Charlottesville vs. Capitol Siege: Differences and Similarities

UPDATE: It was a suicide.

UPDATE: A second Capitol Hill police officer has died. Not sure if it is from injuries at the Capitol Siege.

Since I keep hearing comparisons between Charlottesville and the Capitol Siege, I would like to compare and contrast the two events because there are major differences.


  • Baked Alaska and Nick Fuentes, AmNats and Patriot groups were present in Charlottesville and DC. Both events were heavily promoted by Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer
  • Several demonstrators brought Confederate flags
  • Bad optics involving people like the QAnon Shaman who had their own agenda
  • Charlottesville and the Capitol Siege were both promoted on social media
  • Charlottesville and the Capitol Siege were volatile public events
  • Donald Trump condemned Charlottesville and the Capitol Siege while noting that good people were present at both events
  • Media firestorm
  • Political hysteria
  • Big Tech censorship
  • Deaths and arrests
  • The outcome was not what the organizers of either event had intended


  • The Capitol Siege was a MAGA event focused on Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud. It attracted Patriots and Trump supporters. Charlottesville had nothing to do with Donald Trump and was about preserving Confederate monuments
  • Vastly more people participated in the Capitol Siege
  • Unlike Charlottesville, which was supposed to be a legal free speech rally in a public park, the Capitol Siege was a literal goon march by conspiracy theorists
  • QAnon prophecies about “Trust the Plan” and “The Storm Is Coming” is what fueled the Capitol Siege, not anything related to White identity
  • Alex Jones had vowed for months that “1776 Will Commence Again.” This was the millenarian, apocalyptic mindset that his supporters had when they stormed the Capitol
  • The Capitol Siege was a civnat event hosted by Donald Trump and Alex Jones. Charlottesville was an ethnat event that attracted people who were not Trump supporters
  • Charlottesville spiraled out of control because it was disrupted by Antifa. In contrast, Antifa did not come out on January 6. There is no evidence Antifa disrupted the MAGA March
  • Ethnats and Antifa who were the two sides in Charlottesville did not play a major role in the Capitol Siege. Instead, it was Patriots and MAGA vs. the police
  • In Charlottesville, ethnats had a federal court order and the legal right to be at the Unite the Right rally in Lee Park. In contrast, the people who participated in the Capitol Siege had no legal right to be in the Capitol to disrupt the Electoral College vote
  • In storming the U.S. Capitol, the people who participated in the Capitol Siege attacked the seat of government of the United States to dispute the outcome of an election which is very different than hosting a legal free speech rally in a public park in a college town in Virginia
  • In Charlottesville, Unite the Right protesters cooperated with the police and dispersed when ordered to do so. In the Capitol Siege, the people who participated attacked the police. They killed a police officer. The Capitol Police also shot and killed Ashli Babbitt. The helicopter crash in Charlottesville that killed police was due to a mechanical failure and had nothing to do with the rally
  • Big money was behind the MAGA March. In contrast, Unite the Right protesters traveled to Charlottesville on their own or raised money from small donations
  • After Charlottesville, no one boasted that the outcome of the event was what they had intended because the expectation had been that the police would maintain order and not allow Antifa to disrupt the Unite the Right rally. In contrast, Nick Fuentes has boasted about the Capitol Siege disrupting the Electoral College vote and it is clear that at least some of the MAGA Marchers intended to break into the Capitol before the event
  • Pipe bombs were placed outside the RNC and DNC headquarters. No one brought pipe bombs to Charlottesville
  • Anti-Trump “wignats” had no interest in this event. This hasn’t stopped conservatives from seeing everyone from Matt Heimbach to Michael Tubbs at the Capitol Siege

My instant reaction as the Capitol Siege unfolded on live television was that it reminded me of the Bundy Ranch on a vastly greater scale. YOBA was screaming “Occupy the Capitol.” The Capitol Siege didn’t remind me of Charlottesville at all because we hadn’t been trying to do anything illegal. None of the Unite the Right organizers faced federal criminal charges because there was never any proof that anything had happened that day except that Antifa had showed up and disrupted our rally.

The Sines v. Kessler lawsuit has dragged on for four years because there simply isn’t any proof of a “conspiracy” in Charlottesville. The plan had only been to go to the rally and the afterparty. No one including James Fields ever had any plan except to go to the rally. Is the same true of the Capitol Siege though? Was that a purely spontaneous event or was it organized beforehand?

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  1. Just call it Beer Belly Putsch!

    One absolutely terrified the left and the other left them rubbing their hands in eager anticipation.

