Ali Alexander Chanted “Victory or Death” Before The Capitol Siege

I wasn’t paying any attention to the rhetoric at the Stop the Steal rallies. I had dismissed it as a grift and performance art. Ali was chanting “Victory or Death” at the Stop the Steal rallies. Alex Jones told the crowd that some of you aren’t going to make it.

Note: Ali speaks at 4:25:00. Alex Jones speaks at 6:46:00.

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  1. That dead policeman was a Trump supporter. Sicknick was himself a Keen pro Trump guy. Veteran of Iraq turned a bit anti war.

  2. Doerer is no friend here though. Note that she highlighted the flinty $600 as pathetic but unilaterally blamed GOP high jinks for the lack of a bigger check. Yeah Kristin, maybe the Congress deserved to be sacked for other reasons like pauperizing the nation? Like the new Democratic full court press won’t find a way to pauperize everyone even more.

  3. HW – you should have been down in Tuscaloosa tonight telling all of those tards standing on top of one another to wear their Coof masks.

  4. The ‘far righhttt’ has certainly lowered it’s standards if people like Ali Alexander are on its books.
    Trump recently said he was ‘the least racist person in this room’ during a debate. Given the diversity of his supporters, I can’t disagree with him.
    I’m beginning to wonder if far right means anything anymore.

  5. So if this is the “grift right”, where is the “real right” anymore? Just doing videos or writing books?

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