Jimmy Kimmel Speaks On Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska has already turned once.

We never trusted him again after Charlottesville and Christchurch. What’s going to happen to his current associates when he is picked up by the feds? Will Baked rat them out to the feds?

As I said on our podcast earlier this afternoon, I don’t think YOBA was doing anything more than chasing content in the Capitol. I don’t think he should be charged and sent to federal prison. The feds are going to use all of his statements against him though. They will crack Baked like an egg.

Note: Baked is in a jam. His only hope is getting a pardon from Trump.

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  1. Jimmy Kimmel is scum. Just another worthless white who would never defend the people who built the civilization which has enabled him to become a wealthy man. I don’t care about this BA character. Don’t even know who he is.

  2. Jimmy Kimmel is a chud. These corpo pigs are in on doxxing and calling for arrests just like in cville. This is what late night “comedy” shows are about now.

  3. Jimmy Kimmel was sarah Silverman’s boyfriend for many years. He is a shitlib that his former friend Adam Corolla washed his hand of. So tell me, why should we give a shit what this philosemitic POS thinks about anything? Ffs, most likely, it was the jews who write his jokes that came up with this diatribe.

  4. Baked Alaska was correct about Christchurch, that sicko was inspired by the memes of the CIA created right-wing counterculture. So were his less successful copycats. The Zionist alt-lite/alt-right dehumanized Muslims to the point where the terrorist felt morally justified in committing his atrocity.

    I don’t think Baked Alaska was renouncing pro-White activism per say, he was talking about the toxic meme culture that is crawling with feds, Zionists and other bad actors. These communities have never been genuinely pro-white, in fact they conform perfectly to the Hollywood stereotype of the white ‘racist’ as a menace to society.

    So yes, he is basically just a wigger attention whore, but he does have a conscience. He probably doesn’t deserve the punishment he is about to receive.

    • The Christchurch killer was likely involved with UK/NZ/US intelligence, as a patsy or assassin. FFS he was unemployed but spent 6 months backpacking around Pakistan! The only Westerners who go to Pakistan are either involved in the drug trade or Intel. Plus the Christchurch mosque was a known ISIS recruiting center. Under surveillance from Western and Israeli intel services.

      It’s similar to the 1974 bombings in Southern Ireland, officially blamed on the Unionists but believed by many to have been facilitated by the UK govt as a warning to Dublin not to involve itself north of the border.

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