MAGA’s Last Stand


She was a MAGA and QAnon True Believer.


The shooting was captured on video.


YOBA seizes control of the U.S. Capitol.


Matt Schlapp who runs CPAC is saying maybe she deserved to be shot.


Reminder: Andrew Anglin told his followers to “Trust the Plan” and to go to this event. AmNats have sole ownership of “Charlottesville 2.” No “wignats” are stupid enough to travel across the country to risk their lives for Donald Trump’s vanity. After years of condemning “goon marches,” these people made history by goon marching their way into the U.S. Capitol and will now have to deal with the fallout. Baked Alaska is on video in the U.S. Capitol saying this stunt was their plan!


Four deaths.

UPDATE: Rod Dreher is flipping out and calling for the MAGApedes who stormed the Capitol to be shot. Erick Erickson also called for them to be shot.

UPDATE: It was Mike Pence who activated the National Guard.

Let’s be clear about what happened this afternoon.

Donald Trump gave a big speech this morning and riled up his supporters at the Stop the Steal rally. He said that he was leading a march on the U.S. Capitol. The word went out on social media that MAGA supporters in DC were marching on the U.S. Capitol. Instead of leading the march though, Trump returned to the White House while his supporters stormed and occupied the building.

Ashli Babbitt, a veteran and a patriot who was following Jack Posobiec’s lead, was shot and killed. Now, Republicans are falling all over themselves to condemn and disavow the MAGA supporters who occupied the Capitol. Eric Trump is on Twitter calling for them to be prosecuted. Virtually all the politicians including Josh Hawley are now calling for the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol to be prosecuted.

The real tragedy here is not that Congress was inconvenienced for a few hours or that the Capitol suffered a few broken windows. It is that this woman lost her life because she and other sincere people who traveled to DC to support Trump took all of this rhetoric about a stolen election at face value and acted on it when in reality it was never supposed to be anything but more political theater.

In a few weeks, Joe Biden will be president and all of these people who believed in Trump and trusted the plan and have gotten themselves into this huge mess which is far more serious than Charlottesville will be left holding the bag. Undoubtedly, many of them will soon be facing federal charges for this stunt and it is all because they were earnest and believed the Jack Posobiecs and Lin Woods of the world.

After their own supporters occupied the Capitol, Trump or Pence or whoever it was pulled the rug out from under them and activated the National Guard. It is over now but there will be severe political fallout and consequences for everyone who was swept up in the moment and participated in this.

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  1. The worst that she should have got was a punch or a crack from a baton. Amazed that the guards in there were prepared to shoot.

    That institution is not a sympathetic one. No one cares about politicians.

    • Jews are so much superior to all this cringe rabble, isn’t? A few thousand managing easily 300 million NPCs.

  2. Remind Jack Posobiec about his responsibility for her death for the rest of his pointless life.

  3. That young woman had more courage than a lot of so-called “men”, including the low T cucks and cretins who regularly post here on this forum. If there’s such a place as Valhalla that’s where she is now.

    • She is dead now after risking her life to support Trump’s Stop the Steal stunt.

      BTW, this isn’t the first time it has happened. She joins the two other patriots in Oregon and Colorado who also died for Trump. None of this ever meant to be real or serious which is why Trump told all his supporters to go home.

    • The only thing she provided was a Jean d’Arc process. Why are you so positive to getting women to get killed for charlatans like Trump? He’s more like Manson every single day.

    • @SpahnRanch1970, yup. True. If they wanted to crash the nexus of the evil empire, they should have gone all in & burned it to the ground and dumped Drumpf.

      They still showed some reckless sort of courage that should be acknowledged. Their impetus is correct – their sentiment – but they’re dying on the hill (heh) for Zio Don the man who knows Art of The Con.

      Linder’s right, if they’re going to storm bastille’s, they also should have gone to other building$’s. I don’t want to get banned…but my God, who wants to endure what’s coming while publicly praising ourselves for “keeping it kosher”? I sure as hell do not.

