Yes, Whites Did Build This Country

The Pioneer Woman statue and base
The Pioneer Woman statue and base in Ponca City, Oklahoma. (Credit Image: Billy D. Wagner via Wikipedia)

For most people, “white nationalist,” like “racist,” is just a slur without any real meaning. But it does have a meaning. “White nationalism” is government concern for white interests. Ultimately, it would mean building a nation for whites.

The reason we have different nations is because peoples are different and have different interests. Peoples share a common culture, language, and ethnic background, even though identities can be fluid, imagined, or even created. Zionism, for example, was a deliberate political project that included the ambitious step of revitalizing Hebrew. However, any nationalist effort must build on something real; it cannot be a social construct.

A nation requires a shared race. I suspect it doesn’t even occur to Japanese, Koreans, or Africans that white residents might feel excluded from their national identities. The problems white Americans face are the same ones faced by white Englishmen, Germans, or Australians. “American” no longer means anything; I have more in common with a nationalist European than with an American such as Ilhan Omar.

For a country to be “white nationalist,” it must be defined by race. Leftists often claim this is true of America. It is not. If America were defined by white identity, we wouldn’t have these problems.

The main goal of a white nationalist state would be to protect its white citizens and establish conditions by which they flourish, but many questions about white nationalism do not have good answers.

  • How do we build a white nation?
  • Are racially conscious whites around the world a nation? Are we becoming one?
  • Should we support an Occidental Empire, a Western equivalent of the Chinese civilization-state?
  • Should whites try to renew existing nation-states, or create smaller ones?
  • Must a country be 100 percent white, or do we need only a white supermajority? Israel is explicitly a national state for Jews, but non-Jews can have political rights.

The Founders thought the United States was a white nation. They had a racial consciousness, even a specifically Anglo-American consciousness. Thomas Jefferson was especially proud of his Anglo-Saxon identity. He proposed the name of Cherronesus for a new state to be formed in the Mississippi valley. This was to honor the Cimbric Chersonesus of Jutland, from which his distant Saxon ancestors had crossed to Britain. He saw the United States as part of the Westward expansion of his people.

The nation’s first naturalization law limited citizenship to “free white persons,” even though blacks had served in the Continental Army. Some blacks voted even before the Civil War. Still, America’s leaders assumed this was a white country and would remain so. Unfortunately, they didn’t spell it out. America was founded on “implicit” whiteness. That wasn’t enough.

The late Samuel Huntington argued in Who Are We? that there have been four stages of American identity. The first, from 1607–1775, was ethnic (Anglo-Protestant), racial, cultural, and political. “Americans” were simply Britons in North America. The American Revolution severed the US from the Crown but retained other elements of American identity. After the near breakup of the Civil War, American identity returned to a shared sense of WASP ethnicity, white racial consciousness, and a shared culture. Huntington argues that the “WASP” core culture had broken down by 1940.

By 1965, racial identity was gone, and by 1990, a shared culture was gone. Now, all that holds “Americans” together is the formality of citizenship. We’re a group of people with a shared passport.

Still, whatever “America” is today, it was founded by a specific people. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants set the culture, built the institutions, and defined the country. This doesn’t mean that America was ever 100 percent WASP. However, John Jay expressed a profound truth when he wrote:

Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country, to one united people; a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manner and customs.

Minorities, white and non-white, could live here, just not in great numbers. They also didn’t define or create the country. American Indians were not “Native Americans” because America didn’t exist until whites established it. America would be far different had some other people — or race — colonized the East Coast.

I feel foolish even writing this because it is so obvious. Ordinary people understand why an ancient civilization spoke a certain language or used certain symbols. A state is created by a particular people, who embody a culture. To point out that this universal law applies to the United States makes you a “white nationalist.”

Consider Nick Fuentes and the America First meeting held alongside CPAC this year. Speakers included Jon Miller and Michelle Malkin, a black man and an Asian woman. Former congressman Steve King and current Congressman Paul Gosar also spoke.

Nick Fuentes said this:

If America ceases to retain that English cultural framework [that it was founded on] and the influence of European civilization, if it loses its white demographic core and if it loses its faith in Jesus Christ, then this is not America anymore. . . This country wouldn’t exist without white people.

