Hillary Clinton Speaks With Council On Foreign Relations

This is why Trump was elected president.

It had nothing to with a vast Russian conspiracy. Hillary is really just that irritating. After eight years of Barack Obama, there were a lot of Democrats who just couldn’t stomach another neoliberal establishment president. Back in 2016, Trump at least sounded like he was challenging the status quo and he kind of tried on trade, foreign policy and immigration. He made a token effort in that direction.

The generals that he trusted like “Mad Dog” Mattis told him he couldn’t withdraw troops for various reasons. He did impose tariffs on China which was considered radical at the time although it was only to strike a deal so that we could sell them more soybeans. He patched up the border with some creative executive order bandaids that Joe has foolishly ripped off for some inexplicable reason.

Note: I found this meme in the archives.

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  1. @ she really looks quite unhealthy, if she wasnt so dangerous to us, i would pity her, things dont have to be the way they are, but she chose her path, she is illumanati, has been for a long time, we have to start this reformation process somewhere, i suggest in prayer , lets concentrate on our families our households, we are covenant people, the blood in your face, isnt there by accident , that being said, our father chastises those he loves, dont despair, keep trying, we are very special to the lord.

  2. There will always be Hillary Clinton types. These people are fungible. If it’s not her, it’s someone identical to her. The real problem is a people that exist in a system that allows creatures like Hillary to get to where she is.

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