      We have every right to fight back! As some have preached, the “keep it kosher, bro’s” meme has to die.

      I understand not wanting to advertise a rejection of “keeping it kosher,” but most of the movement has firmly been in favor of “keep it kosher bro’s” for decades & those who disagree get denounced/disavowed/smeared & accused of being feds (which surely is sometimes the case) and it’s why no one takes racialists seriously. Racialists effectively are acting like we’re resisting the most hyper-organized ruthless merciless tribe in all of history who don’t give half a half of a damn about the law by tying our hands behind our backs while chaining ourselves to the bottom of the ocean with the rationalization that in theory it keeps the heat down low. Riiiiight. Do the Jews need real incidents to justify further crackdowns?

      (((Rabbi Marcus Eli Ravage))) said it explictly about 100 yrs ago; “so long as your anti-Jews never resort to violence against us supreme beings, we Jews quake with laughter behind the scenes at you, we consider you a pathetic joke” (paraphrased). How’s it been working out. I’m just saying that people who sincerely do want to “keep it kosher” ought to just keep their mouth’s shut and stop countersignaling & de-legitimizing self-defense.

      Feds don’t mind very rare one off’s once every few years wherein the comrade who gave up his/their life showing way more courage than any of us have thus far gotten denounced by most in the “movement,” but overall, do you really think a Roof every hour every day would be favorable for the system, especially if such individuals were not widely denounced by their own comrades? Hell no! Sure, they’d say weaponized words like “terrorists” (which they’re right now applying to Baked Alaska…for smoking weed & taking selfies…it doesn’t matter whether you’re peaceful & “kosher abiding” they’re still ramping up their rhetoric for mere speech, disavowing doesn’t protect, it only makes us look pathetic to the precious “normies” most of us are obsessed about appealing to & “awakening”…think they don’t see the score? A rare Aryan man fights back next door to down under, he gets accused as being a “Mossad agent” by his own comrades…what sane “normie” wants to rush to join such a “movement”? And more importantly, the “keep it kosher bro’s” meme is self-fulfilling. I haven’t seriously contemplated “non-kosher” acts because I know I’ll at best be unanimously denounced/disavowed/distanced from as a “retard who harmed the movement” not just by all the usual suspects but also by most of you guys & at worse as a “fed”…for hypothetically giving up my “freedom”…my life. Not many of us who probably struggled immensely to break out of the cradle to grave socioenginestrogining brainwashing can be far sighted enough to look past that aspect. Thrown under the bus, by your own comrades, which not even Nelson Mandela did to his followers when they chimped out & gave the Aryan S.Africans a pretext to crackdown further).

      We’ve been existing well below on our knees. And it will continue to worsen. The nature of power is fear, plain & simple. What did Crassus do when the Romans were getting BTFO’d by Spartacus & Crixus? He made his troops fear him more than they feared the slaves. What did the Bolsheviks do when Russians were surrendering en masse to the Germans in WWII? Stalin arrested the relatives of any Red Army troops who surrendered…as you probably know official USSR policy was that there were no Russian POW’s, only “traitors.” And of course they had the NKVD “blocking troops” in the rear of the battle lines. Russian soldiers later insisted, “we felt better (when Soso aka Koba aka Stalin said ‘NOT ONE STEP BACK!!!!'”). We are in a far far worse situation than were they.

      Linder is correct about this. Well past time to fight back. At least consider helping change the “movement’s” values/culture about this so that racialists stop apparently embracing the guaranteed to lose “keeping it kosher bro’s” approach…you don’t have to endorse, but you don’t have to make a statement. Curse our ancestors. I sure do. If it doesn’t change, the powers that be have a much better chance of picking us apart and entrapping us anyway. I sure don’t want to be the “idiot” who gets entrapped, and I urge you to be vigilant & think things over carefully before trusting anyone since trust is earned. Trust your gut. But don’t let it be a cop out. Racialists gotta become hyper-clannish and summon the spirit of Mars, or we go extinct. Take care y’all.

