Live Thread: 2021 Georgia Senate Races

The performance art “deficit hawks” are on the ballot.

The choice is between $2,000 and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul speeches.

It was Turtle’s choice to make $2,000 the issue of this campaign. He could have easily passed it and personally blocked it six times. Donald Trump supported it. The House supported it. The Senate would have supported it. 81% of Americans and 80% of Republicans supported it. Turtle preferred to gamble on retaining his Senate majority over giving you $2,000. That’s how much he hates you.

Note: The check could have easily gone out with Trump’s name on it and Republicans would have gotten credit for it and made good on their rhetoric about being the party of populism and the “working class.”

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  1. I hope the Republicans lose every race from now on. The quicker they are gone the better it will be a for a new party for Whites to be born.

    • Wasn’t the Republican Party formed out of the wreckage of the Whigs and Know Nothings? In like manner they too shall give birth to a new party, one that must be explicitly pro-White and pro-American.

    • Someone on Telegram posted an old newspaper story where bitch mcconnnell returned a $1000 campaign donation to trump. McConnell was an asshole about it too. He told trump that he probably needs it more. So there’s been some bad blood between those two for decades.

      • I don’t doubt there’s bad blood between them but this is about Mitch’s deliberate moves which may very well cost the GOP the control of the Senate. Not that it really matters to us.

  2. Another parent anecdote. There are six Boomers sitting in my family home, which was once German Dutch and Irish for 150 years but now looks like Durkadurkastan, sick to their stomachs that the Democraps might take the Senate. I made it past 10 minutes this time but under 30 till I cracked a snarky Trump joke and began laughing. I was asked to leave. Again. Second time in two visits in one week.

    One thing you guys should know by now. Any White Christian working class person over 65 no matter if they were a Democrat their whole lives, now lives and dies for the GOP and Trump. Has nothing to do with race, religion or immigration I am told. I dont believe it or at least believe they have gotten good at lying to themselves

    • Yes, the old Xtians are unbreakably welded to Dump & the GOP: I have a furious aunt who patrols Faceberg spewing corrosive venom on any Damn Librul Demonrat who DARES to post anything that might possibly be construed as being slightly less than 100% approving of Our President…lol.

      The hearts of these types are in the right place, but most of them are either too willfully ignernt to see facts, or just too stupid to understand them. They’re old, set in their ways & mule-stubborn; full of pride, sure that no one could put one over on THEM, jack. They don’t read, they just watch Fux jews (or at least did until the Gawd Emperor came out agin’ ’em).

      The poor old wretches are pitiable, standing around befuddled in their MAGA hats & ‘Murcan flag shirts as the country they grew up in vanishes forever – but they’re also one of the main stumbling blocks to retaking our stolen birthright, because the second anyone with knowledge & understanding points out the (((Real Problem))), why, itz “Muh JEEEE-sus wuz a jew!!”, and down slams their mental wall of protection.

    • Lipless Bitch & the rest of the Repuglicuck whores must be politically destroyed forever for their betrayal of both the Founders and our race. We must have TRUE representation that is economically populist, anti global crony capitalist and – above all – ANTI-KIKE.

      Nothing else will ever do.

  3. I would literally vote for whoever would dole out the most money to us goyim – after Congress and Trump doled out $14T to Wall St after March I stopped caring about deficits, inflation, the Death of the Dollar, etc. – just Gimme That F’in Bag

  4. For me, as a Dixiecrat, I usually have to make a hard choice between candidates.

    I tend to prefer Democrats on economic issues, but, in the last 12 years they have become so appalling on most of the other issues, voting for them feels like injecting myself with slime.

  5. I sat out the election. Just went to work, came back home, had a nice dinner with my fiancee, and drank a few beers. Had a few “nationalist” friends bitch at me bc I wouldn’t casta ballot for the GOP, but eh, whatev. My conscious is clear.

  6. I’ve seen this movie before: performance art cost the GOP suburbia again. Wait, you’re telling me fake politics didn’t win educated voters back? Impossible!

    I’m hoping for the happy path — Joe Manchin blocks a lot of the lunatic stuff and more good things happen than bad.

  7. The GOP could have won GA simply if McConnell had allowed a stand alone vote on the $2,000. Top tier republicans like him are more comfortable being in a minority. He sabotaged the vote even after Loeffler and Purdue came out in favor of it.

  8. Trump 2016 was billed as the last chance for America and it was. The demographic clock has run out. Too bad it was all just an ego trip for Trump.

  9. It is all rigged. Stalin was right. Only the ppl who count the votes matter. Mitch’s Chinese handler will beat his ass again, then put the move on Schumer.

  10. Modern Christianity won’t remove them. Conservatism won’t remove them.

    Only Pan-Ethnic European National Socialism will remove them. Accept no substitute.

  11. I never thought I would say a thing like this but I’m glad the jew and the spade won. I hope their victories are a complete humiliation for Trump and the Republicucks, one that they will never be able to recover from.

