Donald Trump Wins CPAC Poll

97% of the CPAC audience approves of Donald Trump.

68% of the CPAC audience thinks he should run again in 2024.

55% of the CPAC audience would vote for Trump in the 2024 primary.

Support for Donald Trump diminishes in the polls when you ask voters whether or not they would actually vote for him in 2024. That’s roughly the difference between people who like and approve of Trump, people who are ideologically Trumpists and the smaller number who are the hardcore Trumpers.

The difference between the second category and the third category is roughly similar to the difference between people like myself and Nick Fuentes, Andrew Anglin and QAnon. The Republican Party is divided between White Populists (70% of the party) and regular Republicans (30% of the party). “White Populists” are divided specifically on Donald Trump’s leadership and record as president.

Allow me to explain:

Yes, I oppose free trade and globalization, but Trump didn’t really change the status quo on that as president. While it is true he renegotiated NAFTA, he replaced it with USMCA. While it is true he imposed tariffs on China, this only reoriented supply chains toward other low wage Asian countries.

Yes, I oppose Big Tech censorship, political correctness, wokeness and cancel culture, but what did Donald Trump do about it as president except monitor the situation and make it worse?

Yes, I also strongly oppose endless foreign wars, but Trump only rearranged troops in the Middle East and his belligerent foreign policy escalated tensions with Iran and nearly led to a war.

Yes, I too am an economic populist, but Trump hired people like Gary Cohn and Larry Kudlow as his chief economic advisers and spent his political capital on a huge supply side tax cut that benefited Wall Street and Silicon Valley and was extremely unpopular and led to the loss of the House.

Yes, I am also opposed to legal and illegal immigration, but Trump said he wanted to INCREASE legal immigration at CPAC in 2019. He failed to deport a significant number of illegal aliens and his border policies were bandaids. He actually raised the caps on guest worker programs.

Yes, I too support law and order, but Trump failed to invoke the Insurrection Act as president and allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter to riot with impunity for nearly six months. In addition, Trump’s DOJ prosecuted his own supporters and ruled there was no election fraud.

Yes, I too hate the RINOs and True Cons, but Trump endorsed virtually all of them and staffed his own administration with Never Trumpers while working to subvert people who ideologically agreed with him like Jeff Sessions. Trump never made any effort to launch the careers of “Trumpists.”

Yes, I too support American heritage, so much so that I went to Charlottesville and other rallies in defense of historic monuments for years, but Donald Trump presided over the most devastating losses we have ever experienced on that front as mobs tore down monuments all over the country.

Finally, I never supported Trump’s three biggest mistakes in 2020: the way he made a fool out of himself handling COVID, the way he cultivated the conspiratards and plan trusters and his decision not to do anything about the BLM riots because he thought it was helping him politically. Trump thought that Jared Kushner was a brilliant political strategist and allowed him to run both the White House and his 2020 campaign which led to devastating losses with White Independent voters.

Josh Hawley is currently more interesting than Donald Trump. Hawley is endorsing a $15 minimum wage that only applies to large corporations, $1,400 stimulus checks and explicitly called at CPAC for a return to trust busting and wants to break up Big Tech and other corporate monopolies.

I’m continuing to monitor the situation. I am looking for someone who is going to offer better policies and messaging than Donald Trump. The first contender who comes out and explicitly says that actually we ought to defend White people for a change from all these hateful and malicious attacks by the media and the Democrats will turn heads and wildly shift their poll numbers. 64% of Trump voters now say their racial identity matters to them and 87% are upset about anti-White discrimination.

Note: There are two things that need to happen in the 2024 campaign. We need a candidate who is truly committed to destroying political correctness by breaking its norms (the biggest cultural grievance in the country) and someone who will pledge to redistribute wealth in this country from oligarchs to workers (the biggest economic grievance in the country). Whoever runs on that will obliterate Neoliberal Joe.

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  1. That speech was boring as hell. He went with all the same shit from 2020 that lost him the election and couldn’t even be bothered to say White people. Black unemployment and space force aren’t getting my vote. Fuck you, Don.

    • What the Hell is this fixation on black people? clearly like jews they vote for who ever promises to make White people “uncomfortable” if the 2020 platinum plan didn’t work why keep pandering? I was disgusted by that why not a 100 trillion dollars?

      • @Michael

        American liberals and conservatives are dedicated to the “Blank Slate” theory, that all human beings are exactly the same and each and every one has a Nice White Liberal deep down inside, and just needs some “education” – from a Nice White Lady – for that inner White Liberal to come out.

        Once they stop believing that, they have to make hard choices with limited options. Telling a Nice White Lady that no matter how much she “educates” a Black man he isn’t going to turn into a White man with Chocolate skin, it crushes her entire self-image. That means she isn’t, in fact, a Universal Goddess of Education – merely a white lady with a not particularly prestigious degree from a third-rate college.

        Remember the scene in Fight Club where they have to go out and start a fight with a stranger? Most normal people will do just about anything to avoid a confrontation.

        Once the Boomers die, this entire shit goes away, because only Boomers have such an incredibly inflated self-opinion. These people were brainwashed by Television shows and movies that all Black people are Mr. Tibbs. No one younger than a Boomer believes that shit.

        • Younger generation of Whites is shaping up to be super-radical. Unless we shift things for the better, they’re going to bring us some kind of National Socialism.

        • Ha….bullshit. The brainwashing is stronger than ever. The future is bleak for Whites in North America. They will race-mix or have no children at all, hating their own kind the whole time.

  2. You can’t claim to be pro law and order while defending Trump supporters chimping out. Not an attack on you necessarily, but to the Fuentes types who are huge hypocrites on this issue.

  3. Trump might run as a populist in order to get elected but he will never be anything but a Zionist, and Zionism is the force responsible for our racial and national decline.

  4. 55% is not impressive. That number will be well below 50% by the time 2024 comes around. More people are waking up about Trump being a fraud every day.

  5. Great points Hunter.

    Trump did after all abandon himself. He had every opportunity to make a difference but ultimately was a pacifier. Like someone just turning off the alarm in a burning building and talking loudly about how bad fires are.

    White Americans buy this shit though, they buy into Israel being sacred, they buy into white guilt which is why pandering never stops or yields results. Looks like there will be another 20 years at least of kicking the can down the road by both parties.

    The only thing that can make real change is the handout gravy train to stop, this will happen sooner or later, sooner with the loss of the petrodollar, later with debt becoming so debilitating that you have rolling defaults on debt.

  6. We need to stop looking for some “Great Leader” (a major flaw in current right-wing thinking; a kind of Führerprinzip) and look to ourselves. Maybe Kushner was to Trump what Valerie Jarrett was to Obama. The Left uses frontmen, not leaders, while the real power lurks in the shadows. Let’s stop elevating false saviors who only become targets, and be more like the Gilets Jaunes or the “Alt-Right” before Richard Spencer’s stupid ‘Heil! I am ze Leader!’ gesture in 2016.

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