Joe Biden Mocks Trump For Failing To Deliver On Infrastructure

Donald Trump kind of forgot about the MAGA agenda.

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  1. As a Trump supporter, who was disappointed enough with him to very nearly not support him again in 2022, I think President Biden is absolutely on par to deride him for a lot of blowhard promises that he made little of not attempt to keep.

    While President Trump’s manner of being president, and his rhetorical approach, were great gifts to this nation, his policy impotence was not.

    To my fellow Southerners, who still cherish the notion that President Trump is an arthurian figure who will, in 2024, ride back into the oval office on his white charger and save the nation, I can only encourage you to stop smoking crack.

    Yes, Trump very definitely has some upside, BUT, in the end result … he seems not to be very serious about any longterm projects outside of promoting himself.

  2. The government building infrastructure? That would be communism. Instead, give amazon a tax cut and they will use the extra money to build infrastructure. See this chart of the Laffer curve and this video of milton friedman talking about pencils for proof.

    • @Dart…

      With respect, the notion of the Federal Government building infrastructure is far from ‘communist’.

      In fact, it fits right in line with the ideas of The Founding Fathers that tasked the national government to do those things that fell in between sovereign state jurisdiction, such as using the courts to resolve differences between the states, conduct the defence of the border, applying tarifs to imports, to protect American business, and, by implication, tend to those projects that go beyond state borders, and or aid the states in projects that, so large, might overwhelm a state’s finances.

    • @Dart…

      As to Milton Friedman, he was a genius and an amazing man, yet, his economic ideas, as advanced by the erstwhile Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, through 35 years of presidencies and congresses are why this country has little manufacturing, little small business, crumbling small towns, and very little American Dream left for those who are not born into it.

      Milton Friedman’s world sounds good, but lives bad – like the chick you feel attracted to, who is so dang cute, but, is hell to be around, hour after hour, day after day.

  3. Maybe Trump felt he was on thin ice with the democrats running the Russia Hoax and needed the mainstream republicans. Biden’s “Infrastructure” plan spends very little on infrastructure and a lot to liberal causes. After all this spending over the last year it would be utterly irresponsible to throw away another 2.5 trillion. A much smaller infrastructure improvement of our roads, bridges, highways, airports, etc could be made. But I expect the democrats to concentrate on big blue cities and green boondoggles, not stuff like 3 laning overcrowded interstates, new bypasses, etc.

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