Donald Trump’s Final Pardon List


Some more unfamiliar names on the list.

According to Andrew Anglin, we should be focused right now on remembering Donald Trump as a LEGEND. He was a SYMBOL of something.

Here are the most prominent people he pardoned this morning:

Steve Bannon who was charged with defrauding Trump supporters in a private attempt to build the wall.

The rapper Lil Wayne who was facing a gun charge.

The rapper Kodak Black who made a false statement to buy a firearm.

Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit, who was convicted and went to prison on corruption charges. Trump also pardoned Rod Blagojevich, the former corrupt governor of Illinois, last year.

The Jewish businessman Sholam Weiss for bilking $125 million from the National Heritage Life Insurance Co and its elderly policyholders.

Trump did not pardon Julian Assange, Edward Snowden or any of his own supporters who stormed the Capitol after he told them to on January 6. He condemned them against in his Farewell Address.

Note: Trump also found time on his way out to grant a last minute temporary amnesty for 94,000 Venezeulan nationals.

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  1. While you are beating on Trump while he is down, I remind you that the future President Kamala Harris and President Joe would never pardon Snowden either, and that since Assange never broke any U.S. law, he doesn’t require a pardon to be released from the REAL Gulag (the U.S. Empire’s global political prison system) – but Assange, a citizen of the U.S.-puppet regime of Australia, is being slow-tortured to death under a World War 1 Espionage Act that applies only to U.S. citizens!

    • no, lackwit, Trump isn’t “down” at all. Right now he’s out on his private course at Mar-a-Lago, chasing a little white ball around with some his (((Wall Street))) pals and laughing at idjits like you.

      • It’s amazing the stupidity of some who actually feel sorry for a fraud that didn’t do a thing for his base or Whites. Some people on this site are very intelligent but lack logic and critical common sense.

  2. I’m ready for the crying from Andre anglin and rabbi weevblatt , hopefully the next few years well rid ourselves of these grifters and likes like anglin, weev , spic Fuentes , ethanol Ralph and Mike the k*ke Enoch

  3. With this last picture, I disagree.

    Those 20 000 soldiers and mass hysteria clearly demonstrate that nothing is over yet.

    Healthy regime celebrates victory with cheering crowds and rivers of champagne, not hiding behind the barbwire and screaming that half of the population are traitors and terrorists.

    From Gorbachev in office to collapse of Soviet Union went 5 and half years.

    • this ain’t Russia, Juri. The Jews

      have got this country by the short hairs:

      top down, via the (((central bank)))’s debt-bombing and money-manufacturing rackets,

      bottom up, via the (((Long March Through the Institutions))).

      we need Francisco Franco and an army of cossacks. But

      none on the event horizon. BTW,

      in 6 years Whites will be down to c. 54% of the population,

      or less.

      • “we need Francisco Franco”:

        Franco and his fascist forces, openly supported by Mussolini and Hitler, and covertly supported by the U.S. and other capitalist allies, did to Spain what Pinochet did to Chile. We have many Francos doing it to us now.

      • @anonymous CCCP,

        Marxists from seven different nations had brigades fighting alongside the communist Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. America, not to be left out of getting in on the killing sent their own contingent of Trotskyites under the banner of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

        My only issue with Framco, Mussolini, Hitler, and Pinochet is that they were too humanitarian to beasts unworthy of mercy.

  4. America without a dominant white population looks just like a third world plague stricken military dictatorship.

    Who could have predicted this? Who indeed.

  5. Here’s to hoping that Melania’s divorce lawyers take Trump to the cleaners. Maybe that’s why he’s sucking up to his Israeli creditors so much?

  6. Trump is NOT the problem: He is a symptom of a lethal pathogen that has been debilitating and slowly killing a once great Republic.

    Our “moral compass is not just broken; it is shattered beyond repair.

    Where to go? What to do? I’m not sure.

    In my home state of Minnesota, there are well over 150,000 Somalis living here and more are arriving every day. They have permanently changed “Minnesota Nice” for the worst, and degraded the state’s historically high-quality of life. There are now parts of the state that look like Mogadishu. It is sickening.

