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  1. It is back to the Obama era on the Israel first foreign policy. America and Israel provide covert support to ISIS while denouncing ISIS in public.

  2. I can’t even believe I have to say this on a white nationalist website.


    “Hurrr durr we want them to have democracy.”

    Our democracy is a joke.

    As long as they’re not causing serious climate change (which we are and other groups are), or other global threats, leave them alone. I don’t care what type of society they got.

    Your people are dying economically and via pandemic, been the hottest its been in years, and you want to do this George W. Bush shit.

    Just leave them alone you twits.

    • It’s not about Dumbocracy – it’s about the US being a destabilizing presence in the Mid-East to prevent a Syria-Iran-Iraq Shia super-state which would sit atop vast deposits of oil and NatGas and would threaten US/Israel/Saudi hegemony in the MidEast. The US will be in the MidEast(and Afghanistan) until the US Empire dies. It doesn’t matter which Zionist puppet is keeping the seat warm in the Oval Office the US’s meddling presence in the MidEast is assured.

    • It’s not “our” democracy. We let the jews game our system and they took it from us. They control the levers of power and this was done for their benefit. They don’t give a damn about our people or anyone other than themselves.

    • “We” don’t have an ounce of choice in the matter. If it were up to the vast majority of people in the U.S., wogs included no doubt, the U.S. Government would mind its own business and not fuck with other countries. Syria is about 6,000 miles from the U.S. East coast and cannot possibly harm us. Syria has very little oil either but it’s a target of U.S. wrath because “Our Greatest Ally”, about 140 miles to the south of Damascus calls the tune and the U.S. Government dances, that’s the way it is. One more time: “we” have no say in the matter.

      BTW the global warming thing is a scam, a hoax, a scientific fraud. It is as false as the “Piltdown Man” scientific fraud from the early 20th century but much more lucrative for those who are well connected.


      Before this global warming shit there was the “ozone hole” scare. According to the “experts” there was a gigantic ozone hole over the South Pole that was growing every year. This ozone hole was caused primarily by the release of the refrigerant Freon from refrigerators and AC units. By 2010 at the latest the hole would grow to encompass most of the atmosphere allowing the sun’s destructive UV rays to kill life on earth, we were doomed, fucking dooooomed.

      The solution was to ban Freon, used primarily as a refrigerant. Even if not one more pound of Freon were manufactured after it was banned we were still doomed because of the millions of pounds in existing AC and refrigerators that would get scrapped over the coming decades. Needless to say Freon was banned and the ozone hole scam just died out.

      The ozone “experts” never answered several questions about the their “theory”. Since most Freon was manufactured, used and released in the northern hemisphere why wasn’t the ozone hole over the North Pole instead of the South Pole? Wind patterns couldn’t account for this fact. Also, measurements of the ozone hole had only been consistently taken since about
      1978 so what was the ozone hole like in 1958, 1928, 1898, 1865 etc.? No one knows.


      Scientists i.e. “experts” get lots of things wrong all the time. Many eminent scientists in Louis Pasteur’s time rejected his germ theory of disease in favor of the theory of Spontaneous Generation of disease (infection). The aether theory of light transmission was also believed until about the time of the 1887 Michelson–Morley experiment. Heat was thought to be a type of fluid called caloric in the 18th century. Science is not engineering where a definite result is obtained according to scientific principles, it’s much more speculative and prone to error.

      • The upper atmosphere above the south pole in winter hits 200 below, the kind of temperatures you otherwise only find on Mars. Maybe ozone just naturally can’t exist at those temperatures? However there is something to say about better safe than sorry.

        Theoretically CO2 does hold in a lot of heat. However the discussion went from “what’s going to happen after a thousand years of burning this stuff” to “it’s here NOW, and it’s CATASTROPHIC!” A rational approach would be to gradually increase nuclear power to generate a lot of our energy needs outside stuff like jets that will still need kerosene. Leftists whose true motive is to hurt their political enemies, rural whites and suburbanites, see in the global warming hype a tool to bash them.

        Actually if they can get the battery cost down, range up, and charging times down, electric cars are vastly simpler than gasoline engines and have way less moving parts for the mechanic to be fleecing you for $800 replacing every 6 months. If they get the price down, they could be way cheaper to maintain.

      • You linked to the Heritage Foundation for evidence? Seriously? I thought you guys moved beyond this shit.

        Exactly what makes you anything but a Conservative?

    • Many of the dead in the US were brown people though. Grim arithmetic but the disease killed 1 in 600blacks.

  3. Heard on a radio program originating in Boston but syndicated to lots of other states: Why hasn’t Dementia Joe given his State of The Union Address yet? The rumor in Washington is that his keepers are afraid he can’t do it live, he will fall flat on his ugly face, his dementia will be obvious to the whole world.

    It’s almost March and still no SOTU address. Is Dementia Joe’s mind too far gone? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Dates of some previous State of The Union Addresses:

    Feb. 5th, 2020
    Feb. 6th, 2019
    Jan. 31st, 2018
    Feb. 28th. 2017
    Jan 13th, 2016

  4. I doubt Biden can find Syria on an unlabeled map and imagine now he might not even recognize the name Syria.

  5. Wasn’t it 22 killed in the air strikes that Trump ordered as bait to get Soleimani into Iraq? Nothing the US government reports should be taken at face value. Including vote counts.

  6. Iranian commentators are advising

    “We shouldn’t be fooled by the terminology used by Western regime-affiliated media. When they say ‘Iran-backed militias’, they’re only saying this to hide the fact that they murdered Iraqis. And the fact that these troops that belong to the Iraqi armed forces and that are part of the popular mobilization forces”


    This attack had little to do with Iran, it’s just pitched that way.

