Col. Allen West Calls On Texas To Secede From The Union

Will Col. Allen West lead us into Confederacy 2.0?

Daily Mail:

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West suggested states should secede from the union after the Supreme Court refused to hear a case President Donald Trump wanted to use to overturn the presidential election. 

‘This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the US constitution and not be held accountable,’ West said. ‘Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution,’ he added. 

His comments were quickly read as a push for secession, what southern states did in the lead-up to the Civil War, in a dispute over slavery.      

Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it.

Seriously though, this is probably what we would get … not anything resembling the Confederacy, but Tea Party Boomers trying to save America by returning to the glory days of the 2000s.

Note: I’ve been in a cynical mood this year.

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  1. I could ask why is a black man head of the Texas Republican Party but to ask the question is to answer it. It could be this man is qualified but I suspect many others are as well. He is probably window dressing. Surely the vast majority of Texas Republicans are white.

    I wonder if Europeans and others realize the real race situation is a lot different than what they see in American movies/news reports etc. You actually have to be in the States to fully appreciate what is going on.

    At a school I went to there was a Canadian girl and she was shocked that blacks in America were so much different and horrible compared to what she expected. A couple of trips to the mall and theatre was eye-opening.

    I am not currently aware of any Mexican/Mexican-Americans who are not black aware. Last year we had some roofers put in a new roof on one of our homes in Texas and the Anglo foreman said his Mexican crew refuses to work in any black dominated area.

    • @Cristina
      I visited the UK a couple of years ago from Australia for a tour. I expected the blacks there to be a little more outgoing and friendly than what they were, because that’s how they’re generally portrayed on TV. But I had trouble getting boo out them. They don’t smile, they don’t say hi. The white locals were generally the friendliest. Not saying the blacks were rude or obnoxious mind you. They’re not generally doing anything wrong ……….. they’re just there in the background. Maybe they weren’t trying to come across that way. I wouldn’t know.
      I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve met some great non whites in my time, and some bloody hideous whites. It pains me to say that my race isn’t perfect. It doesn’t mean we should be made minorities everywhere we are though. Change the majority, and you change the country.
      There’s now a few Latin Americans in Australia and I’m generally ok with them. They’re Christian, and rather European looking.

        • @Cristina…

          You are right – a New England Party filled full of Rural Southern Confederates is too oxymoronick to contemplate, and, yet, it exists.

          Politicks makes for strange bedfellows, or so they say.

          • Ivan,

            Nice to hear from you again.

            The first history class I took in Texas we were taught that Texas when they became American in 1845 could secede and/or break up into 5 states. I read a long article on the matter on Mozilla and came away confused.

            Can Texas do this legally?

          • Ivan,

            Nice to hear from you. Yes, that example seems true. I am sorry about your disappointment in the justice system regarding the election.

          • Thank you, Dear Cristina, for your sympathy for our failing country.
            It’s painful to watch and go through, but, to get to the light, we must go through this.

            Always good to see you here, too.

            Technically, Texas cannot secede legally, because The New England Yankees, in the years immediately following Appomattox added an amendment to The Constitution stating that secession is illegal.

            Of course, this is ridiculous, because secession is always decided by will and rifles, not by law.

            This country is going to reconfederate, hopefully peacefully, but, if not, then those who will not accept it will have to learn it the hard way.

            Be well, My Dear!

      • @Captain John Charity Spring MA So true. The GOP is so worried about attracting black voters. Maybe they can still come up with that $500 billion dollar gift money to give them.

  2. We got our based black tokens up the front, so our people won’t piss their pants and run, when the left calls us racist. Lets GOOOO!

    The Constitutional (Conservative) States of America:
    1) Massive legal non-white immigration to keep working class wages in the basement.
    2) Libertarianism for the poor.
    3) Socialism for the very rich.

    We’ll be the envy of the world!

    • It will be even worse than I imagined. See MILO on Parler putting his gay face on pictures of Confederate generals.