  12. How can you not support the Republicans in Georgia? They’ve spent the last 50 years creating jobs for Georgians! Unfortunately, the so-called Georgians are mostly transplants and immigrants who largely have nothing in common with actual Georgians, and who mostly vote Democrat

  13. Shocking a state becoming incredibly black votes Democrat., eh? Lol. Years of allowing black welfare, non married chicks to just keep plopping out more trouble has created the obvious. Decades of third world immigration has also created the obvious. Throw in transplants from the North and Georgia is becoming like Virginia.

    Only stupid White people pretend demographics do not matter while every other group thrives off it. So now we once again go from ” diversity is a strength” to ” shut up whitey, you owe us.” But is there a little smile in blowing up the Republitard Party and Mitch Mc Ching a Ling? Of course.

  14. Gee, just so ” shocking” the video of the fake black preacher, Warnock, came out as late as it, if he were a Republican it would have been out months ago. Not that most blacks would care because: 1) He’s black 2) He’s a Democrat 3) He’s for executing the unborn 4) He beats his wife and rides over her foot and constantly lies like a good homey.

    Too many Christians get rolled on immigration thinking we have to take everyone in which is totally not Biblical. Even worse is allowing in hordes of Moslems without changing their religion. So we let Somalia in and gee, what a shock! They vote Democrat and for other Moslems! Diversity is a strength…for communism. Hey Mitch, you still happy blocking that 2k? Apparently you are going to lose at running it soon. We got a black fake preacher and a Jewish huckster to toss you out!

  15. a jew and a black that are both anti-white


    two capital supremacists that are anti-white, one being married to a jew

    no point in voting in state elections either. Whites are a stateless minority in this shit country.

  16. The Republicans have no one but themselves to blame. They took their base for granted and put their noses up at them. Now, the GOP is being punished. It’s about time.

    • T he Republicans no longer have a base. It’s about time, since their base had no representation. Too late.

  17. Al Jazeera reports today that Iran has requested Interpol to order the arrest of Donald Trump and 47 other U.S. government officials who were responsible for the cold-blooded murder of Qasem Soleimani who was travelling in his car on a diplomatic mission. However the U.S. fully controls Interpol, so the request will not be granted, at least not during the Trump administration for Trump’s arrest, and never for the arrest of the 47 others.

    As Australian “Bogan socialist” blogger Caitlin Johnstone says, “Americans only care about America, and their rulers only care about world domination”: – “You wouldn’t know it from the dominant chatter, but Trump’s impotent attempts to reverse the election results don’t rank anywhere remotely near the top ten worst things this president has done while in office, which include vetoing attempts to end the world’s worst mass atrocity in Yemen, escalating world-threatening cold wars with both Russia and China, murdering untold tens of thousands of Venezuelans with starvation sanctions, pushing Iran to the brink of war by assassinating its top military commander, expanding the ‘war on terror’ and rolling back airstrike regulations designed to protect civilians. US political discourse hasn’t reflected the fact that Trump’s foreign policy has been far more atrocious than anything he’s done domestically – and certainly anything he’s done since November – because news media coverage does not reflect this fact. News media coverage does not reflect this fact because western news media regard imperialism and mass military slaughter as normal (…) I point this out because it’s good to note, as Trump leaves office, that he spent his entire administration advancing murderous imperialist agendas which spilled very real blood from very real human beings while mainstream America barely even noticed. Their attention was drawn instead to endless narrative theater which had no impact whatsoever on the concrete actions taken (…) Their gaze was kept fixated on meaningless political drama while the war machine marched on unseen….”

  18. I’m starting to notice that mainstream conservatives are blaming Trump for the Senate going up in smoke.

    There’s a lot of “if Trump hadn’t mentioned the two grand check, everything would have been alright…”

    That was possibly Trump demolishing the GOP finally. Where’s the lie? Hahaha.

  19. How’s that Platinum Plan, and the Mexican Plan working out? LOL. Oh, well the majority of Warnock and Ossoffs’ votes were from White folks!!! Blacks make up about 30% of Georgia registered voters, if they would all vote. Which we know does not happen.

  20. Blacks made up 32% of this Senate election. That is a lot considering 94% will go Democrat. What percent do Hispanics make up in Georgia voters? 5? 7? Asians? Jews? Homosexuals. You get the point and can see why these Republicans are losing.

    A state like Mississippi has a huge black population but Republicans are doing well there basically because one is either black or White there. So blacks pour out for the Democrats while Whites pour out for the Republicans. More Whites in the state equals Republicans winning.

    Once you toss in the diversity stuff you see why Republicans are beginning to fold in a place like Georgia. Blacks are communist and get overs but once you diversity it more with other groups that is the extra push needed for Democrats to win. That is why Georgia is folding.

    But the stupid Republicans need the Mitch McConnell wing to go very far away and never come back. Sorry, Mitch and fellow weak Republicans, people want universal healthcare and more stimulus checks. Being called a ” socialist” does not cut it anymore. Especially from politicians turning into multimillionaires through shady gov’t insider deals.

    It’s great seeing ole Mitch losing his majority Senate status. 600 dollar stimulus while he and his wife work it with China to live large for decades now. Shame.

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