Capitol Siege Polls


New York Post:

“Nearly 1 in 5 Americans back the people who stormed the US Capitol during Wednesday’s fatal riots, a new poll found.

Nineteen percent of those surveyed late Wednesday by Ipsos said they support the fervent President Trump backers who breached the west side of the building, compared to 70 percent who said they opposed them and 11 percent who weren’t sure or didn’t know.

Seventy-four percent of those polled, meanwhile, said those who breached the building should be arrested — while 31 percent of Americans said the protests and ensuing riots were “necessary” to protect the nation. …”

The Hill:

“Approximately 18 percent of Republicans support the pro-Trump rioters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday in opposition to Congress’s certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s win, according to a PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released Friday. 

The survey, which polled more than 800 adults the day after the riots, also found that despite some support among GOP members, most Americans, approximately 88 percent, either opposed or strongly opposed the mob’s actions.  …”


3 out of the 4 people below have been arrested within the last 24 hours. As far as I know, YOBA hasn’t arrested yet but it seems inevitable.

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    • Think about what jurors on those trials will think though.

      KKKnight’s Cross with Oakley’s Cluster. Get on that jury lads.

  1. Polls can say anything. Let’s be frank, anyone who believes that 88% of Americans were horrified and aghast at those guys moving into the Capitol, and that only 8% were elated and cracking up, is a fool.

    The media lies about polling data, just as it lies about election fraud. People who support the Jew controlled media’s lies are not on our side.

    • 88%! Eighty-eight. Haha

      If they could, it would have been 6,000,000% did not support the trespassing of ZOG’s temple to Masonic Anglos and jewish zionists.

  2. So a statue of Robert E. Lee is removed from the Capitol and a few weeks later the Capitol is being stormed. Robert E. Lee is probably the greatest man the USA has ever produced. He whipped the North with less manpower and fewer resources and when the South’s supplies finally ran too low to continue the struggle instead of scattering the army to conduct a guerrilla war he surrendered and encouraged his men to become peaceful citizens of the USA again. Lee is the REAL America. There would have been no great America (Yankee Empire) today if a guerrilla war had continued for the next 150 years.

    We have been in a civil war for several years now and these are beginnings of a hot war it does appear.

    Prep, prep, prep…..

    • Gen. Lee was indeed a fine gentleman and one of the greatest generals the world has ever seen. He opposed guerrilla warfare because he knew it would accomplish nothing except bring more destruction and suffering to his native state of Virginia.

      Read his testimony before the Confederate Senate Committee in the final days of the war:

      • The South didn’t have the infrastructure that the North did, so fighting a conventional war with the Yankees was risky at best. A guerrilla war might have been more effective. But Lee was a West Point man, so he was trained to wage war the same way that Grant was.

      • @ ol’ rough n’ ready, kind sir, if i may, i share a thought with you all, in w.churchills book ” history of thee english speaking people” w.churchill devoted a.chapter to thee ” american civil war”, he ended thee chapter, as i recall with these words, ” american general robert.e.lee was thee greatest of thee english speaking captains”, mr.churchill ingratiated himself to me forever, with his kind words about our commander.

        • Indeed, dear sir, Gen. Lee was very popular in England during and after the war. As H.P Lovecraft said in his poem, Lee combined “the sainted soul and manly mien, to grace Britannia’s and Virginia’s line!”.

    • And now his descendants in red state America are the most patriotic segment in the nation in a land they system still despises and yet they are gung ho to fight America’s wars. Endless wars.

  3. Extrapolate that into a jury and, so long as its not packed with blacks, every white guy in the jury pool will aquit every single one of these guys.

    The FBI may well end up dropping charges once they see that data.

  4. YouGov Direct poll had 45% of Republicans supporting the Capitol siege, and 21% generally supporting it

    Rasmussen had Trump’s national approval popularity rising two points to 49% after the siege

    One should recall too, that most polls are generally 4-5% wrong against the right wing, or whatever is the dominant media message of the day … people are afraid to express their opinions, not trusting the ‘guarantee of anonymity’ by the pollster

    It’s not about Trump the person anymore, he is and remains a symbol of what he said at times, the key things which the establishment couldn’t stand:
    – major media news is fake
    – it’s ok to oppose the globalists
    – it’s ok to defend your own culture

    A key swathe of Americans were greatly moved and thrilled by what happened Wednesday 6 January, as if it was America’s equivalent to the 1789 storming of the Bastille in Paris

    And as things go to shite in months ahead … that positive framing will grow stronger in memory

  5. If they put a wackadoodle like Baked in the Dock he will just use it for clicks. All the lawyer need do is ensure 4 white men are on the jury and he gets acquitted.

    FBI are going to have trouble here if the defendants are up for a real courtroom battle.

    In horror I’m realizing that one of these young men will make himself a household name. Baked Reich cometh.

  6. Is there anyone here who thinks the disastrous demonstration of January 6th bears any resemblance to the Boston Massacre of 1770 or the November 1923 Beer Hall Putsch? In other words will that unfortunate event be the spark that lights the fuse of revolution?

