Live Thread: Patriots Storm and Occupy U.S. Capitol


After riling up his own supporters, Trump has mobilized and deployed the National Guard. This looks like some kind of trap. There are also reports that a pipe bomb has been defused at the RNC.


Someone has been shot.

Get your popcorn.

Peaceful Protesters have turned the U.S. Capitol into the Bundy Ranch. Do you support their occupation of Congress? Has Baked Alaska gone too far this time?

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  1. That impromptu podcast HW did with Richard Spencer and Keith Woods was top tier cringe inducing, especially Spencers takes on how ZOG’s janissaries and DOJ should squash the resistance to the AngloZionist Empire.

    For those interested, it is on Keith Woods bitchute channel.

  2. A great number of White wah-men who thought it was great when the BLM dindus looted and burned cities for weeks on end in protest of Whitey’s repression are outraged tonight that a few dozen White guys broke into the Capitol. Sometimes I think Anglin is correct when it comes to the opposite sex.

    • Awful & toxic as Anglin is, he is correct about women. Sheer logic & actual real world experience validates it. “Soul of a woman was created below.” The crazy thing is that the avg female actually would have the time of her life being locked in a cage in a dungeon with some sort of lava pit & howling wolfish guard dogs.

      Call me whatever names you wish, but they’re wrecking civilization & annihilating men left & right with very few exceptions (you’d think there are exceptions, i keep hearing there are, but i’ve never encountered one despite having met various types of gals in radically different contexts).

      And he is more right than wrong about the covid crap, which i know is supposed lunacy on my part as far as this platform is concerned. I’m “gone.” Magically we have no influenza virus this year, and regardless, even though i’ve been in monkey kingdom sin city n’awlins, i haven’t gotten sick nor have i encountered anyone who has & hospitals definitely are not “overrun.”

      Even if covid were the black death – which it definitely is not, ever been to Europe?

      Go to Lucern, it’s like Venice of the Alps, and there you can see just how massive an ordeal the actual Plague was by visiting a lovely yet haunting bridge built in memoriam of that catastrophe. Skeletons dancing & so on are in the medieval style are painted throughout the bridge (pedestrian bridge).

      It’s insane to justify/endorse a government to utilize these type of powers that openly despises you & wants you dead. I doubt that there are microchips or something in the vaccines, but i sure as heck don’t trust the Jews. Poisoners of wells (it’s explicitly encouraged in the bible itself). Why did our stupid grandparents go fight to become the greatest cucks? Cuz Pearl Harbor. Cuz the gov’t had a (seemingly) good pretext to rally the country. Point being, every single time they’ve rallied for mobilizing the sheeple, semi-legit cassius belli or not, it’s been a spectacular cataclysm. Point being, even if the covid were the black death, or worse, screw endorsing an increase in their powers.

      Anyway, “gone” as you are entitled to think i may be, screw Weevenstein & company.

      The libtards & conservatives strangely agree on all the key issues whereas Aryans who at least claim to care about racialism seemingly manage to disagree on key issues (though it’s possible we may tend to be more individualistic & are probably more freethinking than the 2 former cuck cliques).

  3. Yesterday at work the blacks were watching this stuff on their cell phones and laughing their asses off at it. They evidently don’t hold “these halls sacred” the way the fake news media is crying crocodile tears over the theater where their New York Globalist Billionaire controlled Marionette Puppets put on a show. This whole thing was a big joke and this “church of democracy” is as big of a fraud as scientology.

  4. Anglin and the rest of those jews are a joke. I trolled the trolls about five years ago, they banned me, sent some jews to my house after plagiarizing me. That “4D Chess” crap? Part of a comment I made a long time ago, when Putin retook the Crimea. Boy, they took it and ran with it. Made millions! Don’t worry about them! They’re doing great! While I work myself to death. People like Anglin and Don Black rile people up like Trump, and then denounce them, and let them rot in prison. It’s not a game, be careful with these kikes. They believe in one thing: donations. Can’t believe even Linder’s site is going with the “steal” narrative. Doubt it. Biden has jewish grandkids too, just like Bush, Clinton, Trump. What would Trump fo with another term? Get another town in Palestine named after him. GOD EMPEROR!!!!

    Bunch of fags, “hiding” behind fake names. The “movement” continues to sicken me.

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