Joe Biden’s Inaugural Address

I was willing to give Joe Biden a chance.

After four years of the Trump Show, I was determined to keep an open mind and hear the man out, but my expectations were always low going into the Biden era. Joe Biden has always been a corporate neoliberal. There was a small chance that he would govern as a moderate and stand up to the Far Left in the Democratic Party. In light of his record, the case for Biden wasn’t strong enough for me to vote for him though. I went from being a strong Trump supporter in 2016 to sitting out the 2020 election.

Joe Biden’s inaugural speech was flat and shrill. He came across as menacing and like he was dictating terms to a defeated enemy rather than reaching out to his fellow Americans after a bitter election and at a time of record polarization and division. He spoke about “unity” with Trump voters in terms of “systemic racism,” “white supremacy” and “domestic extremism.” Meanwhile, it is Joe Biden’s Washington, not Donald Trump’s, that looks like a fascist police state occupied by an invading army. In four years as president, the “fascist” Trump never created a Green Zone in Washington, DC. “Democracy has prevailed” in the sense that the ruling class in Washington now look like the rulers of Baghdad.

Joe Biden was elected president to sign a more substantial COVID-19 relief bill, to clean up Trump’s mess by containing and defeating COVID and to start rebuilding the American economy. Instead of focusing on the virus which had killed over 400,000 Americans, which is killing both Democrats and Republicans and conceivably bridging the partisan divide by mobilizing the country against a common enemy, he seemed to focus more on the boogeyman of “white supremacy.” It seems like a major blown opportunity to me. I think he should have focused on the virus, putting people back to work and overcoming political division.

Couldn’t Joe Biden have smiled and just said something like, “I’ve got great news. Donald Trump is gone and everyone is getting $2,000”? This would have been far better received.

Note: Blumpf is gone, QAnon is dead and the deck is cleared for a real populist movement to oppose Joe Biden. He lost his greatest ally today when Donald Trump went home to Mar-a-Lago.

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  1. With Biden-Harris, Catholic & Jew America is officially in charge. Let’s see what the Catholics and Jews do with the US.

    • “Let’s see what the Catholics and Jews do with the US.”

      The Talmudists, and the superstitious and bloodthirsty worshippers of a Goddess (Mary) and Her Pope (Antichrist vicar in the place of the Son of God) – we’ll see what more harm they can do that they haven’t done already.

      Remember, remember the fifth of November, be sure they have nothing good in mind for us.

    • Shitting in their pants when they discovering what really happened. Like Napoleon in the Moscow when he realized that he is not winning, he is deep in the enemy territory and winter is coming.

      “”….There was a small chance that he would govern as a moderate and stand up to the Far Left …”””

      There was a small chance that Napoleon realized what really happening and f…d out of Russia before too late. But he did not. This is how Strategic Retreat works. Deception must be get wise people like Napoleon or Jews fall into trap.

      To fight Donald, they created BLM , strengthened and supported Antifa , made impossible promises to every last bastard group and now , when Donald is gone, those groups coming after them. We put you in charge and now give us what is ours. And because the radical left did the greatest thing in history of mankind, they stopped Nazis, then the reward must be proper. 2000 USD per face and now f..k off is not enough.

      Swamp now tries to divert this released KRAKEN to hunt Donald supporters. But there is a problem. Hunting and destroying poor peoples lives does not give no fun, no power and no money. In first a lot of Donald supporters get their life ruined or taken but sooner or later this progressive KRAKEN turns against their creator for very simple reason. Jailed Proud Boy does not have money. Rich Jews have money.

      Biden is behind the 20 000 soldiers, so no access. But a lot of rich people have no 20 000 strong army to defend them, so let’s do what we learned last summer. Make a little peaceful protest for Georg Floyd in some wealthy people businesses and get some stuff .

      Who will defending those businesses ? Police is too demoralized . When the police was repressed even in Donald era, now is now the dumb f..k now who get his life ruined fighting with BLM and Antifa.

      Gun owning Donald supporting white America ? When, maybe some of them may wish to die defending Twitter Amazon or Facebook offices, most definitely not. especially after some of them got killed and imprisoned in recent events. Most of Donald supporter have no wish to step out from their homes.

      Army. Well, they have seen, what happened with Ashlii Babbit. Even you get killed or when you survive, then you will put in jail to murdering another Georg Floyd.

      So here we are. Joe defended, liberal progressive KRAKEN demanding it’s pray and rich Jews with lot of money and no defense in sight.

