Morning Joe: President Biden “Faces Challenges” At The Southern Border

The real challenge is coming from within the Democratic Party.

Progressive activists believe that stupid slogans like “Abolish ICE” and “Defund the Police” should become national policy. It was these people who dragged the rest of the Democratic Party to the Far Left on immigration and crime. As a result, the border is now predictably being flooded by illegal aliens while a major crime wave is sweeping across big cities where the police were defunded.

It gets even better though. These people also came up with the brilliant idea of having Big Tech censor Donald Trump and hundreds of thousands of his supporters and imposing a progressive orthodoxy on the internet. They also came up with the idea of changing the definition of “racism” to mean systematic racism and white privilege which now applies to ALL White people who are said to be “complicit” in racism on the basis of their race. They also went out and started riots all across the country last summer. Woke brats are now in the process of polarizing, wrecking and discrediting all liberal institutions like the New York Times from within where people are being purged for all sorts of absurd things.

As we have seen in multiple polls over the last two months, these recent shifts on the Left have had a massive radicalizing effect on the Right. There has been an explosion in racial consciousness and a hard swing away from free market orthodoxy on economics. These shifts in public opinion have only happened since around the time George Floyd died and the riots began last summer.

It was the 2014 migrant crisis on the border was the spark that set in motion the chain of events that led to the Trump presidency. Joe has created the biggest border crisis in twenty years though. It is an even bigger than the previous crisis in Obama’s second term. This is more like the refugee crisis that happened with Angela Merkel in Europe in 2015. What effect will this have on American politics in the 2022 and 2024 election cycles? Will it be like what happened in Europe after 2015?

Obviously, we need to elect someone much tougher and more competent than Donald Trump in 2024. We also need to elect more people in Congress who are tougher than Trump in 2022.

Note: I’ve encouraged my friend James Edwards to run for Congress. He was a “populist conservative” decades ago.

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  1. Wow, the White supremacist Biden regime telling immigrants not to come to the USA. THIS. IS. LITERALLY. FASCISM!

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