Why I Don’t Care About America’s Geopolitical Decline

The United States faces threats in Europe and the Pacific. In February, President Biden declared “America is back” and “diplomacy is back.”

Over the past two weeks, I’ve spoken with the leaders of many of our closest friends — Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, NATO, Japan, South Korea, Australia — to being [begin] reforming the habits of cooperation and rebuilding the muscle of democratic alliances that have atrophied over the past few years of neglect and, I would argue, abuse.

He implied that President Trump had destroyed “democratic alliances.” President Trump only wanted European nations to pay their share in NATO. You could argue that Mr. Trump was pro-NATO, because he wanted an actual alliance, rather than a club subsidized by us.

Though journalists and Democrats routinely said President Trump was weak on Russia, it was the Trump Administration that withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). The Trump Administration also imposed new sanctions on Russia throughout the president’s term. It was European nations that weren’t meeting defense spending targets, not the United States. If President Trump really wanted détente with Russia, he failed, and this is another area in which he seemingly couldn’t control his own administration.

New Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is now visiting Europe. Reuters reported that former president Donald Trump had used “harsh language” against NATO and that the Biden Administration “seeks to repair transatlantic ties.” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III said he is pleased some NATO nations are spending more now. “Naturally, we want this trend to continue, and we want to see every member of the alliance contribute their fair share,” he said. However, without the threat of American withdrawal or at least American pressure – exactly what President Trump did – why should this trend continue?

Germany is showing signs of an independent Russia policy. The main issue between the United States, Europe, and Russia now is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would carry gas from Russia to Germany. The Biden Administration may impose sanctions on companies that help build it, which risks a blowup with Berlin. Most Republicans want even sterner measures. Senator Ted Cruz is delaying confirmation of some of President Biden’s officials unless he takes action.

Hostility towards Russia is one of the few issues that unite Republicans and Democrats – along with support for citizenship for illegal immigrantsinterference in Syria, keeping troops in Afghanistan, and thwarting China. We can’t count on Republicans or Democrats to stand up for Americans, but we can count on support for invading the world and inviting the world. This combination of an aggressive foreign policy and indifference towards citizens is why some call the current regime the Globalist American Empire (GAE). It may be based in Washington DC, but it has nothing to do with the historic American nation or its interests.

However, what I call the “American Paradox” may doom this “empire.” It is run by people who seem to care nothing for the country; the empire is built on sand. The Biden Administration gives non-whites preferences over whites, spies on white advocates, is purging the military on ideological and racial grounds, and supports Black Lives Matter. This may play well in the media, but it undermines the empire’s power in two ways.

First, whites have no reason to fight for a government that discriminates against them, replaces them through immigration, and scorns their heritage. Likewise, if America really is plagued by racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other newly invented sins, why should non-whites and leftists support the government? There’s no point at which progressives can say “we’ve won, we are equal.” Blacks support the Democrats, but only if there is a payoff. If there isn’t, they’ll walk away. The Biden Administration’s support is broad (over 50 percent in most polls) but thin.

Leftists always find it hard to be patriotic. There will always be new grievances. Racial differences are permanent because race is not a social construct. We can’t admit that, so we need ever more expansive definitions of “racism” and creative critiques of American society to explain race differences.  Will blacks, Hispanics, and other groups sacrifice for a country that academics, journalists, athletes, celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and generals agree is racist?

Serious nations are calling the “empire’s” bluff. The Russians say American dissidents are seeking Russian citizenship. President Joe Biden recently called President Vladimir Putin a “killer.” In response, President Putin smirkingly challenged Joe Biden to a debate and wished him good health. Joe Biden declined President Putin’s challenge, with the White House spokesperson lamely noting that he was “quite busy.” Turkey is now moving closer to Russia, a bizarre partnership that only American incompetence can explain.

Chinese media and officials are also laughing at America’s hypocrisy. It compared America’s support for rioters in China with repression against the Capitol protesters. There was also an extraordinary spectacle at the first major Chinese-American summit of this administration. Secretary of State Blinken lectured China about the rights of Chinese Muslims, economic coercion against American allies, and China’s threats against Taiwan. The Chinese team, which appeared far more serious and capable, called America weak and immoral. Chinese contempt for the baizuo, “white left,” was palpable.

Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Yang Jiechi, mostly without notes, gave a powerful 20-minute speech in which he said that “the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.” He might as well have slapped the secretary of state in the face. He also said America must not interfere with China’s internal affairs.

The Chinese are clearly learning from American media. Mr. Jiechi added that the United States is “slaughtering” its blacks and blamed Senator Tom Cotton and former president Donald Trump for anti-Asian violence. How can the Biden Administration reply? Claim that America does not oppress blacks?

