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  1. I have the same view of Wall Street as had all my older relatives : it is, at best, a worthless parasite, at worst a dangerous one.

    Yet, I’ll go one further than my kin and say this : Wall Street is a dangerous parasite that not only produces nothing of worth, it teaches people to be racketeers, this it does by habituating them to contribute the fruit of their energy to endeavours that involve no godly labour on their part.

    Stock trading also corrupts many good companies who, if not at first, gradually give in to the desires of their stockholders to rape their workers and the land for all and everything they and it are worth.

    Another reason for Southerners to secede, for rest assured that the Jew-run New England Yankee United States’ Government would never EVER divorce itself from Wall Street, or, for that matter, any other kind of ill-gotten venture or gain.

    • Nationwide the “Fed” and most of these problems go away. Banks could actually be helpful to be economy if Satan worshipping pedos were barred from owning them. Same with lawyers.

  2. “view of Wall Street as had all my older relatives : it is, at best, a worthless parasite, at worst a dangerous one.”

    Anything is dangerous, in the hands of jews.

    Of itself, Wall Street is a gear in the machine of commerce.

  3. Insurance produces nothing, but it is necessary for risk distribution and liability mitigation.
    As is Wall Street, necessary for capital formation.

    jews will corrupt ANYTHING !

  4. “German economist Gottfried Feder further points out that it is the stock-market
    that lies at the basis of the alienation of Capital from work:

    Anonymisation – the depersonalisation of our economy through
    the stock-marketable form of the public limited Company – has to a
    certain degree separated Capital from work, the share-holder knows
    in the rarest instances something of his factory, he has only the one-
    sided interest in the profitability of his money when he has invested it
    in the form of shares (p.55)

    Apart from the indifference of the shareholder to the quality of the
    goods produced by the Company in which he invests, the market in
    general has diverted production from its legitimate task of fulfilling
    real needs to that of stirring up – through the Jewish market-crier’s
    technique of advertising – artificial needs among the public that will
    bring in greater profits. This fundamental transformation of national
    economics has been supported in academic circles by Jewish scholars
    who restrict their economic analyses to descriptions of the current
    economic system rather than investigating its social and political
    legitimacy. This sort of intellectual Subversion is further continued
    by the Jewish intelligentsia in the fields of art, entertainment and the

    The major source of the current distress of Germany is indeed the
    interest owed to large loan Capital. The bürden of interest has indebted
    entire nations to international high finance and forced them to become
    interest-collectors for the latter which they do by taxing the working
    people ever harder. Feder rightly calls this false economic process
    an “international fraud” (p.86). The power of international finance
    has however grown so great that it was able to encircle Germany
    as soon as it perceived that its currency was rising in strength and
    independence. Once they succeeded in militarily defeating Germany,
    the international financial powers then enforced further enormous
    debt burdens on it through the Treaty of Versailles. Feder therefore
    proposes the cancellation of the payment of the interest on these debts
    to the Allies (p.97). Indeed, the remedy to the interest burdens of all
    nations to international finance is the legal abolition of interest (p.94).
    And this is simultaneously the solution to the Jewish question itself:

    The solution of the interest problem is the solution of the Jewish
    question.” ~ Alexander Jacob


  5. PS: It has to go global “messianic” monarchical Marxist Trotskyite corporate communism:

    Unlike Marxism, National Socialism will not prohibit private
    property but respect it as the privilege of the Creative and productive man.
    On the other hand, the mobile Jewish mind has no deep
    connection with the land but rather exploits the productions and
    property of the natives financially through all sorts of legal Claims,
    bonds and mortgages, whereby “property” is turned into a profitable
    “possession” (p.18). In order to counter these avaricious strategies
    of the Jews, Masonic and Christian Usurer’s, the National Socialist state will enforce
    limitations on the right to property, personal or commercial, so that in all cases the
    welfare of the whole, the nation, rather than of individuals will be first served. ~Alexander Jacob
    ie. If the corporation does not serve the ethno-nation, it’s chart shall be revoked and given to another to serve the ethno-nations people, the economy serves the nation, not the people serving (ie. slaves, serfs, borgs of) the usurer’s “economy” …

    As Jefferson pointed out it must go despotic global, and that is their aspiration, or bust:

    “The story of the American political order, at least to this point, is the collapse of the influence and autonomy of the local into a consolidated political and financial order, what Jefferson’s people called monarchy. This order is not merely political, it includes cultural, social, RELIGIOUS, and political mores and habits [that will require going globalist] in their scope and often emanating from [universalist globalist] institutions closely aligned with the centers of political and economic power.” [ie. A globalist Judeo-Masonic-Christian usury “aristocracy” (consolidating all property into the hands of the corporate oligarchy] https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/blog/poison-under-the-wings/

    This is why I no longer abide in the Jewish derived religion of Christianity nor in it’s globalist Marxist communist monarchy: https://shop.jewishvoice.org/when-a-jew-rules-the-world/ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23629443-when-a-jew-rules-the-world

    Indeed, per Article III sec 3 the constitution for the United States (in congress assembled) dependent and subordinate of the law of the Articles of Confederation, to aid and support a foreign monarchy waging war on any of the several sovereign Republics (States) of America is an act of war and is treason.


  6. Wall Street kills small business. It buys up all these small successful businesses and consolidates them into monopoly chains with less people employed at decent salaries and wages. You no longer have all these small businesses and local business services providing a middle class in flyover country. All you have are hourly employees, all the good jobs move to the coasts. You also loose family knowledge of running a business when everything becomes a monopoly chain run out of NYC. The only “small business” left are hindus and arabs running gas stations in the hood selling fried chicken, booze, and glass pipes.

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