    If you can’t save Minnesota and bring it back to a Nordic, wholesome, way of life, I doubt the US can be saved either.

    • ELCA Lutherans played a huge role in bringing those creatures over here. The insanity of it all is beyond comprehension. Whites adopted an alien religion and it is destroying them. Who could have guessed?

    • @Geir Gunderson,

      On his first visit to Sweden, Dr. Joseph Goebbels was enamored by the beauty of Swedish women who he found to be superior to their male counterparts. Dr. Goebbels was extremely disappointed in Swedish men who he described as Germanic on the outside, and Jewish on the inside.

      Now add kumbaya Evangelical Lutheranism into the mix, and Scandinavian “Minnesota Nice” never stood a chance.

      Now both Sweden and Minnesota have “No-Go Zones” because of universalist egalitarianism. Nordics in particular find virtue in signaling their color blindness and enthusiasm for multiculturalism.

  7. The moment of Trump’s plane taking off in his final flight as President, was one of transcendent beauty

    They played the great American song, perfectly befitting the Trump era, Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ … huge outpouring of emotion on the YouTube chat screen, tears flowing from people’s eyes

    Without suppressing sober critical perspective or thought, everyone on the Right needs to be restrained about bashing each other, and for the most part stop bashing Trump as well

    Trump was and will remain a powerful symbol … even Lindsey Graham understands this

    The Trump era was an important moment and time in history, a milestone

    Here’s the link, ‘My Way’ and the Trump plane taxi down the runway for departure, starting at 1:04:25 … this link should start the video at that moment

    Just poetry

  8. Kamala and Joe will be swearing on Bibles (Kamala wants to swear on two Bibles) – in which Jesus says plainly “Do not swear at all.” The New Testament, especially, contains a long list of moral laws/principles that they have both been deliberately breaking and intend to continue breaking. What the U.S. Empire of Usury really trusts in is the power of MONEY.

    Moon of Alabama today:

  9. In inauguration looks very much like how I imagine a Mongol horde leadership meeting would look entering a sacked city. No locals cheering it on. Either dead or hiding.

    DC resembles nothing but a plague stricken, conquered and subjugated third world dump run by a junta.

    That’s post white America, man.

      • Yep, elements of the King’s Landing scene. Also made me think of Timur or Subutai without a mountain of skulls, yet. The sea of flags cane close.

  10. Trump was never worthy of his most faithful, albeit deluded, supporters. They just haven’t figured that out yet. Admitting you got conned isn’t easy.

  11. When the Jewrusalem Post lists all the jew criminals that got pardoned by Trump it’s cause for celebration. But when HW does it he’s guilty of “anti semitic hate speech”. When did gentiles noticing things become a crime?

  12. The spirit of Martyr Gen. Qasem Soleimani has relegated this Pharisee slave to the margins of history.

    History will remember Trump as someone who lost to an Alzheimer creep.

    P.S.: We have nothing against White folk and their honorable struggle. Our (((enemy))) remains the same.

      • The symbolic equation has been OBL [(((Deep State))) Sunni Islam] vs George Bush [((Deep State))) prick]. It has always been a friendly fight. A bait to keep the sheep hooked around the ring. Now, neither do we associate ourselves with the former nor do we put all White people in the latter category.

        Peaceful coexistence will be possible once you overcome the purveyors of kosher globalism placed in the strategic sectors of the US power grid and we decisively crush the Zionist allied Sunni Arabs and their stooges in our backyard.

        As far as our task is concerned, by the grace of the God who Smites the necks of the cruel, we are almost there.

        May the Almighty bestow you strength to vanquish the tormentors of your kith and kin !!

  13. Lil Wayne is the only one who deserved a pardon, since his gun charge was obvious political persecution. He endorsed Trump’s platinum plan and took a picture with him, then about a week later he was hit with bogus charges. Unlike the other people who were ruined by their association with blumpf, Lil Wayne is black so he got the pardon.

  14. Trump will never be able to disappoint us again. We now know what’s coming, and it is worse, but still at least we know it’s coming.

  15. Even on his way out the door, he still was able to stick it to his most loyal supporters by pardoning Jewish and black criminals. Some things never change.

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