President Biden Addresses The Nation

Thumbs up.

I thought it was a great speech.

Why couldn’t Donald Trump do that instead of reverting to libertarianism?

There was nothing unreasonable in the speech. Joe asked people to wear a mask as a courtesy to others and said he was making good on his promise to get the vaccine out to elderly people who are the most at risk. He took credit for Democrats delivering the $1,400 stimmy and the new child tax credit.

Here’s what Joe didn’t say:

  • He didn’t say that the National Guard was going to drag you out of your house and force you to take the vaccine against your will
  • He didn’t say that you are absolutely required to wear a mask
  • He didn’t say that you were required to accept the $1,400 check
  • He didn’t say that COVID restrictions were going to last forever
  • He didn’t say that the federal government was imposing lockdowns
  • He didn’t have any gaffes like babbling about whether people should inject themselves with disinfectant

I think this speech will resonate with Joe’s coalition.

Joe was elected to clean up the COVID mess and deliver a bigger economic relief package. That’s what all the polls say that most people want him to do. He is delivering on the public’s top priority.

Note: After Trump was elected president, he spent his political capital on delivering Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s unpopular True Cons agenda and sank in the polls.

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    • HW is a good man, he just needs to knock it off with that facemask bullshit. Those masks do absolutely nothing to slow the spread of the Chink Flu. In fact they are unsanitary and might even cause respiratory problems.

      • @Span,

        I’m done arguing with people including HW. I know he means well but he is deluding himself. Sooner or later he and his ilk will wake up. It’s not up to me to do it.

      • Empirically, masks are absolute bullshit. The whole contradictory “science” around when to wear them (when entering or leaving a restaurant, but OK to take them off sitting at the table – WTF? Fokken JOKE!!!), the fact that a CDC study from September 2019 (look it up) determined that they didn’t stop flu virus, top officials were telling us they were useless as late as Feb/March. Complete propaganda.

  1. Dementia Joe didn’t drool while speaking, collapse or make an ass of himself, he stuck to the script on the teleprompter like he practiced, practiced, practiced; it was a success. Dementia Joe gets very confused when there are lots of people near him all talking at the same time. That’s why he can’t do a press conference or the State of the Union address.

    He was a mess at the Pentagon when he didn’t know where he was and also at a hardware store in DC where a friendly crowd was waving and shouting to him from all over, Dementia Joe was completely confused. He forgot the names of the people he was with when he visited Texas last month and cannot function except in carefully controlled circumstances. This is neither sustainable nor good for anyone and Dementia Joe will only get worse. The first national crisis, whenever and whatever that is will be the end of this guy and bring in President Kuntmala Harris, waiting in the wings. It’s her turn anyway as that monster Hillary would say.

  2. Illegals INFECTED with “covid” are being released in Biden’s America. Give me your sick and diseased non-Whites so I can have my 1,400 tax payer funded welfare check.

  3. Not looking forward to the list of incentives to get the jab. How about you Hunter? You arent getting it i gather, does this looming threat worry you?

    • I have no plans to get the vaccine.

      I also don’t mind the masks. I didn’t get sick all year after everything that has happened. Not the flu or even a cold. It isn’t such a bad thing that people aren’t sneezing and coughing all over the place

      • While I don’t mind the same thing you are talking about, after widespread vaccination is a reality I don’t think anyone should have to actually wear one. Biden hasn’t stopped local government or companies from requiring them now. Biden has provided much wiggle room for mini dictators to demand masks in areas where none are really needed.

        I’m saying that as person who did go around in public with a 3M mask as early as February when I was on planes trains and coaches. In crowded areas I wear them. However, this mask stuff has to stop if people don’t want to wear them, they should be left alone at this point. Around 10-20% will keep wearing them whatever happens now and that might be a good thing given how ugly some ethnics are. Beautiful people should not be bothering with masks now that vaccines are becoming common enough to provide herd immunity.

        • Pfizer and Moderna aren’t even vaccines. They are experimental gene therapies. Take them at your own risk.

  4. The guard isn’t going to force you to take the shot but there is going to be a myriad of services that you won’t be able to use without it.

  5. Perhaps President Biden labeling anti-maskers as Neanderthals was a gaffe on his part and this is his way.of back tracking.

    The mask thingies is very polarizing and divisive.

    One of my co-workers is a big time conspiracy theorist, even into UFOs, and was disciplined at work for not wearing a mask.

    Another co-worker has a relative that developed a bacterial infection in his lungs which this dude attributed to mask-wearing.

    I’ve been pretty anti-mask as of late but maybe President Biden will change my attitude. Will see.

  6. Absolutely. Colds and influenza are easier to “crush” than SARS CoV-2 and have almost disappeared thanks to the masks and distancing. But these half-way and inconsistently applied measures will not eradicate the more infectious SARS CoV-2.

    What is so hard about wearing a hygienic mask to shop in a store during a pandemic? N-95 and P-100 masks are worn all day every day, year after year, for many dusty, dangerous jobs such as mining, working on a grinder, working in the boiler room, poultry and swine buildings, etc. Hygienic masks are normally worn in medical care, have been for more than a century. Nothing new.

  7. If Trump was still president nothing would get accomplished, including passage of a much-needed Chink Flu relief package. That’s because he preferred insulting politicians whose cooperation he needed, while at the same time pandering to the jews, queers and coloreds, even though they would never vote for him. I’m glad that inept orange buffoon is gone, even if it means having Scumbag Joe instead.

