Der Movement: A New and Improved “Far Right”

Ted Sallis has good ideas about what ought to be done to upgrade the “far right” in the wake of the collapse of the Alt-Right and the Trump presidency. Unlike some people, he had the sense not to plunge down the conspiratard rabbit hole when COVID hit last spring.

EGI Notes:

“Once again, I need to stress the horrific strategic error that Der Movement made by not taking proper advantage of the Trump interregnum by quietly building a real infrastructure behind the scenes, including a permanent legal defense/lawfare unit, as well as self-sustaining economic activity, and organized metapolitical action with professional “political soldiers.” Instead, the Nitwit Right “acted out” with their rallies and Unite the Right and everything else, doing exactly the opposite of what they should have done. This is not “20-20 hindsight,” since I have been talking about these things for years, I have always preached my approach, even before Trump became President.

It is still not too late to do the right thing, although an enormous amount of damage has already been done, and the probability of success at this point has been greatly diminished, to the point of being highly unlikely. The Far Right needs to retrench. See this.. …”

There was at least one good thing that came out of Charlottesville.

Most of us learned our lesson in Charlottesville about volatile public events held in hostile territory that can be easily disrupted by either the opposition or people who have their own agenda. As a result, no one but Nick Fuentes and the America First movement was ensnared in the Capitol Siege. No one got ensnared like Kyle Rittenhouse in the Antifa or Black Lives Matter riots last summer either. It was generally the Oathkeepers and the Proud Boys and other civnats who got swept up over the past year.

As we established in the previous two articles, Der Movement has fragmented into little cliques and cults of personality and has been terrible at translating its traditional “four truths” – race, immigration/changing racial and cultural demographics, Jewish influence, identity – into a winning political message. The biological reality of sex and gender could be added as a fifth truth.

My view is that we should focus on issues which resonate with a lot of Republican and Independent voters on the Right and Center and work the “truths” into how we approach these issues. If we focused our attention on issues that have a lot of traction, we could appeal to a wider audience.

Here is a list of potential topics to focus on with Joe in there as president:

  • Anti-Whiteness
  • Anti-Christianity
  • Systematic Racism / Equity
  • Constitutional Rights
  • Political Correctness / Wokeness / Cancel Culture
  • Immigration
  • Affirmative Action
  • Woke Capitalism
  • Media Bias / “Journalists” / Commissars
  • Crime
  • Cultural Degeneration
  • Modernism / Cosmopolitanism (Elite Alienation)
  • Antifa and Black Lives Matter Violence
  • “Defund the Police”
  • Censorship
  • Election Integrity
  • Globalization
  • Oligarchy
  • American Heritage Preservation
  • Civil Liberties
  • Trans / Gender Fluidity
  • American Imperialism / Foreign Policy
  • Gun Control
  • Family Policy
  • Abortion
  • Corruption
  • Higher Education / Brainwashing

These are mostly just the cultural topics. We ought to talk about these topics in terms of our interest or policy preference and make the case that the public shares our interest.

The potential list of economic and foreign policy issues is similarly long:

  • Taxation
  • International Trade
  • Regulation
  • Monopolies
  • Energy / Gas Prices
  • Income Inequality / Wealth Concentration
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Poverty
  • Health care
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Entitlements
  • Student loan debt
  • Government spending
  • “Our Greatest Ally”
  • Global Peace

There will inevitably be more disagreement on economics.

I’m going to write about economics from a more populist and nationalist perspective. There is no reason why someone else couldn’t write about the economic issues from a more conservative perspective. What matters is writing about issues that people care about in terms of the truths and in terms of our interest and policy preference and aligning our interest with the public.

Just right off the bat, there are seven issues which are particularly pressing at the moment that stand out from the rest of the pack as something we should be talking more about:

  • Political Correctness / Wokeness / Cancel Culture
  • Immigration
  • Crime
  • Censorship
  • Civil Liberties
  • Trans
  • American Heritage Preservation

These are all issues which strongly resonate with the Center of the electorate where our interest is aligned with public opinion. Anti-Whiteness is also on the verge of breaking out.

Note: COVID is rapidly fading as an issue.

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  1. I believe this is an easy question to answer.

    What is the fundamental question?

    Answer:What’s good for White Folks?

    Now the Democratic Party and it’s majority nonwhite voting bloc will answer:WE DON”T CARE..

    It is important to ask questions of the enemy that elicit a genocidal response…so OUR PEOPLE understand what their future is going to be in America…

    This is all Tucker Carlson would have to do….

  2. The mantra of the New Right should be:


    In the post-Civil War America-1945 Conservatism was very anti-interventionist and very suspicious of Corporate Power. You may want to start with Bill Kauffman’s book.

    Bill Buckley’s conservatism was a perversion of true Conservatism…I remember Bill Kauffman talking about this on PBS….

  3. Here is the problem that anti communist’s are individuals and it is very difficult to unite them for common cause. Even Donald could not do that.

    Uncle Joe said one short statement.
    “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech. From the beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own.”

    Now tomorrow tens of millions hive minded are behind him and things get done.

