Supreme Court Rejects Texas Lawsuit

It is officially over.

Donald Trump has lost the 2020 election.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court refused Friday to let Texas challenge the election results in four battleground states critical to President Donald Trump’s defeat at the polls last month, likely sealing his political fate.

“Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections,” the court said in a brief order. It dismissed all other related claims as moot.

The justices’ action clears the way for electors to convene in 50 states and the District of Columbia Monday and all but confirm that President-elect Joe Biden will be the nation’s 46th president. …”

BTW, there was never a plan.

If you trusted the plan, you were taken for a ride by grifters.

Note: The Supreme Court stepped in to put an end to this before Trump could solicit another $200 million in donations from his supporters off the voter fraud narrative.

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  1. The downside is that, once again, The United States’ Government demonstrates that it does not know it’s own law and or will not uphold it.

    The upside is that Red State America is never going to accept this.

    When the law fails, violence always follows.

    Can you say 1861?

      • Yes, Spahn – looking down at us from the moral and intellectual heights you occupy, what else can we be but gutless chumps?

        Oh, Fearless Swami, we eagerly await your next move!

    • Don’t worry, as we all know, Trump’s Loyalist Soldiers have raided the server farms in Germany that hacked the election, and CIA director Gina Haspel was killed in the shootout with the Deep State Socialists.

      At least, that is what dozens of these pro-Trump handles have been saying for the last month.

      Are they going to just soldier on, or change handles?

      • Also, Coney is her maiden name, not middle. A complete “Rodham” feminist. Never trusts a women, and even less, a feminist.

  2. What did these idiots except? All three “judges” are NOT conservative in the definition of the word. They are libertarians at best. Cuck James is no different than Fuentes, Anglin and the rest of the believers. Fools, all of them.

    Hey @Ivan, I thought Barret was true to her convictions? Wake up, man. Still think she is going to overturn abortion and affirmative action? If I knew you, I would bet you $100 against.

      • Spahn – there are 2 Systems – one System fully serves the Tribe(Wall St, the media, entertainment industry, etc) and the other System is a false one – this illusionary System(The Matrix if I can use a lame analogy) is the one where the masses are led to believe that presidents and politicians are elected and not preordained to their positions by the oligarchs. Goebbels spoke at length about all of this 80 years ago.

    • @John…

      You were right and I was wrong. Justice Barrett declined to uphold the law in the most critical instance, and, as well, so did Trump’s other two picks.

      It’s extremely disappointing, to say the least and it is the last aspect of the system to fail in a spectacular way.

      Yet, this disappointment does nothing to change my position – that of being a secessionist who is biding his time until his countrymen are ready.

      And that moment is likely soon upon us, as, not only locally, but throughout the South, I sense that people have had it with the United States, or, at least, as currently composed.

      Texas will go first, others will follow.

      • @Ivan,

        Thanks for not laying into me. That was not the response I was looking for. I am very cynical of the US govt and all its working parts. This nation died when the south lost the war,

        • @John…

          You’re very welcome, John, but, there was nothing to ‘lay into’, for you were right, or, at least, so far.

          Yes, our Southern Forefathers put on the grey to preserve the genius of America, and, though our veterans turning into The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan put off the inevitable destruction for 50-100 years, the result of Appomattox set into course the rise of a Federal New England Empire that would be largely turned over to Globalist Jewry.

          It’s tumbling down now, however, and, just like Humpty-Dumpty, nothing will put it back together.

    • @John…

      One thing I will add – it may have always been Justice Barret’s convictions that the Supreme Court should not hear such a case.

      I have no idea.

      Certainly she is a believer in the 10th Amendment – States’ Rights.

      This is not to say that her decision her is not disappointing – it is.

      One final note I would add : it is not a good thing to assume the worst from people, until they set a pattern of behavior that forces you to that conclusion.

      Though this is a bad start for Barrett, to my view, let us see how she rules over a bevy of other cases arising from all the election suits now docketed in the Supreme Court and on their way.

      2 months from now, we will have a much more thorough measure of her judicial temperment and her courage, if she has enough to buck Roberts endless pesterings.