  7. Lool! The polls? You’ve completely lost your mind! I am trying to remember if Lenin asked himself about the polls when he took over! Or the Fuhrer for that matter after declaring himself ruler of Germany! Who gives a fuck about the polls! You and Spencer are simply jelous that other people are doing what you are afraid to do! All talk no action aa Trump would say!

      • I don’t blame you for being averse to this kind of thing after Charlottesville. However, I think Fuentes genuinely wants a mano-a-mano showdown with the establishment. He wants them to give him a platform – even if that platform is a courtroom. He’s banking on the “Groyper Army” growing exponentially as a result. Right or wrong, the boy has cojones.

      • I’m seeing numerous stories of former and current state legislators from a number of states who claimed they were in the Capitol. LOL. This should be good.

      • So you Hunter think that the filthy niggers who shoot, rape, kill and sell drugs 364 days of the year were model citizens on Election Day? And that the filthy juden cockroaches did not encourage fraud in the areas populated by their minority pets?

        • Even without all the widespread voting irregularities Trump still would have lost. And rightfully so.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        I think that the election was stolen from Trump. I also think that Bernie Sanders got screwed out of the nomination, twice. Probably several other elections in various states and municipalities were rigged, too.

        However, there’s not a dang thing that anybody can do about it. It’s moot.

  8. I don’t believe this for a second. Congress has something like a 10% approval rating.

    We should be showing solidarity with the protestors.

    • ATBOTL,

      They showed a lot more intestinal fortitude in fighting for imo a piss poor cause than big talking Southern Nationalists aka Dixie Firsters ever did when their schools were being integrated, statues to THEIR confederate heroes torn down, painted with BLM graffiti, or removed by ZOG.

  9. The Capital Stormers not just hit it out if the park they blasted that ball into orbit. First real pushback in 75 years. I was unsure at first but these fucking kikes cowering in the halls of Congress while buffalo guy is doing moose calls or whatever is priceless and has not even really sunk in yet. Not a superpower anymore.

    • Agree! It was a historic event! The jude always do those things in the White,Christian countries and end up being frog-marched to the camps, I doubt that it would be different this time. Those, Christkillers, servants of the devil are just too stupid.

      • Despite being kicked out of gentile countries dozens if not hundreds of times the jews always come back to resume their business as if nothing had happened. So they can’t be that stupid.

  10. I wonder what the public support would be for 6 months of terror from Antifa and BLM? Too bad they wont take a poll of that.

    • @John,

      Yep. Just wait, until the cops in Minneapolis and Kyle Rittenhouse are acquitted this year.

      Have plenty of ammo and fire extinguishers ready for the aftermath.

  11. And what do you think bout the guys with the Confederate Flags storming the Reichstag sorry the Capitol? How about those optics! It took 159 years but the South finally did it!Lool!

  12. A similar YouGov poll stated that 21% of registered voters supported the incident, while 45% of registered republicans approved of it. I have no doubt that a plurality or outright majority of people don’t approve of what happened (both due to the event itself and media gaslighting), but I find it very hard to believe there is not some critical mass of people that supported this incident occurring.

    To be sure, I think that the political ramifications of this will serve to be an absolute disaster. Trump, once again for the umpteenth time, betrayed his own supporters after claiming to be their sole advocate. Political anti-white crackdowns will ensue, and many people will face charges for infractions that would go unpunished in any other circumstance. Two hundred million dollars, perhaps more, have been wasted in an obvious stop the steal grift. Could you imagine if even one-tenth of that money was spent on something useful? Legal defense funds, web server-hosting, mutual funds for the doxxed, etc. I can understand your bitterness completely, and in many ways I share in it 100%.

    I’ve read your site all throughout last year and a bit before that as well. Most of your observations, including this, have been rather prescient. Despite that, I feel bothered by this recent spate of articles. I don’t entirely understand why, but I think that there was something genuine at the heart of this capitol incident, only for it to be swallowed up by the political grift machine known as Donald Trump. Throwing cold water on the entire event seems wrong to me.

    The source for the YouGov poll, if you were wondering. :

  13. This poll’s results depend a lot on how the question was asked. I knew several people that worked at NORC, and they told me that questions they were made to ask respondents were intentionally and specifically phased to illicit the response they wanted.

  14. Most right-leaning normies I know support the Storming of the Capitol. Only lefties I know who are still full of excuses for BLM mayhem think it was domestic terrorism.

    Methinks yon polles be somewhat fayked.

  15. The Lügenpresse jewsmedia and the cowardly congressional members (the same ones that give Israel tje go ahead to destroy Palestinian’s homes with bulldozers and shot protestors in the gonads) have been fabricating a fictional narrative of an “armed insurrection ” of the Capital Building. I have yet to see one of the Trumptards or Qtards armed with a firearm or a knife. I did however see a photograph of the Black Israelites carrying clubs outside the Capital building. Y’all remember them, right?

