Lil Nas X Gives Satan A Gay Lap Dance In New Music Video

Wow, so edgy.

I don’t have much to say about this.

I guess we are supposed to be shocked or something, right?

It is really just more of the same degenerate art that has always defined “mainstream” culture in my lifetime. See also Madonna, Miley Cyrus or Cardi B’s WAP. It isn’t a culture that is worth identifying yourself with or defending. “Artists” like Lil Nas X or Cardi B thrive under the present system and become multimillionaires because their work reflects the tastes of our neoliberal elites.

Note: Keep in mind that our elites are people like Jeffrey Epstein.

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  1. The Negro race did not evolve with the exact same line-up of pre-human/early human ancestors that the Caucasian race had. There was some kind of primitive Erectus or Habilis in their wood pile.

    • @Spahnranch,

      Approximately, 19% of the sub-Saharan genome has archaic DNA not found in Europeans or Asians. It is suspected of being from Homo erectus.

      If you do an Internet search of images of models based on Homo erectus, you can easily see the resemblance to modern negroes.

      I suggest that you do a split screen of actor Don Cheadle and Homo erectus. Their similarities are uncanny.

      • I suggest that you do a split screen of actor Don Cheadle and Homo erectus. Their similarities are uncanny.


  2. The company that makes those Devil shoes also makes Jesus themed shoes. ANd I bet that blood in the soles isn’t the blood of real human innocents either. Its just red colored water.

    This reminds me of Alex Jones calling for revolution, and then freaking out when his followers took him seriously, and trespassed in the Capitol building. No, no, no! Its not about revolution, its about buying Alex Jones’ dick pills!

  3. “I’m dying of covid. Can you please bring me a toothpick?”

    There was a hush in the audience, who said that?

    Why it was Balbet, who until that moment had always insisted the virus did not exist, and what we were seeing was a PCR pandemic, which depended on the speed at which you run the PCR test cycle. The higher the speed, the more false positives, Balbet explained, hence the PCR pandemic
    But now even he is dying of the covid and asking for a toothpick
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    The bullet, grazing the top of the egg, removed part of the white so that the yellow was exposed.
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  4. Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben and the Indian butter girl were somehow too offensive, though. This society truly sucks.

  5. “I don’t see much of a future for America…theirs is a decayed country. And they have their racial problems and problem of societal inequality. Everything about American society reveals that it is half-negrified and half-judaised. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” – Adolf Hitler.

    • What Hitler didn’t realize, is the potential in WHITES to make major strides, even with the weight of POC tied around their neck.

      • @Arrian,

        What major strides have Whites accomplished in America with the albatross of jews and blacks made, since Herr Hitler made that accurate observation? It’s been all downhill ever since.

    • That’s my favorite quote from the Fuhrer. He was right about everything, except Operation Barbarossa.

      • @ spahnranch1970, my favorite quote from a.h., ” if you want peace, make your enemies dread you “.

      • @Spahnranch,

        Sorry comrade, but you are incorrect on Operation Barbarossa.

        The USSR was planning to invade Germany and the rest of Western Europe. The evidence is overwhelming..

        The guys over at Myths of the 20th Century did an excellent and through ‘deep dive’ into the book”Icebreaker” by GRU defector Viktor Suvorov.

  6. This is much like voodoo that the negroes believe in. I suspect this guy is also a homosexual. He gave Satan a lap dance. This nation is pretty much finished. Not much left at this point.

  7. Your soul for cash. He is putting out for the Moshiach. What rules black people, money or Christ?

  8. @.pathetic, if you notice, people with no real talent, will do anything.for attention, no limit, too how far they.will lower.themselves , i am not.shocked by.anything a creature like that would do, i personally, could care less, thee real issue here, is that our children, our womenfolk and our elders, absolutley must be shielded and protected from this nasty filth, that ugly face and what it stands for is thee face of our enemy.

  9. real issue here, is that our children, our womenfolk and our elders, absolutley must be shielded and protected

    Kiss that goodbye, with forced integration.

  10. Why should I care about what some untalented sickening rapper does? I’m not listening or buying his music and I couldn’t give a flying crap if anyone will. If you idiots don’t like his gross products don’t watch or buy any of it and train your brain dead children correctly. As long as it’s consenting adults you boneheads have no right to tell me or anyone else what we can watch, read, or listen to so STFU.

  11. It’s all from a nogged out culture that is ruining America and has infested itself into the deepest parts of this nation. Such a ( cough) culture is also infesting die- versitard places like France, England and Sweden. Whites can be truly the most moronic people when it comes to common sense. Then again our heavily kosher overlords in Tv, Jewlywood and banking have a tendency to crack the whip shall we say.

    The White performers mentioned in the article above like Madonna and Miley Cyrus get off on being pseudo wiggers. Madonna used to ho it up back in the day picking up random Hispanic men on the street in New York and have sex in her car. She also does the whole black routine and is totally down with the anti White movement. Didn’t she have a grill in her mouth for a while like the rappers?

    Nike are pure monsters getting in bed with literal devil promotion. Many black performers are basically devil worshippers but this lil nas brings it to another level in the open. But unfortunately they are promoted by those who run America.

    Meanwhile two White girls were just murdered by blacks and barely a peep from Fake American Media Inc. The White girl in Miami Beach who was drugged and raped by two blacks during the typical crime infested spring break. The savages left her to die after raping her. Allegedly the drug killed her. Being raped by two savages could not have helped either.

    A young White girl in Virginia was literally shot to death from behind by a ( you guessed it!!) young black barbarian. He is a juvenile. Was it simply another case of young savage bothering a young White girl and being rejected? The girl was an 8th grader.

    Meanwhile the jewess at Cnn, Dana Bash, babbles about all White men at the voter integrity signing in Georgia by Governor Kemp but will run from real issues like the two cases above that our serpent worshipping media will blow off again as they pretend worship black people they don’t live with. Evil stuff.

    • @ jeff,. I checked out the two murders, of our sisters, the girl from buck’s county, pa was a.very pretty girl, all i can think too say, what in thee hell is wrong with our women, that they would even entertain a thought in their heads too even look at thee” beast of thee field”, let alone speak cordial to these creatures, has not? Does not our blood produce handsome good men? That poor girl in virginia, what the hell can i say? This is what i say, brothers dont forget, dont forget any of it.

  12. Lol @ blaming this shit on blacks when whites are the biggest promoters of faggery. Not just Jews, liberal gentile whites who have been pushing for LGBT stuff for decades.

  13. Gangster rap music is absolute shit. The Js are pure evil for propagandizing this form of music and profiting off it grossly.

    It is ultimately violent hate music and when I find any friends who listen to this trash I automatically think less of them and distance myself from them completely

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