  4. Wow what a sad but predictable shitshow of events Why involve yourselves in this? All for the Larping to be a “patriot” and idolize a orange retard conman. Backstabbed by Blumpf and Pence they more or less disavowed this poor woman. A woman killed by a officer just for standing probably faces no repercussions either

  5. The protestors – unlike BLM and Antifa – were not violent. Yes, Hunter, it is MAGA’s last stand – but what comes next may be IRA and UDF territory, or even Madame la Guillotine. There is huge anger out there that has little to do with Trump. Let’s hope this is 1989 and not 1789.

  6. Hunter isn’t publishing my comments this evening. Oh well. A significant event happened today and instead of looking at why and who it’s just more Trump bashing. Nothing new here.

    Let’s just call the woman stupid instead of looking at why all this happened.

    • The cop who shot her, has some things to explain. Looks like straight up murder. She’s literally in a window frame in crowded hall and the cop fires at her.

      • Yeah, ugly stuff. As of now I’m reading she was a White woman, mid 30’s, married, and did 14 years in the Air Force. An American.

      • Some nigger Fed in a suit that was inside the doors shot her from about 5ft away with a pistol – he could see she did not have a weapon as she was using both hands to climb through the broken window.

      • Yeah, there’s no way you can justify it. Did you notice the SWAT cops that were on her side of the window? Didn’t look like they were trying to stop anyone.

      • With the qualification that my eyes are not strong and I didn’t have the sound on while I was watching what you’ve linked, Captain, I’ll say the following:

        She looks to have been trying to climb through a smashed-out, upper-half door-window and thus to continue advancing through the building. Inasmuch as nobody else in the group of which she was a part tried to do that after she was stopped, the security guard or whoever who shot her must be said to have been effective, i.e. to have done his job. Since he shot her high up—in the neck—from his position at floor-level, his bullet, if it were to pass through her, was unlikely to hit persons, including other security personnel, who were behind her and also at floor level. It would have passed at an upward diagonal, harmlessly over their heads.

        I’m not talking about the political or moral value of what she was doing. I’m talking about the action of the person who was among those whose duty is to guard the building and the persons who are lawfully in it.

        • “the person who was among those whose duty is to guard” – “who shot her must be said to have been effective, i.e. to have done his job”:

          It’s not “duty” but personal gain. It’s a high perked six-figure salary, not “service.”

          Successful career-professionalism is what we admire and love most (except the Dollar itself) in the homeland of the Almighty Dollar.

          • I don’t know what those others were doing, Powell. Even if my eyes were stronger, I might not be able to figure out what’s going on there, in what looked to me to be chaotic. Maybe those others were focusing on keeping the group around them under some kind of control and were aware there were other armed security persons on the other side of the door, to keep anyone from getting past it. I have no idea what those areas of the building were, what the security personnel were weighing, etc.

            Any advance by any of those persons who were in that building unlawfully was rightly checked by deadly force. It saddens me that the entire uncouth, unintelligent, unthinking, and unkempt lot of them weren’t destroyed.

            One day, maybe one of our Southern friends here, at Occidental Dissent, will venture an opinion as to why any demonstration whose banners include Confederate flags turns into a violent, disorderly moron fest. (See, inter alia, Charlottesville.) I’d guess many a non-Southerner has an opinion as to that.

            (“Capitol Police officer dies after pro-Trump riot”)

      • Care to go into more detail? I don’t know enough about the ins and outs of elections to know if the evidence in the report warrants an investigation or not. But what I do know is that I don’t trust these federal judges and half the country thinks there was election fraud. I’m just wondering if anyone in our circles has had a serious look at what is being alleged or are they just dismissing it out of hand as the hysterics of Lin Wood types.

  7. This is most likely a Fed spot. Or could be that after the dust up today and the new administration that will be sworn in, Hunter is worried all of his crew and himself that were at Charlottesville will be scooped up. And that’s certainly a reality. This site has been a large part of what happened today. I’ve noticed Hunter has been distancing himself as of late.