      Draining the Swamp means really Draining the Swamp. Purge must be real. Like Stalin did. Average Normie wanting only his job back will never ever commit Holocaust or Swamp Draining or Purge. With every violence, there is always the problem, where we find the people who will the the wet job actually done.

      So we need Antifa and BLM to do the job real job and get The Swamp actually drained Lie Stalin needed the Blokhin Yeshof and diversity Beria to get real job actually done.

      Sit back and enjoy the show.

  2. I imagine that Baghdad or Kiev looked a bit like DC did, after the Mongols defeated the respective caliph and Czar. This was a humiliating speech given to a defeated people by an invading conqueror. Biden was menacing, absolutely.

    • That’s the impression I always got from this “healing” theme. “Healing” was not presented as a good faith effort to find common ground, move to the center, and reduce polarization, but a call for an intensification of the culture war until the radlibs achieve total victory. They mean to heal in the same way the American empire “healed” west Germany after WWII. Healing through an intense, full spectrum program of brainwashing, ritual humiliation, and cultural destruction.

    • “Baghdad or Kiev looked a bit like DC did, after the Mongols defeated the respective caliph and Czar. This was a humiliating speech given to a defeated people by an invading conqueror”:


      Raqqa, Mosul, Aleppo, and many other places that we “liberated” look even worse than Baghdad and Kiev after the Mongols, and there will soon be much more of this:

  3. A lot of Civil War references and the words “Unity” and “Union”

    This was more a covert reminder to the people of what happened to the last group of people who opposed the U.S. government in Washington.

  4. The warmongers are back in control of the American empire. Genocide George and Baby Bomber Barack were there to give their blessings to the sordid cause of endless wars.

  5. Folks, you’re not going to get populism and social equity from the “Biden administration” , you’re going to get a program of “de-nazification” just like the same criminal clique has been executing in Germany/Europe since1945. In fact it’s worse than that, see “Germany Must Perish” by Theodore N. Kaufman if you want to know what’s really in store for the people of White, European stock in the West. Absent the immediate emergence of a tremendous leader for our need and cause, politics is pure folly.

  6. Good riddance to Trump. Agreed about Biden. Looks like the political options in the near future are turd party or staying home.

    Today feels not only post-conservative, but post-American. Maybe Spencer is right that Burgerland has always been an empire; American nationalism is a modernist illusion.

    On a lighter note, has anyone done a wellness check on Vox Day?

      • The Patroon system of -1% manor lords and +99% rent-paying serfs has ebbed and flowed but never really disappeared:

        “The spectacle of a landed gentleman living in semi-feudal splendor among his 3,000 tenants was an anachronism to a postwar generation that had become acclimated to Jacksonian democracy. Stephen III’s leniency toward his tenants had created a serious problem for his heirs. His will directed them to collect and apply the back rents toward the payment of the patroon’s debts. As soon as the rent notices went out, the farmers organized committees and held public meetings in protest. Stephen IV, who had inherited the “West Manor” (Albany County), refused to meet with a committee of anti-renters and turned down their written request for a reduction of rents. His brusque refusal infuriated the farmers. On July 4, 1839, a mass meeting at Berne called for a declaration of independence from landlord rule but raised the amount the tenants were willing to pay. The answer to this proposal was soon forthcoming. The executors of the estate secured writs of ejectment in suits against tenants in arrears. Crowds of angry tenants manhandled Sheriff Michael Archer and his assistants and turned back a posse of 500 men. Sheriff Archer called upon Governor William H. Seward for military assistance. Seward’s proclamation calling on the people not to resist the enforcement of the law and the presence of several hundred militiamen failed to cow the tenants, who persisted in their refusal to pay rent. The sheriff evicted a few, but he could not dispossess an entire township. By 1844 the anti-rent movement had grown from a localized struggle against the van Rensselaer family to a full-fledged revolt against leasehold tenure throughout eastern New York, where other major manors existed. Virtual guerrilla warfare broke out. Riders disguised as Indians and wearing calico gowns ranged through the countryside, terrorizing the agents of the landlords. In late 1844, Governor William Bouck sent three companies of militia to Hudson, where anti-renters threatened to storm the jail and release their leader, Big Thunder (Dr. Smith A. Boughton, in private life). The following year Governor Silas Wright was forced to declare Delaware County in a state of insurrection after an armed rider had killed undersheriff Osman N. Steele August 7, 1845 at an eviction sale. The anti-renters organized town, county, and state committees, published their own newspapers, held conventions, and elected their own spokesmen to the legislature. The success of candidates endorsed by anti-renters in 1845 caused politicians in both parties to show a “wonderful anxiety” to “give the Anti-renters all they ask.” The legislature abolished the right of the landlord to seize the goods of a defaulting tenant and taxed the income which landlords derived from their rent. Shortly thereafter, the Constitutional Convention of 1846 prohibited any future lease of agricultural land which claimed rent or service for a period longer than twelve years. Yet neither the convention nor the legislature was willing to disturb existing leases….”