      Add these to the horrors above:
      1) Israel First
      2) Pro Gay
      3) Pro Mega Corporation
      4) Pro Banker
      5) Pro Diversity.

      And to prevent election frauds in future, only one party will be allowed to run, and it will be run by Con Inc.

    • Exactly. If it going to be lead by conservative blacks and weak as fu*k white conservatives I prefer it to fail.

    • Is there ANY difference between the two parties? They both favor amnesty, more “immigration”, more money to anyone not white, race-mixing, etc.

  3. It’s not cynicism, HW – it is your White N European male innate sense of rationality and order that is telling you that none of what is going on now is natural or correct. The US as a whole has now assumed completely the mindset, emotions and thought processes of the jews that have run this country for 50 years now( the argument could be made for 110 years) and it is in complete contradiction of 10000 years of what we – as White N Europeans – have hardwired into us. There has literally never been a country that has come under such total control of the jews as the United States has with the possible exception of the USSR for its first 20 years.

    • Poland in the medieval period. The Schlacter and the Jews were peas in a pod. But yes, never have a white population been so subservient, never have various minority groups used their formidable powers to ride into power quite like this.

  4. You’ve been in a cynical mood this year, HW? Why doesn’t that cynicism extend to the government’s baseless/unfounded claim that 200,000 Americans have died so far from the Kung Flu?

  5. So talk of secession is going mainstream but you don’t think that’s good enough? Well, its not going to be Stonewall Jackson who will lead these people I can tell you that so if what you see is not good enough for you just get your stimulus money and thank the Senile and the Streetshitter!

      • I do not remember 2012 being anything like this year, Sir.

        Secession was the last word in the mouth of the mainstream, during those years, whereas, now, it is not only appearing, it has not even yet begun to crest.

        You know that, because you were one of the few, back then, who was voicing secessionist thoughts.

        • Most people don’t even care. They are planning their next vacation or looking at new cars. They are more consumed with the latest pop “artists” than they are politics. They want others to do the worrying for them.

          • @Pilot…

            “Most people don’t even care. They are planning their next vacation or looking at new cars. ”

            If that is the way it is where you live, fine. Where I live, in The Olde Confederacy, it is quite the opposite.

            Folks down here are so absorbed by the state of the nation, comments about it feature in every conversation.

            Folks down here are deeply disturbed and angered, like I have not seen since the 1960s.

  6. @HW Cynicism stems from an intelligent persons skepticism about common narratives. It is healthy especially when you face a situation in which one side is Boomers worshiping at the leadership “Team Grifter” composed of Ali Akbar, Little Nicky, Baked Alaska, Lady Maga and her team of based gays, and a reality show steak salesman OR ruthless cosmopolitan elites and their public face composed of AOC and her fellow strong brown women.

    Best to stay skeptical and sit this one out. We have no side although I like Colonel West and all the old school Boomerblack republicans like Keyes, Clarence Thomas and our good doctor Ben Carson. I really dont have anything bad to say about those guys. They mean well enough

  7. They didn’t or wouldn’t drop a drone strike on BLM, but they are asking for secession? It’s absurd.

  8. No one is going to secede near term, not while the welfare state is intact. But the talk of it is good.

    We are headed to war. After ZOG loses the war, and the dollar is worthless, then we can do the dirty business of separation.

    Now that the Seven Catholics and Two Jews have agreed 9 to 0 to ratify the fraudulent election, we can say, voting is useless, democracy is dead. There never was much hope that those Judges would do anything to save a nation founded by protestants.

    Xiden will institute us as a new nation, unofficially named The Coviet Union.

    Soon to follow, President Camel, who will be the last President of The Coviet Union, followed by dissolution.

    • Re: “We are headed to war. After ZOG loses the war, and the dollar is worthless….”

      The U.S. is AT war, and nearly always has been. Now the long advance against the last ethno-national resistances to total, global, DOLLAR hegemony is accelerating. The Dollar will not become worthless. The Empire of the Almighty Dollar is extremely strong and durable, because it has the greatest military, and the largest military budget in history nearly equal to the spending of all other nations combined, when officially non-military and covert and black budget spending are factored in, and the greatest propaganda machine that controls information and molds thought worldwide, and because all governments, and almost all people in the world, LUST for our DOLLARS that we create.