The Hill said Nick Fuentes expressed “white nationalist” views. “GOP congressman headlines conference where organizers push white nationalist rhetoric,” said ABC News, putting “white demographic core” in scare quotes in the first paragraph. The Orlando Sentinel criticized the hotel for hosting a conference in which “organizers spouted white nationalist rhetoric.” The only example of this “rhetoric” was the Fuentes quote. Salon casually called Mr. Fuentes a “white nationalist agitator” and Paul Gosar the “GOP’s leading ambassador to white supremacy.”

Of course, what Nick Fuentes said was indisputable. If you remove any non-white group from American history, the country still exists. It would probably be better. If America continues its present course and whites become a minority, “America” becomes a name on a map.

The media made no attempt to explain why Nick Fuentes was wrong. That’s because he was right. They just wanted to call America First “racist” and scare Americans away from it.

Many conservatives say we shouldn’t talk about race. That strategy has failed for half a century. And now, everything white is racist. That’s the central pillar of Critical Race Theory.

The last year has shown that no American icon, whether George Washington orAbraham Lincoln, is safe from deconstruction. Nothing that is white is worthy. Those in power insult us, discriminate against us, and will replace us through mass migration.

The United States government is not America. The nation is the people, especially the whites who built and sustain the country. This is obvious, but to say so is taboo. We defend our people, not abstract principles or hollow symbols like some buildings in the federal capital.

I applaud media hysteria over Mr. Fuentes’s acknowledgement of our white identity. I hope at least some conservatives learn from Mr. Fuentes that if you ignore media outrage, you strip journalists of power. The frenzy over an obvious truth shows that egalitarians have no ideas, only emotions. Their house of cards may collapse sooner than we think.

First posted to American Renaissance on March 19, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. In contemplating the attitude of many, currently in this country, I am left to ponder something a very dear Russian friend of mine, he a legal immigrant to this country, said to me many years ago : ‘Eef, My Dear Ivan, eet eez unclear to you who eez worth what een zhees country, seemply take a moment to eemagine what would happen to zhees country EEF all Zhe Whites suddenly left.’

    Yet, apparently this line of thinking is lost to all those who, either White or not, seem to think that, if we just turn over everything that is ours to them, things will not only get better, they will be better than they ever have been.

  2. I noticed this early in life. I noticed that I often felt more comfortable getting to know people from other european countries, than I did american blacks that had been here generations. It’s is still like this. In some deep unspoken way, I am still basically european. I think other racial groups have the same connection to their own ancient identity. It makes you wonder sometimes.

    • @Mark…

      Yes, we all are European, even though our Forefathers established a country unique in the annals of European countries, the fact remains that our blood inclines us a certain way.

      In fact, the blood plays such a role that, even at this moment, I am quite sure Leftist geneticists are desperately seeking to find the location of those genes within us that render us who we were – so that they can remove them…

        • @Dtt…

          Hell, I do not know what the RNA in the quackccine is all about, but, I would not put it past them.

          One thing I do know – the wife and I ain’t taking that vaccine, no how, no way – I don’t care how many free doughnuts Krispy-Kreme offers me.

  3. “Israel is explicitly a national state for Jews, but non-Jews can have political rights.”

    You might want to rethink that one.

  4. “Must a country be 100 percent white, or do we need only a white supermajority?”

    The higher the purity, the greater the achievements will be, exponentially !

  5. The Democratic Party wants to exterminate the Historic Native Born White American Majority….nothing else needs to said………….other than the fact that trillionaire Jeff Bezos funds the Antifa and Black Lives Matter the two Death Squads of the Democratic Party…

    • @Patricvk…

      I very respectfully disagree.

      The Democrat Party very definitely does NOT want to exterminate The Historic Native White American Majority, BUT, rather, truncate it, and it’s sense of itself, sufficiently, so as to allow them to subordinate us and reappropriate most of our belongings – put us on reservations, if you will.

      That’s what they want, and, even though they have come damn near doing it, it is blowing up in their faces.

      No, this country will divide, and when it does new confederacies will arise in it’s stead, some of those Majority White.

      That will be the results of their craven misanthropic connivances.

