“Insurrectionist” Finally Attacks U.S. Capitol

Noah X?

Talk about a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT for the media.

We’ve been told for months now by “journalists” that QAnon insurrectionists were poised to invade Washington. This is why a razor wire fence was built around the U.S. Capitol. This is why National Guard troops are still occupying the city to protect Democrats from “white supremacy.”


“Noah Green, a former college football player and Nation of Islam adherent, was named as the knife-wielding, now-deceased suspect who rammed a car into a U.S. Capitol barricade, exiting with a knife and killing one Capitol police officer while injuring another.

Green’s Nation of Islam beliefs emerged through a review of his now-deleted Facebook page by Heavy, although police have not specified a motive and say they don’t believe the attack was terrorism-related. On Facebook, as recently as March 2021, the suspect expressed admiration for Elijah Muhammad, the now-deceased Nation of Islam leader who was a mentor to Malcolm X. Green referred to himself as “Noah X.” …”

After months of anticipation that has put half the country on edge, an “insurrectionist” FINALLY attacked the U.S. Capitol … and … he … was … a black nationalist. You could see the air going out of the balloon. He is the wrong color! He has the wrong politics! This is terrible for the narrative!

National File:

“Deceased Capitol shooting suspect and black nationalist Noah Green said “the U.S. Government is the #1 enemy of Black people!” and claimed Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan saved him from “terrible afflictions I have suffered presumably by the CIA and FBI, government agencies of the United States of America” in posts made on Instagram shortly before Friday’s deadly car and knife attack.

Green described Farrakhan as “Jesus, the Messiah, the final divine reminder in our midst,” and added, “I consider him my spiritual father. Without his guidance, his word, and his teachings that I’ve picked up on along the way, I would’ve been unable to continue.”

As CNN reported Friday, Green’s Instagram story declared “The U.S. Government is the #1 enemy of Black people!” and referenced “terrible afflictions I have suffered presumably by the CIA and FBI, government agencies of the United States of America.” …”

The black “insurrectionist” who attacked U.S. Capitol Police this afternoon killed a White male police officer. Maybe it is still “white supremacy” though. It is not like the truth matters or anything.

BTW, the SPLC announced last fall that it was getting rid of “Black separatist” groups on its famous Hate Map in order to promote “equity” and because it created “a color line bias.”


“The Black Separatist listing created a color line bias, separating hate and extremism by race and granting the appearance of a false equivalency of equal hate on both sides. But the hate is not equal. Black separatism was born out of valid anger against very real historical and systemic oppression. Black people in the U.S. have rarely experienced having a power structure that represents them. However, white nationalism has held historical, systemic and institutional power for hundreds of years in this country. …”

Black separatism is not systematically racist.

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  1. Watch how fast the media memory holes this incident for obvious reasons. Not White, not news worthy. Not White, not an insurrection. Not White, not terrorism.

  2. A few thousand Jews rule and manage easily a huge nation of 330 million. It’s fascinating.
    Even Hitler – who severely under-estimated the Jews – said in the so called Table Talk, “let 5000 thousand Jews in Sweden and they will control the country.”
    (((They))) laugh at all out there struggling to figure out the truth, knowing they have screwed with their heads that the so called Americans don’t know what is up or down.

    People with the “J” gene (wich Romans possessed) which having been exposed to millennia of natural selection based on smarts and cleverness explains why (((they))) can outsmart easily most of the dimwitted rabble roaming around.

  3. He was a victim of White oppression. Living under the specter of White Supremacism made him do it.

  4. The SPLC and it’s bullshit is Yiddish in origin. (((They’re))) basically saying they have some kind of right to hate you!

    F***ing unbelievable.

  5. Looks like the buck wasn’t a pure buck skin African negroe. Probably had about 25% of White admixture.

  6. What pisses me off the most is that “journalists” – including Wikipedia – automatically treat the SPLC and the ADL as some sort of “objective” source, as opposed to what they are, merely partisan organizations.

    The ADL, especially, is clearly a pro-apartheid racist Zionist group, yet the mainstream media treats them as some sort of “anti-hate” group. It would be like the Ku Klux Klan being quoted as an “objective expert watchdog” on various racial issues.

  7. SPLC is an anti white hate group that belongs on the SPLC’s hate group list.
    Occidental Dissent needs to compile a list of anti white hate groups, and publish it.
    White lives matter.

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