      The love of money, as the Scripture says, is the root of all this evil.

      Re: “Seven Catholics and Two Jews have agreed 9 to 0 to ratify the fraudulent election, we can say, voting is useless, democracy is dead. There never was much hope that those Judges would do anything to save a nation founded by protestant”:

      What was Alexander Hamilton?

  9. @ too ad race to this issue, only complicates and distracts further, is thee law absolute? Are we subjects of the law or subject too the law, are we duty bound as citizens, to adhere to the law, as ruled upon by thee highest court of the land, or recognise and obey , what ever laws that suit us?

  10. Looks like they are still grifting off of the Trump dog and pony show even though it’s closing time for this one act lame comedy routine.

    • My mom got a call asking for money today. These people really are scum, grifting people and giving false hope.

      • I agree. They know it was a coup, and nothing can be done. Everything in the government is on board. The Republicans should have known better. First Russia Gate, then the Impeachment, and they just sat on their hands with the election. One could…almost…say…they were part of it.

  11. “Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West suggested states should secede from the union after the Supreme Court refused to hear a case President Donald Trump wanted to use to overturn the presidential election.”

    He’s right. It’s as simple as that.

    The only real obstacles are the Southern People and their natural political allies and friends in the Interior West.

  12. Secession with “Diversity” is a con. It’s a complete fraud. I suspect it’s nothing but a confidence game setting up the next scam on GOP true believers.

    • @More of The Same…

      “Secession with “Diversity” is a con. It’s a complete fraud.”

      No, Sir – secession is not the exclusive terrain of traditional White Males on The Right.

      No fraud to it, whatsoever.

      People are talking secession everywhere, and from a communal will comes governance.

  13. I agree 100% with Allen West!! I’d gladly move to Texas!! I refuse Rob is down to the Democratic Party of Satan!!

  14. It’s been pretty amazing to watch the GOP and their media allies in action this year. They know exactly what buttons to push to keep their base loyal after decades of being stabbed in the back.

    This reminds me of the pointless talk about a constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage back in the 2000s. Republicans knew there was zero chance of it happening, but by endorsing it rhetorically it absolved them from having to take any practical action in the culture wars. It feels the same now about secession. Until state republicans get serious about nullifying unconstitutional federal laws, anyone mentioning secession is just engaging in cheap talk.

  15. My favorite newly discovered user name for today out there (12/12/2020): “killacommieformommy”

    Yes, secession is the only way out of this nightmare for the past 150 years and before but the people in power want to stay in power so of course they don’t like it.

    It will most likely take a surprise nuclear attack from outside powers to finally break their grip. If two-thirds of us have to die it will be worth it. In 1865 they should have kept on fighting to either victory or death rather than submit to this vile anti-God Yankee Empire.

    “Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand. This, of course, is for your ear only. My friend, good-morning.”
    — General Robert E. Lee, August 1870 to Governor Stockdale of Texas

  16. I’m not counting on Texas. Texas led the country in passing an anti-boycott Israel law a few years ago. Gov. Abbott said at the time that “any anti-Israel policy is an anti-Texas policy”. If a new republic is formed, or even a new political party, it will have to break with Zionism if anything is to be accomplished. Zionism is the poisoned well and the cause of our national illness.

  17. Why is Hunter Wallace not overjoyed by this news?

    As I suspect Oriental Dissent has been compromised by the Yang Gang and is just a vehicle for Biden-Jiping ChiCom propaganda!

    But no matter, Based Blacks like Allen West will continue fighting for the Lost Cause whilst Oriental Dissent continues with its Yellow Fever program.

    • Based Black and other Based minorities are my allies. IMO I’d rather have a nation of based people and no niggers regardless of their skin color.