      • I thought she was a liberal from the start. Female college professor, adopted kids from Haiti. Come on, you guys wake up!

        • @Pilot…

          Barret’s history is the antithesis of Liberal.

          That she, in her first weeks, is bullied into passivity on the Texas Lawsuit, by the long-tenured chief justice is definitely not a good thing, but, hardly proof that she is a Liberal.

          Why don’t you wake up and give the lady a chance.

          Over the next several years, if we stay together that long, who she is will become apparent.

  3. What are your thoughts on the possibility that the GOP will fracture over this? Will it go the way of the Whigs? Will Trump attempt to form a third party and an own media empire?

  4. Texas has not taken such a beating since George H. Thomas whupped John B. Hood in the battle of Franklin. But in this case, it is not the end of the civil war, but the beginning of another one.

  5. Yes she has! All of Trump’s appointees voted not to hear it. No longer can Conservatives say we must vote Republican otherwise Democrats will put leftists judges in place. In a perfect would we would see a constitutional amendment whereby 2/3 of the states could over turn a Supreme court decision along with limiting their term to 20 years. But in reality the U.S. is no longer us and the only thing that can save us is a nation wide, county by county, red secessionist movement dedicated to the creation of a White Heartland Republic. The fat lady has sung and probably a biracial transgendered women at that! It’s time to leave! Get off the USS Titanic before she drags you to the bottom with her!

  6. They are going to Burn Down The GOP, by creating a new PAC to raise money and run new candidates for the GOP. They’ll call anyone who won’t vote GOP a wignat (white nigger).

    They’ve been telling us to vote out bad GOP politicians for as long as I can remember, and I’m OLD. Out goes the bad GOP, in goes a good boy who turns bad. Please send moneyz, so we can do it again!

  7. These kind of things are – I don’t want to say “ill-omened”, but they have a way of coming back to bite the perps on the ass. Like Bush/America illegally invading Iraq and Afghanistan. Like the West creating ISIS. Like ignoring, aiding and abetting the and real estate bubbles. I think President Kum-allah is going to run into some blowback after this blatant fraud.
    Whatever we think about Trump, this is a watershed and the Texas suit was the last chance to resolve it legally.

  8. HW – I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent website which must take a lot of work. A lot of formerly good sites have gone down the crapper the last few years. It really pisses me off that thanks to the jews that run The Internets I cannot give you some Judefetzen through PayPal of GoFundMe or something – and – since I am a GenXer Bitcoin and other cryptos frighten and confuses me so that is not really an option for me. Thanks again.

  9. “We have to vote Republican to keep the Dems from packing the court with liberal judges”

    No need, Blumph took care of that by picking left center judges. Just a little research into his picks and you would see they are all compromised, including ACB, the fake “Conservative” who adopts black kids from Haiti. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    There’s no winning playing two card Monty, also known as the two party voting system.

    • Unless I’m mistaken Bork, Renquist and Scalia were the last real conservative judges. But they graduated from law school before the Left completed its Long March through the Institutions.

      • @Spahn…

        You are not mistaken about the true conservatism of the judges you mentioned, but, you are mistaken that they are the last.

        There are quite a few real Conservatives at every age and level of the Judiciary now, thanks to President Trump.

    • This country is not a nation. We don’t have a common people. The Northern European founding stock has very different proclivities than the 3rd worlders we have allowed in.

      • Excellent response. Yes, we have been made foreigners in our own land. All of this “give it back to the Indians (Mexico) and other liberal agenda, have destroyed this nation. It simply can’t go on giving trillions in public assistance, free medicine, housing, food, etc., to people who never paid into the system. Same with letting them on SS and Medicare. But people want to be NICE, and get approval, and they fear the “racist” label, and as long as this stuff goes on, nothing will change.

      • @Powell…

        Absolutely right – The disUnited States’ is NOT a nation, but, rather, an empire of many nations, one of which is Dixie.

        The thought of what Dixie can be, when out from underneath the yolk of alien tyranny, is positively tantalizing.

  10. The US went to war against Mexico (in part) so that Texas could remain an American state, only to have it secede from the Union 13 years later. The question now is whether Texas should once again become an independent Republic or join a new Southern Confederacy?

