Poll: 76% Of Americans Say Border Surge Is A Crisis

The other 24% are libtards.

In his first 100 days, Joe has become Angela Merkel in 2015 thanks to stupid slogans from progressive activists. He accomplished one thing and then this stepped all over it.

Note: This is what deep doo doo looks like: 87% of Republicans, 73% of Indies and 66% of Democrats agree on this issue.

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  1. He really did do the same stupid thing Merkal did, didn’t he. Running the world thru faculty lounge ideology, didn’t work well, now did it. Same stupid, they just won’t and can’t learn.

  2. It would be a crisis if the GOP didn’t want those stoop laborers just as much as the DNC wants their votes.

  3. Joe Biden himself has now become a ‘bigger racist than Trump’ according to leftists on the web, Reddit Twitter etc:

    “Biden betrayed us! He let his Homeland Security head Mayorkas declare, ‘Do not come, the border is closed!’ They are kicking migrant families with children back into Mexico, worse than Trump ever did! Look at those videos and pictures of the migrant children in Biden detention! They are in worse conditions than under Trump!

    We voted for Biden to make migrants welcome, to open the borders! But we get treatment of Latinx migrants even more brutal than before!

    Biden is racist – Biden is fascist – Biden is Hitler – A bigger racist than Trump! – We have to face this … at least Trump was honest about wanting to build a wall

    Where is Kamala Harris? Where is Ocasio-Cortez, shouldn’t she be at the border crying again? And that Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas locking USA borders, he is a fake Latino, his family is all Jewish, they just lived in Cuba

    Fire fake Latino Mayorkas!
    Impeach the Racist Biden!”

  4. To paraphrase Anglin: Dat old muthafucka Joe done f’d up.

    To go back to a serious tone of voice, this demonstrates that no, Jews and elites are not in perfect control of everything going on in the world. There are numerous screwup’s on their part, numerous manipulations that end up having the opposite effect they were looking for. Truly, they simply ignore, and don’t report on the failures in the hope that anyone who wants to resist is given the subtle message that resistance is futile, since they control everything and are really good at steering events to their own advantage.

    This is NOT TRUE! The elites have a horrible track record, day to day. People need to keep up hope and keep plugging away at their projects: writing about it, like Hunter does, etc. It takes time, but in the end, we WILL be victorious.

  5. Most Americans don’t think it’s a crisis at all. They are used to this. Most Americans don’t even see anyone from across the border in their every day life. They could care less. Until they can’t buy another home, go on another vacation, or go out and get drunk on a boat somewhere. Then they might care a little bit.

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