  16. The American right is crippled for a generation. We bought more time than ever before, a tremendous amount of time, the best time ever, believe me. Using all of this wonderful beautiful time, maybe someone can explain how storming the Capitol helps the right win back the white suburbanites they’ve been alienating.

    In the meantime we’ll need to amplify socialist policies like taxing the rich, nationalizing Silicon Valley, and UBI. Conservatives on some level prefer unfair policies because losing (or thinking you’re fighting omnipotent power, which is the same thing) makes them feel like part of the show. Conservatism is an audience that thinks it is onstage.

    On twitter today I became disgusted after reading Mark Cuban condescendingly trash Hawley (I know he’s not /ourguy/) using libertarian arguments. When will we finally decide to ditch performance art and tax these jerks?

  17. I suppose it’s a “conspiracy theory” to not believe polls are totally accurate and reportedly honestly, but I call “bullshit.”

    People LOVED this. It is GREAT optics. These optics are 100% better than anything the “Alt Right” or “White Nationalist” movement has ever come up with.

    The Viking guy is like straight out of Central Casting – which I assume he is, literally. There is a great image macro going around showing the two characters compared to a famous Renaissance painting.

    Everyone who voted for Trump loved it, regular people loved it – the same regular people that cheered when the aliens blew up the White House in Independence Day – and the only people who actually hate it are partisan Democrats who cheered for BLM literally burning down police stations.

    If you can’t see the difference between a Viking Costume in the Capitol, and some fat slob dressed in a faux-“Nazi” uniform chanting obscure nonsense on the side of the street, then you just simply do not belong in the theater of “activism.”

    Not everybody gets to be a pretty Hollywood model on the front of the magazines. Girls learn this before they graduate high school, but apparently male “Alt Right White Nationalists” think they all deserve to be on TV.

    Nick Fuentes is a Trump shill, literally a paid social media whore, literally the male version of OnlyFans. But he has better optics than all the Wignats. Richard Spencer had great optics too, but he blew it by taking internet trolling seriously.

    Since I am not in competition with either the “Wignats” nor the “Amnats” I can be objective about the optics.

    The lady that got murdered had great optics too. She will not be forgotten.

    • “If you can’t see the difference between a Viking Costume in the Capitol, and some fat slob dressed in a faux-‘Nazi’ uniform chanting obscure nonsense on the side of the street, then you just simply do not belong in the theater of ‘activism.'”

      The witlessness that was exhibited by every member of that mob had as much in common with theater—political or otherwise—as the buffoonish singing of drunken frat boys has with music. The wit with which the most-capable activists and polemicists of the so-called counterculture dismembered America, in the sixties, was fearsome, as I happen to be old enough to remember. This was nothing like it.

      It will be interesting to see what arrests will be made in connection with the policeman’s death, especially if, as at least one report has had it, his injuries resulted from his being struck with a fire extinguisher. Talk about optics.

      • One of the fur guys wearing glasses was a jew from Brooklyn. Dad a Judge affiliated with the Democratic Party.

  18. Hunter, I normally agree with you, but raiding the capitol was absolutely epic. Qtards or not.

    Those polls are probably bullshit anyway.

  19. That prove that could stop BLM and Antifa in a day if they wished. Instead they play like they have no idea who they are!

  20. I’ve never given a shit what the polls say……..I only support what’s right. Can polls even be trusted? Who was polled? The people of San Francisco? Manhattan perhaps?
    Most Americans likely support troop deployments in the Middle East for Israel……… doesn’t make it right.
    Our role is to change their mind via civilized dialogue and websites such as this.
    I supported the raid because it put the wind up the establishment, and made them realize real people aren’t happy with them…….the voters and taxpayers they pretend to represent, but don’t.

  21. These gaslighting polls are jewshit: the scores of millions of Dump voters loved it.

    For myself, I’m glad it happened, if only because it showed those smug, kike-owned whore scum that they aren’t nearly as inviolate as they thought they were. And that’s important.

    But in inplementation, it of course was a clownshow: if ever there were a time to wear masks, that was it; many will be dungeoned unnecessarily because they didn’t.

    The time for scheduled rallies – which the fed & (((commie))) scum have time to infiltrate & fuck up – is over.

  22. There was nothing epic about this, all they did was get 4 of themselves killed and push the overton window further to the left
    The methhead whiggers and Qtards love it, of course

  23. I’m sure you all have seen the videos of Lindsey Graham being called out as a traitor. When was the last time a US Senator was publicly called out for treason by White people? White hatred for Our Anti-White overlords is seething now and they know it. I suspect they’re all shitting in their pants, hence the massive censorship, even of the president. There is a silver lining in the dark cloud.

    • That’s right. Seeing that filthy little bottom bitch & Shitt Romney scurrying away like the cowardly scum they are when confronted by their enraged White victims is sweeter than Tupelo honey, and long overdue.

  24. @ what happened in washington city, last wensday, was like st.patricks day, all thee amatuers came out to play, i am certain thee satanist in our capital are quite aware of what a properly trained and led, visitation would be like for them.

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