    Don’t talk it if you can’t back it up. For years this site has been promoting overthrowing the government. Anglin also took a benign stance after today. You guys are scared, can’t blame you on that. The government is about to bring the pain. Glad I wasn’t at Charlottesville. This just got started today.

    So the move for the alt right, or former alt right now, is to place all the blame on Trump, and create some distance. Probably won’t work though.

    • I’m not scared about anything.

      I haven’t supported Trump in years. I didn’t vote for him in 2020. I certainly didn’t tell anyone to go to this event. The only people who were there, who participated in this farce and who were invested in it are AmNats. This was solely their operation.

      • That’s good to hear. The blame for this is the government, not the woman shot in throat. This government created this. If Americans were shown some fucking respect by the “elected” leaders none of this would have happened.

        They have been screwing us over for decades. What the fuck did they expect?

  8. Acting surprised at what happened to the Q-Anon Woman shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the seriousness of the situation that she put herself into.

    These people were baited into crossing a line that historically would result in the harshest of consequences for them.

    • The Q stuff is bonkers. It means that she’s thinking stuff 180 degrees away from reality. However, gunning people down for what amounts to little more than a protest is delegitimising the regime. The security services in D.C. expected the MAGA crowd to act like normal and either behave or be punching bags for Antifa. They didn’t realize the gravity of situation for peeps like Babbit.

      • In this case defending the capital will not necessarily delegitimize the regime, the regime may actually be strengthened and legitimized by it.


        Because the MAGA people were baited into doing something that technically crosses the line and qualifies as “insurrection” and the media can credibly portray it in that way. This has a powerful and potentially retroactive effect on how they are perceived.

        A lot of what Trump did could previously be dismissed as bluster and tantrums, but now has to be seen differently, post-“insurrection”.

        This also gives the regime a free pass to arrest and/or harass a lot of these people, while gaining or at least maintaining legitimacy among the general public.

        It’s true that the regime will seem less legitimate to MAGA people, but they are being pushed into a designated loser / bad guy role, it’s not necessary for them to think the regime is legitimate, as long as they are kept weak and marginalized. Q-Anon being the perfect belief system for a designated loser / bad guy class.

        (Needless to say, “we” have to step over these people, not join them.)

  9. Which AmNat will write the 21st Century version of Mein Kampf, while serving a stretch in one of ZOG’s gulags?

  10. “No “wignats” are stupid enough to travel across the country to risk their lives for Donald Trump’s vanity. After years of condemning “goon marches,” these people goon marched their way into the U.S. Capitol and will now have to deal with the fallout. ”

    I very respectfully disagree that or anyone ought speak pejoratively, or dismissively about those who took time out of their lives, to risk their lives, to defend this country in a manner that is consistent with our Founding Fathers.

    No, there people are not White Nationalists or Southern Nationalists, but, they are our brothers and sisters who feel most of the same frustrations we feel.

    I thank each one of them for striking the second blow in what will not be remembered as Charlottesville 2.0, but, as the opening round to what is to come.

    My sympathy goes out to all our countrymen who, on this night, realize, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that The America Ideas are effectively dead under The United States’ Government, and, indeed, under many state governments, as well, and that they were killed over a century without a declaration of war or even a shot being fired – killed by avarice, corruption, megalomania, and usurpation.

    Though it is not my rallying term, ‘MAGA’ is far from dead, because what it is is an awakened class of Average Joes and Josephines who will keep searching for effective ways to project their new populism until they find it.

    Populism will continue to grow and strengthen.

    My deepest thanks and regards go to all those patriots who went to the capital today and who, unlike the armies under Beauregard and Lee, actually took the fight into the capital.

    Because of all the Louis XVI & Marie Antoinettes at the top of our system, I doubt it will be the last time…

    • Populism is for cucks(sorry, Hunter), jew – the Founding Fathers were White Nationalists – voting was restricted to White, property-owning males only.

