Jimmy Dore: Buttigieg’s Idea To Screw Workers for Driving To Work

Jimmy Dore is my favorite leftwinger.

I don’t say this because he criticizes the Biden administration. I almost always agree with his takes on the issues. We share a lot of common ground on the economy and foreign policy.

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Pete Buttigieg that people who live in rural areas depend more on their own vehicles and that taxing the shit out of them at the pump in order to fund some kind of bizarre green infrastructure plan for bugmen in big cities would be extremely unpopular.

Buttigieg got so much criticism that he has already walked it back:

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  1. Gas taxes, v.a.t. taxes, sales taxes are inherently regressive, meaning the poor and working class wind up paying much of it. This what reactionaries usually come up with as a means of protecting concentrated wealth, sounds just like this little butt plug would come up with.

    • Our Governor here in WVa is trying hard to eliminate our 6% sales tax – the theme will be Blue states will continue to jack up taxes on everyone and Red states (i.e. low-tax) states’ populations will continue to grow. The bad part is that Blue states’ government employee retirees with nice pensions move to low-tax Red states and the working people in the Blue states get stuck paying for the retirees’ pensions.

  2. I seem to remember, some laws that benifeted city folk over rural folks started all the protests in France

  3. This is the same shit Macron tried to do in France (yellow vest more rural white working class riots).

    This is the sort of superficial environmentalism that does nothing for the environment while rich stupid people think it does something and gives them a false sensation of change. People still need to get gas and get the work. All you’ve done is make it harder for those living paycheck to paycheck. The gas will still have to be used. The environment still gets destroyed. The only difference is now you made everyone’s life miserable (which seems to be people like Macron’s and Buttigieg’s purpose in life).

    The more rural the more driving, as Hunter says.

    Electric cars would cut gas bills which would be huge for working class people. A nationalized car industry along with nationalized electric stations would go a long way to help people. A program to exchange cars would be done for lower working class people at no cost to themselves given to them by the State.


    It’s stuff like this that is more genuine to actually doing stuff. Taxing gasoline is upper class pseudo-environmentalism done by Liberal retards. Be it Macron or Buttigieg.

    Struggling lower working class people may not care about climate change. Which is why you need to speak their language, which has failings, but so what (idiots like Buttigieg doesn’t know this)? It’s you trying to sell it to them. So actually do it right.

    • I had to get the timing belt replaced on my car (and transmission fluid). Not to mention oil changes.

      The issue is the infrastructure of electric stations and replacing gas stations (that could only be rapidly done by the State). And the State needs to offer jobs to working class in the country to speed up production since capitalism is slow.

      We are still using technology from the early 20th century.

      The working class must be reached on an economic level- both maintenance costs, and electric vs gasoline costs. Gas right now is $3.80 roughly which sucks. Plugging it into your house and not going to the gas station is a nice convenience with a ~$50 increase in electric bill is a steal imo.

      • “. Plugging it into your house and not going to the gas station is a nice convenience with a ~$50 increase in electric bill”

        You think they will let you get away with that , long term ?

        They will jack taxes to cover the difference.

  4. Pete Buttigieg is unfortunately a gay Tony Blair, the erstwhile globalist English prime minister midwifed into this time and place, and, as such, he is eminently unqualified to lead anything more than … well, decorum forbids saying it.

  5. First time ever listening to Jimmy Dore and he has a black guy on to tell him Pete Buttigieg is a conservative? Right. What does that word even mean?

    They’re both idiots i’m pretty sure dude. That segment was cringey AF. Why is his eye twitching?

  6. Opposing increases in consumption taxes(ie sales taxes, road tolls), increases in fees, fines, traffic enforcement etc. is an inherent part of populism. The alt-right should be leveraging these kind of Yellow Vests type issues more. We are ceding ground to everyone from Bernie bros., to boomers to boogaloo boys on this type of stuff. Fighting against anti-car neoliberal policies has huge potential to mobilize people in America.

  7. Those Negroes who work in toll booths on the NJ and Mass turnpikes can easily make 80 to 100k a year or more with overtime. I suspect most of the money they collect from motorists goes to pay their salaries.

  8. I studied (e)conomics 25 years ago, and road pricing was a wet dream in every American book we had on the curriculum, since it the “”fairest and most economical optimal” solution, and as far as I know, it was a wet dream decades before I was at uni, and it’s still the case.

    Rich people own the US professors, and the rich really want uncongested roads, so I’m certain that the whole Western world will see road pricing in a few years, especially because the elites benefit from the global warming hysteria.

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