Alex Jones Paid For The MAGA March


This is interesting.

Before Alex Jones could lead the MAGA March, thousands of people had already left and proceeded to the Capitol. They were already storming the building when Jones got there. There were too many people there doing their own thing for Jones and Ali to control the volatile situation.

Alex interviewed the Q shaman who was arrested today. The Q shaman believes that Trump is only one part of a larger plan.

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  1. Get white men on the jury and he’s going to walk. The polling suggests that just having few white men on the jury will lead to a humiliating defeat for a prosecutor.

      • How is any of this worse than what BLM and the leftists looters and rioters did collectively? Assaulting police, burning buildings, taking over police departments, setting up “a new country” in Seattle and Portland, looting and destroying businesses, and more. The more than obvious rule system for whites is far different than for others. Whites cannot even come NEAR what nonwhites and leftist whites do…

        • Antifa also attacked less significant federal buildings, threatened federal politicians coming out of the White House, had the White House under siege, Nancy Peloci said she was going to gas the White House to get Trump out of it. What makes it worse is the power difference.

          Republican voting whites have no media on their side, as Trump and the Republicans deliberately, in my opinion, did nothing as they were purged from social media.

          Republican voting whites have no politicians their side. Democrats stand by their people no matter what they do, while Republicans always condemn and abandon their supporters.

          Republican voting whites have no institutions on their side, because young people have been conditioned by the university system for the last 50 years to be anti-white, and then they are rammed into the power structure. Republicans wouldn’t do anything about the university problem either. They wouldn’t even defund them.

          Oh well! Perhaps we should follow Nick Fuentes advice, and vote in more Republicans in two years time. We’ve always done that in the past and it didn’t change a thing, so why change the winning formula now?

          • Correct. The kike usurpation of edjewcation & media (meekly allowed by the White weaklings who previously controlled them) directly led to all of this: first, they knew they had to brainwash a couple of generations of naive White punks with baseless “guilt” & hatred for their ancestors and their own immediate “white trash” families, and tell them that the only way to “atone” is to shit on them all & showily embrace everything non-White & hook-nosed; then, they made sure they entered government, law & global business, until you have the final triumph of (((Cultural Marxism))) we now enjoy.

    • If Trump had an ounce, perhaps only a grain of courage and integrity he would issue Presidential Pardons to all those indicted and Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, James Fields et al. Instead, DJT will do nothing.

      • I’m happy that four years of Zionist perfidy blamed on us is coming to an end. The Democrats and the cucks in Congress are huffing and puffing but they are on thin ice.

  2. Alex is desperate to find someone to blame for 1/6 other than himself or Trump. Watching him call someone else a conspiracy loon is hard to take.

  3. I don’t think it’s a problem that whites fund other white things. Like people got upset that Nick Fuentes got bitcoin and cash donations. It just feels like some weird jealousy thing when people get upset about that stuff. Everything for whites is dissolving out there.

    • How is Nick Fuentes a “White thing?” He’s a mestizo. And what evidence is there that he was funded by a White person?

    • Nick Fuentes has attacked every pro-white voice in the world over the past few years. You’re delusional.

      And the whole “y’all just player-hatin'” nonsense is infantile and idiotic and Negroidal. One could easily say that Nick is jealous of Charlie Kirk, who has infinitely more followers than Nick and Trump’s direct support.

  4. Again, it’s those Chicoms. Jones is and always has been controlled opposition. He’ll never expose the real rulers.

    • I remember when he used to push the “4th Reich” narrative. He’s been pulling the wool over people’s eyes for thirty years.

      • He should have been pressuring the government to deploy vaccines in early autumn instead of spreading bullshit about them being poison. An early approval and use would have changed the election outcome. Big fat weasel grifted on fears instead.

  5. Listening to this slovenly self important conman talking about how much pull and confidence he and Ali Alexander inspire really helps you realize how pathetic this thing is from start to finish. From Trump bringing unity to win to the vote to “Its not blacks or patritots rioting. Its ANTIFA ALWAYS” cringe. No more Alex Jones or his “1776 Patriots beating back the ChiComs”.

    This needs to be simple. We want nothing to do with Jones, Trump, or any of these conmen and our demands are simple. Let us live peacefully and seperatately from 99 percent of the people and changes imported snd implemented since the 60s and before. Again, listen to Jones with his canned anti demonrats, anti racist slogans as he gets by on nothing more than a loud voice and people recognizing him as he screams “USA USA US,”

  6. Does anyone remember the episode when Alex Jones got blasted on Adderall and freely volunteered that Trump was a construct of [Zio-Con owned] military intelligence?

  7. Alex Jones should realize that Republicans turned on these protesters 100%. Regardless of what happened….reforming the GOP and making it an America First is really lost now. Time for a greater focus on Third Party voting. Deo Vindice !

  8. Wray told us with a straight face, there is no greater threat to the people he serves than whites. This whole protest business is about creating a reason to attack, persecute and torment innocent whites and it comes from a deep deep heartfelt sick hatred for the innocent Christ. Only an animal persecute the innocent, only a Goddamned animal.

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