Tucker Carlson: The American Government Is At War With Its Own People

Why aren’t they happy?

America has been saved from literal fascism. The orange lightning rod is gone and has moved to Mar-a-Lago. And yet, it seems like a full blown panic has set it on the Left. Why?

Here are a few reasons that come to mind:

  • Trump was intensely polarizing and was a useful device for holding together the Democratic coalition, smoothing over internal divisions and attracting moderates.
  • Trump was an incompetent narcissist who only cared about being in the spotlight rather than pushing an ideological agenda. He was the ideal villain to punch against.
  • Trump was an extremely divisive figure even among the “Far Right” and now that he is gone we can all move on and learn something from the whole experience.
  • Trump used extreme rhetoric to push a moderate agenda and was easily rolled by Republican leadership. Someone else could use moderate rhetoric to push a moderate agenda.
  • The fear is that Trump’s voters are still around and angrier than ever and can find a more effective champion. Trump was the only vehicle available for populist voters in 2016 and 2020.
  • The Democratic coalition is extremely unstable. It is full of White upper middle class, college educated professionals who are toxic and push away their own voters.
  • White men elected Joe Biden president based on nostalgia for the old Democratic Party and the perception that he is a moderate. He isn’t governing like a moderate.
  • Redistricting will further erode the Democrat House majority and put Democrats at a structural disadvantage.
  • The governing party usually loses midterm elections and Democrats only have a razor thin House majority and a 50/50 majority in the Senate and the filibuster isn’t going anywhere.
  • “Not Trump” won the support of 81 million voters only to be revealed on January 20th as this senile old man Joe Biden.
  • “True Conservatism” is losing ground in the Republican Party as college-educated suburbanites concentrate in the Democratic Party and the Chamber of Commerce shifts to the Democrats. Republicans are under mounting pressure to change their policy agenda.
  • Populism hasn’t gone away and the constituency for it has swollen due to the economic crash caused by COVID that has enriched the oligarchy.
  • Wealth redistribution is going mainstream among lower and middle-income Republican voters.

In 2024, a more seasoned populist movement with a smarter candidate who runs with more moderate rhetoric on a platform of condemning political correctness or wokeness, securing the border and redistributing the wealth of billionaires could pose a far more serious threat to Neoliberal Joe.

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  1. Sucks that Parrott is banned on twitter. The people need his gamestonk takes right now. He has been predicting finance getting “napstered” and just when the beginnings of that might be occurring, he’s banned.

  2. “””….Why aren’t they happy? America has been saved from literal fascism….”””

    Because Antifa BLM LGTB and others find their protection racket money too small. They want more.

    “””…The orange lightning rod is gone……”””

    We do not know this yet…:D

  3. It’s been said that this hate-filled rhetoric is the VERY THING the J-Left is using, to STOKE THE FIRES OF WHITE REVOLT, so (((they))) can say, ‘SEE, WE WERE RIGHT!’ Yeah. uh-huh. Where have I seen this bolshevik tactic before? Demonizing Hitler, Demonizing Rasputin, Demonizing the Czarina, Demonizing JESUS CHRIST… it’s what (((they))) do.

    “Short selling really is the epitome of Jewish behavior. It is Jewishness gone wild. Judaism on steroids.”

    “But one of them, named Caiaphas, who was JEWISH high priest that year, said to them, “You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.” – John 11:49-50


    Death to the Jew World Order, someone said.
    He’s right.

    • I have said this so many times myself. The Jews can’t run far or fast enough from themselves but they can’t. It isn’t possible. All that they do is an attempt to run from the truth of their rejection of The Logos. This is also why they want gentiles to corrupt themselves. Partake of my crimes is what they are saying, basically.

  4. IMO, the government and media reaction to the Jan 6th “insurrection” was a water shed moment. There’s no going back to “civic nationalism” which is delusional anyway in a multiracial country. The war on Whites is explicit now. The more they double down the more radical the polarization will be. This decade will decide if our race has a future in America.

  5. Tucker missed his target-intentionally.

    The US Goverment is only at war with the Historic Native Born White American Majority….an it is using Black Lives Matter as a DEATH SQUAD to go after White Folks.

    Black Lives Matter was encouraged and organized in the Oval Office by Barack Obama and Valerie Jarette to go out across America to racially intimidate innocent White People.

    • I’m seeing Asian and Beaner crossovers. This is more than native born whites now. They all want what they perceived as the “Old America” back.

    • Spot on. DC is an imperial capital under the praetorian boot after a low intensity civil war fought all summer.

      • What “civil war”? BLM/Antifa (wisely) stayed out of the White suburbs and rural areas. They didn’t want to get shot.

  6. “White men elected Joe Biden president based on nostalgia for the old Democratic Party and the perception that he is a moderate. He isn’t governing like a moderate.”

    Clueless idiots. NFL-watching types.

    • You beat me to it — Anyone who couldn’t see what a decrepit, senile, soulless anti-White race-traitor pos joe is, has been sleep-walking for the past two years.

  7. In one of his essays — I cannot recall which one — James Burnham asked without answering the question of how long, considering the clear danger they present, can conservatives continue to tolerate liberals? We now know the answer: Too long.

  8. If you ask me, the government, has been running a low grade war against the white working class and middle class for a long time, since the mid fifties anyway. That’s what civil rights was all about, that’s what integration was all about, ruining perfectly good public schools and wrecking good working class neighborhoods through block busting. White people lost all kinds of property value when the spook underclass showed up. Whole manufacturing cities have been more or less destroyed.

    It went hand in hand with ‘free’ trade and the open borders lunatics.

    So called conservatives did nothing to stop it, they were too busy starting over seas wars and declaring that they weren’t racist.

    Trump brought the swamp rats more out in the open than they had been, they had to take extreme measures to get rid of him. Why I don’t know, because he never seemed to be that much of a threat to the power structure to me.

    • JFK and RFK both enthusiastically participated in this wrecking process. Senator JFK was responsible for bringing Barack Obama’s LEGAL IMMIGRANT Muslim Father into Our America.

  9. Tucker is just figuring this out now? The war started when the jews lobbied for the 64/65 immigration and civil rights acts.

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