      • @c d…

        Yes, you are absolutely right about The Founding Fathers being Patriarchal White Nationalists, most of whom were Pro-Slavery, Anglican Church exclusive, and believed in Sovereign States, the sum total of which which made them Populists for their day.

        To add to that many of them believed that women ought not be able to legally inherit money or hold property

        And you just go right ahead, file to run for office, and, advocating for these things, see how far you get, in the year 2021.

    • None of these people were defending the country. They were defending Donald Trump because they are unintelligent and believe he won the election, despite all contrary evidence.

      They were defending the platinum plan, billions of dollars for Israel, trillions of dollars for wall street, pardoning Charlie Kushner, and cutting Sheldon Adelson’s taxes.

    • The tragedy is that they put their faith in a fraud and this poor woman lost her life over it. If Trump was really serious and had the pair of balls he likes to feign he’d have been out there leading his followers instead of hiding in the White House.

  11. My sincerest condolences to the family of Ashli Babbit and my deepest gratitude to Ashli, herself, for having had the balls to follow in the big footsteps of Lavoy Finicum.

    I suspect that she will turn out to be the John Parker of the new Republic(s).

      • Weren’t Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble members of the Elks? I vaguely remember they wore fur hats with horns sticking out the sides like the guy in the Capitol when they went to meetings.

  12. I heard the news at work. Now I’m watching the media. Their only concern seems to be the lack of security, not why it happened. Seems to be a lack of understanding on their part. Of why and how police were overrun. Happened fast and they are understanding how vulnerable they were today,

    Well, these people in government ship Americans out to do the same. In that same structure they have sent Americans to war, created upheaval in structures just like that abroad. These are spoiled children in government. I don’t have a problem with them seeing the results.

    They created this. Had they not taken bribes their entire careers and been Americans, this would not have occurred. They’d have been respected by the same Americans that raided their offices. And none of this would have happened. A shot across the bow as I see it.

    They need to smarten up. This was a good thing. They work for us.

  13. Hunter, don’t show the woman in that condition. Take down the images. Show some respect.

    We all know what happened. And some advice, get back to history and solving problems. This was insane what happened.

    Dig deep and associate yourself with real thinkers, not Spencer or Baked Alaska. Those people are degenerate. The woman that lost her life yesterday was not an internet fool.

  14. A beautiful woman was murdered. The armed goons who shot her must be hauled through the legal processes on murder charges.
    Trump pretty much had to be seen to be not really supporting the actions of protesters, even if he privately was. We need to be realistic on that.
    The democracy experiment has failed, hence the shitshow that America now is. How long do we suck it up?

  15. I’ve got zero sympathy for patriotards who meet an untimely end while defending Zion Don.

  16. Its never been about Trump and that was clear to these people! It was about the juden and their nigga pets attacking the Whites and destroying their way of life and civilization! On a visceral level the White people who went to Washington understood that and did what they did! Once as I said many times before you should praise Trump for achieving success beyond the wildest dreams of the White Nationalists! And don’t start with the bull how everyone will be prosecuted and that people were betrayed! “Trump didn’t cause division, folks. He exposed the absolute corrupt and rigged system of DC which reacted very strongly to the threat to it. Trump has red pilled tens of millions of Americans to truly see how gross our system has become. They’re not going away. . “

  17. Mick Pence, Mick-Connell, Mick-Carthy. What did I tell you about the Irish? Tell me I am wrong, I am begging you. Tell me I am wrong.

    They are a backstabbing treacherous lot one and all.

  18. Trump is a transitional figure, a man who could not rise to the moment. Other leaders will emerge to champion the cause of American patriots.

  19. Isn’t the American zog empire wonderful?! Another young woman shot by security or officer and killed instantly. Yoba “we love our cops don’t we folks our law enforcement” lol fuck these people man Baked Merchant, wanglin and spic nick

    Stop the steal grifters who encouraged young dumb women/girls to go to this bullshit LARP revolution fantasy are the real pieces of shit here

  20. @ reichstag fire moment in our history, well, well , now we see who fights with their mouth and who built their house on the rock.

