New York Times: Joe Biden Needs a “Reality Czar”

The professional class has gone woke and alienated and lost the trust of the people and the explosion of conspiracy theories is just one manifestation of the consequences. As you might expect, they are willing to do anything but examine their own behavior which has led to this loss of confidence.

New York Times:

“Last month, millions of Americans watched as President Biden took the oath of office and, in a high-minded Inaugural Address, called for a new era of American unity.

But plenty of other Americans weren’t paying attention to Mr. Biden’s speech. They were too busy watching YouTube videos alleging that the inauguration was a prerecorded hoax that had been filmed on a Hollywood soundstage.

Or they were melting down in QAnon group chats, trying to figure out why former President Donald J. Trump wasn’t interrupting Mr. Biden’s speech to declare martial law and announce the mass arrest of satanic pedophiles. …”

Personally, I don’t read the New York Times to catch up with the news anymore. I read it to see what political narrative our enemies are pushing on any given day. Millions of people are less intelligent, less educated, less tethered to reality and less able to discern news from narrative than I am. They believe what people like Vox Day, Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones are saying on any given day.

Note: This website steered clear of QAnon, COVID-19 conspiracies, the Stop the Steal rallies and election fraud narrative, etc. We also always pointed out Donald Trump’s failures.

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  1. Tune in to a rap station,70s IQ border line retarded,who promotes this garbage where the vast audience are young whites.13%the media is saturated with coons.

    Cabal conspiring to subdue the nation by any means.

    • That little b!tch sound have been strangled, slowly.
      Along with her handlers, Hill and Nolton, Tom Lantos.
      ( I bet th3 Lantos family made bank on that maneuver, 10s millions, maybe 100s?)

  2. As stupid as the establishment press is surely even they can understand how much the public hates and mistrusts them. Yet they have done absolutely nothing to regain their respectability. If anything they are doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on their loathsome, ultra left-wing, anti-white agenda.

    • I think them wanting to genocide us is a big part of why nobody listens to the dinosaur media anymore ive studied history the Soviet Union and East Germany knew better then to constantly insult the people they were ruling ??

  3. MSM is the government’s more than willing propaganda and PR outlet; like Pravda, only “privately” owned.

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