resource-rich (lithium and rare earth metals that we “need”) and opium-producing (we made it the world’s number one opium producer) colony in central Asia. We couldn’t care less about not “winning their hearts and minds,” as long as they can’t :stop us from taking whatever we want:


  7. Former Georgia congresswoman iCynthia McKinney would have been REAL opposition to Kelly “Q-Anon” Loeffler, but the Democrat Party got rid of Cynthia McKinney in Georgia. See:

  8. I am glad I watched this. The Rev is very likable and at least seems sincere. He is probably on the opposite spectrum of my views and goals in almost every regard, but Loeffler is doing nothing but citing the Hannity playbook. It is so obvious and insincere. “Radical left” “radical left” “Israel” “military” “police” “Marxism” “socialist”. Plus the Rev is the only one addressing Covid relief while she struggles to remember her keywords.
    His strategy is tight based on exit poll replies. Hammer home Covid relief.

      • @Captain John can you blame him. Attacking whites and denouncing White privilege and supremacy is pretty much a prerequisite to get any job from Starbucks barista to Congess. It is safe and it is beloved by the elites in power more than anyone. You are right though, my heart is to white knight for the white lady but my mind is telling me that the “Conservatives” need to lose all power before we can make and forward progress.

        Sh*tty position to be in but still clear. Let the Republican party fade away or just drop off. Either way is fine by me

  9. Choosing between the two?

    C’mon, man. It’s been clear for almost a year, from the Yang days. You would vote for the candidate who promises to give you money.

    Another topic. I read westland will on twitter every day until last Friday when I got sick of reading his tweets about the election fraud “hoax” and I deleted him from my list. Turns out he was suspended by Twitter right around that time. I hope I didn’t jinx him…

  10. The United States is terminal! The political class will ride it down to the end squeezing every bit of money it has and then either move to another country or live out their lives in gated communities with private security.

  11. The problem with “woke” coons is they differentiate between jews and whites. To them, we are all the same even tough we are opposite ends of the spectrum. jews don’t even consider themselves as whites.

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