  6. This video perfectly demonstrates the position of Whites in this country…

    The cockroach represents Whites.

    The Green Wasp represent The United States of America, or, more paticularly, those who rule it in conjunction with the Corporate-Globalist/Academic/Media complex…

  7. ::: The United States government is not America. The nation is the people, especially the whites who built and sustain the country. This is obvious, but to say so is taboo. We defend our people, not abstract principles or hollow symbols like some buildings in the federal capital. :::

    David Lane, #14Words: The time came that I could no longer stomach Right Wing hypocrisy and its effect was too destructive to ignore, even if it cost every supporter and friend I had. It was necessary to pen some brutal truths. A favorite tactic of the deceivers calling themselves leaders was to divorce the Federal government from the entire entity called America. It is a technique of double-think that neutralizes, because no one takes action against that which they perceive as “theirs.” It is why I have taught that an enemy must be demonized. Our masters know this and thus we have “Hitlers of the Year” without end, Slobodan Milosovic, Saddam Hussein, Noriega, homeni, Hirohito, Mao, Stalin, and on, and on and on. Sometimes whole groups are demonized, Japs, Arabs, Islam and above all Germans or Whites in general, particularly men. This game has to be exposed. I begin with demographics.

    The White race comprises about 8% of earth’s population. Due to abusive taxation we have had to curtail family sizes and now we average far less than replacement. Meanwhile, our taxes are used to breed Colored families of a dozen or more children. As a result we are a comparatively old race. The relevant statistic to survival is the number of White women of childbearing age or younger. About 2% of earth’s population is young White female. In addition our masters force us to accept immigration by millions of Coloreds each year into the once White countries. Finally, the propaganda promoting inter-racial mating, particularly between White women and Colored males, is unceasing. We must now speak with the eloquence of emergency and act with the fanaticism of desperation. We must finally realize that political, religious and economic systems can be destroyed, rebuilt or replaced, but the death of our race will be eternal. It is beyond just setting priorities. Survival is the only issue. It is true that a country is made up of far more than just the government or politicians in power at a specific time, just as the deceivers have said. But, let us look at America then, in all its aspects. I have divided this country into the following categories:

    1) Military power
    2) Police power
    3) Economic tenets
    4) Political tenets
    5) Religion
    6) News media
    7) Entertainment
    8) Sports
    9) Demographics

    When I am through, if you are still able to say the words “White American,” then leave the company of sane men, for you can no more be both White and American than you can stop the motion of the planets. The singular intent of America in all its facets is to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race. How can you be what destroys you? If you are not an implacable enemy of every facet of America listed above, then you are a traitor to the existence of our race. If you support the aims or the continued existence of the entity known as America, then your treason cannot be calculated in the words of mortals.

    Over the years I have written many dozens of articles for various publications both in the United States and around the world. In them I have attempted to guide our Folk into constructive paths of resistance to the genocide practiced against the White race in all its former territories. I have demanded that our people face and deal with unvarnished reality and have shown just how desperate that reality is. In the process it was necessary to demolish unnatural, destructive, yet revered icons of both religious and political varieties. This has quite naturally earned me the enmity of those groups captured in the zombie state of “belief” as well as those with vested interests in the existing power systems.

    • Complete agreement. The dissolution of the White race is now one of “America’s” primary goals.

  8. The Anglo-Saxon whites didn’t even consider “lesser” Europeans as ‘whites’ until like the 1940s. The majority of non-British or non-German ‘whites’ came into this country after it was already ‘created’ from the 1870s to 1920s. If you’re against egalitarianism, then surely you value individual success and hard work over rewarding mediocrity. Yet, the commenters on the section were busy waiting for their COVID checks while claiming other races want “free stuff”. Not to mention, it’s how funny that the proprietor of this website is a big fan of Huey Lewis, who, using conservative logic, wants to “take away” from ‘successful’ ‘whites’ and give to ‘poor’ whites. This, while, again, criticizing other when other races want ‘free stuff’. So, apparently this isn’t contradictory because all whites are on the same ‘team’.

    And I’m pretty sure the window of opportunity to start a “white ethnostate’ diminishes as 2043 approached. And, BTW, aren’t you finding it ironic and weird that a pale Mestizo like Fuentes is making an argument for “white homogeneity”? Sounds like that race is already lost..

