Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff Win Georgia Senate Races

Who could have predicted that?

Who could have ever saw that one coming?

The behavior of Turtle and the Republican Senate has been so awful since the 2020 election that even I was pushed off the fence into outright endorsing Ossoff and Warnock and making the case that a populist agenda stood a better chance of passing under Biden in a Democratic Congress.

Since the 2020 election, the Republican Senate has passed Mike Lee’s visa giveaway bill by unanimous consent (it later died in the Democratic House), overturned Trump’s veto of the 2021 NDAA which costs $740 billion dollars, renames military bases named after Confederate generals, keeps American troops in Afghanistan and provides Israel with $3.3 billion in military aid until the 2028. Above all else, Turtle and the Republican Senate have shot down first $1,200 stimulus checks and then $2,000 stimulus checks at least a dozen times. In doing so, they have bucked the will of over 80% of Americans and 80% of Republican voters and radicalized public opinion in favor of recurring $2,000 checks. Multiple public opinion surveys have shown that COVID relief is the top legislative priority of the public and virtually every single Democratic ad in Georgia was about how the Republicans were opposing $2,000 stimulus checks. House Republicans even overwhelmingly voted against $2,000 stimulus checks.

The idea that Donald Trump is responsible for this debacle is laughable. On the contrary, Trump has vocally supported and pushed for stimulus checks since this spring. He campaigned for Loeffler and Perdue. It was Turtle and the performance art “deficit hawks” in Congress like Rand Paul who blocked a COVID relief package for six months until after the 2020 election. Finally, they came up with the brilliant idea of slapping their own voters in the face by giving them a means tested $600 check because Loeffler and Perdue were cratering in the polls in December due to all the whithering attack ads about their opposition to $1,200 stimulus checks. McConnell declared that he was holding the line on the issue and that Senate Republicans “would not be bullied” while Sen. John Cornyn was on Twitter tweeting out images of dining on a $125 tenderloin while Texans lined up at food banks in Austin.

Trump repeatedly gave the Republican Senate the chance to save itself. He vetoed the NDAA and refused to sign the Porkulus and the COVID relief bill with the $600 checks unless they changed it. Trump was right that the garbage coming out of the Republican Congress was politically indefensible even with Republican voters. Mitch McConnell gambled the Senate majority on Republican voters in Georgia being willing to swallow this shit sandwich. He personally shot down $2,000 stimulus checks at least six times last week. If McConnell and Senate Republicans had gotten the stimulus check done BEFORE the 2020 election or simply agreed with Josh Hawley on $1,200 checks in December, they would have probably saved the White House and the Senate. Instead, McConnell chose to hand the issue to the Democrats and give them credit for it. Loeffer and Perdue ran on Karl Rove’s “Socialism Sucks” messaging and #HoldTheLine. We’re the firewall standing in the way of working class and middle class voters getting $2,000 checks!

Back in November, Perdue and Loeffler ran ahead of Ossoff and Warnock in Georgia. They benefited from Trump’s coattails with his base and his increased support among black voters in Georgia. Suburban Republicans who split their tickets and voted for Joe Biden also backed Perdue and Loeffler. The difference this time around was that Trump wasn’t on the ballot, $2,000 stimulus checks was the defining issue of the campaign and Loeffler and Perdue stood in the way of making a material difference in the lives of working class and middle class families. No one should be in the least bit surprised that Warnock has run ahead of Joe Biden in Georgia. He was running against the GOP and “Socialism Sucks.” The alternative was not getting a $2,000 check and two years of gridlock and grandstanding from Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. The Charlie Kirk platform simply doesn’t have the political support to maintain a Republican majority.

Populist voters handed the GOP control of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives in 2016. They took the House away by sitting out the 2018 midterms. They took the White House away by sitting out the 2020 election. Now, they have taken the Senate away by sitting out the Georgia runoffs. When the GOP failed to deliver on social issues like immigration and refused to reform itself on economics, populist voters either voted for the Democrats on the basis of economics or stayed home. Conservatives are not a majority of voters in Georgia or the United States and cannot win elections without populist voters. Until this lesson is finally internalized, the Republican Party will remain in the wilderness.

The GOP calls itself the party of populism and the working class, but it is deeply opposed to acting like it. The Republican establishment and donor class is out of touch with their own base and swing voters. They decided in the Georgia runoffs to run on “Socialism Sucks” and let the Democrats be the party of economic populism and the working class and scapegoat Trump when they fell flat on their face.

Note: No one gives a shit when Trump acts the way he does particularly his own voters who sat out the Georgia runoffs. They were always Trump voters, not GOP voters, and had no reason to vote for the GOP. Georgia voters said in the exit polls that Congress wasn’t doing enough to help them.

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  1. It’s a minor consolation that Trump understood the idea of a Dole during an emergency situation.

  2. The message Republicans take from this will end up being the opposite of reality. They will blame it on grifters telling people to stay home, instead of blaming their own extremely unpopular policies. You can already see conservative media shaping this narrative now.

    • Re: “Let the joyous news be spread”:

      This is the sixth of January, Christmas Eve, Christmas in Russia, Serbia, and Orthodox Carpatho-Russia now.

  3. Watching Trump list his complaints and allege the government is illegitimate and by any measure ought to be shot and he’s not got tanks rumbling in the background toward the Capitol.

    He’s such a bastard. He is inciting people and not following through on the amelioration of the problem.

    • That’s what he’s been doing for 4 years. Sadly, his most ardent White supporters haven’t figured that out yet.

  4. I can’t believe how people travel long distances and face hardships to attend these Trump rallies. It’s like watching a bad Vegas act. We can do better than Trump and the GOP, and we have to do better.

  5. Yes I’m not surprised that Democrats won both US Senate races in Georgia. What’s really pathetic is that Republicans don’t understand that Conservatives or Liberals don’t win elections. You need your base, pick votes off from the opponent, and get Moderate / Independent / Populist / Nationalist voters who are Swing Voters. Trump lost those Swing Voters and now his party will losr 2 seats in the US Senate. The whole Socialism Sucks deal don’t work. We’re in a Pandemic, Automation is destroying the economy as we speak, stores are going out of business left / right, our Confederate Monuments have been removed in cities with no Law & Order, and the list goes on and on. You can’t answer the left wing Marxists with Limited Government. You’ve gotta answer them on an Authoritarian Level. As for $2,000 checks….that’s money in people’s pockets. Sure the national debt goes up yet again but people think about things day by day. Stimulus Checks work when people need the money. Deo Vindice !

  6. The capitalist pigs like to say that “Socialism sucks” until it’s time for the taxpayer to bail out Wall Street and Big Business, something which seems to happen about once every ten years or so. Their slogan might as well be “Screw you, White working and middle class America!”

    Will we be seeing your Southern Populist Party on the ballot in ’22, HW?

  7. See you believe Trump I don’t. If he wanted the checks he would go against his own party. I think Trump played a big role i this. People just think he’s an idiotic windbag.

  8. Think of vbulletin forums. Trump is like someone who in the mod lounge is against populism but in the public forums he’s a populist. He was counting on McConnell not passing it. He defended mitch.

  9. It will be interesting to see how bad the immigration situation is going to get under Biden and a Democrat senate.

    • Interesting? They’re going to try and bury Whites forever. “Interesting” isn’t the word I would use.

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