The Biden Administration is also in no position to rebut the absurdity of blaming Republicans for attacks on Asians. President Biden himself just warned Americans against being “complicit” in anti-Asian violence. He said “hate can have no safe harbor in America.” I assume he doesn’t mean anti-white hate; otherwise we’d really have to clean house.

Republicans are trying to save the “empire” from itself. Tom Cotton says that the Biden Administration must “adopt a strategy to beat China.” Josh Hawley says the administration is weak. Ted Cruz wants the Olympics to be moved from China. Republicans are clearly preparing to run on the message that Mr. Biden is soft on China.

I wish these “right-wing” politicians cared as much about white Americans as they do for Uyghurs. The Trump Administration, the Biden Administration and liberal journalists are united in charging China with “genocide” because they are destroying the Uyghur identity. China says it is fighting terrorism and extremism. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Chinese Ambassador to Grenada Zhao Youngchen wrote in June that this was just “de-extremism,” or what we might call deradicalizing. He tweeted in July that the collapse in white birthrates in the United States and Great Britain is similar to what is happening in Xinjiang, the native province of the Uyghurs. “Could it be that these countries are also pursuing a policy of genocide of white people?” he asked. “Absolutely not!”

One can argue that the current System is not consciously trying to eliminate European-Americans. “Deaths of despair” and lower birth rates are unintended consequences of public policy, replacement migration is either not happening or good for us, and “anti-racism” and efforts to destroy “whiteness” are misguided idealism.

Either way, I don’t see why whites must save the Globalist American Empire from itself. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and other would-be populists are probably sincere in their desire to defend the Uyghurs. However, their job is not to defend Chinese Muslims, but to defend Americans.

Until we have politicians who care about us, I don’t care about the geopolitical games the government wants to play. I’m glad this decline is happening under Joe Biden, though, so more patriotic Americans aren’t fooled into thinking we have a stake in these squabbles.

Of course, Russia or China won’t “save” us. China is repeating Black Lives Matter propaganda. Vladimir Putin recycles the charges against America you hear on any college campus. He blasts slavery, the treatment of the Indians, and the atomic bombing of Japan. Everywhere, people say that “the other side is the real racist;” even in the Russian protectorate of the Donetsk People’s Republic, I heard Russian and DPR officials say their war was just because Ukraine was run by “fascists” and “Nazis.” Their political vocabulary is trapped in 1945, just like ours.

The Regime’s fights abroad are not our fights. The Regime treats us with contempt. We are not much more than tax slaves and cannon fodder. Why should any nation respect American whites if our own government despises us? Should we therefore celebrate the regime’s failures? If the postwar American order falls, what follows could be worse, but so long as we are subjugated, I’m not sure it matters much whether the orders come from Washington, Beijing, or Moscow.

First posted to American Renaissance on March 22, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. ” The Biden Administration gives non-whites preferences over whites, spies on white advocates, is purging the military on ideological and racial grounds, and supports Black Lives Matter. ”

    Ironically, this was further confirmed today with the nomination of another subcontinental, Lina M. Khan, to be FTC commissioner. But don’t worry! Even this subcontinental, like the one currently occupying the position of VP, has a Jewish connection. She wrote her 2010 Williams College thesis on “Hannah Arendt”.

  2. I’ve seen the war mongers and foreign policy obsessives having one of their traditional hissy fits on
    Fox network, worrying that the U.S. government won’t stand up to China about Taiwan and other parts of the Pacific, so what? Washington never seems to stop with their concern over American power and image abroad. The seemingly endless wars, occupations, and concern over U.S influence benefits the average American not at all. If anything they’re hurt by it, the working class are the ones who join the army and then get sent on one deployment after another to third world garbage dumps.

    And the dumb ass foreign policy obsession takes money and energy away from the serious problems the country faces.

  3. @ i “woke” this morning, white, christian and american, i shall lay down tonight, white, christian and american, if the lord will let me see morning , i will awake white, christian and american, nothing changes, i know who i am and who i will always be.

  4. I don’t believe the left has a hard time being patriotic. The left is extremely patriotic. They are just patriotic in respect to the ideal that they believe America represents, not in respect to American heritage which they believe failed to live up to that ideal. It is easier to see their patriotism when it comes to foreign policy, where they are more than willing to use soft and hard power to bring other countries in line with these ideals. People who actually hate America don’t want to force Americanism on everyone else.

    • “They are just patriotic in respect to the ideal that they believe America represents, not in respect to American heritage which they believe failed to live up to that ideal.”


    • @Dart – That is an interesting and thought-provoking take on “patriotism”.

  5. Xi now has the largest Navy in the world. China’s shipbuilding capacity is fifteen times that of ZOG. These are good trends.

