CPAC 2021 Speeches

I will share my thoughts as I watch the videos.

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis condemned the Republican establishment for its support for open borders and amnesty and highlighted his COVID record, election security effort and the shots he has fired against Big Tech. The speech was well and good, but DeSantis is best known outside of Florida for his crusade against anti-Semitism. Is he going to knock that off now that Sheldon Adelson is finally dead?

Tom Cotton

He has clearly seen the polls.

Pretty much everyone is angry about the same things and has the same view. What are you going to do about it though? What is your record on these issues? Are you going to tackle the actual priorities of voters or harness the backlash only to pull another bait and switch for the donor class?

Cotton is currently promoting a minimum wage increase paired with E-Verify. It is going nowhere in the Senate because the Democrats are committed to shielding cheap illegal alien labor for employers and will never compromise, but it is good political theater. I suppose he deserves credit for talking about the right things that are resonating: immigration enforcement, law and order, how much people hate “journalists,” heritage protection, raising working class living standards, anti-wokeness, anti-censorship.

Rick Scott

He sounds more confident and aggressive. There was less mewling and platitudes compared to what I recall in previous years. The tone seems different even though much of the substance is the same. In Florida, the anti-socialism rhetoric uniquely resonates with Cubans and Venezuelan exiles.

Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley gave the most clear-eyed speech of the day. He talked about concentrated corporate power, oligarchy and trust busting. Yeah, we do need to break up monopolies.


Ted sounds like he downed 12 Red Bulls before he went on stage and tried to sound like Donald Trump. He is right though about the need to lighten up and strike a contrast.

Don Jr.

Aside from the obvious hypocrisy of knocking Joe for bombing the Middle East, Don Jr. got in some sharp elbows here at Liz Cheney and Brian Stelter. Enjoying the change in tone.

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  1. “Are you going to tackle the actual priorities of voters or harness the backlash to pull another bait and switch for the donor class?”

    Do we even need to ask?

  2. gotta admit it HW, you

    have a strong stomach. Haxo

    would have to not eat for a week to listen to these ZOGsters


  3. I have been hanging out with truck drivers, warehouse dudes, and some desk jockeys, as I always do according with my job, and all I heard all week was cpac this and cpac that, it is all everyone wants to talk about.

    LOL, no, of course no one cares about cpac or has even heard of it. The blackout in Texas is what normal folks are talking about now.

    And it turns out, Democrats in Texas have for years introduced bills to force the winterization of the Texas grid, but the Governor seemed to think they were talking about GRIDS and that wasn’t right for Texas, so the Republucunts year after year killed those bills, at the behest of Abbott.

    Republucunts in Texas are about to have their long run in power in Texas ended. And none too soon, and all over GRIDS, or whatever.

    Two things must end this year, The Russian Victory March, and CPAC.

  4. CPAC looks like a dumpster fire.

    Anyway. I’m already annoyed pressing the first video with Ron DeSantis saying at saying “lockdowns don’t work.” I haven’t made it 10 secs and Conservatards are already triggering the fuck out of me. a) Yes they do. The very basis is that you’re manipulating migration [study of movement] of people to decrease/prevent the spread of a virus b) No state has done serious lockdowns. Every state that claimed they’ve done a lockdown have done nothing of what a real lockdown would entail. A quasi-lockdown isn’t a lockdown (see China for something remotely of what I’m talking about and would require a completely different lifestyle for most people for at least couple of months) c) No state let alone government provided aid and changed the mode of the economy based upon the crises we are in (giving aid during lockdown for people to survive) d) you failed to reduce all migration/travel before the pandemic went into full swing- let alone later to prevent entryism or ensure mitigation at the very least. This is because all you focus on is brown people coming in from Mexico going on and on about drug dealers and gang bangers (because simply don’t have the balls to state you want to maintain the racial majority). The extent of your understanding of migration (if you even want to call it that) is superficial. Having a deeper understanding of migration and globalization in relation to health is beyond you.

    What I’m saying Ron DeSantis, is that I wouldn’t trust you to cleaning my toilet with a toilet brush.

    • *Note these studies have unfortunately liberal bias and wording meant to stem xenophobic implications, yet despite this, it still contradicts itself at multiple points. Academia is Liberal (in the true sense of the term) because Liberalism has been the ruling order and academics (especially boomers) are washed in it. Not much you can do about it when this is the paradigm we live in. Still stuff to glean if you know what to look for and parse out the ideology from the meat. I was going to link more studies (with my footnotes), but then my post would be obnoxiously long, so I cut a few out.

  5. Didn’t DeSantis sign the bill making bds illegal while in Israel? I’ll never vote for another zionist again after trump, he can get fucked

  6. SSDD – these RINOs get all Conservative-y when they lose the White House and then pivot 180° when they get control of it again.

  7. It seems like you actually have some kind of respect for these scumbags. You should know that they are typical republicans with zero loyalty to your fight. Dont be fooled.

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