Charlie Sykes: Yes, Cancel Stephen Miller

As Thomas Frank predicted in What’s The Matter With Kansas?, the Democrats have finally become the party of wealthy, cosmopolitan, self-righteous suburban professionals.

The Bulwark:

“Reasonable people can disagree about the metrics of redemption for Trump era collaborators, enablers, and rationalizers. How long did they stay? Are they willing to speak out now? How much damage did they do? …

Which brings us to that malign homunculus, Stephen Miller. Later today, I’m going to have a piece up at the MSNBC opinion site about Miller’s attempts at a second act. Here’s a preview …”

Do you remember when we coined the term cuckservative?

The “far right” perception of Conservatism, Inc. has always been that the True Cons are weak, hypocritical, moralizing, preening, pretentious, treacherous, grandstanding failures who have wasted our time for decades and have accomplished nothing to “conserve” our culture with all the power that they were given. These people will do anything for a pat on the head or a belly rub from the Left. Their politics essentially amounts to tax cuts and virtue signaling about how they are better than everyone else. The progressives are the same way and have the same values except their pet issue is climate change.


Stephen Miller, the arch-white nationalist of the Trump administration, has launched his post-White House career with a flurry of media interviews, cable television hits and what amounts to a full-fledged shadow war against the Biden administration.

Miller is orchestrating GOP attacks on the new administration’s border policy, encouraging leaks from border enforcement officials and laying the groundwork for legal challenges. In interviews, he even portrays himself as an ally of the media, digging for the truth. …

As the SPLC reported, the emails show Miller promoting “white nationalist websites, a ‘white genocide’-themed novel in which Indian men rape white women, xenophobic conspiracy theories and eugenics-era immigration laws that Adolf Hitler lauded in ‘Mein Kampf.’”

Miller had a particular fascination with the novel “Camp of the Saints,” which paints a dystopian picture of dark-skinned immigrants who invade and threaten to overwhelm the West. When The New York Times reviewed the book in 1975, it likened reading it to “being trapped at a cocktail party with a normal?looking fellow who suddenly starts a perfervid racist diatribe.”

The point of “Camp of the Saints,” wrote The Times, was that white supremacy was “the last bastion of defense for civilization; conflict between the different races is inevitable.” …”

Pretty much everyone now agrees with us on that these days.

The reason that conservatives never “conserved” anything except tax cuts for millionaires and political correctness for like 50 years is because of the old “fusionist” conservatism. The True Cons or Never Trumpers were the governing wing of the Republican Party up until 2017. Conservatives never conserved anything because it was run by losers like Charlie Sykes, David French or Mickey Edwards.

This is an amazing article which gives you real insight into the mindset of the True Cons and what happened to this country over the past 50 years. These people are a distinct social class … wealthy suburbanites with professional managerial class jobs who have dominated our politics for so long that they have confused their own values, attitudes and interests with morality itself.

Note: Why aren’t we taxing these people and redistributing their wealth?

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  1. Though they will not say it in any uncertain terms, Mr. Miller is definitely seen as a triple threat – this because not only does he have uncontrite White-Nationalist bent, (quite incredible for a Modern American Jew) but, he is brutallly capable at semantick rapiers and very effective at getting policy to work for Americans.

    All of that is antithetical to the post WWII drift of the entire governing apparatus of this country – from the academies and media, to the courts, corporations, halls of Congress, and The White House.

    That said, I venture to say that not only is Mr. Miller NOT going to go away, but, a whole new crop of Miller-like folks will be rising on the national scene, over the coming years.

    Miller was my favourite guy in The Trump Administration, just as Sarah Sanders was my favourite girl – they two diamonds in a sea of corporate/globalist bureaucratick sleaze.

  2. Seems like it was only yesterday that I met with Southern Wisconsin “Conservative” Charlie Sykes author of a decent book “Profscam” after I got red pilled by Pat Buchanan and David Duke in the early 1990s. I thought I had met a kindred soul, someone reasonable about academic corruption the “Eductrats” , “Profscam” and also open minded about serious welfare reform, border security, opposing bad Leftist “bias” on TV….

    Charlie Sykes informed me that he was “a JEW” and he would have nothing to do with RACISM, Anti Semitism, nativism, etc…..

    What’s there to say when one is confronted by one of the Children of the Devil – and he – Charlie Sykes had the latest snake disguise as a Neo Conservative, academic reformer?

    Really not much to say – except to have a hand crucifix in one’s pocket.

    As I recall this terrible, stereotypical J Neo Conservative Charlie Syke’s book “Profscam” did make Dr. William Pierce’s booklist back in the early 1990s.

    What’s he been doing since then besides engaging in witch hunts of us beyond the pale RACISTS in the Trump supporters column?

    Not much.

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