    • VDare has an interesting take on the ‘Storm the Capitol’ thing 1/6. Basically, they say that under Slow Joe (really President Camel Toe Harris) the Federal Government will overreact and come down hard on all Whites including normies. This will radicalize mainline “conservatives” and even liberal Whites because they will be shocked at the arbitrariness and viciousness of the Federal Government. The argument that “I’m not one of them” will not work with the “woke” Federal Government because all Whites are now their enemy.

      Hunter, you are mentioned here in regard to OD, too.

      Long term this will make Whites realize that ultimately, this is all about race. Also, the U.S. Government is absolutely arrayed against the Founding Stock of the country and those descended later from European, Christian ancestry in general. The U.S. Government will obviously favor the worst racial elements in society encouraging Antifa, BLM, La Raza etc. to attack Whites and blame Whites for the subsequent disruption. The further lying by the MSM, the Government’s Pravda, will only de-legitimize the ruling elite further.

      We will see what happens after Jan. 20th when the restraints on the Left will be lifted. This Spring look for Antifa and BLM to stir from their Winter hibernation and resume their destruction only this time, moving it to the White suburbs with the full approval of the so-called “Justice” Department under the guise of “Civil Rights”. The Government will also be attacking the White people who keep the country running so things will get interesting very quickly once temperatures get up to the 70s in a few months and the animals start stirring.
      Hopefully, we will see backlash politics with a vengeance from the Government’s heavy handedness.

      Get thee prepared now for a siege and disruption if not already prepared.

  2. Big Tech tyrants need to be broken up into smaller units and nationalized. Richard Spencer, a big-mouth intellectual lightweight, likes a big tech monopoly. Why has Twitter never banned him? Here’s an idea: platforms must allow constitutionally protected speech, if not they get a hefty fine every time they delete a post. Poland has such a law in effect.

    • I think the big tech companies are digging their own graves with this. It’s one thing to ban us, but trying to ban half the country from using the internet is not sustainable for them.

      Creating alternatives is difficult, but not impossible. The return on investment just needs to be there, and banning half of the country from core internet services pushes that ROI for alternatives into the positive.

  3. What I hope the Conservatives and Patriots now realize is that literally the President of the USA said the election was stolen and even helped spark that “revolution” and all he and the Republican Party did was turn on all those involved because they got into the Capital. So in other words the election wasn’t fraud after all because if it was Trump would have been the leader of that march into the Capital.. violent or not. These people and the right wing ideology are all talk but never act and the one time action happened a bunch of people was arrested and now Conservatives are more Censored online than ever. The Trump Revolution flopped and now all the sudden the Right Wing and Racial groups will now awaken because OMG the Democrats and Socialists are gonna destroy America. If only people would be the same regardless of who’s in office. Deo Vindice !

    • There were a number of politicians from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Tennessee who have claimed they were in the Capitol.

      A retired member of the Pennsylvania legislature texted his friends, which included a couple of newspaper boys that “they” were in the Capitol. LOL Now he denies it. There may have been 3 or 4 retired or current PA legislators with him?

      Derrick Evans the WV politician from Southern WV was arrested by the FBI, and you can be sure he had company too. Arrested for entering the Capitol.

      I’ve read that a few Tennessee legislators were in the Capitol too.

      You can be sure there were others.

      In Pennsylvania there were 200,000 more votes, than registered voters, the PA State Senate is in even refusing to seat a Democrat because of it.

  4. The US Capitol Building is the absolute epicenter of ZOG’s power – it is where corrupt politicians issue their laws on sodomite marriage, declare war on enemies of Israel, give money to abortion clinics, funnel Trillions to Wall St, condemn Whites, etc – the people that entered it on 1/6 were making a mockery of what is now The Cathedral Of Satan and that is why the Federal Government will unleash its wrath upon them.

      • It’s especially funny when just a couple of months ago they were telling us that the USA is built on evil White supremacy and the institutions are all fundamentally evil and White supremacist and need to be dismantled. Presumably Congress would be included among those evil institutions, but now it is a holy and sacred institution beyond reproach. It is the cornerstone of our great morally superior democratic nation, that is a light to the entire world.

        You can really only sit in awe of the effectiveness of American state propaganda. They will have people believing seven or eight mutually exclusive things simultaneously at any given time, with every one reinforcing some aspect of American imperial power.

  5. “Bad optics involving people like the QAnon Shaman who had their own agenda”

    He was the comic relief. While the TV Talking Heads are clutching their pearls about an “attack on our democracy” the vast majority of normal Americans are laughing their asses off at some ridiculous dude dressed up like a Viking symbolically laying siege to the Capitol.

    Best TV of the Trump era.

    • I agree the QAnon Shaman is hilarious.

      I was laughing my ass off until Ashli Babbitt was shot.

