Ross Perot’s Legacy

The current banner is Ross Perot on stage with two establishment neoliberals.

If you think about it, the Reform Party (Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Donald Trump) eventually won and has taken over the Republican Party. At least at the level of what Republican voters say they believe now. The top foreign policy priority of Republicans is protecting the jobs of American workers. Try to wrap your mind around the concept of Republicans wanting to protect working class jobs!

nb4 someone points out that Perot was a deficit hawk. We’re talking about the voters who have taken away ideas from different figures. From Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan, their views on trade. From Buchanan, their views on trade, immigration and foreign policy. From Ron Paul, foreign policy. Donald Trump rode a populist wave in 2016 that had been gestating for thirty years.

What did all the experts say about globalization?

Compare this to the original Populist movement which hijacked the Democratic Party, killed off the Bourbon Democrats and during which the entire establishment came down on William Jennings Bryan. The issue back then that aroused so much anger was the gold standard and oligarchy. Bryan also wanted to restrict immigration and opposed American imperialism.

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  1. @ i voted for r.perot, honestly it has been thee only time i voted for president and it wasn’t an antivote, he was a decent , princepled man, he found out about the deep state swamp a long time before d.trump did .He was a patriot eho put his money , where his mouth was, he was the founder of “eds,. Electronic dats systems , he was based out of dallas,tx, he merged with general motors, back in the 8o’s, that lasted about a year before g.m. bought him out, just to shut him up, he called gm out publicly for their shabby culture, shoddy business practise’s. 92 election , he was the front runner, over g.bush sr. And bill clinton, next thing you know, he drops out of the race, then he gets back in a couple months later, by then it was too late, he had lost credibility and momentum, i heard sometime after that, he had a daughter who was a lesbian, they threatened too out his daughter, unless he dropped out of the race, public perversion was not as acceptable as it is now and the rest is history, as they.say.

  2. The real America lives outside of NYC and Seattle. If you want to know what voters want, just go ask your neighbors: 99.9% of them will NOT list “trans-rights” “open borders” and “diversity” as things they want to see enacted. What they will say (outside of NYC and Seattle) is that they want good, secure jobs with health insurance, a retirement plan, good schools for their kids, and a pro-active police force that keeps their neighborhoods safe and takes a hard stance on gangs and drug dealers.

    In the real America, real people with real life issues do not weep and cry over George Floyd or any other black felon who dies at the hands of police. Real people, in the real working-class America, have no interest in competing for scarce jobs with newly arrived Indians and Mexicans.

    What is the point of you or your kids going to college when China and India have vast pools of people with Masters and Phd degrees and will work for 1/3 of you will work for because you have a mortgage and car payments? With unlimited green cards and HB1 visas, there is no point in going to college or a trade school because your replacement is just a 12 hour plane flight away from taking your job.

    In short, the political class has lost touch with the real people who live in the real America.

  3. “…top foreign policy priority of Republicans is protecting the jobs of American workers.”

    Unfortunately the top priority of those who run the Republican party is to protect jobs from American workers.

  4. But Perot split the party,had he picked Pat Buchanan for veep,that would have been game changer.

  5. Sheeeet. Perot had a beef with Bush, so he made a deal with Clinton that he would run and split Bush’s vote, in return Clinton promised to balance the budget.

    That was 1992, and they both kept their word. After that Perot lost interest. He had done what he wanted in helping defeat Bush, and he moved on.

    Pat Buchanan was chosen by the Reds to move in take over and destroy the Reform Party. Perot never said a word. He had no interest at that point. Buchanan has never wavered an inch from the Edomite Party. He was on assignment.

    Perot campaigned hard for sodomite rights and for sodomites in the military. It seemed very important to him. Whether he actually swang both ways I don’t know, but I know Ross Perot was an insider’s insider, he was a pure swamp Dog. He lived on Deep State contacts and contracts.

    Of course, he was right about NAFTA. And about balanced budgets. His legacy is mixed. But he was a true American by all accounts.

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