  18. Allen West is talking out of his ass. As much as I agree with him in secession, it will never happen because it takes more than talk to succeed from ZOG. You have people walking around with diapers on their faces and will not even fight back against the tyranny of “covid”

  19. Talk of session is more performance art politics and theater. None of these clowns are serious. It should be obvious by now that everything associated with Trump is BS.

  20. Goeie More Miss Cristina Romana Alva. H., I send you warm greetings on this sunny but cold day just outside Chicago… just outside… the Satanic, sodomite, BlackLiesMatter, Zio Antifa Chicago state of Illinois hell complete with a BlackLiesMatter lesbian mayor and stereotypical rich Jew boy Governor. But why be negative on such a sunny day?


    Hey Mis Cristina Romana Alva. H. – did you get married yet, are you engaged? Your fans ( being one ) want to know.

    You don’t want to be like “our” White Anglo miseducated never married, unhappy feminists – they’re miserable and they’re making all of us miserable.

    Why be miserable?

    Hey Cristina Romana Alva. H. – maybe your son could be the tough, no nonsense (sort of White) Latin/Hispanic tough guy strongman to step in and save the day. We could sure use a Franco, a Pinochet. Don’t think the likes of Jimmy Carter or the Bush family are going to get us out of this #*$#@.

    🙂 Stay strong Catholic sister Cristina Romana Alva. H.

    J Ryan
    Left behind just outside of Chicago

    • Mister Ryan,

      I am glad you are still around. I have not checked Political Cesspool in a while. I suppose you are still a guest on radio at times.

      No I am not married or engaged. I have grown a lot in the last year. I look back on some of my comments last year and I blush at how school girlish they seem.

      No. I will never be like a WASP liberal girl. I am made for the opposite sex and to have babies. My girl friends and myself think about that all the time. We know what and who we are made for.

      Any sons I have better be strong. Remember that I have no mercy for liberalism and it’s supporters. I thank you for your wonderful letter. I love snow–probably only because I generally see so little of it.


    • Mr. Ryan,

      Soon I head to Mexico for the Christmas vacation so I wish you Merry Christmas!
      I give you this.

  21. What a very interesting time it is. If the Tea Party Republicans can Secede from the Union …so can we Southerners who actually care about the future of the South and Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

  22. Allen West is an Israel first cuckservative..

    Allen West addressed the 2017 Christians United for Israel summit.
    “As goes Israel – so goes the United States of America and so goes Western civilization. And so many of our adversaries and enemies know that. That’s what we’re facing all across the Middle East and, truthfully, all across the world.”

    Allen West’s job is to harness white American patriotism for Israel.

    • @Jim…

      This is why The far Right can never go anywhere – because, whenever someone does not line up with every single belief of someone else, then they are dismissed.

      Who cares about Israel – either for or against?

      I don’t. I am interested in what happens to my country, Dixie, and I’ll be damned if someone’s opinions about Palestine, or Mongolia, for that matter, have any meaning to me.

      • Re: “Who cares about Israel – either for or against? I don’t. I am interested in what happens to my country (…) and I’ll be (…) if someone’s opinions about Palestine, or Mongolia, for that matter, have any meaning to me”:

        But Ivan, the U.S.’s FOREIGN policy is the MOST important issue. It determines whether the Empire, versus all that s good in the world, stands or falls.

        • @Anonymous…

          I respectfully disagree. Foreign policy, though important, is not nearly so important as internal security issues – like wide open borders or alien usurpation.

          The issues, concerning what I assume you are referring to as matters of Zionist influence, cannot be resolved until this country can be reorganized.

          Nitpicking each other forestalls and prevents that.

  23. Succession is obviously the answer, unless you want to live with endless lockdowns and rigged elections that the democratic establishment runs to suit themselves. I don’t know about so called black conservatives, and the dumb ass tea party. I thought Allen West was from Florida, maybe it’s a different guy.

    • @Copperhead…

      There are plenty of Black Conservatives, though, like White Conservatives, they divide along many of the same lines that run from theocrats and nationalists to fiscal libertarians.

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