  7. It may be difficult to profit from “opposing the Biden administration” by reacting against every dumb neo-liberal thing he says and does.

    True cons and former MAGA grifters are going to assume that role, using libertarian style small government rhetoric. plus conspiracy paranoia, plus fake social conservatism, plus fake immigration restrictionism.

    They will get elected on that basis in 2022 / 2024, whatever, then do nothing with that power. (Then hand power back to the “left” a while later) This is a stable paradigm and it can continue indefinitely.

    I don’t know how we can disrupt that paradigm, but “criticizing Biden” is the role we are expected to play.

    The other thing is, today’s “center” is not the center that might have existed in the 1990s or before. “White Populism” is not THE center that currently exists, it’s an alternative center that might possibly come into existence… under some unlikely circumstances.

    The center that America chose by electing Biden is a somewhat more woke version of the Obama years. It was always going to be mostly repugnant to us, although, like the Obama years, it might end up being less harmful overall than the Trump years.

    Trump was so bad that he basically made everyone except conservatives wish to return to woke-neoliberalism aka “normalcy”. And he discredited our old arguments against woke neoliberalism, at least temporarily. And did a lot of possibly permanent harm to “our” natural base.

    If conservatives are as useless as they appear to be, then we’re kind of stuck waiting for some other, more capable people to get sick of the current woke neoliberal center. Which probably means they have to see Bidenism in practice and somehow become disillusioned with it.

  8. I do hope all the Right sees that we have a bigger enemy to fight than just others on the Right as the Left and RINOs would have everyone believe.

    Why does it require the Left to come to power before the Right quits trying to completely devour itself? The brainwashed Left believes all the leaders on the Right are Hitlers and all their followers are Nazis. That must be accepted and dealt with by everyone on the Right. The Left’s calls for healing and unity are just more of their endless lying fake news. The Left IS our (all of us) eternal enemy.

    Bad day for the Yankee Empire … but a needed wake up call to defend our existence and beliefs for those who are real Americans and not Commies … I do hope these fat cats on the Right invest their money in establishing big tech platforms and orgs to allow the Right to exercise their freedom of speech and allow complete autonomy and segregation from the Commie Left so that what has happened in the last few weeks will never happen again. No one should ever have to have an account on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc ever again. We need complete independence from the decadent Left.

    Be sober …

    May God Save the South!

    • “Why does it require the Left to come to power before the Right quits trying to completely devour itself?”

      What you call “the Left” is not the true Left, which is the true opposite of the current system. the Left has not come to power. The Establishment’s top choices, Kamala and Biden, are very hard, consistent, tried and true, RIGHT-wingers.

  9. Trump was a total disgrace. He was almost literally booed off the stage, like the top-hatted, mustache-twirling villain in a silent movie. Even Herbert Hoover attended the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt, for crying out loud. Biden’s speech was pretty good, I didn’t sense anything malevolent or vindictive in it. Maybe with that abrasive, obnoxious moron out of office the situation will become little more relaxed. Four more years of Trump would have been four more years of nothing but violence and polarization.

    • I agree. Now I’m watching Trumpsters make dumb comments about thousands dying of covid while Biden was at the inauguration, when they were still saying covid was a hoax on Tuesday.

      Regardless of what anyone thinks about covid, this pettiness makes them look even more ridiculous. Whining and complaining is where they’re at, instead of doing something constructive.

      Anyone who doesn’t see populist economic policies as a plus for their families, no matter who brings them is a member of conservative Inc, even if they play populist on the internet.

      The multicultural display we saw is what America is now, whether we like it or not so save your UBI and buy some land, or continue to vote for unlimited Trillions to the Swamp. That was Trump and Con Inc’s tactic and it didn’t do a darned thing for working class Whites. Never has.

  10. For the next 4 years we will have to hear how “historic” that the 1st women of color is vice president, not because she qualified but only because she is a “women of color. If that doesn’t define privilege, I don’t know what does.

    How privilege is ranked in the US:

    1. Female black
    2. Male black
    3. Female Hispanic
    4. Male Hispanic
    5. White female
    6. White male.

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