      I don’t want YOBA or the QAnon Shaman to go to prison. I’ve also said that Trump should pardon his supporters. It is not going to happen though. These guys are all going to get Charlottesville’d. They are in much bigger trouble too. Far bigger trouble because federal criminal conspiracy charges will stick.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        I rather suspect that as soon as Biden is sworn in they are going to want to drop all this quickly – and the murder of Ashli Babbitt is one reason why – that is very BAD optics for them. Murdering someone’s kind of quirky Aunt – a veteran no less – whose worst crime is posting silly conspiracy theories on Facebook is not a good look for Creepy Uncle Joe.

        AFAIK they didn’t charge anyone with anything particularly serious, they seem like mostly vandalism type charges, one was “violent entry.” My hunch is that they won’t go for anything super-serious like sedition. If anyone was involved in the death of the police officer they will be the one made an example of.

        Biden and the Democrats are going to have to move to the center – remember the Democrats are in a civil war between the “Defund the Police” types and the newly elected “moderate” Democrats. They lost seats in the House due to their radicalism. Trump is objectively popular. I think the Democrats just want Trump to be over and get back to business as usual.

        I totally agree with you that there really is no connection between this and Charlottesville. The Charlottesville people were set up as part of Govenor McAuliffe’s potential election campaign, but it backfired on them and ended McAuliffe’s career.

        Of course if Trump had a shred of decency he would pardon everyone involved but of course Trump sucks and he won’t.

      • I DO want YOBA and Fuentes to go to jail. That is the only thing that will wake up their idiotic daydreaming followers. They need to see this is a REAL fight, and their are consequences. They instigated an event that lead to the REAL death of several people. They SHOULD be held accountable.

  6. It’s ironic you’re countersignaling the Capitol Uprising because it was insufficiently pure, yet you enjoy doing podcasts with Matt Heimbach. Care to comment? Don’t you see the tension in those two perspectives?

  7. Capital Stormers were effective unlike Charlottesville. The USA died on January 6. I know nothing of their motives but nobody takes the USA seriously now. I expect similar stormings of fake governments in the EU soon.

  8. Charlottesville was the last time anyone saw the actual political line in the sand, and stood against the actual powers. Charlottesville showed who the system hates most, and who the real dissidents are: Nationalists.

    The capital “siege” was a trap set against Trump’s cultists, by Trump. They were LET INTO the building, despite at least one window being broken into.

    Charlottesville was the real and the just
    The Capital Siege was the hyperreal and the unjust.

  9. Another difference: antifa was absent from the Capitol siege. If antifa’s entire purpose is to “fight Trump’s fascism,” you would assume they would turn out to this event where Trump and his supporters announced their intentions to interfere with the electoral process. But, mysteriously, they were nowhere to be found. Maybe antifa organizers received tips not to interfere, similar to how MILO’s FBI handler tipped him off.

    That’s another evidence point, along with the light police presence and the protestors being guided into the building, that points to the conclusion that it was a set up. “Storming the Capitol” was exactly the desired outcome.

    • Between Trump. The Kosher Butcher and Shumer the Zohan the Rednecks in the US have to fight smart. Sounds and feels like a set up from beginning to end. Whites get slaughtered.

    • But, mysteriously, they were nowhere to be found.

      Or perhaps they’re aware that patriotard rallies attract vastly greater crowds than fashy rallies, and that the police are vastly less likely to protect ‘tifa from patriotards who want to smash their skulls in.

  10. If 15th century elites had the power, they would’ve outlawed the printing press

    We are dead in the middle of a similar technological and cultural revolution

  11. And they’re blaming the Southern People for this, and calling for a New Northern crusade to defend Yankee privilege.

  12. Charlottesville was an ethnat event that attracted people who were not Trump supporters

    Charlottesville was marketed as “Unite The Right,” presumably meaning uniting ethnats and civnats. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time because I thought it was silly idea, at best premature. Race remains a huge step for most people. The only readily available models of what being “pro-white” looks like that people generally have is Nazis and KKK, so even the very idea of “working” with such people remains extremely off-putting. I expected the whole thing would fizzle, though in the event it did so for very different reasons.

    In reality, of course, you don’t need to be anything like KKK or Nazi to realize that race is real and it matters and that whites are getting royally fucked over and should therefore stand up for themselves. One of the unintended benefits of Trump’s presidency is that many people’s eyes were opened as to how utterly ‘normal’ and innocent you can be and yet still find yourself accused as a “white supremacist.”

    • The right has been united, but not in the way you’re hoping. It’s been united by White Nationalists abandoning their principles and getting behind Zion Don. Trumpism has been the worst thing for White identity since the invention of television.

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