Ben Smith Remembers YOBA At BuzzFeed


This is also our impression of him. We used almost these exact same words to describe Baked Alaska in our podcast yesterday. He is nothing but an attention whore who wants to be famous.

New York Times:

“He fit in as well as anyone did at our Los Angeles studio, a place full of ambitious misfits with an unusual gift. They knew how to make web videos people wanted to watch.

His real name was Anthime Joseph Gionet, though he preferred others. His value to BuzzFeed was clear: He’d do anything for the Vine, the short video platform that had a brief cultural moment before being crushed by Instagram and Snapchat in 2017.

Once, he poured a gallon of milk on his face and a clip of it drew millions of views, back when mostly harmless stunts amused millions of American viewers on the platform. …

And so the language I heard from Mr. Gionet, now 33, on his livestream last Wednesday was familiar. “We’ve got over 10,000 people live, watching, let’s go!” he said excitedly. “Hit that follow button — I appreciate you guys.” …

Still, it’s not clear what Mr. Gionet actually believes, if anything. And really, I’m not sure I care. …”

Some people chase tornadoes.

YOBA’s natural calling in life is clowning himself to amuse others. He will do anything for the content including running into the middle of the Capitol Siege. He is not a “white supremacist” or a “terrorist.” He is a performance artist who was thinking clicks, views, follow backs and dollar signs. When he was in Charlottesville, he dramatically faked being blinded by bear mace.

Let him go. There is no proof that he harmed anyone in the Capitol or did anything but make light of the situation. He is just an entertainer.

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  1. Could Gionet and his pals get a reality tv show produced featuring them inside a Federal Penitentiary? Will they meet up with The Crying Man who has preceded them?

  2. It would be an apt reflection on our times if Baked Alaska was cast by the howling media and government as some scary NAHTZEE mastermind. He’s an obvious buffoon; what exactly is he going to be charged with? It’ll be a courtroom circus.

  3. Someone claiming to be Weev is posting on IP2 saying Baked is a snitch. He says YOBA will get away with it cause the feds will have him testify against everyone in his stream which is what they’re using to identify everyone they’re arresting

  4. It’s obvious B.A is an attention seeker, which means he’s very in secure in his manhood. I always avoided guys like him because they start trouble and you have to bail them out.

  5. He’s a scumbag grifter and if anyone goes to federal prison over that DC shitshow it should be phonies like him not the simple minded true believers.

  6. Baked Anus displays all the hallmarks of a paid snitch: loud-mouthed incitement for others to commit crimes, a bravado that can only come from the knowledge that he’s being protected, and an almost predatory opportunism in constantly looking for new victims to fall into the clutches of the feds. The alternative hypothesis -that he’s an unhinged, moronic circus clown on the loose-is too frightening to contemplate.

  7. I am curious why you always post about this guy. His audience clearly understands that he is entertainment, not “really” political.

    So who cares? It’s like covering Kim Kardashian.

    • @Bannedhipster
      Yes we live in a world that’s falling apart around us. We’re losing our nations, our sovereignty, jobs and all we’ve created. Our troops are deployed in useless conflicts overseas rather than doing anything beneficial for us. Yet this website gives these mostly unknown people oxygen and publicity(which I’m sure they thrive on) like the msm goes on about the royal family, or Hollywood celebrities. I really care nothing for these people, and wasting time on them doesn’t move our cause forward.
      As much as I respect this site and it’s author, I feel it’s time for him to shift focus to things that really matter.
      It also makes him look like a chronic whiner who is never happy with anyone or anything.

  8. Has Gionet ever been featured on Harvey Levin’s TMZ website? If not, then he is basically a nobody who is getting free publicity from HW.

  9. Let’s not see BA in isolation. He is part of a much larger edgy online culture that broadly moved towards the alt-right in recent years, largely over anti-PC humor.

    I would argue that the Daily Stormer and even TRS are in the same bag as BA as far as that goes. Everyone who came out of edgy online cultures like trolling, radical libertarianism or NRx has similar traits, to varying degrees. The alt-right is the most hyper real political movement ever.

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