  21. Always for Americans, my people. The place they hit, degenerates. I have absolutely nothing to do with my government. My government starts wars and gets my people involved. I don’t want that. To me it’s trash. I work hard here.

    I’m completely ok with this shake up, these geriatric Boomers ties in with bankers getting rich. No thanks. Fuck that. I work here. I’m tired of getting taxed, not hearing that shit.

    Let the guys roll.

  22. I’ve always found Trump to be an enigmatic and confusing man. He is difficult to lend commentry on. He constantly has us on board for a while and then oh hang on a moment…….. he’s let us down again. I dunno what to make of him, only to say he’s never been one of us, and never could be in current political dynamics.
    Regardless, Biden has no mandate. He’s a creep, and probably did steal the election……..and will achieve nothing of any appeal for us. For the greater good, Trump may have been the better bet……..I don’t know.
    Such is politics these days…

    • That really doesn’t matter, Trump is just a NYC guy skilled up. And he spoke up. Rare in politics. And he took a good beating. You still don’t get it yet?

      Clearly behind if not. The guy gets crowds because he spoke for Americans in areas. That is gone now. You missed out.

      Next step is probably going to be not so fun, at least the asshole had a sense of humor and was nice.

    • We will see. I’ve seen lot with section 8 housing. A lot. As I’m scanning the media it’s all White guys, the rioters,

      A few images on CNN are White guys laughing it up in Pelosi’s office. Not a black in sight. Not one.

      The guy is Pelosi’s office is laughing his nuts off. Another still is White guys next to some statues, selfies.

      They got in that place. These are guys that really don’t give a fuck. I don’t have a problem with it. It’s theirs. The world sees that.

      • The American Soviet propaganda media machine showed the clean-up crew in the Capitol building. The ones they presented all happened to be black.

  23. The alt-right are turning into bootlickers just at the moment that conservatives are becoming radicalized against ZOG.

  24. “MOON OF ALABAMA” weighs in on the event:

    Mainstream media described it to you as “a beautiful sight” when CIA- and MI6- led anti-communist proxies stormed the legislative chambers in Hong King, China – and didn’t inform you that the Chinese police were much less violent than the U.S. Capitol guards.

    There is evidence that Antifa/CIA-connected provocateurs/saboteurs had infiltrated the group that stormed the Capitol, and the MAGAs tried to surround and restrain them.

    And “Who by the way knew that members of Congress have gas masks under their seats?”

    Moon of Alabama is known for intelligent informative comment threads.

  25. @ olde blood drinking hellary c, would have been gunning our folk down the last four years if, metrosexual bagel boy shabbyranch1970, had his sissified way.

  26. I have watched the video of the lady being shot several times, and have checked out her history online. One thing seems clear She was targeted. Some agency put her on a shit list and sent someone to take her out. Targeted assassantion.

    At least Swishy Nicky kept his people within the law. Stayed outside and legal. He deserves credit for that.

    Hilariously, Trump announced to the ppl he was going to lead them to the Capitol building, then immediately returns to the White House. That is the respect and loyalty he had for his supporters. He set them up.

    Lastly, and most clearly, ZOG is about to wage total war on the Proud Boys. They should disband and head for the hills, literally.

    • No, it seems like she tried to be the first one across a barrier that she wasn’t supposed to cross.

      It’s very clear if you watch multiple angles, there are some kind of security pointing guns out of a room on the other side of the barricade.

      She gets up to cross the barricade and gets removed.

      The system gave these people space to destroy and discredit themselves, but it always retained the option to use lethal force if a VIP or something else it cared about was even slightly threatened.

  27. It is hard to believe all that happened in Washington, D.C. in the last 24 hours. I watched some of it unfold online, 650 miles away, and was glad that I was not there. Lay aside what these MAGA guys who breached the Capitol building posted on their own, Capitol security cameras and their cellphone location will allow the Feds to track them down. What were they thinking?

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