  8. I’m glad I voted for Biden over Trump. He’s been as advertised: some good stuff, some bad stuff, some meh stuff.

    The anti-maskers are going to look dumber than they already are as life goes back to normal soon. What a colossal waste of energy from these imbeciles, all because Stephen A. Schwarzman pushed Dolan to reopen so he could collect more shekels from stonks and real estate in 2020. The American right continues to be a joke; it sucks their stupidity keeps getting hundreds of thousands of people killed at a time, like the Iraq War.

    Voting GOP is like voting Likud. While voters are resorting, this is not changing policy priorities right now among Republican representatives. On foreign policy and economics the Democrats are better, and it isn’t close.

    • No, it’s one party and they think they have China on a leash, but contrary to what they think…

  9. I’ll be getting the vaccination. My place of business is putting an immense amount of pressure on everyone to do so, collecting proof of vaccination etc.

    What choice do I really have? My own family ridiculed me for not wanting to get it initially, so i will have no support for my decision.

    Its great I guess that bloggers won’t have to get it because they work from home, but the rest of us actually have an interest in the perverse social pressure campaign that has pervaded this entire covid farce.

    I’m not opposed entirely to social pressure being used for good ends, I just dont trust our current elites to decide what’s good for me. Hence my preference for civil liberties and self determination.

    The dissident right is increasingly loose about this issue. I understand why, because given the power they would coerce people in other ways. There’s nobody in the dissident right I trust to make these decisions for me either, so I still will prefer self determination.

    Being cynically non-chalant about social coercion because in theory it might benefit you later is as dumb as defending israeli statehood because we might have a White ethnostate some day. It presupposes consistent application of principles when we already know full well that we will never be treated consistently.

    The correct, (Pro White) perspective and public position should be that we (Whitey) reject the coercion of a hostile government on OUR people, and reserve the right of self determination for our own sake.

    Whites fared well in the pandemic compared to other groups. The economic costs however were disproportionately borne by us because of lockdown policies that have now been shown to be ineffective.

    Boomers were susceptible to the virus because they are old and fat and oppulent. Fine, boomers are generally anti White. Inner city minorities were heavily susceptible. They are anti White. Fuck em.

    Guys like me, living and working in a rural environment, I didn’t even know I had covid until I lost my sense of smell, and that was the extent of my inconvenience. Now I have to be made sick from a vaccine I didn’t need because nobody cares if Whitey has an objection to doing something that is only in the interest of Boomers and non-whites, because they hate people like me anyhow for being who and what I am, so fuck me.

    • One thing to do would be to get the jab then campaign vigorously to prevent it being mandatory. I think that’s a decent cause to fight for. Vaccine passports are a huge no-no,

    • I did the AstraZeneca. No symptoms. I had Covid19 early in year, a long Covid. I do not like the idea of mandatory requirements to vaccinate. Should be fought against as much as possible!

  10. He looked pretty sleepy to me. Yes the thing was a teleprompter read, but he looked like he was up past his bedtime. I don’t think he is drooling with oldtimer’s disease, but he does seem to be slowing with age mentally and much less lucid than either the 94 year old Queen or Bernie.

    It was a teleprompter read written by his handlers, but I didn’t find it very optimistic when they told us how “Fourth of July will be gatherings…but small.” Seriously, what is the point of the vaccine? If were all vaccinated why can’t we fill up the ballpark this summer and eat some hot dogs?

    • There was absolutely nothing in Scumbag Joe’s speech that was optimistic. He basically said there’s just going to be more masks and vaccines in our future. But maybe in a few months they might let us enjoy a small Fourth of July gathering – provided we submit unconditionally to all their demands. Fuck Biden and his illegal occupation government.

    • @Nightowl

      I want to know what drugs they have him on. My assumption is there is a type of pharmaceutical that keeps him alert and clear headed for about an hour until his mind starts clouding up again.

      Anyone who has dealt with aging relatives can see that Biden is clearly in an advancing state of dementia. It happens to a lot of people as they age, and more or less to everyone who lives long enough. Your brain degenerates just like your heart and other organs, it’s a completely natural part of the aging process.

      The wife and kids should have taken the car keys away from Joe Biden a while ago, and he should be at home enjoying the grandkids and old black and white movies on TV.

    • Biden was never really the sharpest guy to begin with, and had these constant gaffes even a decade ago as vice pres under Obama. His age has just made it worse, but he was sort of always like that.

      • Biden is just being shoved in America’s face as a pisstake. ‘We can put anyone we like in the WH, plebs – whaddya gonna do about it? Jews Rule!”

        Then again, maybe he is a apt reflection of what America has become…

  11. The US government bills itself as a non-authoritarian. In reality, it only delegates tyrannical authoritarianism to the private sector. Sure! You don’t HAVE to get a vaccine…but if you don’t you will be fired, denied entry to markets/stores, maybe even health care and insurance. Tell us more about our freedumbs, Hunter…

    • Agreed on all counts. Joe merely privatise the vaccination demands.

      I’m not sure that anyone under 40 should be getting vaccinated at all.

  12. Hey Hunter, if masks are this effective, a bubble would work even better, right? How about letting our natural immune systems handle it like they have since forever?

    • People that love longer tended to wash clothing, bathe, wash hands, shampoo hair and limit contact with lower social orders and to quarantine people who are clearly ill. That’s using one’s brain to avoid disease in the first place.

      One now has the excuse to avoid the groid and never see their ugly faces. Especially if you know half of them are not vaccinated. It’s a win win.

      If whites are generally vaccinated around 90% it’s mask off time for whites. See?

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