    • Spahnranch1970

      Back then, though, the U.S. was the South. New England wanted to secede and the other Northern States didn’t really participate much in the War. The usual suspects denounced the South at the time, and expressed sympathy and solidarity with Mexico, like they do now.

  11. I’m no fan of Trump, but this is yet another childish post practically devoid of original content/thinking from the Pillsbury Doughboy — SCOTUS decided not to consider the TX suit for a dumb-sounding procedural reason, a decision that wasn’t even unanimous — meaning the court did not consider whether the striking voting irregularities (across several states) likely indicated fraud, and whether that fraud was extensive enough to cast ‘reasonable doubt’ on the outcome of the election, and therefore some kind of remedial action (not sure what, a problem for sure) was warranted — albeit the actual fraud would be very difficult to prove.

    Let me put it this way: if you don’t think there was fraud in this election, then e.g. if you like smoking you ought to light up, since the association of smoking with lung cancer, heart disease, etc is strictly statistical, i.e. based on large epidemiological studies (as a lot of modern medicine is) — you would look in vain for evidence of exactly how smoking causes those diseases.

    You ought to resume putting out COVID posts consisting of dates with numbers by them — you were pretty good at that, and you’re not intellectually capable of much else really.

    Graph showing a huge, statistically extremely unlikely vote spike for Biden in WI during the early hours of Wed Nov 4:

    Graph showing a huge, statistically extremely unlikely vote spike for Biden in MI during the early hours of Wed Nov 4:

  12. Anyone who still things a “conservative”, Republican appointed, SCOTUS is going to “save” us is delusional.

  13. @Ron:
    At some point you begin to think that VD is just a planted fraud; on YouTube he seems intelligent, but his website is a joke; what is really strange is that he manges to maintain a platoon of cheerleaders, (‘commenters’). Has anyone ever actually SEEN, or SPOKEN TO, one of VD’s ‘commenters’? Are they perhaps all just VD talking to himself? And don’t forget to look at Q at least 4 times daily.

  14. The US Supreme Court refuses to hear arguments 99% of all cases presented to it, literally

    Whilst denying to hear the Trump vote fraud case, the Justices did however this week agree, to hear in detail, an appeal by very-Jewish investment bank Goldman Sachs, which is seeking to evade judgments to pay investors who felt defrauded by Goldman

    Goldman Sachs is ‘important’ for the Supreme Court, not the nation’s common citizens getting the wrong President

    Clearly they should have heard evidence in Trump’s election fraud claims … it is almost a case of common law fraud, as fake elections in a state for president, senator or congress-person clearly and greatly damage other states, and the US Supreme Court is the court recourse for this

    And this is true even tho state legislators can pick presidential electors … by allowing / staging a fraudulent election, the fake vote totals add prestige & power to that president if he gets in, altering political dynamics

    Trump still does have legal authority to call the troops in to stay in office

    Under USA federal law 10 US Code §253, the President can “by using militia or armed forces or any means … suppress in a State any conspiracy … if any part of people is deprived of a right … or denied equal protection of laws…”

  15. But Trump does not have the support of the top military brass who notably declared they would not support him if he sent out the troops to quell the burning, looting and killing. Sorry, but whether he won by a landslide or not, he cannot govern if everyone entrenched in the bureaucracies are against him.

    The SCOTUS decision not to hear a very Constitutional challenge brought by Texas was the exclamation point ordering Trump to leave the White House. Trump should stop wasting his time and spinning his wheels and go.

    But before he goes, he should pardon Manafort, Stone, Assange, Snowden, A man I know said that, in Trump’s place, he would pardon Joe and Hunter Biden to put a spoke in the wheels of speeding up the inauguration of President Kamala Harris. Mwahaha.

    In any case, I think the Republicans have finally proved how useless they are to White America … again. Even at their most Anti-Black, the Democrats had more Blacks voting for them, because the Democrats have a Will to Power completely lacking with the Republicans who aren’t interested in much more than corporate profits.

    I just think we need to start voting in Democrat primaries to resurrect populist Democrats who are not Anti-White.

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