    • > “The Anglo-Saxon whites didn’t even consider “lesser” Europeans as ‘whites’ until like the 1940s.”

      This is how you know someone is just copy and pasting high school “diversity class” talking points and knows nothing of history and especially not the history of Americans, i.e. “Anglo-Saxons.”

      >Huey Lewis

    • None of that is true. If anything, America’s historical definition of White was far too broad, such that it included a lot of non-european people like MENA groups, jews, indian hybrids, and mestizos.

    • Some of us realize the “stimulus” checks simply aid in dragging all of us down in the long run. Some of us also realize the country sealed its doom when it gave up on preserving the Northern European founding stock.

    • The “Eyerish and Eyetalians aren’t really white meme”, demonstrating a poor understanding of history and subscription to typical debunked leftist/system talking points, along with flimsy assumptions/generalizations about the commenters here.

      This reeks of a pretentious colored/leftist, “cold-pressed reality”, wanting to get back at white commenters for saying mean things, back to twitter.

  9. If Whites ever disappear, America will look like Zimbabwe in about 100 year. Maybe a few buildings will still be standing but the rest will an arrested state. No new technology, nothing.

  10. It’s your right to not like black people but they have had a disproportionately large impact on American culture since at least the 1920s.
    Blues, jazz, motown, disco, funk, hip hop etc. are inseperable from American culture.

    You can look at the billboard charts from FIFTY years ago when the nation was much whiter, black artists had a disproprotionately high number of hits on there.

    And 2/4 of the major sports in America are overwhelmingly black. Baseball is increasingly Hispanic. This type of shit does matter because someone in say, Eastern Europe’s idea of American culture even 30 years ago would have included Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson for sure.

    • Yes, American culture is overwhelmingly black and also, coincidentally, overwhelmingly garbage. Everyone agrees on that. Another in a long list of reasons why this country needs to be dismantled.

      • @Dart – Well said. Back music and sportsball athletics is of ZERO interest or value to me. It is not my culture now, nor was it 30 years ago. It is simply what is excreted by the mainstream and shoved down our throats.

    • We should get more than monkey ball and screaming “music”, for 25 trillion in welfare and ruined cities.

      (Jazz wasa WHITE creation and institution, until (((they))) took over ‘downbeat’ and promoted their fav pets wi monopolistic trade and distro)

  11. “Eastern Europe’s idea of American culture even 30 years ago”

    Yes, while our engineering is going down the drain. Taiwan semi is way ahead of Intel and others, in advanced ic fab.

    As the japanese say ” America is a hollow country”, just a shell.

  12. ‘Murcan “culcha” is ever blacker because kikes long ago usurped the relative handful of gatekeeper positions: they decide who will be made “supastahs” – mostly niggers – just as they decide that deserving Whites will be denied the Ivy League placements & top corporate jobs in favor of nigs, other non-Whites, and of course, yids. It delights them to do this: to rub White noses in their dispossession by making non-Whites world-famous multi-millionaires, even for doing nothing at all (Kardashian hairball whores).

  13. In the 19th century, the tern “native Americans” referred not to Indians, but to whites born in the country in contradiction to white immigrants. There was a lot of conflict between the two. If immigration could cause problems within a single race, why are we surprised when immigration involving different races does so?

    In party terms, this played a much ignored place in setting the stage for the Civil War. These conflicts over immigration led to the founding of the American Party. In the early years of the Buchanan Administration, Congress was composed of the Democrats, the American Party, the Republicans, and a few remaining Whigs. The Democrats seeing the Whigs as a dead party, and the Republicans as a regional party viewed the American Party as their only real rival nationally. Unable to elect a Speaker of the House from their own group, the Democrats were determined to prevent the American Party from doing so. The Democrats successfully connived in securing the office for the Republicans, who used this victory to increase their stature in the North and fatally damage the American Party as a rival to them as opposition to the Democrats. Gaining the Speakership was a key element in the coming victory of Lincoln. The Democrats’ successful political calculations to destroy the American Party had the unintended consequence of plunging the country into Civil War.

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