    But who is the perfect white knight who could unite all infighting absurd demanding groups ? Most anti communists are single issue people. If leader doesn`t scream Jew, I am out. The other guy is fanatical Christian. Any mention of Jews and he is out.

    Third guy is pro gun. Nuclear weapons legal from day one. If not, he is out. And so on.

    The real question is how to get rid from absolutism and maximalism in the West ?

  4. Alt-Reich types such as myself frequently make the mistake of pushing the jew and race issues too hard, something which scares off a lot of potential supporters. Even the NSDAP toned down their racial rhetoric during the 1932 campaign in favor of a more populist/economic message. A lot of us “wignats” also like to start fights with others in Der Movement over religious beliefs, racial purity, naming of the jew, the infallibility of Hitler and so on. But this is the kind of divisive nonsense you get when ZOG kills or incarcerates your best men so that you can’t have any good leaders. We also need to get a friggin’ sense of humor. Many alt-Reich guys are aren’t pleasant to be around.

  5. > “quietly building a real infrastructure behind the scenes, including a permanent legal defense/lawfare unit, as well as self-sustaining economic activity,”

    Ted Sallis is great and almost always right about “the movement” which doesn’t really even exist. It’s just a collection of bloggers and some astroturfers.

    But, you know, if we “just had our own law firm” and “just had our own infrastructure” starts to sound like “if we just had own own banking system – with Bitcoin! – and our own electricity grid!”

    • Absolutely correct. Communists did not had their own things. They took over your. So now is good idea to take everything back.

      In Europe we have the same debate. Western Nationalists claim that we need our own and East Nationalists claim that we have the whole continent with everything that is on this continent.

      For communists we have golden phrase. You didn`t built that. Thanks for this great American invention what gives us moral high ground…. 😀

  6. The 1st thing is to stop believing politicians will have our back and take our side. Trump is the perfect example. He talked like a wolf but was really a sheep.

  7. We need to enter a phase where we study organization the way we studied media in the past. We learned to do good culture jamming style propaganda and better media skills is what made the alt-right a plater vs. the 1.0 movement. Everything that made the alt-right effective was copied from the left. We need to keep learning. We got through about one chapter of the leftwing playbook, got overconfident, slammed the book shut and thought we had won.

    Here’s the impasse we are at now — we are the worst organized movement in the world. The focus now needs to be on learning all kinds of organization and on getting our people networked. We need to study low tech, local, and guerrilla forms of organizing our people. Just like with propaganda, the left has already done the theoretical and practical work for us, we just have to be open minded enough to learn.

    Another issue that needs to be addressed is moral and the related issue of leadership, or lack there of. We have low morale compared to other movements. I have never seen any other political space where so many people are always wallowing in despair and no one seems concerned with morale at all. Our morale is in the toilet and we have no leaders who ever try to raise morale. Our de facto leaders are not inspirational, they are all hyper-analytical nerds who never think about how their follows must be feeling. We need leaders who are higher on empathy and more charismatic.

    • For about ten minutes in 2017 I thought Heimbach, Enoch, Anglin and Spencer were going to be our Leaders. Boy was I wrong about that!

  8. Only one man can get the right back on track — a man with overwhelming charisma and unsurpassed gravitas and intellectual heft, a visionary who combines the best of both progress and reaction, a man devoid of fear, the only man with a presence, a stature, and a reputation so menacing that even the world’s intelligence services fear to cross him, a man truly beyond good and evil, a terrifying and awe-inspiring Übermensch in every possible way.

    That man is Steven Crowder.

    • I don’t comment on here anymore. It’s a little too stereotypical for me. But I did laugh at your post. Well done, Some Dude.

      • >I don’t comment on here anymore

        I’m feeling that way too.

        Extremism of the variety Josh Neal writes about will be a feature of the emerging world. Both its overlords and its underlings, bereft of collective identity, will embrace ready-made over-the-top cartoon identities having no resemblance to a shared cultural and communal existence.

        My take is that we are looking at a borderless techno-feudal order, animated by a woke religion, managed by a cognitively-sorted mystery-meat bugman elite. Like other kinds of feudalism, it will celebrate illiteracy, celibacy, dogma, inequality, cosmopolitanism, asceticism/sustainability (over growth and consumption) and anarchy. (Neoliberalism and anarchy are aligned because they’re the same thing, against the democratic-nationalist pattern of states.) This is a consequence of Americanism, and not a negation of it. While our greatest allies and white nationalists are in a codependent relationship, that is not the fundamental dynamic.

        The Indo-European worldview subjugates technology to nature, the Ought to the Is. The Judaic-Protestant view moralistically subjugates nature to technology, the Is to the Ought. Think of the way Jews put a kepah on their heads and strap tefillin to their bodies. The Judaic-Protestant worldview means we should not become who we are, but become *other* than who we are, to become cyborgs, to become transhuman. It sees the world as metaphysically anomalous and seeks change for its own sake.

        If the unholy trinity of Americanism, capitalism, and Christianity is the root of our woes, then the scope of the problem is too big and there is probably no way to turn the battleship around.


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