    So in reality it wasn’t even any sort of retaliation for occupation convoys being hit. I see this as just smoke and mirrors to detract from issues at home without provoking a real enemy in Iran, or even bombing Assads’ Syria. Even the Iraqis bombed were paramilitary (still government funded) located in a foreign country. So they did something that they can try to pretend is something else.

    Iran will use this blunder and run with it for all it’s worth among it’s zone of influence.

  7. Re: “air strikes before relief checks”:

    Corporate mainstream media (which INCLUDES Fox News and its biggest star Tucker Carlson) downplays and whitewashes every daily U.S. war crime that leaks out, such as this so-called “President” (figurehead puppet of Plutocracy) Joe’s so-called “defensive, measured, de-escalatory” strike that killed “JUST A HANDFUL of people.” The lives of Syrian people, and Iranian, Iraqi and Russian people and any other nation or ethnic group daring to resist, don’t amount to much. They’re only one step in value above the lowest form of indigenous Palestinians that aren’t people at all, just “animals, without souls” taking up valuable space.

    • Off topic I think It is strange that there are almost no female commenters on OD. Someone might be inspired by this song, “THE REBEL GIRL” by Joe Hill the courageous Swedish-American anti-capitalist labor organizer, who was arrested and executed on trumped-up charges in Salt Lake City in 1915: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPdYukxbOjo Some lyrics: “The Rebel Girl! To the working class, she’s a precious pearl. She brings courage, pride and joy to the fighting Rebel Boy. We’ve had girls before, but we need some more, In the Industrial Workers of the World. For it’s great to fight for freedom with a Rebel Girl. Yes, her hands may be hardened from labor, and her dress may not be very fine. But a heart in her bosom is beating, that is TRUE TO HER CLASS AND HER KIND. AND THE GRAFTERS IN TERROR ARE TREMBLING, when her spite and defiance she’ll hurl. For the only and thoroughbred lady Is the Rebel Girl….”

      • Most women are very shallow in case you haven’t noticed. It’s a rare and precious gem who cares about this stuff.

  8. 80 year old Joe Biden didn’t do anything except ask where the hell he was and when his adult diaper is getting changed.

    Who in reality ordered this strike? It had to be signed off on by the new DOD Lloyd Austin, or – as was typical under the Obama administration – the CIA, in which case it would be William Burns.

    Or who knows maybe Benjamin Netanyahu called up his fellow Zionist Jews Ron Klain and Secretary of State Fat Tony Blinken and said, “hey go tell your goys to start bombing to Persians and Syrians again.”

    Whiteys should be happy – you’re just going to jail for the Capitol protests, not getting bombed. So look on the bright side..

      • Knowing it’s an affirmative action black brother raining death upon them will mitigate some of the bitterness all those brown people in the mid-East will feel over the deaths of their loved ones.

    • Re: “Whiteys should be happy – you’re just going to jail for the Capitol protests, not getting bombed. So look on the bright side”

      If the White Right did not exist, the plutocratic Establishment would need to invent it. The White Right is not nearly as threatening to the Establishment as true leftists, who must be bombed and otherwise eliminated. Like Joe Hill. Even his cremation ashes were considered “potentially subversive” and had to be hidden:

      • @anonymous

        JHC. The IWW was nothing more than a front group back then. Do you people literally believe every lefty bullshit they print no matter how obvious it was?

        BTW – Woody Guthrie was a Stalinist – literally his lyrics were written by Communist party writers – and his son was a no good hippie.

        The IWW now? It’s nothing more than a yet another Antifa front. They haven’t “organized” anything except for breaking car windows.

        It’s astonishing fetishists like you exist – there is NO LEFTY CULTURE like you are pretending. It was fake – astroturf – no different than CPAC or the laughable “Transgenders” at Democratic Socialists of America.

        If people like you didn’t exist – the Capitalists would invent them to alienate actual working class Americans.

        F— your fake-ass commie Woody Guthrie bullshit. Real working class white people listen to Merle not Woody “New York City” Guthrie.

        • “The IWW was nothing more than a front group back then”:

          IWW in Joe Hill’s time was the closer to a fully socialist movement than AFL and other unions that were already beginning to serve the corporations. It pioneered workers’ takeover of industrial workplaces (“Wobbly Shop”) choosing their own management, etc. I agree with Eugene Debs that the IWW, like the other unions, did not go far enough. If Joe hill had lived longer he might have also realized it.

          “Woody Guthrie was a Stalinist – literally his lyrics were written by Communist party writers – and his son was a no good hippie”:

          B.H., you might not have noticed that I commented here on OD, a few weeks ago, that Guthrie was being used and was promoted to fame by New York Talmudists. I don’t like most of his songs, and none of them very much, and don’t respect Arlo and other “fake-folk” musicians. REAL ETHNIC English and Welsh folk music I do enjoy (it’s in my blood, so to speak) but not what I call COSMOPOLITAN “Folk”!

          Regarding the Merle Haggard selection you posted: It’s good and I’ve heard it before. I used to listen to Merle Haggard, and especially much older “country” music a lot when I was young. But more recent commercial Nashville “country” music I can’t stand at all! Being inside Tractor Supply for twenty-four hours without earplugs would be a mild torture.

          Re: “If people like you didn’t exist – the Capitalists would invent them to alienate actual working class Americans”:

          Alienating them from WHAT? Do you mean: Discouraging them, making them doubt any possibility of change, and keeping them from accepting the NON-socialist solution that you have invented?

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