  6. I don’t believe it’s the US’s place to comment on the internal affairs of other countries BUT seeing nationalists support China in the Hong Kong thing is bizarre considering that nationalists are supposed to support sovereignty.

    • We do support sovereignty. Taiwan is Chinese, as is Hong Kong. It was stolen from China and now they want it back. It’s the liberal left “West” that says imaginary political borders trump ethnicity, race, custom, tradition and language.

    • Hong Kong isn’t a nation, dumbass. It’s Chinese. And supporting Hong Kong protestors would not be supporting nationalism even if that weren’t the case because the alternative option is American domination of Hong Kong. The CIA-fomented “protestors” were literally waving US flags and begging the US military to come occupy them. Try using your brain for once in your life, please.

  7. The Trump administration made a deal with the Taliban to withdraw all U.S. and allied troops from Afghanistan by May 1st, 2021 in return for a cease fire. Dementia Joe’s administration has no intention of keeping the agreement and no troops have been withdrawn nor have preparations even been made to leave Afghanistan. On May 1st, 2021 look for the Taliban to begin a serious offensive against U.S. and allied troops that will inevitably cause U.S. casualties.

    This will come as a shock to the idiots who run U.S. foreign policy. What will also shock the idiots in Washington is that there is zero public support for the U.S. Government’s war in Afghanistan. Casualties will only increase public anger over the continued pointless U.S. presence in a land locked, shithole country thousands of miles away.

    Afghanistan is going to be another unforced error leading to a political crisis for Dementia Joe and President Kuntmala Harris. The DC regime will reinforce the troops in Afghanistan after they come under attack digging an even deeper hole. If the long supply lines through central Asia and the Khyber Pass from Pakistan get cut then U.S. forces will face a Stalingrad type situation. The administration has not thought this through at all.

    With the U.S. all bollixed up in Afghanistan other countries may be tempted to act against U.S. interests. China is waiting for a good opportunity to seize Taiwan and Israel may attack Iran while the U.S. Government is distracted. With the U.S. military already overstretched and the Government driving Whites out of the diverse military look for failure on all fronts from these idiots.

    Their last resort will be conscription of Whites to fight their wars when things get really bad. Hopefully Whites will refuse conscription for a Government that hates us and wants us dead. Let the Third World wogs fight the Globohomo U.S. Government’s wars, they’re not our wars.

    • The Deep State has conned their proxies (it’s NATO lapdogs) into sending troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. The purpose is likely to give them skin in the game, that is, to make them targets to and draw them in on the side of the Empire for any war. All wars must be fought by Coalitions, because when I rob your house I am a criminal, when I do it with my cronies, I’m a “coalition” and have legitimacy.

    • Hard to see this lot not blundering into a foreign policy disaster. But let’s remember that Biden and Kamala are both puppets. Their handlers – and our actual rulers – are pulling their strings from the shadows.

  8. “In February, President Biden declared ‘America is back’ and ‘diplomacy is back.'”

    He actually said “America is black, Cornpop, yes it is” and “Diplomacy is…where are my shoes, Doctor Mommy Jill?”

    Please, no more “Biden said…” You might as well write “the stove said” or “the raccoon said” or “Terry Smith said.”

    • @ snivel, snivel, with your drivel , ” boogie,” dont you non anglo saxon’s,.have somewhere else to go, this is a southern intellectual site, that cancell’s you out, your not of thee quality we prefer, so “wake” up and go away, i’ve asked you nicely, leave.

    • @ boogie, to you and those of your stripe, do what thou wilt, while you can, for you will surely die, you will surely be judged and you will surely burn, thee smoke of your ash, will surely ascend forever and your name will be remembered no more, you and your stripe, bring very little to the table, besides a smart mouth, you insult me, for speaking up , for my people and our god, i look forward to meeting your antichrist ass on the field of battle, till then, take care, “boogie”.

  9. God forbid an American puppet should be allowed to buy energy from a more convenient and natural source. Oh the humanity! This cannot be tolerated!

  10. “The United States faces threats in Europe and the Pacific. In February, President Biden declared-”

    Biden and all of the other geezers are still living in the 20th Century, and still fighting WWII and the Cold War.

  11. Conservatives love Tom Cotton. However, Cotton is a neo-Conservative and if you elect him you will get wars around the globe. As for myself I have accepted the United States is terminal and will not live to see its tricentennial. By mid century China will surpass the United States both militarily and economically. When you see China land a man on the moon then realize America’s time is up. The only solution left for our people is to save a portion of our people so that we will have a safehold and stronghold and a place to breed true and a nation and government of our race, by our race, for our race, and only our race!

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